Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Earth Energy Report for the New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and Chinese New Year

We have an energy filled week to talk about today, and I'm going to break it down by event, to make it easier for us all.


Celebrating and partying to get it out of our system before Lent begins, where we must give something up to show that we are willing to sacrifice for enlightenment. The place where Catholicism and ancient tradition meet, and we become more involved in our own process as a result. Of course, not everyone participates in these traditions, but there is a note of hope in the process. Celebrating is good for all of us, and when we fail to celebrate our lives and all that we are, we are only limiting ourselves. Sometimes, you have to let your hair down, pluck that wild hair, go a little wild, to find the next creative impulse that will carry you into the future. The wearing of masks allows us to be anonymous, and makes it easier for us to express things that we may hide about ourselves at other times. It is collectively time to take off the mask, but celebrate first, let your true self show, then show the world who you really are.

Ash Wednesday brings the purification and sacrifice we need to move forward. Are you ready?


Who holds the Key to your heart? Why you do, of course! Valentines day this year occurs on a 9-9 day in Numerology, which is about endings, closure, and letting things go. It is also the day before the New Moon, so we are also dealing with Waning Moon energies and releasing that which no longer serves our highest good. All in all, a day to let go, to release the past with love so that YOU can move forward with love for yourself, and a time to nurture one's heart, for the coming times. It's also Ash Wednesday, a time of sacrifice and purification. Add these all together and we may not be happy campers in the throes of love on Valentines Day, but we can honor ourselves and our own needs. We can learn to love ourselves, to forgive others and free ourselves from the old, stale energies that we've held on to for far too long. Anyone who has hurt your heart, only did so to awaken you to the need to love yourself more. On this day, be gentle with yourself. Nurture that heart that has taken care of you for so long. Feed it what it needs to feel free. Listen closely to it, and be there for yourself, first!


The New Moon arrives at 4:06pm EST, and is in the sign of Aquarius. The New Moon falls on a Master Number 55/10/1 day, a day containing triple the energy for new beginnings. This Eclipse is a Solar Eclipse, meaning that the Moon slips inbetween the Earth and the Sun, emphasizing the feminine, and perhaps reasserting some of her energies into our world... if we are willing to anchor them here. I'm hearing a lot about Juno and her actions on this New Moon, as well. Look up the astrology sites, and see what they are saying, for more info on this alignment. I want to focus more on the New Beginnings aspect of it all.

As stated, this day holds triple the energies for New Beginnings. The New Moon brings us New Beginnings, the Numerology of the day (55/10/1) brings new beginnings, and the Solar Eclipse is the first Solar Eclipse this year, giving us the beginning of the Solar Eclipse energies this year. The energy brought onto the Earth plane for this Eclipse will continue to propel us forward throughout this year. We will experience 3 partial Solar Eclipses this year, having another on July 13th, and then again on August 11th (a pivotal day!). The energies of an eclipse boost change, and help us to start in a new direction, or make new beginnings possible. As I've said before, Eclipses are like the Aces in Tarot, a powerful burst of energy, in their specific Element. This one is in Aquarius, an Air Element, which is about our mental abilities, communication, and rebirth, or new beginnings again. Words are important. We can choose to use them to hurt or to heal. Be cautious of your words during the 3 days of this New Moon, especially. (3 days = day before, day of, and day after).

Also at play during this Eclipse and New Moon:

~Venus just moved into Pisces, a Water sign, bringing emphasis on love and the emotions.
~We still have Uranus (sudden change) and Pluto (inner demons) within 5 degrees of squaring one another, which means this Square is still active.
~Neptune (unconscious) Square Mars (Aggression/Warrior), assisting us in bringing out those inner demons that Pluto has stirred up, and (hopefully) helping us to release them so that we can experience Regeneration and Rebirth. Or, adversely, acting out on the issues of the subconscious... be warned.
~Jupiter Squaring the Sun, or the expansion of our masculine energies is thwarted temporarily, helping to enable the feminine in gaining ground.
~We have the Moon, the Sun, and Mercury all in Aquarius right now, with the Sun and Mercury moving out of a Conjunction. Mercury is the ultimate planet of the Air Element, representing both mental abilities and communication. This is truly an Air themed event!
~Uranus meanwhile is still coming out of a Conjunction with minor planet Eris, and is still within 2 degrees of this Conjunction:

"Eris is related to... the concept of the female warrior that embodies it, and especially to the feminist struggle for rights in a patriarchal society."
Eris is about our Soul Purpose.
Read more about Eris here:
Astrograph on Eris

This all combines with the Juno energies of the feminine, and of the Moon's eclipse of the Sun, enabling us to anchor more of these here onto the Earth Plane.


~Speaking of Juno and Pisces (Venus, above), Juno prepares to move into Pisces on the 23rd.
~Jupiter prepares to go into Retrograde on March 8th.
~Our next Mercury Retro begins on March 22nd. I'd suggest backing up your computer as soon as the New Moon passes!


Chinese New Year is on Friday 16 February 2018. That is when the New Moon is exact in China, as Chinese New Year is the first New Moon in February. The Eclipse and the New Moon add their energies to this important day, giving us another powerful boost of new beginnings energies, pushing us forward into the future.

It is the Chinese Year of the Yang Earth Dog, with Earth being the primary Element of the Year. This is good, it's what we need! To be so grounded on the Earth plane that we are building a solid foundation from which to ignite our future. Dogs, having 4 legs, have a more solid foundation than we two-leggeds. We discussed the importance of this month's Master Number 22 energies being the Master Builder, in our February Earth Energies Report. Two plus two also equals Four, representing the building of a firm foundation. Dog has many other qualities that we can work with also, but let's not forget that the first half of this month was geared towards purification, while the 2nd half of this month is about Building - our future, that is. Beaver is the Animal Teacher for the Building lesson. Due to this, I will also be sharing Beaver info with you, below.

Magickal Workings for Chinese New Year:
Traditionally center around Health, Wealth, and Longevity
yet New Year workings of all types are appropriate:
New Beginnings, Renewal, Rebirth, etc.
Think Spring, think Ace of Swords, think clear Crystal Quartz points, focus, and clarity.
Also think about what "seeds" you are planting now.
Perhaps go back to your Vision Board that you created for this year, and reset your Intentions for this year, as well, as it is, technically, a New Year.

The most prevalent quality of a Dog is their sense of loyalty. Dog asks us, "Who are you being loyal to, yourself or another?"
Other qualities of Dog are their faithfulness, devotion, and the fact that they are man's best friend, which begs another question, "Are you being your own best friend?"

From SpiritWalkMinistry:

"Dog (general) -- The dog’s medicine is loyalty, reliability, nobleness, trustworthiness, unconditional love, friendship, fierce energy of protection and service. Dog was the servant/soldier that guarded the tribe's dwellings and protected them from surprise attacks. Dogs are the sacred familiars of Hecate the Goddess who defends the soul's right to wander in these little-known, oft-misunderstood paths and they are guardians to the Underworld. Hecate and her hounds will also speak for (and protect) those who cannot do so for themselves. Hecate and her dogs are protectors of those who cannot defend themselves: babies, children, the meek, the mad and the unjustly maligned. In Chinese symbolism, dogs are also considered a harbinger of friendship and a guardian of sacred spaces. A study of the breed and its purpose will help to define the energy it represents."

It goes on to discuss breed purity and those complications:

"Difficulties exist when looking to the domestic dog as an Animal Totem.Most have been bred to produce some accented appearance or behavior, thus creating a genetically muddled animal. Many of these dogs are mentally and spiritually "confused" about their identity as they may be trapped somewhere between their original nature and their artificially bred persona. Be aware that often times these animals may feel "lost" and be looking to you for guidance. When a sheep dog has been bred, generation after generation, to herd sheep and it finds itself living in a city apartment, it may feel misplaced and without a purpose. It may want and need your help to find a job it can do to give its life meaning."

(You will find more info on the different breeds of Dog at the link above)

As you can see, Dog helps us to seek out who we really are, replacing confusion with clarity, in his time of coming into our world "anew" or on Chinese New Year, New Moon, and Solar Eclipse all focused on the gifts of Air (clarity, focus, etc.), and the powerful new beginnings we are experiencing in this world at this time. It is asking us to FOCUS on who we really and truly are, to be loyal to ourselves, to be our own best friend, and to find and follow our purpose!


I'm going to stop here for now. There is SOOO much energy afoot, it makes it difficult for me to communicate. I believe I've covered all of the energies of THIS week... and we can cover more once these energies have passed.

As always, there are regular updates on my Facebook page, The Touch the Earth Page. I hope to "see" you there!

PS - I will share the Beaver info on the FB Page, in the next 24 hours!

Happy New Year, New Moon, and New You!

May health, wealth, and longevity be yours!



This information goes along with today's blog post on the New Moon energies:

Aquarius is the Water Bearer, also defined as the ones who hold the emotional energies of the planet. The Eclipse and New Moon on Thursday this week, hold an important release point for those who are the Water Bearers of this planet. This is the message:

"It is time for you to let go of these emotions that do not belong to you. It is okay to do so at this time. Your method of 'release' is not to pour out the waters, but to TRANSMUTE them into Light. The Eclipse will assist you in this work."

For more on Water Bearers, see this article:

*You will probably remember this earlier article from the photo that I used with it before, so I have also shared it here.


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Our Truths Are Showing: Healing the Illusion of the 3D

Dragonfly is one of our Animal Messengers for February. She teaches us how to see thru the illusion that we call reality. A very appropriate Messenger for the current energies...

We've been working on Seeing Clearly for over a year now, and this has not only assisted us with Seeing things as they are, it has also helped things come out into the Light to be seen clearly. And due to all of this, our Truths are showing.

I spent the first half of my Saturday (yesterday) reeling from some Truths that I'd seen clearly the day before, things that I had to gain clarity on, in order to return to harmony within myself once more. I had two major revelations about these energies, and I am going to share them both with you. One in this blog post, one in the next, because I'm still sorting that one out!

Looking at the above image depicting the traits of fear vs those of love, we can clearly see which energies are 3D - the Fear energies! When we are mired in fear, we are mired in the 3D. It holds us there, trapping us, until we can see beyond the fear, opening ourselves up to new knowledge, or bringing in the mind-opening paradigm shift that the recent Eclipse brought into our lives. As discussed in the monthly Energy Report, many reacted to the Eclipse with fear, unable to look within to see what we were being called to change about ourselves at this time. This has created even more separation and division amidst the already challenging situation in our country. And Friday's "memo" Unveiling* served as a further catalyst for that division. Now we are more divided than ever!

*Veil, Unveil, Unveiling, are all terms used for Seeing Clearly, the more that is "unmasked", the more Truths we see. The Veils are being removed, the illusion is fading...

I want to take you back a few months, to the Doreen Virtue turnaround. She went from a lifetime of creating metaphysical products, to embracing Christianity and repudiating all of her previous works, requesting that her customers destroy her earlier works. This is a clear case of one's Truth showing, and how it manifests in our reality. She has embraced her Truth. Or what her Truth is right now, in this stage of her path.

We've seen this same scenario with many other public figures, in their own way, who are also embracing their Truth. Now, before we go any further, I must say that I fully support all who embrace their Truth, whatever it might be. The reason for this is simple. If we are not living our Truth, we cannot learn our lessons from our Truth, to help us to move further along on our path. Or, as the Hindu's say, give your all to whatever is consuming you, so that you can learn and move beyond it. We can't learn our lessons by avoiding our Truth...

Yet, it can be very distressing when we see public figures that we admire, choose to embrace a Truth that we have moved beyond. Or a family member, friend, or other loved one. The division in this country has caused a crack in our humanity, and we've stopped seeing the ones opposing us, as humans in need of healing.

When we see others supporting those who are seeking to divide us, we automatically see them as "the enemy", when in Truth, they are our sisters and brothers, our mothers and fathers, our aunts and uncles, our beloveds, our teachers, our friends.

Healing the Illusion of the 3D means healing the illusion in us all, not just in a select few. This is not an ascension that only "lightworkers" are participating in, nor is it one that only those who are spiritual are participating in. We are all ascending, as one, or not at all.

Some may yet choose to remain in the 3D, and if they do, that is their choice, and if so, they are honoring their Truth by staying to learn the lessons that they need. This, too, is a division, if it happens. Some say it will, I say it's a potential, not a given. How are we Light Bringers, embracing compassion for all, if we are not helping others to do the work that is holding them back? And how do we do that work? Keep listening!

Then we have those creating the division. Are we here to assist them too? What about those who are telling untruths to further support those who are creating the division? Are they capable of being helped? Or do we just disown them all, cut our losses, and move on without them?

This is the 3D illusion, that we are separate. In Truth, we are all One. One People, One Planet, One World, and until we accept that, and recognize that we are all equal - all living beings, not just humans - then we are embracing the 3D illusion. We can no longer support/the Earth can no longer support any species, nor sub-species as being dominant. That is part of the illusion. Ego then, plays a huge part of this, no pun intended!

In my video last week, we discussed the Solar Plexus Chakra and how it affects our Ego. If we've been told that we are worthless all of our lives, we lack self esteem, and due to this, we have an under-active Solar Plexus Chakra. If instead, we are the ones telling another that they are worthless, then we have an over-active Solar Plexus Chakra. And if your Solar Plexus Chakra is not balanced, you will lack self love.

Let me go a bit deeper here. Being taught to support those who are holding you underwater - your oppressor, in other words, is a part of the 3D paradigm. This is about our safety and security, for we fear that we will lose something, if we do otherwise. We might lose our spouse, family, friends, money, possessions... and on and on it goes. We are afraid of losing that which we hold most valuable (even if it is our safety or security), if we do not support our oppressors. It's what we were taught back in the 1950's and '60's. Man is king of his home and gets his way, and all the little girl children must bow down to him, obey him, and serve him when he comes home. This is the illusion that we were taught.

There is great value in questioning everything you have ever been taught! For if we do not, we may be helping others to attain their goals, instead of going after our own. It will also help you to develop your own beliefs, ones that you truly believe in.

The Truth is that what we learned as children, no longer applies today. It is a changing world, one that requires US to adapt to it, instead of the other way around. People, too, are changing, and we have to change the way that we relate to them. People are waking up, which also creates change, asking us again to re-evaluate our own beliefs and practices.

How do we turn it around? By learning to accept others for who they are, even if they are currently experiencing lessons that we may not understand. By holding compassion for all, and seeing all as equal, including every living being in nature. We all have a right to be here, now. In fact, we chose it for a very significant reason.

If you are here now, you have work to do, and you are being called to do that work. It may involve helping those who are holding on to the 3D illusion, for reasons you may not understand. Know that love heals all. Each and every one of us has hidden programming within us. It is up to us to root it out, bring it out into the light, examine it, and destroy it's power over our lives by recognizing the fear that has held it to us for so long, and letting it go, once and for all.

Things get trapped within us all, and when they do, they can distort our beliefs, causing fear to rear its head. Getting these energies out of the body, is the first step. Physical activity may be the best way to accomplish this for some. For others, it may require energy healing or Reiki, or massage. We're all healing. It pays to remember this when we come up against our next monster... who may be Beauty in disguise - a powerful catalyst helping us to change. Coyote appears in many forms to teach us...

For now, have patience with those who seem lost to our new reality. Help where you can. Hold your tongue when you can't. Allow each soul to develop at their own pace, while holding them with love and healing. It's why we're here.


Michelle Hawksong Phillips is an Author, Artist, Healer, Channel, Intuitive, Seer, Dreamer, and Earth Teacher. Her book, "The Psychic Key: Opening Doorways in Your Mind", is available on Kindle.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

February Earth Energies Report

February is a Master Number 22 month, which represents The Builder. It is also a #40 month, with #4 representing Building a solid foundation, balance, and stability. Being the 2nd month of the year, and holding those #22 energies, means that we are looking at a lot of 2's popping up this month, and 2 is about balance and duality. Two is also the feminine number, or we can see it as odd numbers being masculine, and even numbers being feminine. And, digging even deeper, we get that #1 is about the individual - that was the 1000's century, and the 2's are about the partnership that comes when people work together in harmony - with harmony being another word for balance.

So why am I going on and on about balance? This month is about the two equal halves of the month. It's easy to look at that Master #22 and think that it's time for us to do the work, but is it really? No, for several reasons.
1) February is the Month of Purification
2) We are now in a Waning Moon
3) We're still in the feminine half of the year
4) We are still in the season of Winter
5) We just went through a major eclipse and Super Moon

Because of all of these, I'm here to tell you that the first half of February is going to be very different from the second half of the month, and February is here to teach us about Balance - in fact, it's our main keyword this month! So, let's get into it!

The Waning Moon is our receptive, feminine time, a time to go within, seek our own answers, and come back with ideas and a plan. These are also the energies of the season of Winter. The Waxing Moon, which will begin on the 15th of February with the New Moon, is the Building portion of our month, a time to take action, and this is a masculine energy. When we balance the masculine and the feminine within us, we can effectively come up with our own ideas, solutions, answers, and a plan, and then have the motivation and courage to put that plan into action, and to see it through. Therefore, part of February's energies are about taking the time needed to create your plan, then, after the New Moon, taking action. That's one level of balance that February is teaching us.

Purification of the old must come before we install the new. We are being given the next 2 weeks to clean out our lives, and come back to who we are, after experiencing the Super BlueBlood Lunar Eclipse Moon, to integrate the changes that this brought into our lives. Make no mistake, it was a very transformative energy, and it affected us all on some level. Some people rolled with it and went through the Eye of the Needle to come out changed on the other side, and others fought it all the way, refusing to acknowledge the lessons that were being shown to them out of fear. One thing we've learned is that when we choose not to learn a lesson, it does repeat itself, again and again, until we get it. So, if you missed it, this quiet time during the first half of February is intended for you to find those answers within yourself so that the old can be cleared out.

Balancing the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, is another energy coming to us in February. Imbolc falls on February 2nd, representing the rebirth of the Goddess, the part of the year when seeds within the Earth are aching to rise towards the light once more. It's the promise of Spring, and all that it brings, including our own Rebirth, Regeneration, Resurrection, Renewal, Transformation, and Metamorphosis. We are growing towards these things with every day that passes, and February is not one to let us forget that! It's Winter still, make your plan and get ready to take action, she tells us! Wake up! It's almost time!, she says. Eclipse energies are also about transformation and metamorphosis, as eclipses are Energetic Gateways, taking us into a new version of ourselves, if we are willing to do the work necessary, so this eclipse has pushed us straight into transforming our lives, do not wait until Spring, transformation is here, now! In this way, February gives us the time to do the work we need to do in our own lives, before Spring arrives and we are pushed out the door, into the outer, physical world once more, to give birth to our dreams. And we can't do that, if we don't have a plan...


I want to begin giving you Animal Messengers that can help you to navigate the energies better. During the Eclipse, we were given Elk to work with, due to his stamina and strength to go the distance. His energy was very much needed! And for the month of February, I was given Beaver the Builder to share with you, to help us with the building energies of this month. But I realized that Beaver can't help us much during the first half of February, so I had to dig deep, and come up with an animal that embodies both the energies of Water (feminine) and Air (masculine) to help us to maintain balance. I've chosen Dragonfly. I believe that Dragonfly can assist us this entire month!

Dragonfly Medicine:
Air + Water - Dragonfly gracefully balances between the worlds of Air and Water.
Air is represented by the Direction of East, a masculine Direction that brings us focus, clarity, and illumination.
Water is represented by the Direction of West, the feminine Direction, that brings us intuition, psychic abilities, receptivity, and the wisdom gained from going within.
Dragonfly Medicine brings us good luck, prosperity, purity, change, rebirth, transformation, metamorphosis, opening one's eyes/mind, being in the Now moment / being present, focus, personal power, power, poise, grace, self-realization, adaptability/flexibility, lightens our emotions, joy, connection to nature spirits and fairies, strength, peace, harmony.
Dragonfly represents the Mayan Goddess of Creativity, Ix Chel.
Dragonfly is a dreamtime guide that opens the doors to the other dimensions by breaking the spell of the physical illusion.
Dragonfly teaches us about seeing illusions for what they are, both in the physical world, and in the astral.

*I will share Beaver's info with you on our New Moon blog post, mid February.


There are so many other energies trying to work with us at this time that I'm not sure I can cover them all, but let's break it down:

Sun in Aquarius: The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer who teaches us about balancing our emotions. This symbol was brought to my attention a couple of weeks ago, and its energies deserve a spotlight shone on them. I feel that this article does it justice:

The Power of the Water Bearer

Boundaries are another subject that has been nit-picking at us during the buildup to the Eclipse. Setting firm boundaries with others in your life helps you to protect your energy, your time, and your Sacred Space. Setting consequences that will occur when those boundaries are broken, is essential, and following through on them is mandatory, if you want to maintain your peace of mind. We often allow others to manipulate our time or energy, when we need to be doing things for ourselves. For me, it can be difficult to work at home, because others don't realize that you can't be disturbed while you are working on projects, whether you're at home or elsewhere. This is where I've had to set strong boundaries in my life. The Eclipse, however, showed me where I'm self-sabotaging. I stop working every day to cook dinner for the family. No one twists my arm or makes me do it, this is just who I am, and what I was taught. The Eclipse came through and made me realize that I don't have to stop working. I don't have to cook or even eat at a specific time, and neither does anyone else! If I cook at noon or at 6pm, it doesn't matter. What's important is that I eat healthy! So, we have to look at where we are allowing ourselves to give our time to others, instead of working on our own projects, and doing the work that we came here to do, because that's what is important right now, finding the work you are here to do, and doing it! Let no one keep you from this work, including yourself!

Boundaries are also about knowing our own worth, and that's been another Big Energy of the Eclipse. Self Worth, Self Love, and how we are valued and/or how we value ourselves. If you are giving away your work/time/energy for free, you are not valuing yourself or what you do. BIG lesson there! If you are selling yourself too cheap, again, value yourself more. It's time to take stock of who and what you are in this world, what are your gifts, talents, and abilities? How are you using them? And how are you valuing them and yourself. In other words, how are you managing your energy - are you using it for yourself and your work, or giving it away to others? It's all about Equal Energy Exchange, getting out of something what you put into it, be that a conversation, a relationship, a class, social media, or anything else. These are the Big Questions of the Eclipse, and this is what we are still reflecting on for the next two weeks, and what we are integrating still.

If you need more info on boundaries, I highly recommend this website. I used it during my own healing process:

Joy2MeU: Setting Personal Boundaries - Protecting Self

These same energies can bring us back to thinking about how we are caring for ourselves, and nurturing ourselves, and providing ourselves with what we need. These next two weeks, you have a chance to practice some deep self care. Be kind to you. Listen to your body, and feed your soul what it needs too!


From February 5th through the 10th, Uranus will be Squaring Pluto. Through May 2nd, they will remain within 8 degrees of each other, so this is not an alignment that is going to end soon. In fact, they've been that close together since mid-November, and you may already be feeling this one.

I tend to think of Pluto as showing us our inner demons. That's because I'm a Scorpio, who is ruled by Pluto, and his darkness and mystery draw us inwards, where we are confronted with our inner demons. Pluto is also about regeneration and transformation, which is what comes about when you let go of the old. Due to this, I cannot place enough emphasis on the Purification half of this month!!!

Uranus is the agent of sudden and abrupt change - again, this is what happens with eclipses... So we have our inner demons coming up and out, bringing transformation and abrupt and sudden change into our lives. If I could sum up the Eclipse in a sentence, it would read the same way.

Uranus Square Pluto brings us personal change, as well as an opportunity to change our beliefs, our life paths, careers, family and friends... all of it is up for review and change. It is an important time in our development, our personal development. We each have the opportunity to create the life we came here to live.

The above paragraph was partly excerpted from our February 2015 Energy Report, when we were actually in Jupiter Retro, as well. Mind you, Jupiter Retro begins this year on March 8th, and that pulls all of the energies within us, so that we can act from our center, serve our highest good, and incorporate the changes wrought by all of these energies. It's not over yet. March is The Month of Change. Rest now while you can.


Smack dab in the middle of the month, we have: Valentines Day, Ash Wednesday, the New Moon in Aquarius with a partial Solar Eclipse, and Chinese New Year. This is when the energies turn around, and we can then begin Building.

Important dates this month are all about balance, and Valentines Day is no exception. Remember discussing self love earlier? It's back! The Eclipse told us that if we don't love ourselves, how can we believe in ourselves or in the work that we are doing? Or if we don't value ourselves or our contribution... To me, Valentines Day is akin to The Lovers card in Tarot, teaching us about the importance of inner balance, or the balancing of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within us all. With the Lovers being the #6 card in Tarot, this makes the #6 also important this month.

Is it a huge synchronicity that Ash Wednesday occurs the day before the New Moon? I think not. Purification is the theme. What are you giving up for Lent? What will serve your highest good? Think deeply, we have time!

Then everything flips on the New Moon on the 15th, bringing with it a partial Solar Eclipse. We'll talk more about this before it occurs. Just remember, we move into the Building energies with the New Moon. For those in China, the New Moon occurs on the 16th, ushering in Chinese New Year.


I really want to go much deeper into this one, and will work on a separate blog post about this day, as it holds a lot of meaning for me. And the Year of the Dog is a special one for me too. I want to take the time to explore all of the symbology associated with this event, and I think we can do that better at another time. It will be the Year of the Female Dog, and Dogs are about loyalty, asking us: Who are you being loyal to, yourself or others? I'll leave you to think on that and see for yourself how it fits in with this months energies!


I hesitate to mention it, yet I'm a deep, dark, Scorpio, and Death is part of who I am. What I have noticed is that many are crossing over at this time, especially in the days leading up to and during the Eclipse. Know that it was time for them to leave us, their work here is done. If you have lost a loved one, please know that you have my deepest sympathies. This is a difficult time for many, and I pray you the love that I know your loved ones left behind for you to remember them by.

There are times in our world when it seems that more people cross over, and this past month was one of them. We have to remember that we stand on the shoulders of all of our loved ones who have passed, and that the reason they were here, was to teach us. It's now our turn to carry on that tradition. All of your Ancestors have sacrificed greatly so that you could be here, knowing who you are, doing the work that you do, during this pivotal time in the history of our world. Honor their sacrifices by being true to you.


February has always been a difficult month for me. I've lost my favorite loved ones in the month of February, or the ones that I have lost, had ties to February, especially the 14th and the 28th. On those days, each year, you will find me Entering the Silence to honor them. Many honor their Ancestors during Dia de los Muertos, as do I. Yet I also honor them in February, when I feel them very close by.

Our Ancestors are speaking loudly at this time, watching the happenings in our world with trepidation and concern. The entire Spiritual World has worked very hard to get us to where we are today, and we honor them all when we follow our true path. May your Ancestors speak to you this month, and bring you the messages that you need.

I pray you a peace-filled time of purification and integration of these phenomenal energies, and I pray us all a better way and a better world.
Love, Michelle



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