Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Seeing Clearly: The Cult And The Coyote

Late last week, a lot of info came pouring in, as usual, for a weekly blog post. At the time, I couldn't seem to gain enough clarity on it to put it together into a post. And, I didn't like what I was seeing. It had to marinate. And it has, and with the new info I've seen now, it's time to talk about Seeing Clearly once more.


This is a *THEME* that we have been discussing for most of this year. It came about with the 20:20 days that we experienced, I believe beginning this past February. It's about seeing ourselves and our lives clearly, so that we know what it is that we need to do next. It's about seeing others clearly, and knowing that many will project their own issues onto us, because they are seeking help, and clearly seeing what is happening, and not taking those insults onto oneself, due to the clarity we have gained.

It's also about seeing things in our world clearly, for what they truly are. And it is this point that we must dig into here today.


Coyote is known as a Trickster, tricking us into seeing our actions for what they are - when we are acting wrongly, and don't realize it. His humor helps us to SEE CLEARLY what we have been avoiding, without being judged for it.

Now let's set the scene:

Late last year, there was a Presidential election in the U.S. At the time, I heard things about how we needed a President that was outside of the political circles, to shake things up, do things differently, and expose the system for what it is, corrupt and damaged. I let this theory linger in my mind, not needing it to be true or false, just a possibility of why things happened the way that they did. For the Universe has a finger in every pie, and that which serves our Highest Good, is what prevails.


Transparency, in essence, is about SEEING CLEARLY. When a government is transparent, we know that what they tell us is going on, is really what's going on. Obama started this trend in our government (and whether or not you liked Obama, is beside the point. Remember, no judgments!).

Our current President is not so keen on transparency. It's almost like he'd rather we take him at his word, than allow us to see the Truth. Hence, all of the Main Stream Media attacks by the current administration, and the whole Fake News thing. Which makes us wonder if what we are being fed by MSM is true or not. It makes us QUESTION everything!

Now this may or may not be a good thing. Withholding judgment. Letting things be what they are... Many are questioning the Truth that we are being fed.

Who is being Truthful? We may feel torn, not knowing what is Truth, and what is Lie, or Fake, False, or being hidden. It's good to have skepticism, it's good to take everything with a grain of salt. We shouldn't believe everything we hear anyway!

As it's been said many times during this administration, do the research for yourself.


Gaslighting is a technique used by abusers, especially, but it is also used in cults, and other places. It is the DENIAL of Truth that you have seen with your own eyes, or heard with your own ears. It is making you think that you are crazy, because the Gaslighter will deny everything that you know happened. When you are already beaten down, your self confidence destroyed, you believe the abuser, and in order to do that, you must deny your own Truth, which leaves you believing that you are crazy. Are you? Or has the Truth just been distorted?

Look at the battle between Creationism and Evolution - to be a Creationist, one must deny many scientific facts, such as the fact that humans were living on the Earth long before the "coming of the Christ". At the same time, much of the Bible was plagiarized from other "religions" and belief systems. Winter Solstice's Return of the Light, or Sun, became Christmas, the Birth of the Son. Spring Equinox's season of Rebirth became the Rebirth of the Christ. So things get twisted, taken over, culturally appropriated and distorted. This, too, is Gaslighting.

Denial of science is gaslighting. I could go on about Climate Change, but I won't. We've been there before. I just want to illustrate how gaslighting works. Denial of facts constitutes gaslighting, even when it's the government, and when they expect us to go along with it, well that's the effect of gaslighting. We have to ignore our Truth, or what we KNOW to be true, to do so.

This works completely against Transparency and SEEING CLEARLY, for denial is their opposite, and the tool of the gaslighter.


While I'm on the subject of abuse tactics, let's look at PTSD for a moment. Living in a constant state of anxiety, or constantly being on edge, causes PTSD. It's the adrenaline that must stay at high levels in our bloodstream, when we are on edge, that creates the imbalance.

I believe that we have all been on edge since Election Day, November 8th of last year. If not then, it was January 20th of this year, when our current President took office.

Why do I believe this? Because we are being constantly bombarded with outrageousness each and every day. He did this, he did that, this might happen, that might happen, panic, freak out, worry about war, worry about having medical insurance, food to eat, and having our safety net taken away, has worn us all down.

To top it off, we've experienced lack of sleep so many times this year due to "Ascension Energies", or the full moon, or the new moon, or a specific astrological alignment... and sleep deprivation is another tool of the abuser. A sleep deprived person is more easily manipulable.

A gaslighted person is more easily manipulable, for if you will fall for one falsehood, you'll fall for others.

PTSD takes a toll on the body. That constant state of anxiety keeps us on edge, all the time. Answer me this: When is the last time you really relaxed? Or slept well? Me? It's been quite a while on the sleep. At least 2 months. So our sleep patterns are shifting, we need less sleep now, says Ascension Theory. I'm too tired to work, says my body. There must be a happy medium, if we are to be productive, healthy individuals. And given the tricks of the current administration, I don't know that we will be able to let down our guard, for a long time to come...

I won't judge whether you will feel as if you have PTSD from all of this or not. I do see it as a possibility, however. But having Acute PTSD myself, and having been constantly triggered since last November, I'm not one to say for sure. I will say that if you already had PTSD, you are probably being triggered daily. As am I.

KEY: Nurture yourself if you are feeling as if you may have PTSD, or are being triggered. Ask your body what it needs, and do that! Find safety in your own body. Work with your Root Chakra, strengthen it and your connection to the Earth. Spend time in nature as much as possible! And meditate! Please meditate! It will help you more than I can express!


I've recently become infatuated with Leah Remini's Scientology and the Aftermath. I've always been fascinated with cults! Why? I was in one as a teenager. Cult practices and abuser techniques have a lot in common, and this, too, fascinates me. I've studied this for years, watching shows and reading about them often.

Sleep deprivation and gaslighting are used in cults as tools to keep them in line, just as they are used in domestic abuse situations. Abuse takes many forms. Mental abuse might include being called stupid or told that you are worthless. Emotional Abuse might be your  mother never showing love for you. Physical abuse is generally regarded as being physically beaten, but can also apply to being overworked. For instance, a child required to work in the fields 12+ hours a day, is a form of physical abuse, for it is something physical that is beyond their endurance. Then there is Sexual Abuse...


A meme yesterday appeared on Twitter, asking everyone who had ever been Sexually Assaulted or Harrassed to write #MeToo as their status, to show the full scope of the problem. And the problem is two-fold. One is that it happened, the other is the DENIAL of it happening, the shoving it under the rug as lacking importance, the shame and blame placed on the victim of the abuse. It happens in Domestic Abuse too, what with the victim being blamed and shamed for it, or the Truth being completely denied, as in, it never happened, and that is what the case of Harvey Weinstein brought to the forefront of our conversation - no longer denying that it has happened. Giving ourself the Power to speak our Truth! Yes, it happened, and we're tired of you sweeping it under the rug!

Now, this may have been triggering for some, and there may have been some that could not respond to this because they are not yet ready to deal with being sexually abused. And that's okay! No one is forcing you. I'm in your corner, supporting you, no matter which way you went with it. Nurture yourself, that's what's important! When you are ready, speak your Truth, give voice to what happened to you so that you can take your Power back.


What comes to Light here is the question. What else are we collectively sweeping under the rug, or seeing as not being important? What else is being hidden from us?

Late night, one night last week, I had an epiphany. We are Hue-mans, mankind in many hues, who live on and share this Earth. Our particular hue might be different from that of our neighbor, but we all co-exist here - or should. No people are the chosen people. All people are the chosen people. You are the chosen one. We are all equal. When we see others as a different hue than ourselves, it's brings us back to our humanity, instead of separating us.

Speaking of separating us, what do cults do? Scientology separates members into different organizations, leaving out other members of that same person's family - as if they are less worthy. FLDS does the same. Christianity sees women as lesser, under control of their men, again separation of people within the same family, which disrupts the family unit, causing problems in our most basic security group, which leads us to looking outside the family for security, love, and support. Their hope is that we look to their "cult" for this support.

See the basic tenets of a belief system, and if they treat all beings as equal, or if they are "preaching" separation and/or superiority, to know if they are a cult. Or look at whether or not they are gaslighting the people, denying Truths. I believe these two points are common in all cults and abusive situations.

Do I believe that organized religion is a cult? Yes. Why? Denial of equality and gaslighting, denial of the Truth, of hard science, even.

Now let's look at the biggie... and please know that this is the message I hesitated to present to you last week. I don't want it to be true either.

Is the USA a cult? Is Democracy a cult? Are the Democratic and Republican parties cults?

Let's look at another cult characteristic. Spouting the party line. This one takes us back to Nazi Germany, and the followers of Hitler. Look at how they obeyed him! How did he gain power over so many people, that he had them agreeing to exterminate an entire quadrant of their population? Wait. Back up! That's what is going on here!!! Yeah, kinda is, isn't it?

Separation is being encouraged, and I believe that this is a form of superiority, and denies equality, and is the Denial of Truth.

So does it boil down to people thinking that they are superior to others? Maybe it does. Does this mean that we live in a cult society? It's up to you to decide. Remember, no judgments. Just See The Truth Clearly.


It would have been nice to have Good Coyote visit us through a President, to ease us through the changes we needed to make, for our own good, and for our future. But that's not what happened. We got evil Coyote. And we aren't laughing at ourselves yet.

I believe the Coyote Teacher can be equated to lessons - when we learn them the first time around, all is good. The more they have to be repeated, the more difficult these lessons become. We got evil Coyote because we didn't learn the lessons the first hundred times around.

Yet changes are being made. We are SEEING CLEARLY, whether or not Coyote is being transparent. His actions compel us to look deeper, to SEE FOR OURSELVES what is and has been hidden from us for a very long time. Keep digging! Keep seeing and expressing your truth!


Many things are coming out into the Light at this time. Much more is to come. Be patient, but know that all will be revealed soon.

SEE CLEARLY is also about seeing the Big Picture, and seeing with your Inner Eye. See the patterns, see the basic tenets, see where the money is going, see who is doing what. Observe. Be The Witness! That is all that is required of you at this time, to continue SEEING CLEARLY!

Meanwhile, the New Moon in Libra approaches on Thursday. Libra is about Balance, and balance must be maintained in our personal lives. Spend as much time nurturing yourself as you do others. Stay in your Center. Stay grounded. Smudge often. Thursday is the 19th, another 10-10-10 or 1-1-1 day. The last one is on the 28th. These are powerful days for new beginnings, and because Thursday's numbers add up to 30/3, also a powerful time for manifestation.

Dream big on this New Moon, and make your wishes and set your Intentions for your own life, over the colder months. What will you learn, create, or grow? Think carefully. Our future depends upon us all Living Our Truth.

Have a magickal week!


This subject does go deeper. We may explore that in the near future, if I am guided to do so. Meanwhile, I am creating a website for all of my offerings. Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Halloween Animal Symbolism

This is a repost of a blog I shared back in October of 2009, that has kind of gotten buried in all the posts since. I thought I'd share it with you again. After all, 'tis the season!

Bats and Spiders and Owls, oh my!

I thought I'd talk a bit about the animals that we associate with Halloween, and what they mean to us. Many find these creatures scary, but if we look at how they can help us in our lives, we might find that the fear of them wears off.

What animals do we associate with Halloween? Owls, Bats, Spiders, maybe Scorpions, Crows, and other creatures of the night may also fall into this category, like Black Panthers and Snakes. Let's look at the meanings of these interesting creatures, and try to rub some of that fear off before the night of the dead... mu-ah-ha-ha-ha-ha....

I've added info that relates directly to Halloween and/or death symbolism to each of these important Animal Teachers.


Cat (domestic) -- The Great Teacher of Magic and Mystery; the cat lives totally in the moment with a deep psychic and spiritual awareness. Independent and unpredictable, agile of body and mind, a free thinker that meets challenges by perceiving the unseen.-(One cannot own a cat; the cat will give and receive love only on its own terms). At home in the dark of the night it is a valuable ally when encountering the supernatural and facing your primal fears. As the cats energy field flows opposite that of humans it has the healing ability to neutralize your negative energies. (The healing energy cannot be taken from the cat, it is only given as a gift.)-The cat teaches that the physical and spiritual worlds are not separate, but one. In ancient Egypt cats stood guard at the temple gates and throughout history cats have been seen as the protectors of the pathways to the sacred mysteries. The cat's karmic sacrifice is being the victim of kick the cat. Cat Spirit often brings the warning of being the recipient of misdirected anger.

Black Cat -- The classic familiar of traditional witches,who, it was said, could shape-shift into a cat nine times. Intuitive dreams, ritual magick.
Source: http://www.spiritwalkministry.com

Hellhound by Kajito on DeviantArt

Black Dog  (Hell Hound) -- A black dog is the name given to a being found primarily in the folklore of the British Isles. The black dog is essentially a nocturnal apparition, often said to be associated with the Devil. It is generally supposed to be larger than a normal dog, and often has large, glowing eyes. It is often associated with electrical storms and also with crossroads, places of execution and ancient pathways. Its appearance is regarded as a portent of doom, death, or despair. There is also a legend of a benevolent black dog, who appears to guide travelers to a safe haven.
SOURCE: Spirit Walk Ministry dot com

If you’re traveling through the countryside at night, a whiff of brimstone or a blood-chilling howl can alert you to the presence of a Hellhound—but we don’t recommend that you look around for the beast. As soon as you lay eyes on one of these dark specters, your days are numbered; you will soon die.

A Hellhound is a monstrous dog, leashed to the spiritual world. Nicknamed “Bearer of Death” in some parts of the world, they can often be found guarding the entryways to the afterlife or skulking in the shadows behind a person who is doomed to die soon.

These phantom canines are considerably larger than a normal dog. A small Hellhound is about the size of a mastiff, while a large one can dwarf horses and bears. Their hair is black as coal, and their eyes glow like angry red or green flames. The most terrifying individuals may have multiple heads or, eerier still, have no head at all.

Spotting a Hellhound can be difficult, since they are mostly nocturnal creatures, and their black hair blends in with the darkness of the night. Still, if you keep alert, you might smell a sulfurous odor as the beast gets closer, or you might notice a trail of scorched ground where his path crosses yours.

In some stories, Hellhounds are valiant and devoted guardians. They might be assigned to guard a treasure or sacred ground, in which case they will spend an eternity glowering over their charge. Again, the beasts will only attack if they are provoked—but if you put one toe too close to their treasure, it might be the last move you ever make. Unlike their free cousins, a guardian Hellhound will never back down or run away from a fight.

The hounds have many supernatural skills that make them both powerful allies and fearsome enemies. To begin with, they have incredible speed and strength, even for large predatory animals like themselves. They can outstrip a cheetah in a race and rip down trees with their claws. They are also masters of disguise, able to conjure up cloaks of mist, shapeshift into various forms, or even vanish into thin air.

Overall, the Hellhound’s most dreadful ability is his uncanny sense for death. It is unclear whether these black specters appear merely as omens of death or if seeing them actually causes death. Either way, they are not a welcome sight!

THERE IS MUCH MORE INFO ON HELLHOUNDS on this site, the source of the above information:


Rat can adapt to anything, quick witted and hard working, scavenging when needed, pronounced drive for success, cunning and shrewd, prudence and foresight, ability to live unseen, abundant reproduction, symbol of fertility and wealth, can also be restless and nervous and there is a need to be careful of these traits.
Source: Spirit Walk Ministry


The most important characteristic of the Owl for me is His ability to see in the dark. When we are looking deeply inside ourselves, whether seeking answers or trying to heal, we may find that we need a little help in finding those answers or problem areas. Owl, with His ability to see in the dark, can help us there. His keen night vision can also help us to find the smallest things hidden in the dark within ourselves.

Owl is also called Night Eagle, by the Pueblo Tribes of NM. This gives him some of the qualities of Eagle, such as seeing the overall perspective. Owl can find the smallest mouse without hardly any light. His perspective is high like Eagle, enabling Him to see these small details. With Owl in your corner, you, too, will see the smallest issues, from the proper perspective.

Call on Owl whenever you need help seeing in the dark. Because of this, Owl might be a good friend to have with you on Halloween night!

Owls can also mean Deception, or you are being deceived about an important matter. Owl rarely comes up with this meaning, but it is always possible - especially when you are doing a reading.

It is also said that when one sees an Owl, death is in the air, or death is nearby. Many consider Owls as evil due to this. It depends on what Owl means to you, as to whether or not this will be true for you. For me, it never means this.

Owls are also portrayed as having wisdom. I believe this one! They just seem so wise... If you thought Owl appeared to you in this context, it would mean that the wisdom you seek would be shrouded in darkness, meaning, look within yourself for the answer. Or call on Owl for assistance in finding the wisdom needed.

Owl represents clairvoyant abilities, due to his advanced sense of sight. Those with Owl Medicine are often clairvoyant, or have other psychic abilities.


Bat: Bat is one of my favorite creatures. To me, he symbolizes Rebirth. The way that Bat hangs in a cave, is upside down, the same way a baby turns in it's mothers stomach before it is born. When we see Bat, we know that Rebirth is near at hand, that we have grown enough to move forward in our lives, to begin anew. In this way, Bat is a positive symbol.

An expression that refers to Bat is, "Blind as a Bat", yet Bat sees with His senses, and actually does quite well with His limited eyesight. It is also said that when one loses one sense, it increases the others. This is very much the case with Bat. His intuition is well developed, as is his Psychic Hearing. Those with this Medicine are usually gifted with psychic abilities. Call on Bat for assistance with these, or learning more about them.

On Halloween, we associate Bats with cemeteries, we see them flying around there. Are they drawn there because they sense the presence of spirits? Or are they just looking for uninhabited places, to escape the noisy demons and goblins trick or treating on Halloween night? Call on Bat to find out the answer for yourself!


This misjudged creature is perhaps the most helpful being in the Universe. Spider Woman was said to create the alphabet, and give us the gift of writing, to record the events of history, so that those in the future could learn from them, of the Old Ways. This makes her the muse of writers, compelling us to be creative. Spider Woman is an advocate for those who are harmed by others, or the victims of this world. Her Web of Protection extends far beyond us, when we invite Her into our lives, to help us. It is said that Spider Woman wove the Web of Life, connecting us all, and what we do to any part of the Earth or Her Creatures, we also do to ourselves, according to the wisdom of Black Elk. The Web teaches of vibrations, and how any act we perform, any word we speak, any thought we have, can reverberate, and affect others on down the line. The Good Witch knows how Her actions will affect one and all, before She casts that spell. Spider can help us to learn this ourselves. Vibrations are a whole other subject, also associated with Spider, because of Her Web. We increase our vibrational level to stay in El Mundo Bueno, the good reality. When our vibration level lowers, we then enter El Mundo Malo, the Bad Reality, where anything can happen, and escape is treacherous. This is what happens when we surround ourselves with negativity. The best way to escape it is to think positive, and keep thinking positive.

As you can see, Spider teaches us many things, but yet there is still more. She is also a Healer. Spider Woman is associated with Coatlique, She who cuts the cord of life, causing death. However, She can also choose to spare that life, creating balance. Spider Woman is of a similar nature. She can cut the cord of Her Web, or She can bind it to other people who will help us, or harm us, or use it to help us move forward in our lives. It is said that we each have our own Web, and what we catch there, is a direct result of our actions - or our inaction. When we manage to catch something good in our Web, if we are not paying attention, we may get a reminder by Spider. Sometimes we get too caught up in our own Web to notice what is going on around us. This is again a time in which Spider will send us a reminder.

Spider is a wonderful ally to have, and to work with. She teaches us a myriad of lessons, and the gifts She brings, far outweigh the consequences. One of those would be Her bite, or the poison Her bite leaves behind. This, too, can be used to our advantage. Learning to transmute poisons in the body, while it is a teaching of Snake, can also be taught to us by Spider. If She bites you, it's generally to wake you up. Transmute that lesson, by fully digesting it, and you will grow.

The Web of Life holds many teachings, and Spider Woman can help us to begin that journey.


Some believe that Crow symbolizes death. His black color links Him to the dark creatures of the world, and to the Void, where ideas are born. He is the bringer of Justice, however, and in this way is associated with the zodiac sign of Libra, the scales (of justice). Crow teaches us about Divine Law, and how it is higher than the Law of Man. Those with Crow Medicine must answer for their actions following Divine Law, for it is rarely a matter of only this world.

Crow can also be a messenger, to alert one of something significant about to happen in one's life, be it a lesson, an educational encounter with another, or pending danger. Crow sees these things and will come to us to alert us, if we but listen.

Crow is said to have singed his feathers, bringing us Fire, and this is what caused them to be soot black. Yet he lives in the Void, that place of ultimate creativity, and formless energy. He is a creature of both light and dark, holding the teachings of Divine Law, while wearing black, which symbolizes the magic and mystery of the world.

Crow can be an omen of change when He appears in one's life. Or, He can be calling on you to initiate that change yourself, in the Void. We are all capable of manifestation, and the Void is where this manifestation begins. This is the beginning of magick, and Crow can open our eyes to it, when He appears in our lives. But be strong and walk your talk, and speak your truth, or Crow will "Caw" you on it.

Crow is said to be the one who carries souls to the Land of the Dead, and therefore dwells between the worlds of the living and that of the dead. Many fear Crow for this reason. Personally, I see Crow as a Messenger, and while I have seen him nearby when souls are crossing over, he is also nearby when any important message needs attention paid to it. It has been my experience that Crow appears AFTER someone has crossed over, not before. As Crow walks in both worlds, this also brings the lesson of balance, or of being able to walk in both worlds. Do you help souls cross over? Do you see the dead or souls of the dead? Are you like Crow and walk in both worlds? Make sure you give as much energy to the Light, as you do to the Dark side of life, is the message in this.

Crow has many, many lessons to teach us, and it begins by paying attention to what is going on immediately after seeing Crow, to determine what He would mean to your life.


These are just a few of the creatures we may encounter on Halloween, and we haven't even gotten to the subject of spirits yet! muahahahahaha!

As you travel through the almost full moon night on Halloween, carry some Animal Medicine with you. Embrace the darkness, let it's magic help to transform your life. This is the time of year to embrace your dark side. May it help you to grow and become all that you are!

Thursday, October 5, 2017


A lot of people are crossing over this year, and October is the month when the year begins dying, as the plants and trees go within, or wither and die. The Sun wanes towards the New at Solstice, and the Veil thins...

We are being asked to observe "What We've Lost Along The Way" - this year, or during our growth cycle or waking up experience - we've all lost or given up a lot to be who we are right now. It is important that we honor and acknowledge our feelings about those losses, that have both gifted us with their presence in our lives, and again, with their loss. Balance. See both sides of the equation! Then grieve and release, so that you can move forward once more, in gratitude for the journey and the lessons it has brought to your life.

A little dark message from Pluto on this rainy day. Pluto transforms, and we are all being transformed by all that we see and hear, into who we came here to be. To shift into the new, we must let go of the old, and that includes all that dies with the year.

Aries brings forward momentum, which can manifest as is, or be converted into anger or aggression, if unhealed or unexamined.

These are HEALING times we are in. Heal your past so you can be transformed in the present.

You are loved and supported in all that you do!

Full Moon blessings of love and abundance to all!


With us approaching Halloween, and the period of time between Halloween and Solstice being a time of much needed protection, and the time when the Veil is the thinnest, enabling us to connect with our loved ones on the Other Side, I want to encourage you to purchase my book, which goes into both of these subjects, in depth. It actually covers everything to do with psychic abilities and psychic phenomena, as well as protection and purification, which are a vital part of using one's abilities, and working with the Spirit World.
It is available on Amazon Kindle!