Friday, April 13, 2018

New Moon in Aries: Spring Forward!

Spring will finally arrive with the New Moon in Aries this weekend. On Sunday, we have the New Moon, and Mercury Retro ends!!! Keep in mind however, that Mercury remains in the Shadow Zone of Retrograde through May 3rd, and hold on to the patience that you've had to develop these past few weeks while Mercury was in Retro, for we may need it yet again.

I've been taught that the year is divided into two halves: the Feminine half, and the Masculine half. Autumn and Winter are the Feminine seasons, and Spring and Summer are the Masculine seasons. To take this a bit further, we can see the Feminine half of the year as the Dark half, or the half of the year that we spend in our Inner Worlds, working on ourselves and our personal goals, and the Spring and Summer months as the Light half of the year, and the time that we spend in the outer, or physical world, working with bringing our gifts out into the Light.

Now, all of that was explained so that I could relay a message to you that I received yesterday:

We are still in the Feminine half of the year, until we have the New Moon in Aries. That is what switches us into the Masculine half of the year. We are still mired in the feminine, embracing the Divine Feminine within us all, and working with our inner worlds, due to both Mercury and Jupiter being in Retro, and the Moon waning since right after Spring Equinox.
To move into the Masculine half of the year, we have to heal and balance the Divine Masculine, and that is what we are working towards now.

That's not all of it tho... it rarely is! Much more is coming through right now due to these energies. Last night, enduring endless hours of 65+ mph winds here in Albuquerque, I step outside to have a chat with the Wind Brothers, and ask them to tone it down a bit, when I hear that it is Chaos that they are demonstrating for us at this time. We have to let go of the old for the new to have room to grow, right?! And the Wind Brothers are known for helping us to blow the old away. Somewhere inbetween the Dark and the Light, the Old and the New, lies Chaos. Things must be shaken up in order for the new to take hold, and that is what is going on in our world at this time. Things are being shaken up so that we can learn what it is that we want and will allow in our lives, and what we will not. This is on a COLLECTIVE level at this time...

What goes on in the world, affects our individual lives, and we are the Co-Creators of our lives, so what we allow to happen in the world, is what we are allowing in our lives. Do you want to experience these issues again: Racism, Inequality, suppression of Women and their rights, suppression of our sexuality, suppression of our voices, war in our name... just what will we allow? It's time to take a stand, Mercury says, it's time to let people know what you will no longer allow in your name.

Mercury has pushed us hard this time around, to stand up for ourselves and our needs, to nurture ourselves, to set strong, firm boundaries, and to see clearly the abuses that we've allowed in the past. We may not have been able to argue against these things in the past, yet now we can and we must. Our future is at stake. Our creativity, our psychic abilities, our spirituality, our beliefs, our individuality, and our independence and freedom are at stake now. Will we weather the storm that is upon us? It depends on you.

From one of my posts yestereday:

"Many are waking up at this time, and not understanding what is going on, nor why. They may feel lost, insecure, unloved, not needed, depressed, and/or disconnected. And you can help!
In my outside meditation space, I was prompted to raise my vibrational level to understand clearly what is going on, and that is what I observed. I surrounded the Earth with love, and, when prompted, switched it to the Golden Rainbow Ray - which is bright yellow light infused with gold sparkles and rainbows, that comes to us from Grandfather Sun. You, too, can do this, and it would help us all at this time. Use any color you like, pink for love, green for healing, gold to raise the vibrational level... you choose!
Keeping our own vibrational level high at this time, is essential. Stay positive, keep high vibe crystals or Orgonic Energy Devices ON YOUR PERSON, so that they can assist you continuously."

As we have yet to engage with the forward momentum of the Spring season, I've been given the following to assist us with this:

It is recommended that we use the following stones for meditation, and to keep on us:
Golden Rutilated Quartz, Herkimer Diamonds, any high vibe Crystal Quartz point such as a Peruvian Crystal, or an Elestial, or even one with rainbows inside it, or genuine Citrine or Heliodor, or even White or Dogtooth Calcite, and/or Golden Labradorite.
Clear or yellow stones are best for embodying the energies of the Direction of East and for bringing in the clarity that we all need at this time. These stones also assist with bringing in the energies of Grandfather Sun to assist us all. They will provide us with the forward momentum that we will need, come the New Moon, and hold us in the light until that time, as well.


This is our Theme for the first half of April, and it continues through the weekend. If it doesn't bring you joy, let it go. If it stifles you in any way, let it go. If it fills you with anxiety, let it go. If the words of others hurt you, let it go. Too often, we get caught up in the energies of another, and when they go through a difficult time, we are there with them, empathically, and the words they use at that time, may hurt us. This is a clue to pull your energy back! If you are empathic, you are feeling a whole lot right now, and I am too. The chaos in the Wind, for instance... it can feel like the very air itself is infused with negativity. This is a time to honor your own needs, to stay grounded and purified, to wrap your energy around you, and nurture and care for yourself. Mercury confuses communication intentionally to help us to look at the words that we use with both ourselves, and with others. It's far better to think things through on your own, than to potentially harm another with any negative energy you (or others) may be holding onto. Take care of your own energy first.


I've also received a message from the Stone People. They are advising that we clear certain ones overnight on the Earth, during the New Moon. They specifically mentioned black stones and grounding stones, as well as stones that pull negativity off of us, or that absorb emotions, or toxins from our bodies (Smoky Quartz comes to mind here). Placing them outside on the Earth will pull those energies out of them, allowing them to help you even more afterwards!


The first sign of the Zodiac, and the start of the "new" astrological year, when the Sun moved into Aries back on Spring Equinox. Aries is about forward momentum, embracing the inner warrior, and new beginnings, among other things. It's about being assertive but not aggressive, and knowing the difference. Aries the Ram will help us to stand up for ourselves, by giving us the strength and energy that is needed. This is important! Coming out of Mercury Retro, we will need to Hold Our Ground that we have gained during the past 3 weeks, and be able to expand it. The Ram is really good at standing his ground!


The New Moon is the best time to release the old, so get outside and talk to Grandmother Moon and tell her everything that you are letting go of at this time, and ask for her help in taking it all away.

Then smudge yourself, your home, your bedroom or Sacred Space, light some candles, and spend some time in silence, soaking up the energies. Let them guide you...

The New Moon is also the best time to do a Psychic Cord Cutting exercise, cutting the cords of those who are emotionally or unhealthily attached to you, such as past loves, or former friends, especially with this Mercury Retro and all that we have had to let go of. Honor yourself and your energy and do a Cord Cutting this weekend, so that you can get back to owning your energy!

"Let's talk for a quick minute about Psychic Cord Cutting. Many things from our pasts have been making us aware of them in these last few days of this waning moon, so that we can learn any lessons remaining, and then cut these "strings" of attachment to people and places in our pasts, letting it all go, once and for all. The best way to do this is to cut the psychic cords that are attaching you to these old situations. You can do an online search for Psychic Cord Cutting. They are all about the same. Do it outside, so as not to spread the gunk pulled out of you all over your dwelling. Call on your Angels or Guides or even ArchAngel Michael to assist you. Think of a situation or person that you are ready to let go of, find the location of their energy cord in your body, send love to them through this cord, thank them for any lessons received, and let them go. Then pull on the cord until you pull it completely out of yourself. If you are not able to pull it completely out, ask for assistance in cutting this cord. Use ArchAngel Michael's sword to cut it. Afterwards, cleanse your energetic body through smudging, bathing, using lavender to remove emotional energies, and Himalayan Pink Salt to repair any Aura damage caused. Most of these cords lie in the gut, as that is where our Intuition lies, and where we feel things the most. If the cord should lie in the heart, take extra cautions to not pull too hard and start any holes in this area. Ask for help, and allow your Guides or Angels to do the cord cutting here. Afterwards, give thanks for any help received."
From my blog post, "September Energies & Angel Report" on 8/31/16


Today, Friday the 13th, is a Master Number 55/10/1 day, a day for new beginnings, and the start of a new numeric cycle. Saturday will be a Master Number 11 day in a Master Number 11 year, bringing us DOUBLE the synchronicities, signs, and messages that we usually see. Pay attention! They are bringing you the guidance you need at this time. And then Sunday, we have both the New Moon and Mercury Retro ending, and it will be a #30/3 day, representing MANIFESTATION!!! It is time to manifest your dreams! To bring them out into the Light and share them with the world! What do you want? Dream big! Then do the work to make it happen, and the Universe will step in and assist you. We have to make efforts towards our own goals, before we get any assistance, but once we do, BAM! Stuff happens! Magickal stuff! :)


Then we approach the Full Moon in Scorpio, on the 29th of March, which will take us back to the wishes that we made for the New Moon in Scorpio, back on November 18th of last year. Research what you were doing then, for it may play into what happens at the end of this month!


The energies may seem very negative at this time, with the winds whipping up the chaos and blowing out the old, but it can't stay that way for long, for we are positive, uplifting people who don't believe in embracing the negative. We are here to heal and let it go, and we will accept nothing less!

We're here to change the world, and we are not alone! Let's get to work!

Happy New Moon in Aries!
May all your wishes come true!



This Monday night, April 16th, I will be a guest on Cinnamon Moon at Night's Blog Talk Radio Show, discussing Numerology. I hope you can join us! If you can't, it can be listened to from this link, anytime afterwards. You do not have to open an account to listen in! :)

Cinnamon Moon at Night with Guest Michelle Phillips on Numerology

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Lessons of the Blood: Healing Generational Trauma

I want to take you back with me to when I first began working with Animals, and the lesson that I learned that led me to work with them. Bear with me, this is a convoluted subject!

Before I tapped into my intuition, before I began seeing Signs and Symbols in nature, before I really began walking my Spiritual Path, I noticed that the birds all fly together, in unison, like they were all following an internal GPS. Schools of fish do the same thing. I wondered why, and that led me to discover that we, too, have the same inner GPS, if we just learn to tap into it. How do the birds know when to migrate? How do the bears know when to hibernate? How do the trees know when to bloom? It's in their blood, in their memories, which come from the memories of their Ancestors.

Do we learn the same way? Interestingly enough, we do. One such example might be a pregnant woman wondering if she will be able to be a good mother. Perhaps she didn't have a mother, or a good mother example, which has caused her to doubt herself. Yet, the baby is born and she is a wonderful mother, because what she needs to know about taking care of her child, is in her blood. We just know these things!

So too is generational trauma in our blood, in our memories.

If we don't heal our lives from abuse, for example, we may either turn into an abuser ourselves, or shun all forms of violence, including disciplining our own children. Many were raised by shouting parents who mentally and emotionally abused them... why? Because it's in their blood too, and it was never healed. If we don't heal it in ourselves, we pass it on to our children.

The same goes for traumatic events in our collective pasts. Slavery, for instance. Genocide for another. Our country was founded on these traumas. Have we healed them? No. We have, in many ways, moved on from them, not allowing them to be repeated, and sure, that's a definite improvement, but it isn't the same as healing the wound.

Let's look at alcoholism. If your parent is an alcoholic, you may need to heal your life from their issue, their addictive personality. If you don't, you too may become an alcoholic, because it is what is normal to you. It's the same with abuse. It becomes the norm.

Now, if their parents were also alcoholics, it becomes even more difficult to heal. And on and on through the generations it goes, re-traumatizing each successive generation, who is still carrying the pain of their Ancestors and their addictions.

Transfer all of that to whatever issue is troubling you. Is it generational? Did your parents fight with this issue? Your grandparents? How far back does it go?

Slavery and Genocide are inherent traumas in our society, along with abuse and alcoholism, or addiction. Each generation that does not heal them, only passes them on to the next one to be healed. If they are never healed, we can never collectively let go of them. They stay in our blood, reminding us of all that we have lost.

Panic attacks can be triggers that something is trying to make itself known to us, that there is some fear in us needing to be released. Yet we still have people who tell us to just get over it. If it were that simple, don't you think we'd do it? Healing is hard work! It's not something that you can just get over - and if you think that, then it's quite possible that you are an advocate for stuffing your emotions down instead of expressing them in a healthy manner.

That's another part of it too, doing the healthy things, communicating in a healthy manner... many of us were never taught how to do this, as we came from unhealthy beginnings. You don't just grow a set of healthy communication molecules when you become an adult. You have to learn to communicate in a healthy manner. And you have to heal the wounds of the past that are keeping you from it.

Let's get to the point, shall we? It seems that I am choosing to take on the Bear here today, and I know it's Mercury Retrograde and I probably should not talk about these subjects for fear of retribution, yet I'm a Scorpio. If it comes up, it usually comes out! So onward into the meat of the matter!

It does not matter if we have not participated in genocide or slavery in our lifetimes. This is not something that you just get over. Let's use another example... The Trail of Tears.

As a child, I learned about my Ancestors on the Trail of Tears. How so many of them died. How they were without food, blankets, warmth for entire Winters. How they were uprooted from their Ancestral lands so that the railroad could be installed. How families were torn apart, with children sent to missionary schools. How their hair was cut and their names were changed. How their spiritual practices were stripped away and Christianity was forced upon them... I didn't learn any of this in school, however. I learned some of it at home, the rest of it by doing my own research. 

Now imagine that you grew up on a reservation, going to schools that deny your own history, and learning the truth about it at home. How would you feel? Generational trauma is like that. We may not have been sent to a missionary school ourselves, yet we can clearly see the trauma in the eyes of our Elders, and feel it in their hearts. We ache for them, and for ourselves, knowing that it changed who we are, because it changed our parents, our grandparents, and their lives. It's in our blood, and it still speaks to us. And we still see evidence of its suppression all around us...

The bottom line is that generational trauma has to be healed before we can let it go, and while I may not have personally participated in any of it, I am here to say that I am sorry for any suffering that my Ancestors may have caused, and I am working to actively heal from any generational trauma endured by my Ancestors, in my life. This is all that any of us can do, yet it's a lot. Healing is hard work, yet it is the only way.

I'd also like to apologize to all of the Creature-beings for our mistreatment of them, and of their habitats, and to our Mother, the Earth, to the Air that we breathe and the Waters that we drink, I am sorry for any part I have played in your destruction, and for any harm my Ancestors caused to you. I'm also sorry for all of the lessons lost through the generations, about living in harmony with the Earth. I'm here now and working to heal it all in my life, to do better, to honor the Ancestors 7 generations ago who left this world in a healthy state for us.

Apologies are not the answer, however. Doing better is. Working towards understanding the viewpoints of others, is essential, as is healing from the trauma left for you to deal with. Don't pay it forward. Heal it now. And do better!

The birds know that any habit repeated over and over becomes a part of who we are. Practice patience. Practice compassion. Practice understanding. Practice love. Practice so much that this is what remains in your bloodline. Heal the wounds of the past, and help others to do the same, so that we may all move forward free of generational trauma.

We are all carrying something with us, deep within us. It's up to us to listen to our blood, and learn its lessons. It's up to us to heal.

Monday, April 2, 2018

April Earth Energies Report

April arrives with its bright sunshine, springing us into warmer weather, and planting season. Our lives are like those of plants, we nurture our roots, we grow towards the Light, and we metamorphose from a seed into a plant, and then bloom into the flower that we are. It is in Spring that we plant our seeds, the new ideas that we have given birth to, and then we nurture them into the flowers that they will become.

Yesterday, the Moon moved into Scorpio, telling us to dive deep, to go deeply into our own Roots, for it is now time to strengthen them - and ourselves in the process - so that our flowers have the strong roots that they need to grow to fullness.

At this point, it's all about our Roots... This is where healing begins.

Spring Equinox didn't seem like much of a fresh start from here, then we were going towards that powerful Blue Moon on March 31st, but we're in the midst of Mercury Retrograde, AND Jupiter Retro, which are holding the reins, keeping us from getting too far ahead of ourselves, and making sure that we've "done the work" necessary to bring us all that we've been asking for.

It's not just our personal healing that is on the table right now. It's collective. When you heal yourself, you help the collective energy to move towards healing. Over the last decade or two, we've had a serious increase on Earth of those who have healed and are working with the Light and its energies. This helps us all, yet we each still have to do the work in our own lives, no matter what others do!

So this is where we are this month, which began with a Waning Moon. It's time to go within, to work on ourselves and on strengthening our own Roots, and it's time, both personally and collectively, to LET IT ALL GO!

I've talked many times about how energy works, that you attract whatever resonates with the vibrational level that you are choosing to embrace. If you are negative, argumentative, angry, then you attract the same. If you are positive, happy, loving, then you will attract those things instead. It's really up to us... BUT many of us came into this life in adverse circumstances. I grew up in an abusive household, which taught me many things in later years, but as a child, it only held pain. Learning to let go of that pain, to release the old that was negatively affecting me, to heal my life, was a very difficult process, but I'd do it again in a minute, because I'm worth it. Yet, I wouldn't wish that on anyone, no matter how much I've gained from it all. The point is that until we heal the wounds of our past, they will continue to affect us negatively, in many situations in our lives. We continue being triggered by the old wounds, and, of course, attracting others with the same wounds.

Yet, not everyone is ready to heal, and we accept that about them. After all, it's not our circus, nor our monkeys, so it's in our best interest to stay away from people like this, in order to remain positive, to attract what we need in our lives, and to do the work that we are here to do.

When we choose to heal our lives, we have to dig into our own Roots, the behaviours and responses learned in our formative childhood years. If it was a traumatic childhood, you will not have healthy roots, for it probably left you with nothing to stand upon, no firm foundation. As this is one of our Themes for the first half of this year, building a firm foundation, it's in our best interests to go through our roots, weed out whatever needs to go, and rebuild it in a manner that will support us and our future growth.

All that being said, let's get down to the brass tacks of the current energies:

- It's time to heal and/or strengthen your Roots
- It's time to get to the "Root" of the problem
- It's time to nurture and feed your "seeds"
- Our Theme for the first half of April is: Let It Go!
(if it isn't nurturing you or supporting who you are right now, it has to go)
- Connecting to the Earth is one way of strengthening your Roots. Stay grounded!

Mercury Retro ends on the 15th of April, in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, which represents new beginnings. We will finally get the ball rolling on those New Beginnings, after Mercury Retro ends on the New Moon in Aries, also on the 15th. The Sun is also in Aries, giving us an even stronger boost. If you've had projects waiting to get started, this will be your window of opportunity. Then Saturn goes Retrograde on the 17th, in his home sign of Capricorn, helping us to bring the needed structure and discipline to our lives. And on the 22nd of April, Pluto goes Retro, also in Capricorn. Pluto is about mystery and regeneration, it's the deep dark stuff that is hidden inside us, trying to come out into the Light to be transformed. We cannot regenerate, if we are holding on to old trauma, so Pluto will give us another opportunity to look at our old garbage once more.

If we are on our p's and q's this month, we will go ahead and LET IT GO as April has asked, and we will be ready for regeneration within when Pluto goes Retro later this month. Do it now, we are told. Then we can feed our seeds some healthy new material, that will help them to grow up big and strong, and provide us with the structure needed.

Speaking of LETTING IT ALL GO, here is the rest of that message:
- It's Letting Go time
- Let go of toxins in all forms - personally and collectively.
- Let go of the outdated system(s), the "internal rot", that's polluting our "soul".
*At this point, I'm not sure if they said Rat or Rot... and soul is both personal and collective.

Energy says that what we feed, is what succeeds. When we give energy to outdated systems, and other "toxins" in our lives, we are just feeding them more energy. Protesting the corruption, is feeding the corruption. We have to build a new way, a new structure, a new paradigm as a way of living with this world. It's time for the new to emerge, and soon it will. But first, we have to let go of all that is no longer serving us, and stop feeding it our energy!

Work on you, strengthen your roots, make yourself into the person that you came here to be. That is how we begin anew.

April will end on a #9 day and the moon will again be Waning, as we enter the month of May. Ending a month on a day representing endings, tells us that this whole month we will be releasing. What can I release today? Are we ready yet to give up the oil that causes the pipelines to be built that pollute our clean water? Are we ready to give up natural gas that is generated through fracking, which destroys groundwater, wastes water, and causes earthquakes? Until we're ready to let go of it all, we're still living in the past, in the 3D world, in an outdated system. This is where collective healing comes in to play. As long as we are giving these industries our energy and/or money, they continue. It's not just about gas and oil, it's about living with the Earth, it's about finding more natural ways to sustain ourselves, to feed ourselves, to live in harmony with all living beings. Otherwise, we are destroying life.

I didn't begin this to talk about the Earth and living in harmony and stopping destructive practices, it's just what came out. It's time to take notice of it all tho, on a deeper level, and recognize what we do need to still get rid of. 'nuff said!


The Lovers is about harmony within oneself, between one's masculine and feminine sides. It can also be about a relationship, one of true harmony. With Venus now in her home sign of Taurus, it's all about the love. And Taurus being an Earth sign, it's about grounding that love, making it stronger, more harmonious, and strengthening its roots, too.

True harmony begins within ourselves. If we cannot live in harmony within ourselves, how can we live in harmony with others? If we cannot live in harmony with others, how can we live in harmony with All of Life?

It all starts with you...

It's time to nurture your own roots, your own life, to give yourself what you need, and to stop pandering or catering to the needs of others, and putting them first. It's time to put you first! You have to be the most important person in your own life. What do you need to succeed? What do you need to be happy? What do you need to nurture yourself? It's a month to take care of yourself, above all else, for as we strengthen those roots, we are doing some hard work, and hard work requires patience, and lots of nourishment.

One last thought: Over the weekend, there were a lot of discordant energies afoot, and I noticed that many fell right into them and some even got lost. Others remembered that they had a choice, and chose to be happy instead. In all things, it's always up to you which energy or vibrational level that you choose to embrace, yet time has moved on in such a way that it is very difficult to be around people holding on to negativity, at this stage of the game. And that's understandable. We must protect ourselves and our own energy, at all costs. Sometimes, we help others the most by showing our positivity, by spreading joy, by being happy... It's your choice!


I've been having episodes of shifting timelines during this full moon. For a minute or two, it's like I am on another plane of existence, another dimension. Then I'm here again, remembering very little. It's more of a feeling than a vision, yet there are some visuals involved. The feeling is what you remember tho. These episodes have been sporadic, yet they continue. I mention this because I believe it to be an Ascension symptom, and just want you to be aware of it, and, if it has happened to you, please share your experience!


I know that I haven't posted much lately, and I apologize for that. Words have been few and far between for me this past month, what with Mercury going Retro, keeping my writing to a minimum. I do post on the Facebook Page, The Touch the Earth Page, every day, so if you want to see what's going on, follow me there, or on Instagram, where I am RevMichelle.
I hope to be back within a week with further updates here. Stay tuned!