Thursday, November 30, 2017

December Angel Energy Report and Full Moon Message

Wow! It's December already! The last month of 2017, and we prepare to welcome in the New Year very soon! It's a time of re-evaluation in our lives, from now until Winter Solstice, and as we go deep within ourselves to root out all that is no longer needed over the coming weeks, we make space for the new that we are ready to welcome in with open arms! What are your dreams for the coming year? Make them big! What do you want to learn? What do you want to change? Who are you and what do you want to do? All possibilities are open right now, choose wisely to support your own growth and development in all areas of your life.

I'll be sharing more with you on how to develop these insights that we gain this month, a little later in December. A LOT of info came through for me yesterday (a Master Number 11 day), for me to share with you about the December energies and the Full Moon that is approaching quickly, so we must get started. And we'll start with the Full Moon.


The Full Moon is on the morning of December 3rd in Gemini. This means that you will be feeling it probably from Friday on into next week. It will be a Super Moon, I'm told. Mercury Retro also begins this day. What you need to know is that Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini - the Moon's sign at fullness - and that Mercury is about communication and mental abilities, and is an Air sign. Air Element is about mental abilities and communication, as well as our masculine side. Gemini is the sign of the twins - in one aspect, it can appear as a split personality, two personalities that are entirely opposite of the other. The Moon lives in the West, along with the Water Element (emotions), the Sun in the East, as does the Air Element (mental abilities). This shows us the need for BALANCE!!! Balancing ourselves between our heads and our hearts is essential at this time. We are currently in the season of Autumn which is in the Direction of West, which is responsible for pulling us inwards, while this Full Moon in Gemini will pull us outwards. Balance again.

If you work with the Golden Rainbow Ray, or have one of my Golden Rainbow Ray Orgonic Energy discs, NOW is the time to use it! This will keep you balanced during this Full Moon. You will find a Page on this blog all about the Golden Rainbow Ray, including how to invoke it's energies into your life. Go. Read! And use the knowledge! Alternately, remember that you are both a child of the Earth and of the Stars, honoring both the Sun and the Moon, and that you have both the masculine and the feminine within you. Holding the image of the Yin/Yang symbol in your mind may be helpful, or meditate with it.

The Full Moon's message is this:
Do you have or are you seeing Mental Ability/Agility, or are you or are you seeing those who are full of hot air?
It is a test of our mental abilities, to be sure. Falsehoods are being made apparent at this time, and the Full Moon is bringing all of this to Light, and helping us to see and understand that many are actually full of hot air, instead of knowledge.
How are we using our knowledge, is the next question. Is it in service of all? The conversation here continues through this waning moon.


December begins on a #50/5 day, with 5 representing Change. I am told that it is a change for the better! I am also told that the House of Cards is falling... What does that mean? Well, back on May 11th of this year, I shared the following with you:

"The dominoes are starting to topple... (re: the firing of FBI Director Comey). I was told earlier this year that after Spring Equinox, it would be "all downhill from here". Now that has been replaced with Dominoes, as in the dominoes are falling, or toppling, downhill from here. It may be that we cannot see this yet, but the pattern has begun, has been set in motion, by the actions of our government. I do believe that this event was a toppling point, the point at which the events take on an energy of their own."

This is the same time that we first began talking about the Tower Tarot Card... but I'll get there in a minute! First, I want to draw your attention to the June Angel Energy Report, and suggest that you re-read it this month, for much of it is significant, so much so that it would create too much clutter to share the pertinent parts of it here on today's blog. So please, go read!


Now, back to Mercury Retro, and the fact that it begins on the Full Moon, has many people freaked out. "The Sky is Falling!", they fear. There is so much information out there trying to scare the living shit out of us all right now!! We have to learn to not allow it! What you feed is what grows... Please don't feed the fears!

The Sky is falling, says Chicken Little, but no one believes him, and they refuse to look up and see for themselves. Some of us have been telling people all our lives that the sky is falling, and seeing the same result that Chicken Little saw. Now we're like, well duh, but everyone else is in a panic about it. It's always been falling. Breathe!

If the Sky is falling, it's because the FOUNDATION has crumbled! We must build a new support system without using any part of the old foundation. This is the Tower Tarot card's message. The old must die for the new to be born. December is a Master Number 22 month, and 2+2=4 (usually), and 4 is about a STABLE FOUNDATION! Master Number 22 is the Master Builder, assisting us in building that stable foundation! THIS is what December is all about - building a stable foundation upon which to manifest your dreams in the coming year!

What is holding up the sky worlds? We do, with our thoughts, words, and actions. In order to build a new tower, we need better thoughts, words, and actions - collectively. The Sky Worlds stretch across the entire planet, held up at the Four Corners by each of the Four Directions and Elements. Each Direction is associated with a color, each color with a color of mankind: Yellow, Red, Black, and White. It takes all 4 WORKING IN UNITY to hold up the Sky Worlds. If any one of them neglects their duty, the sky could fall, therefore, we have to TRUST that they will pull their share of the load. Are we? Going forward, we must build a new foundation that gives each color/direction the space to hold themselves up, supported by the rest of us. I know there's a Native story about this somewhere... there has to be!

Bottom line: Unity is required going forward, in order for us all to do our part equally. We also have to accept responsibility for our part in helping the tower to fall, and in building a better foundation, one that will support us all.

We are also being told to:
"Let go of the old bricks - i.e. beliefs, outdated morals and ideas, as well as things that are heavy, like guilt and shame", for these are keeping us mired in the old, crumbling infrastructure.


This has been our Theme for this year. It's final meaning is: TRUTH IN TRANSPARENCY.
The Universe says:
Once we dispose of our unhealthy habits, we might be able to see more clearly, once the dust settles.
It is a time of letting go. Get rid of anything that has ever held you back, and prepare to see with new eyes!

Now, I want to ask you a quick question: ARE YOU SEEING MORE CLEARLY NOW THAN YOU WERE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR? I'd love to hear from you about this!


We are being asked to look at what our support system is, this month, as we re-evaluate our foundation and contemplate its rebuilding. Here are some questions that the Universe asks us to consider:

* What is your support system? Do you consider your Allies in the Spirit World to be a part of your support system? Do you know that they have the ability to lift you up/hold you up when needed?

* What key strengths do you have? Faith, trust, truth, integrity, respect, compassion, Attitude of Gratitude, daily prayer, connection with nature, regular meditation, etc., these things are some of the strengths that you may have, yet there may be others too. Dig deep! You'll find them! Do you remember to regularly give thanks for these things and acknowledge them as your strengths?

* What sets you apart? What gifts/talents/abilities do you have? Do you use them in the service of others?

* What knowledge do you hold that can help others? Or help you to do better for yourself?

* What do you want to learn more about? How can you begin that process?

Let's ask ourselves these important questions, and find our own answers to them. We are setting ourselves up for a brand new year this month. The attitude with which we approach this coming year, is IMPERATIVE in helping us to take what we need forward into the new year, while leaving the "old" behind.

It's time to build a new house, the old one has collapsed! Build your new house using what you find as your answers to the above.

From the May 11, 2017 blog post:
"Stick to your guns about what you want to see in our world, as we are shaping the future with our decisions that we make now."


We are being asked, at this time, to note which stage of life we are currently in. I believe that they mean both in our personal lives, and collectively. This subject gave me pause until I found this blog post from July 16 of this year, describing the Stages of Change:

"The second part of this is about the stage of change that we are currently in, as change has several phases. First there is change, straight and simple. We did this back around Winter Solstice. Then there is Transformation, which came about with the February Eclipses. Then we entered the Metamorphosis stage of change, that is, transforming all that we are into something new, on Spring Equinox. Now we are in the Alchemical stage of change, which is about changing something into a higher frequency of itself, through Alchemy, i.e. lead into gold - the gold is the highest possible Divine nature of the lead, and is always contained within it, the lead just needs to enter into a state of flux in order to transform, and that is where we are now, in that state of flux!!! Keep in mind that we are alchemizing into our highest Divine nature, and it may be a difficult process, but worth it in the end, for there is where we will find our "gold" or treasure. Here's a hint: Our treasure is the journey, and what is learned along the way, as well as the state of being in which we end up."

Now I see that I was looking ahead, and may not have had the stages down correctly. There is Change, and we went through that with the US Presidential Election last November (can you believe it's been a year?!). Then there is Transformation, which also has differing stages. We transform all that we are into the new, we spend time learning certain lessons and incorporating them into who we are now. This stage takes a while! Looking at the collective, we aren't there yet, we are still learning these important lessons. Then there is Chaos, which precedes Rebirth. That is the stage that we are currently in, collectively. The changes that we have wrought, have created chaos, but chaos is necessary to rebirth. If you think about the actual process of giving birth to a child, you remember the pain and blood associated with it. That's chaotic! And a bloody mess, yet look what comes out of it! New life! Maybe we've passed the bloody stage, and maybe we haven't. I pray that we have.

Then Metamorphosis? We are truly metamorphosing into who we came here to be, that's for sure! And dealing with the issues that we came here to deal with. Then there is the Alchemical stage of change, and we are approaching that process, of turning all that we are into a higher version of ourselves, and in our world. This is what the month of December helps us to do, with it's energies (I'll get to that in a minute), and what this new year will bring, a higher, more evolved version of ourselves, and, hopefully, our world.

What stage of change are you in?


Before we move into the new on Solstice, however, we must first befriend our Shadow Side. It is the darkest time of the year, and it will continue getting darker from now til Solstice, which brings us the longest night of the year. As we approach this time, we go within and root out all that no longer belongs in our lives, so that we can build a new, stable foundation. What has to go?

It is time to see into the Shadows, our shadows, our depths, and in doing so, we are also seeing into the Shadow Side of life, of the collective. Everything must come out into the Light! With Solstice being The Return Of The Light, I'm thinking we're going to see it all before then. I could be wrong, however. The image given me to illustrate this point was the underside of Crow's wings with the sunlight reflecting off of them in the color of dried blood. The underside of everything is exposed in the Light, is the message.

We are getting down to "Bare Bones" - if you look at the trees, you'll see what I mean. Bare bones exposed in the world, our truest truth made visible to all, or who we really are inside. It's time to show the world your real face, show them who you really are, if you aren't already. And as the ugliness pours out of others, find forgiveness, or find healing. We're all in this together.

MAY 11, 2017:
We are releasing some of the density of the 3D world... we are lightening up and seeing things from a higher perspective. You may even be able to physically feel the heavy, dense energies leaving your physical body, helping you to feel lighter.


It came to me recently how beautiful all of the glitter and lights of this season truly are, and the energies that they carry. These Lights encourage us to remember the Light that shines from within us all. The gold color is the color of Alchemy, of raising one's vibrational level to the highest possible level. The sparkles of light, the glittering decor, all of it is infused with holiday cheer, with love, and with light. Use these things to assist you this season in making wishes for the New Year. Use them to assist you in manifesting more love and light in your life. Use them to assist others with happiness and love. Then bring the outdoors inside by using some natural decor in your home, such as candles and pine boughs, with the (high vibrational) scent of cinnamon drifting through the house from your kitchen. The natural elements contain much more energy than anything manmade, so use them to help to lift the energies! And with people being in such a giving mood, how can we not use the energies of this season to help us to love all even more!

From the May 11, 2017 blog post:

"Everything you need, lies within...
At this time, it is imperative that we remember to remain positive, in all ways, as we watch the old dying around us. At times, it may not seem as if it is going away, only getting worse, but know that certain things have to happen in order for us to SEE CLEARLY, and learn the necessary lessons from this process, so that they will never need to be repeated. There are some who are still waking up, and they, too, need to see and understand it all. As my Guides remind me, Rome was not built in a day, nor did it collapse in a day. It's a process, just as metamorphosis is a process, and it takes time. And we are currently mired in this process.

Step back into yourself, your center, and rebalance yourself any time that you feel pulled into the negative. By choosing to stay in your own energy, you are owning your energy and your power. And that is what is important right now."

"I'm also asked to tell you that you have the strength to endure anything you are going through right now, and everything that we are all experiencing right now. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here right now. You signed up to do this, to be here now, to aid this process, and you have skills, talents, and abilities that are needed. Be strong! You can do this!"


Winter is the season of DOING THE WORK, to prepare for Spring. And we are being told that it will be time for us to (collectively) "Do The Work" together! Holding up the sky takes effort on all of our parts. It's time to unite, to have conversations, to come together. That's Christmas. Then come together to do the work, come Spring (when it's time to plant your seeds, many hands make light work). BUT CHOOSE NOW WHAT YOU WANT TO PLANT! What are we sowing? That's the BIG QUESTION. Sow light, sow love, and equality for all!

The garden metaphor again. In Winter we plan what we will plant, come Spring. We arrange for our seeds, we decide where the garden will go, where the rows will go, how much we can fit into our space. We leave room for flowers, for fruit trees, we arrange for things that grow well together to be placed together in our gardens, such as the Three Sisters - Corn, Beans, and Squash. We make decisions in the Winter months. We do the mental work to prepare for the physical labor in Spring. Using this model, we see that Winter will be the time to prepare for what we wish to give birth to, come Spring. What will we plant, what will we grow? What will work out best for us all?

It's time to look at ourselves collectively. What do we want to plant on those stable new foundations that we have built? Make it count (don't waste seeds!). To be blunt, IF the government of the US were to fall, what would we be left with? Freedom? Equality? Justice? Compassion? Or some of the other Key Strengths we discussed earlier? What would a new world look like to you? It's time to decide what you want to plant!


This is a LOT of information! And it probably isn't half of what I was given yesterday. Let's get through the Full Moon this weekend, then we can talk about everything else more in depth. I want to share my annual December project with you, and I want to share with you some of the energies of natural Holiday decor, and more on Winter Solstice too! Then there's the New Year that's calling me to look look look!!! Yes, they call out to me to share their messages! I am so blessed! I may even do a Winter Reading that will cover the season of Winter, from December 21 through March 21. It's calling too! Full Moon first, then December. Let's take each day as it comes. I'm reminded now to tell you that we each have to take each step on our path, in the proper order. Do the work, do the research, make the plan, then take action. Don't skip steps, for that may doom us all.

And if everything seems to be backwards this month because it's working out RIGHT for a change, don't be surprised!!!

Lastly, I will be a guest on Cinnamon Moon's blog talk radio show on Monday December 4th. We'll be discussing the Seven Sacred Directions and the Elements and their Energies. I hope you will join us! You can listen to it afterwards also, at this link, and I'll be sharing the podcast here on the blog afterwards as well. Enjoy, and I hope to "see" you there!

Cinnamon Moon at Night Blog Talk Radio Show - December 4 - Guest Michelle Phillips

Happy December to all! Happy Full Moon!
May an abundance of love and light lift us all higher this month!
Much love to you all!

PS - I will be back a bit later with the Astrology and Numerology column update for December! Stay tuned! And follow my Facebook Page, The Touch The Earth Page, for regular updates!

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Working WITH The Energies Of The Season

From Thanksgiving til Christmas, we celebrate the season of glitter. All the gold and silver, all the sparkling lights, leaves us all wanting more. Then there's the conditioning that we have to overcome, the Capitalistic Agenda that tempts us to spend beyond our limits, to show others just how much we love and adore them. We support the big box stores and other merchants during the holiday season, gifting them with the funds needed to run their business the entire year ahead, but where does it leave us? Needing to go back to work to earn even more money to pay for it all. It's a vicious cycle, and one that we've all had problems with, at one time or another. So what's the alternative? How do we live a simpler life, living in harmony with All of Life, while recognizing and accepting our abundant nature?

Yes, I said YOU have an abundant nature! You really do! Think about this: If you had everything that you "NEEDED", how would that look? Now ask yourself what it is that you do NOT have that you NEED - not want, mind you, but NEED. Chances are, that if you don't already have it, you don't need it.

The key to a happy life is to live simply. I truly believe this. To live simply, doesn't mean to have more stuff. It means to use the stuff that you have, in an economical way, and when it's worn out or no longer of any use to you, recycle it, donate it, give it away. Unfortunately, most of the things that we (the poorer people of this country) are able to afford, don't last long enough to be recycled, and maybe that's a good place to start. Buy quality goods to start with, or make them yourself.

I've been on an "off the grid" mentality for a couple of years now, here at the homestead. Solar powered anything that I can find! Or things that can be charged with a (small, portable) solar panel. I'm wondering now if power tools come that way... So this is how I think, and the types of things that I actually spend money on that are new. It has to serve a dual purpose. Clothes - really, can you buy used? Of course you can! But sometimes new is cheaper. Again with the quality issues, however. Are you getting a better product by buying used or by buying new? Working in restaurants for years wearing jeans and t-shirts, I learned early on to go to the thrift store for my work clothes. Why buy new when they're going to be ruined in 6 months anyway? So think about the purpose of what you are buying, how it will be used, what it's life expectancy is. If you can justify the expense, then buy quality to start with, and consider every thing that you buy, and whether or not you can buy a better product. Bamboo cooking utensils instead of those crafted from unknown metals and plastics. Wood cutting boards made locally. Shoot, I even have a locally made rolling pin that I've had for over 15 years now, and I only paid a $1 for it - and it's still in good shape! And I'm still contemplating making wooden spoons... I know I'm a craft-a-holic at times, but some things are not worth the 30 cents it costs the big box store to have them made.

So, our Number One Rule here is to buy smart.

The next thing is that we sometimes buy gifts for others, just to please them. I'd like to ask you to please stop this practice. Pleasing others is not our job here. Being happy in our own lives, being happy with ourselves, is what is important. People Pleasing has to stop, especially if it's costing you money (energy). Then all that time choosing the perfect gift for the hard to please person - please! Give them something simple from the heart - a nice plant, some candles that you made, some fudge from your kitchen, or a crocheted scarf that you made especially for them. Put together a basket of holiday goodies for them. Make it simple, but from the heart. They're not going to approve of it, or of you because of it, anyway. So why fret? Why waste energy?

Rule 2: Don't Waste Energy (money)

If it's parents or siblings, have you worked out a plan with them yet on Christmas giving? Maybe it's time to sit down and do just that. Our family always bought for the kids, never the many aunts, uncles, and other adults. We understood that it was about the kids first. Then we cooked together. Broke bread together. Simple things that show the love.

Or you could hand make gifts for your family members. What, they won't appreciate it if you do? Again, who are you trying to please? Make yourself happy first by honoring your own potential and needs.

Rule 3: Create activities to do with your family members to celebrate the holidays, or create gifts for them. Keep it simple!

Then there's the malls, the big box stores, the crowds, the hustle and hurry, the late nights spent worrying whether you got the right thing, cooked the right thing, made the right menu, forgot anyone, and on and on it goes. This does not honor your potential, or your needs! Some people completely wear themselves out over the holiday season, wanting to do for others, to please others, to provide THEM with the fruits of the holiday season. What about you? Who is providing that for you?

Here's the rub: I buy you a great gift, cook you a great dinner, and in return, I expect you to take care of my needs by providing me with a gift I'll love, proof that you care. This is not healthy thinking. If we each learned to take care of ourselves first, and didn't put that on others, what would be left to give them as a gift? Only something from the heart would work then. And that's what it's all about!

Rule 4: Take care of your own needs, and allow others the space to do the same.

What have we learned? Did I cover it all? Well, not quite. Those are good rules for Christmas gift giving, but they don't cover it all. Not yet anyway. Let's look at the other side of the coin, the metaphysical side, shall we?

From Autumn Equinox through Winter Solstice, Grandfather Sun is waning. What do you do during a waning Moon? You surely don't work prosperity spells, do you?!!! No!!! You spend the time releasing that which no longer works in your life. So why do we treat the Sun any differently?

The point that I am making is that it is the Dark Half Of The Year, the waning half, a time when the coffers run dry because we are busy getting rid of things that we DO NOT WANT TO CARRY into the New Year. So why load up on gifts? Does that make sense? Solstice arrives and we celebrate the Return of the Sun, which is the equivalent of a New Moon. It is a time for wishing, just as the New Moon is. It is a time for releasing, just as the New Moon is. It is a time to do protection work, just as the New Moon is. Gifts given during this time, should really help you magickally, don't you think? Foods and Herbs and Roots of the season, things that will help you get through the cold Winter months. Preserves, veggies that you canned yourself, nuts, dried fruits, firewood, flour, salt, butter, jerky, warm sweaters, things to make or work on during the cold months, books to read or books that teach you something new, yarn, fabric, embroidery materials, or board games/jigsaw puzzles that involve the entire family. Or spiritual tools, stones, magickal herbs and potions, natural soaps and salves... things made from Earth, the Element of the Season of Winter.

Where did we step off the path from gifting things that are useful, and begin gifting things that add no value to our lives? Because that's where we stepped out of and away from living in tune with the Earth and Her seasons, and we should all really think deeply on this.

Winter is traditionally the time of year when we are creating that which we will present/sell/offer to the public, or "give birth to", come Spring. It's essential that we have all of the tools, knowledge, and supplies needed to do this work, so this is a time of finding what you need to get you through the Winter, so that you CAN do the work that you are meant to be doing.

Now, modern day conveniences assist us in gaining the knowledge that we need in a much easier way, and the cold temps no longer confine us to our homes in the coldest months - for most of us, that is. We can easily go buy the materials that we need for our Winter projects any time that we do need them, so it's not as essential to be fully stocked before Winter arrives, as it was a century ago. However, the preparation that you do for this work does show the Universe that you are Prepared To Do The Work necessary to bring about the future that you want. So, if that's important to you, then it's time to gather your tools!

In fact, we can do anything at any time of year that we want, realistically. That doesn't mean that we should, however. Spring is rebirth, giving birth to new life or to the new in our lives. Summer is when the garden grows, and we weed out that which is not working, so that we are only spending energy on that which is. Autumn is harvest time, a chance to look within and see what we have achieved this year, and how to do it better next year. It's also a chance to weed out our inner garden from all of the bad advice and negative teachings that have accumulated there, keeping us from seeing our truest selves.

When we see the year's cycle as a garden, we can better understand what it is that we need to be doing in each season. If you are ever in doubt, think about the garden, and what you'd be doing in your garden at that particular time of the year. Winter then, is when you begin planning what you will be planting, come Spring, and gathering your seeds. You may also be figuring out it's size and shape, where the rows will go. Do you turn the soil in the Autumn, plowing under all the roots, digging them up? The internal process is the same. We examine our own roots in the Autumn, the roots that fed us and made us into who we are. Sometimes, we need to plow them up too.

All of this happens in the Dark Half of the Year, the Feminine half of the year, the receptive half of the year. Autumn is a time of slowing down from working in the fields all day every day, to bringing everything inside and storing it for the Winter months. It's a time of moving inside, both in our homes, and in our bodies. It's a time of coming back to who we are, on the inside.

Then there's the harvest festival, where we celebrate the fruits of the harvest, and give thanks for them. Then the holiday season has officially arrived, and people freak out. It's a very sudden shift from the relaxing Autumn into the frenzy of holiday shopping. Is that natural? No. Is it healthy? No. It's actually working against the natural world and it's time honored traditions. Did you ever wonder why the seasons have shifted? Maybe it's because we aren't honoring them properly...

Yes, I know, climate change, etc. but every little thing that we do AFFECTS ALL THE WORLDS. And it affects us all, both individually and collectively. Maybe this is the lesson behind it all: Honor Your Mother, the Earth, and Her seasons!

BOTTOM LINE: We have to honor ourselves and the planet and Her seasons, at all times, and we do this by working WITH the natural world, not by working against it.

Mother Earth is under a mantle of snow during the cold Winter months. It's a peaceful beauty She has at this time of the year, and the white color of the snow might make us think of purification, and how the Earth Herself is being purified and nurtured (by the moisture), to prepare Her for Spring's work. Our own bodies need the same consideration!!! We need a season of thoughtfulness, of evaluating our own lives and seeing what it is our own spirit is calling us to do. We need a time of plowed fields, of everything being emptied from us, so that we can fill it with the new, and we need a time of blooming and of growing, and of course, a time of harvesting the fruits of our labors. When we work WITH the natural world, we are given these things, all in their time.

I recall the bible verse about this: "A time to sow, a time to reap..." not that I'm Christian (I'm not!), but it does tell us that there is a perfect time for every thing that we do. What if we applied that to our own lives, and not just to our outer world?

Little Gifts, Big Hearts

When we push ourselves into Holiday mode while our bodies are still crying out for their Autumn rest, we do a great disservice to our selves, and to our inner process. We stress ourselves out worrying about whether or not we'll have enough money to finance our monthly expenditures, or we save up all year long, scrimping on food, laundry soap, and vacations, so that we can have a "nice Christmas".

1) Scrimping during the season of growth is limiting your growth.
2) Spending during the season of rest is throwing the entire system out of whack! Including your own financial system.
3) All of this can have us thinking about doing prosperity workings when the Sun (the giver of prosperity and abundance) is waning...

Sun equals giver of prosperity and abundance because He provides the Light by which the plants grow, helping them to grow to fullness, to fruitfulness, to abundance... as do the rains and the soil and the people who tend them, of course, but the Sun growing is a major component in this process. And He is waning through Winter Solstice.

So, do we do prosperity spells now or not? No. Ask for what you need on each New Moon, and again each and every day through the Full Moon, but know that the Sun, too, plays a role in the process. Masculine Sun + Feminine Moon = balance, and it takes both to produce growth.

Winter Solstice is the time to begin your (serious) prosperity workings, if you want results that are enduring, work WITH the seasons!

We are still in the Releasing phase of the Sun's journey until Winter Solstice, still in the Dark Half of the Year until Spring Equinox, when the hours of light overtake the dark hours. The night before Winter Solstice is the darkest night of the year. It is a time for gathering roots, and a night for dreaming of the future. It can get very dark before the dawn (return of the light on Solstice). The days leading up to Solstice, as well as the night before, can be a dark night of the soul, for some. It is when we question all that we are, all that we do. Then we release the doubts, and the old, before the Sun is "reborn".

Now why oh why would we be spending so much money in a season of rest? Why are we creating so much work for ourselves in such a short time frame? I'm not against Christmas, please don't think this! I want you to think about what you are doing this season that honors you and the work that you do, are here to do, and while it's nice and fine and all that, to think of others first (the main reason I love this season), we can do this without causing suffering or extra work for ourselves. Gift them with a prosperity spell kit for their Solstice altar! Gift them a handmade wreath to bring prosperity in their front door! Give them food from your harvest, jams, jellies, jerky, things that they can use!

It's not about money. Christmas is not about money. You should not need money to "celebrate" a holiday. To revert to Christian theory, Jesus was born on Christmas (so it's said), and the 3 wise men brought him gifts of frankincense and mryhh, resins which clear negativity, purifying, and bringing in new energies. The other guy brought gold. I have no clue why they thought that a child needed gold. Funny how we still think that, isn't it?

It's time for us all to get back to simple values, to living in harmony WITH the Earth and Her seasons. I share this post as a reminder that you and your needs are important, and to encourage you to honor them, and yourself, first, this holiday season, and always!

Let's clear out the old before the New Year, without creating new debt, or new problems. Be true to you!


I'll be back on the 1st of December with your December Angel Energy Report! Stay tuned!
We'll talk more about Prosperity workings, natural gathering and gifting, and Solstice altar items, between now and Solstice.

Michelle is an author, artist, healer, teacher, intuitive, channel, cook, and worker of magickal miracles. She shares posts on Touching the Earth, believing that the Earth Herself provides us with all that we need, on all levels of being, and that it is through our connection to Her, that we are taught, healed, and find our true purpose and strength. It is through Her that we are all connected...

Friday, November 17, 2017

Setting Priorities - New Moon in Scorpio

What is your top priority in life? We are being asked, at this time, to rethink our priorities. If you are making others your priority, this is hindering your personal progress. If we make ourselves our top priority, we might not see the Big Picture, and how our decisions are affecting the collective, or the living ecosystem that is All of Life on Earth. If Spirituality or Faith is your priority, are you sacrificing your mental, emotional, and physical life to maintain that? Balance in all things is necessary. How can we be true to ourselves, and stay aware of all that is going on in the world, while making the best decisions for the Seventh Generation?

Is Integrity then, the priority? Could love be the priority that is needed? Compassion? Healing? What is your priority right now?

Think about all of these things going into the New Moon early tomorrow (Saturday) morning. It's time to make your wishes for bringing the new into your life. What do you need to move forward in your personal growth and development? What wishes can you make for the world on the New Moon? Do we wish for peace, love, compassion, healing, hope? What do you feel is needed the most in our world right now? Make your wishes and do that, find a way to take some type of action to assist in bringing about what is needed in our world. How can you help? How can you be of service to all?

We have to rethink how we are being in this world, and now is the time to do this. If we are making materialistic wishes, do they help us to live more in tune with All of Life? Or do they harm the planet? What is it that you really need? What we want and what we need can be two entirely different things. I believe that the Universe knows what we need, and that it brings these things to us at the perfect time. BUT - when we make wishes, we put in effort to begin to make those wishes come true. When we do this, we are telling the Universe that this is what we are willing to work towards, and it will then provide you with what you need to do this work. So we make wishes.

Our wishes should reflect our priorities. Our priorities should reflect who we are right now.

We have to rethink how we are being in this world. What do you see when you look around? Homelessness, prison overpopulation, drunk drivers, sexual harassment, discrimination, and power plays by the elite. At least, that's what I saw this morning, and it left me thinking. Each of these issues can be healed. How do we heal homelessness? Perhaps love is the answer. How do we heal prison overpopulation? By providing healing for those that are incarcerated, by teaching them an alternative means to procure what they need to survive. What about drunk drivers? Alcoholism is a disease, and, as such, can be healed. We get lost in alcohol and drugs to escape reality, because for them, it sucks. How can we make it better? Sexual harassment is being brought to the forefront right now, and quite possibly, is in the process of being healed. What else can we do? Never allow it to happen again by speaking up, and shutting it down. What about discrimination? With this issue being so prevalent right now, I believe that we are also on track to heal it once and for all. Again tho, love is the answer. Power plays by the elite... ok, now we have a new subject!

Power - that's the other Theme of this New Moon, and we have been discussing Power all year long. We've talked about taking back our power, standing in our power, not giving our power to others, and about those who (believe that they) have POWER OVER others, yet when seen through the eyes of Truth (SEEING CLEARLY), we realize that these poor individuals believe that they have Power Over because they do not feel that they have Power in their own lives, over their own lives.

When we each take full responsibility for our own lives, we then have power over our own lives. There is no other way to gain this power. What we allow is what will continue, and if we continue to allow others to have Power Over us, then it is because we are not accepting full responsibility for our own lives.

Yes, there are situations where your power is taken from you. In the process of being arrested is one such example. In our government, might be another. Yet, we put these people in power to BE OF SERVICE to us, to VOICE our opinion in government. Are they doing this? Are you calling them on it when they do not? Are you thanking them when they do? How are YOU personally interacting with your own governance? It is our voice, and if it is being represented falsely, then it us UP TO US to take our power back, by holding our representatives accountable for their actions. How are you doing this?

False news - big subject this year, and it is helping us to continue to SEE CLEARLY. What is the Truth, tho? Are we blindly believing what we hear, or are we questioning it and forming our own opinions? This is another way that POWER OVER works. By not doing our own research, we are giving others POWER OVER us.


What is the most important thing in your life? What are you working towards? What do you want your legacy to be? How are you making that happen? Responsibility. We have the responsibility to be who we came here to be, to do the work that we came here to do, and to leave a better world for the 7th Generation. Are we doing that, or could we do better?

Ok, you didn't realize that the Earth was my priority yet? Ha!

It is, and I want to make it yours too. I'm reminded this morning that we are not here to heal the Earth, we are here to learn to live in harmony with All of Life, and to not destroy the Earth in the process. It's come to my attention lately that we are using the resources that belong to our great grandchildren, and to the 7th Generation. We are using them up at a rapid rate. Is this acceptable to you? It Is Our Responsibility To Ensure That The Future Has A Sustainable Place To Live, and that they have the resources that they need to survive. This is where we MUST step up and take responsibility, each and every one of us, both personally and collectively, to ensure that we do not wipe out life on this planet. Not just ours, but every living thing on Earth. It is our responsibility to speak up to those who govern us, if they are helping to destroy the Earth. In our name. Because it is ALL of us who will be remembered for destroying the Earth, not just some plastic leader and his minions. It is on us all.

Again, what is your priority?

Speaking of living in harmony with All of Life, how are we getting along with others? Are we living in harmony with all human life? No. Again, love is the answer. How can we begin to embrace All of Life when we cannot even get along with our neighbors?

The "Divide and Conquer" agenda of our political system has served to expose and deepen the divide between us. We continue seeing just how divided we truly are, but what are we willing to do about it? Can we do anything about it? Can compassion be the answer? We are Responsible for how we act towards others, for the words that we use, the emotion we portray. It's all on us at the end of the day.

We are a nation divided. This is the reality of it all. Now, how do we move beyond that and begin the healing?

I could have just said, Be kind, it matters. But I didn't. I spoke my Truth, I gave voice to what is inside of me, and let me tell you, that is a very vulnerable feeling, to put your Truth out there for others to see and comment on and possibly harass you about... yet we all need to do this, if we are going to heal collectively. We have to learn to trust that others may not like what we have to say, but that we can still treat others with compassion. We can dislike someone's politics, and still love them as a person. We can disagree with family members, but we're still family, and that love will always be with you. We can lose our loved ones, for many are crossing over at this time, but their love will always remain.

Hope. It's what's left in Pandora's Box. It's what we need right now. And if you have any to spare, share it widely! We all need more of it.

So is that the answer? Hope? If you knew how much love surrounds you right this very minute, would you have more hope? If you trusted the Universe to provide you with everything you need exactly when you need it, would you have more hope? Would it help you to be more open with others, if you knew that they, too, have fears? Or that every one of us feels insecure at one time or another? Or that your neighbor wasn't loved as a child, would that sway you to be more compassionate towards them? We're all dealing with issues that were given to us as children. It is up to us to heal them. It's difficult to heal when you live in a hostile environment. We've created a more hostile environment in the last year or so. Can we make it better now? Can we give hope to the hopeless? Love to the loveless? Compassion to those who need it? Can we treat each living being that we meet as our equal, acknowledging that they, too, may have problems and to treat them as anything less than our equal, is to continue to repress them?

Yet, how do those who do not love themselves, nor hold themselves as sacred, show love and compassion to others? Are we living in glass houses? Yes, and they are falling down around us. Perhaps then, learning to hold ourselves as Sacred, is the first step. Learning to love ourselves, then, must be our priority. For only then, can we truly extend love to all equally.

What is your priority? Why, it's you!

I've danced around this lesson my entire life. I remember the one who taught me this: You must be Number One in your own life, he said. I never believed that I was worthy of such, until one day I knew that I was and always had been. You have to put your own needs first (notice I said NEEDS, not Wants). Make yourself a priority in your life. Be true to you. Be kind to you. Show compassion towards yourself. Maybe, if we all do this, we can then expand this love and include others in it, but start with you! For you are important, you are worthy, and you are loved!

Happy Friday, Day of Venus, Day of Love!
Happy New Moon!
Be the love that is needed in this world!


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