Thursday, April 20, 2017

Weekly Energies Report: Communication, Time, and A Message from the Arcturian Council

Let's begin this week by first discussing the significant planetary alignments that we need to pay attention to, then we'll get to the messages that I've been receiving for the past several days, and finish up with this morning's channeled message from the Arcturian Council. It all goes together! And quite frankly, I don't ever know how it's going to fit together until I get to the day of the weekly blog post! There is so much information that comes to us during the course of a week, and some of it has already been shared on the Facebook Page, so I hesitate to go into it in any depth again, so we'll just be covering the basics. I encourage you to follow the Facebook Page for more regular updates. With all of that said, let's begin!


The Sun moves into Taurus today, shifting the energies. Taurus is a more grounded, stable energy, and is said to be ruled by the planet Venus. For me, this doesn't ring true. I believe that Taurus is ruled by the Earth, due to it's grounded nature. This is neither here nor there, yet if you see it in this way, it may remind you to Stay Grounded during this time, and that is an important part of today's message. Taurus is symbolized by the Bull, so watch out for stubbornness, bull-headedness, and those attempting to charge forward like a bull, or perhaps your own tendency to do so. That is not advised at this time, and we'll get into the why's of that, here in a minute.

Pluto goes Retrograde today. Pluto is about Power, transformation, regeneration and rebirth, according to this article by Astrology dot com. It goes on to say: "Pluto says 'out with the old and in with the new'... This planet rules destruction, death, obsession, kidnapping, coercion, viruses and waste. Pluto also governs crime and the underworld, along with many forms of subversive activity (terrorism, dictatorships). This planet is about all that is secret and undercover, that which is hidden from view. This planet's energy is often focused on the masses and what the collective will do. Pluto beseeches the masses to look inward (and to their subconscious) to see what's there."

With Pluto in Retro, we are drawn into ourselves even more. Everyone is going through their own process, and we'd do well to REspect that, and give everyone the space they need, while taking the same for ourselves.

Mars will enter Gemini, the Sign of the Twins tomorrow, the 21st. I have no clue what this means, perhaps it will balance that aggressive warrior energy with the appropriate masculine/feminine balance needed. Let's hope so!

And we still have Mercury in Retro through May 3rd, who will back into Aries today, giving fire energy to our words and thoughts and attempting to push us forward. As with all Mercury Retro energies, think first, then re-think, before taking action.

Saturn is still Retro, and will remain so until August 23rd. Time and Discipline are His themes. Jupiter is Retro through June 9th, inhibiting expansion, yet at the same time, since we are drawn so far inwards with all of these Retros, perhaps expanding who we are and our own understanding of ourselves. Or at least wanting us to focus on that!

The New Moon is on the 26th, in Taurus. It is a 20-20 day - a day to SEE CLEARLY, as well as a Master Number 22 day, and a #40/4 day. The New Moon resonates with the energies of the Sun in Taurus - stay grounded!

KEY WORDS: Communication, Time/Timing, Balance, Grounding

The messages I've been picking up the past few days, center around Communication and Time, or Timing. There is also a Balance message, we'll get to that next.

Mercury is about communication and our mental abilities. He lives in the Direction of East, the same place as Grandfather Sun, the Element of Air, the season of Spring, the energies of new beginnings and rebirth, and the place of learning about focus, clarity, and illumination. The teachings of the Direction of East also involve the Solar Plexus Chakra, whose color is yellow, as is the Direction of East, and Grandfather Sun.

We are asked to watch out for things being taken out of context, taken the wrong way, or of doing the same ourselves. We are advised to think before speaking, and to communicate clearly.

This quote sums up the message about communication and what we are currently experiencing around communication teachings:

"Silence was meaningful with the Lakota, and his granting a space of silence before talking was done in the practice of true politeness and regardful of the rule that 'thought comes before speech'..."
~Luther Standing Bear

Taking our time, and thinking about what we are going to say, before we say it, is important, and it's important that we get back to speaking in this manner. Think about how the words of another make you feel. Do they resonate? What emotion do they create in you? REspond from there, from the heart, from the place in you that feels these things. If we are REsponding too quickly, we aren't really taking in the words of others, we aren't thinking before speaking, we aren't REcognizing how the words make us feel, and we are not coming from our hearts in our REsponse.

Feeling then, is the theme of this Mercury Retrograde, and how we can better communicate with feeling, with others, as well as with ourselves.

The RE words to pay attention to this week are: REsponse, REspect, REply, REsonate, REflect, REview, and REmembering to pause before speaking. We are also called to look at the words REact vs REspond, as in REsponding with thoughtfulness, or REacting in anger or from Ego, and doing this in awareness, takes Time - a Saturn theme. We are asked to Take The Time Needed to REspond from our heart, with REspect for all involved.

Communication is an art. An art that we learn to master over the course of our lives. There are more forms of communication than just verbal. There's also body language, Sign Language, the way that we speak using our hands, and Symbols, Numbers, and Images are also forms of communication that we all use and/or understand. We use these to communicate what is inside of us with the outside world, be it our wants, needs, thoughts, or feelings.

In some cultures, there's "informal conversation" and "formal or Ceremonial conversation". In truth, we speak more informally at home or when with our friends, than we do publicly. This informal conversation however, has become the norm, and is used when addressing most people. Business can be an exception, where we are REquired to watch our speech while there. Church and Grandma's house may be other places where we automatically do this. But as soon as we leave, we revert back to our Informal language and selves.

We've come to treat everything informally, instead of giving it the respect it deserves. And yet it's business that's taught us to do everything quick - you're on the clock, hurry up, we're told. Don't waste time, they say, as if Time itself can be wasted...

So, we have taken a cue from business and now hurry up in our conversations with others, so as not to "waste time". This creates the issue we are now covering in this Mercury Retro, that of thinking before speaking, or even REacting. We've taken the REspect out of our communication. Maybe the online social sites have also contributed to this, trying to keep our REsponses short. Think on this, and see how you can better honor yourself, your feelings, and others, when you speak and when you REspond. What we put out into the world comes back to us.

Timing is another issue right now, and we'll get into that in the Arcturian Message.

Grounding is essential during this energy update that we are receiving. Loads of higher vibrational energies are pouring into the Earth Realm at this time, and we are receiving energetic updates, and our DNA is being updated. We are all vibrating higher. Staying grounded - and hydrated - is very important. I'll share some grounding techniques on my Facebook Page later on today.

Balance is another subject we need to cover. This past Sunday, I posted a message about how we are always looking to balance ourselves body, mind, and spirit, and how that leaves emotional balance out of the equation. West is the feminine Direction, it is about our emotions and psychic abilities, and it's Element is Water. By ignoring the importance of expressing our emotions, we are denying the feminine, and the Sacredness of Water - now we see why all of the Water issues have arisen! Also, our emotions are the gateway to our psychic abilities, so we are blocking them, when we block our emotions. As a society, we've been taught not to speak about how we feel. Women have been characterized as being emotional, or even overly emotional, and we've been shamed for this, when emotions are a natural part of our lives, in fact, one of the 4 essentials of centering and balancing ourselves. When any one of these four: mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual is out of balance, the Whole Body is out of balance. So, when seeking balance in our lives, we have to make sure that we are feeding each of these, each and every day. And this is another reason that it is important to stop and check in with ourselves, and see how the words of others make us feel, before REsponding. Are we REsponding from the heart, or from Ego, or somewhere in between? Are we honoring our emotions? Are we feeding our head daily? How are we treating our physical body - are we eating right, getting all of the vitamins and minerals that we need, getting exercise or physically exerting ourselves every day? Are we feeling our physical body? Grounding ourselves can pull us back into our physical body. And, lastly, are we spending spiritual time each day - and how you do this is entirely up to you, whether you pray, meditate, or just commune with nature. Take some time out from all of the "duties" of life and spend a few minutes alone. All four of these together keep us balanced, and we are asked to Focus on Balance at this time.


"Wake up!
Many are waking up at this time, seeing "reality" for what it is. Reality is but a dream. You create your own Reality with your words, thoughts, intentions, and actions. To Manifest, see the end result, not the process needed to get there.

Time is an illusion. Learn to go with the flow instead of marking time. Use the Times of the Day and their energies: Morning to noon is the time to manifest or grow something in your life. Noon to sunset is a time to release or do releasing work. Night hours are for meditation, dreaming, and connecting to the Other Worlds.

Everything is going according to plan.

You will notice symptoms of your Ascension. Hang in there! Use these to your benefit. Not everything can be done in a "day". REcognize what you can do and leave the rest for a better Time. Learning to go with thee flow will help you with this.

It's all Relative - you/we are all related. REcognize that. This is a part of the Teachings of the REtrogrades.

At times, it may feel as if you are stuck in the mud or muck. You aren't. You are never as limited as you think you are. There is always another way.

We are the Arcturian Council and we have guided you for Eons! We have your best interests at heart. Have faith! Never doubt that things are going to work out for the highest good of all.

This is just an awakening process, and yet that's what makes it difficult. REcognizing that all of the things you have accepted as "normal" for your entire life, are not what they appear to be, can be a harsh reality check. Yet, we have your back. We are doing things in All the Realms to assist you. The vibrational level on your planet is rising. You will have realized this. These energies can be hard to digest at times. If so, just take it easy. Let things flow as they need to.

Everyone is responsible for their own energy and their own Path. We all have lessons to learn here at this time. In the process of learning these lessons, certain things will begin happening. You'll recognize them by the SHIFT they create. Time/Space is being altered by these events, and it's okay that this happens. It will serve to make everything Right again in the end - BUT you have to hand on til the end to see the True Results of this process. It will all come out, and changes will need to be made to circumvent these existing systems that are now in place and breaking up. What will you choose to replace them with? More of the same? Or something completely different? This is still up in the air, so do your work, heal yourself, help others to heal and to wake up. You're all Related, remember! The good of the whole cannot be decided upon by a select few. You have to do things differently this time around. You are being given another chance at this. Don't flub it up! You have to want what is good for others as equal to what is good for you - or for a few.

It's important that all are treated equally and with fairness. We are all alike underneath, and this is a big lesson for you. In the process of waking up you will come to realize all of this, even if it does not resonate today.

We can all be friends/friendly with each other. See the issues surrounding you. They are being manifested in a variety of ways there on Earth, so that you can see and understand them all clearly. These are the issues that you face as a country and a world. Equality and Duality, Equanimity and Balance, Pride and Prejudice, want and need - everything in balance.

You still aren't seeing the whole picture, but you will as you continue to wake up. We remind you, It's All Relative. Keep that phrase in your mind. Treat others as you would want to be treated. This includes those in prison - those who are truly sick, and/or defeated by Your System, forced to do things they wouldn't normally do, due to their circumstances.

This is what happens when you don't have true equality. Some are kicked down, stepped upon, by others wanting to rise to the top. Money is True Evil and has created a host of problems in your world, not the least of which is the devaluing of human life.

Think upon these things for a while and you will see/understand their truths.

We are with you always.
We are the Arcturian Council
We bid you good day!"

End transmission.
We are also told to Shine Brightly, and to "Be the Rainbow". By this, it means that we are to embrace the Rainbow Healing Rays of Creation, and use them to help to heal ourselves, others, and this Earth we call home, as well as the Rainbow of colors of peoples who inhabit this Earth. We are all related, and the same underneath.

May the energies be gentle with you,
and may Light shine from you in all that you do!
Have a blessed week!


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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Channeled Messages on the Incoming Energies

There is no doubt that the vibrational level here on Earth is rising. Messages are pouring in from the Other Worlds, and many are receiving multiple signs and messengers daily. Keeping up with it all is important, so make sure that you are writing these symbols down as they come in. They may later serve as a trigger for an even deeper message.

We are going to be taking a different format this week, due to all of the information received. We can no longer mark days in the usual way, although there are many powerful days ahead - and behind us. Every day has the same potential, to bring us all that we need. So, no astrology or numerology this week. Only messages. There are three parts to today's post, the first is the short Mercury Retro message below. I ask that you please stay tuned and hear it all, then decide if it resonates with you or not. Feel free to leave comments, or to share your truth, at the end.

I want to start by going back to the RE words that we discussed in last week's blog post. On the Full Moon, I was given another one: REwired. I want to share this message with you:

"We are being REwired by the higher vibrational energies, and this is helping us to metamorphose."

REmember that we are in the stage of change known as metamorphosis right now, and that was one of our key words for April. Change happens in stages. The first is change, because change is constant, and can happen individually or collectively. Second is transformation, as a Caterpillar enters the Chrysalis to become a Butterfly. Third is Transmutation, as one transmutes the poison of the Snake into something that can be used to induce visions. And fourth is Metamorphosis. This is what a seed does when it sheds the husk because it turns into a plant, that's where we are. Growing and blooming into a new form, as we are shedding the old. These higher vibrational energies are helping us to do this on every level.

This next message arrived as a dream, early Wednesday morning. It is a set of instructions that can help us to see more clearly, and to better understand the process that we are going through, and to work better with its energies.

We are responsible for our own energy - AND we MUST take responsibility for it! In all ways...

1) Vibrational Level: It is our choice to keep it high or to remain associated with and surrounded by negativity - for we draw to us what every energy level we embrace.
It has to become a conscious choice!

2) We have to act to stop the things we will no longer allow in our lives or in our world! As did the United passenger who was forcibly booted from the plane. Transparency is key, and we are Seeing the Truth Clearly, and now it is time to Act on it, to say, "this is no longer allowed."

3) Choose what you are giving your energy to, and use your energy in productive, growing ways.

4) Energy usage - i.e. electricity, solar, wind power, coal, nuclear power, natural gas, gasoline... We Choose What We Allow.

~Everything must become a conscious choice, in anything and everything that we do, it is essential to choose the energy that you allow. This is Awareness of how we are using our energy and awareness of what energy we are embracing.
~It's also about our beliefs and standing firm in our right to honor them. i.e. the Christianization of America - we are not all Christian, and we all are given Freedom of Religion in our Constitution. Keep practicing your own faith, your own beliefs, for this, too, is essential to our future. And believe in your right to do so! This includes all rituals and practices.
~TV, news, mainstream media, etc., are master manipulators and we'd do well to steer clear of them.
REmember, what you give your energy to, is what will grow!

"There is no real security except for whatever you build inside yourself." ~Gilda Radner

~WORK ON YOURSELF - it's time to "Do The Work", to give yourself the time, love, attention, and nurturing that you have been needing and wanting.
It is the responsibility of each of us to heal ourselves and our lives, and if we do not do this, we cannot live in the New Earth, for all is in harmony there.
~Willingly give up what isn't working, so new beginnings are possible.

Contemplating what to write about today, and if the above is the entire message, I go outside with pen and paper, and take a seat. The following is the channeled message that I received.

"The way things were has ended. We are metamorphosing into who we came here to be. Let go of the past, the pain and suffering, the shame and guilt. It's time to rise above it all, for this is not your true nature. You are love, and always have been. You are seeing that now, feeling it, and learning to express love in this world, to one and all.
Let the Light enter your body, embrace your Lightbody, for that is where the codes are embedded that are your true self, your higher self. You are learning to become one with this higher self and to live who she is in this world, to embody her truths, which, again, are found in your Lightbody.
All of the information that you seek is both within yourself, and within your Lightbody. Feel it around you, embracing you, shining through you and from you, and accept it as a vital part of yourself and your energy signature here on Earth. It is you, and always has been.
This is the way you will heal this world, by recognizing and being all the parts of yourself that you may not even have known existed before today.
Information is pouring in from the Universe, filling your Lightbody and awakening all the many parts of you that have been sleeping for far too long. Awaken and receive all that you need.
We are with you, always, for we are you, we are a part of you. A part that you may not have known was available to you to use for your enlightenment. We have been awakening you slowly, filling you with higher vibrations and Light, so that you could come to know yourself and all that you truly are. Now these frequencies have increased, as have the speed of their delivery. All that you are, and all that you choose to be, is now in your hands.
It's time to wake up and do the work that you came here to do. It's time to take back your power, your energy, your Light, and your gifts, and to use them all to heal the world. This is why you are here, now.
AWAKEN! Those who are sleeping still!
AWAKEN! To who you really are!
AWAKEN! And know that everything that you need is now available to you!
AWAKEN! And see the Truth of all that life is, and can be!
AWAKEN! To your Divine nature!
AWAKEN! And receive the gifts that you chose to bring into this world!
AWAKEN! And embody your true nature!
AWAKEN! The power is in your hands!

We are the Arcturian Council and we bring you all that you need, and return to you the gifts that we have been holding for you until this time. You have all that you need, you only need to embrace these things and allow them to do their work through you!
Good day!"

~End transmission~

At the end, I'm thinking, how is it that I have never channeled these beings before, then I realize that I have, just never clearly enough to realize who they were. They have been around for me for a very long time, giving me information to share. Every time that I open myself up as a Channel, the potential is there for several different sources to speak through me, all of them being of a high vibrational level, for this is the path that I have chosen. I have channeled Archangel Ariel, the Universal Energies, received information directly from The Angelic and Divine Realms, and from my Allies. This voice has been there too, perhaps never identifying itself, but always there, guiding me towards this day, when we are all more aligned with the higher realms, and more easily able to access them.

Please don't allow my rambling to take away from their message, for they tell me that it is important that we do AWAKEN at this time, it is Essential, they say. To ignore this is to choose to align yourself with the lower vibrational energies of negativity and fear, and/or to continue sleeping. Please wake up. It is time to use our gifts in this world, to be of service to the Earth, all of humanity, and All of Life. It is why we are here, now.

Have a blessed week!
I'll be back when there is another message, or next Thursday, whichever comes first!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The RE Words and Theme of Mercury REtrograde

Once again, early this morning I was woken up to record a Message from the Universe. Today's message is about the RE words - and the Theme - of this Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retro began today in Taurus, and will run through May the 3rd. He backs into Aries in the process.

When we are in Mercury Retro, we always REvisit all of the RE words, such as REview, REevaluate, REflect, and Re-do. This time around, we are asked to delve a little deeper, and to REflect on the following RE words:

REsponsibility: Ability to Respond (in a healthy manner)
REspect: of ourselves, first and foremost

Let's discuss these two, then we'll bring in the 3rd RE word that's affecting us all right now.

To begin, I want to give you an example, and we'll REfer back to it throughout this post:

Man climbs Mountain, proceeds to fall off of Mountain, and turns around and sues Mountain. It doesn't matter that Man was not invited to climb Mountain, or to even visit Mountain, nor that Man might have been drinking beforehand. In the Alternate REality (another important RE word) that we currently reside in, Man wins lawsuit against Mountain. The Judge says that Mountain should have put up warning signs and a fence to keep Man from falling off of Mountain.

This places the blame on Mountain, shifting REsponsibility for Man's actions to Mountain, instead of insisting that Man himself is REsponsible for his own actions.

REmember, that we are discussing the many ways that Power manifests in our world, this month. In making Mountain REsponsible, Mountain then is believed to have POWER OVER man. Man is victim, and we are only a victim when we GIVE AWAY OUR POWER.

The REsponsibility RE word/theme is about accepting REsponsibility for our own lives, knowing that we alone are REsponsible for our actions, and OWNING that REsponsibility. We have shifted so far from this that Mountain is now being blamed for OUR actions. We are able to sue others, and win, when we make them REsponsible for our actions, when we Give Away Our POWER.

Which begs the question, again, Who are we giving our Power to? And why? If we were accepting REsponsibility for our own lives, we ourselves would Own Our POWER.

This leads to REspect, most notably, Self-REspect. We cannot REspect ourselves if we have given our POWER to another. In taking back our POWER, we take back our Self-REspect.

Let's also look at the word REality for a moment. What is the REality of the situation, is a question we need to be asking, in all that we are currently seeing and experiencing, or believing. What version of REality are we seeing, accepting, whose version of REality are we seeing, accepting? Is it our own? And this brings us back to Thinking For Ourselves - an important message from yesterday mentioned this - and, quite honestly, probably opened the door for today's message!

"You choose the level of energy that you embrace, and live in. Everything that happens provides us with another choice. Today, will I choose to lift myself up, or choose to be mired in the negativity that surrounds us all? Either choice draws to us more of the same. Choosing to lift ourselves up, we help others do the same. Choosing to be in negativity, we play into the hands of those who wish to control us, to use their Power Over us. Choosing otherwise does not mean that the problem does not exist, it means that we believe a higher solution is available, and that everything that is happening serves a purpose in waking us all up so that we can all See the Truth Clearly about the hidden machinations of everything that has ever happened.
Higher energies are available in every moment. A different choice can be made at any time.
It's our life. We can choose to live happy and free, or to continue following Alice down the rabbit hole.
Think for yourself, and make your own choices."

Now we have to discuss the really important RE word, and it is not a subject I delve into lightly. REligion is that word. If you've noticed, we've had this word (system, doctrine) come up REpeatedly in the last few months. I think it started with Hobby Lobby REfusing to allow their insurance company to offer birth control for their employees, as it went against their REligious beliefs, and it was taken to court, and they won. Then, in the midst of his campaign, the REpublican president became a Christian. The issues of women's REproductive health and abortion are both being dragged through the courts and Congress right now, all based on the REligious beliefs of others. I could go on, but I know that you've seen all of the REligious stuff in the Mainstream Media lately, and that I don't need to mention it all. Just please, pay attention when it does come up. This is meant to create an awareness of it, as it is a KeyWord of Mercury REtrograde.

REligion is a Doctrine, a set of rules, regulations, and rituals to be followed. When we "follow" anything, we give away our Power. We give that doctrine, those beliefs, POWER OVER us. In doing so, we give up free will. We also give up REsponsibility for our lives, which causes us to lose Self-REspect. Is REligion the evil that is causing all of our problems? Oh hell no! To think that, would be giving them our POWER! It is, however, a mind-altering, REality-altering system that has a whole lot of POWER and Control in our world. What are we believing? Whose REality is it, theirs or ours? Whose beliefs is it, theirs or ours? Are we following the Truths of another blindly? We have to ask this about everything that we are seeing and experiencing right now, and ask the Universe to assist us in SEEING CLEARLY.

Surrender is not about giving up our POWER, and it's not about guilt or shame. It's the acceptance of a higher way of being and allowing it to show us the way. It is using our POWER to make the right choices, not just for ourselves, but for All of Life, including the 7th Generation. We Sacrifice now for the 7th Generation, surrendering EGO, accepting that we may not always know what is best for all concerned, and follow the guidance given to us. It also involves Trust and Knowing - as in, "Be still and Know", as we discussed in the previous blog post.

Surrender then, is surrendering the EGO, decisions based on money, and/or our belief that we have POWER OVER others (which we actually don't have, it's a trick of the Ego). When we surrender EGO, we accept that we may not always know what is best for all concerned, and instead, follow the guidance given to us. This is the feminine principle of REceptivity, and Going Within and listening, before taking action, or even before Blindly taking action - or even blindly believing all that we see and hear, or blindly following any set doctrine. We go within and listen, and make our own decisions, and that is what is being called for at this time. To think for ourselves, and make our own decisions, in a way that honors ourselves.

When we sit in stillness and listen, when we go within, we are thinking things through before taking action, seeing all the possibilities, and hearing the guidance that is being given to us, before we act. We do this to make sure that we are doing the right thing for all, and for the best possible outcome. RE-evaluating our options instead of following EGO and allowing it to lead us.

Basically, Action is the masculine principle, while REflection is the feminine. Those who live in EGO allow themselves to blindly take action, without thinking it through. We're seeing a lot of this in our world right now. I'm not going to mention the missiles here, but you know I'm thinking it... I could say that violence is never the answer, but I won't. The teaching here is a Teaching of the Season of Spring, and a Teaching of Balance: Use your mental abilities to think for yourself, but balance it with REflection, to REceive all of the guidance that you possibly can.

Balance is coming up because the Moon is now in Libra, and will remain there for the Full Moon on the 10th/11th. I also mentioned this in the last blog post. Another way that Balance manifests is in Head vs Heart - which are we thinking with? Or are we thinking with both (balance)? It's also a time of bringing back the Divine Masculine, and bringing equality to the Divine Feminine - another Balance that our world desperately needs.

What is the Divine Masculine? This term makes me think of a Tribal Leader or Chief who might appear to make his own decisions, yet considers the entire tribe, and their future, before announcing a balanced decision. To fight another might be needed in the here and now, but the Chief sees that the future may not be served by rash action. He may also consult with the Grandmothers prior to making a decision, for the women are the ones who see the future most clearly. He may consult with other Tribal Elders, or other members of the Tribe, or the Medicine Man or Woman. He explores all available REsources.

Everything is taken into consideration before a decision is made, and that is the point I'm trying to make here. We have to do the same thing at this time. We have to take everything into consideration, and then REflect on it all, before we decide what to do. And this means both individually and collectively. WE The People, again coming up. What serves the Highest Good of All? And, of course, who are we following blindly, what are we believing/who are we believing, and are we thinking these things through, for that is imperative at this time, to not GIVE AWAY OUR POWER.


REsponsibility is accepting full REsponsibility for our lives and actions.
REspect is the Self-REspect gained by thinking for ourselves.
REality is which REality we choose to live in, ours or one of another's making?
REligion symbolizes following the rules, regulations, and rituals of another, be it government, religious doctrine, any belief system, or any individual in our lives or community.
REflect on everything that you see and hear, then make your own determination on what you believe.
RE-evaluate your options and don't let EGO lead you.


POWER in all its many forms is still coming up. Read the previous blog posts on this subject (see Labels on the left) to see more of the forms it is taking, and how the Universe is working to help us to understand it all. This is the link to a blog post on Power:

Power: Message from the Universe

EGO - goes back to the Solar Plexus Chakra, the POWER Chakra, the seat of our Personal POWER. As does Self-REspect. The above blog post on Power, also addresses this subject.

SEEING CLEARLY  is still a Theme right now, and again we "see" it coming up here.


REmember, the higher vibrational level of the Solar Plexus Chakra is GOLD, as in the Golden Rainbow Ray, which radiates outwards from our Solar Plexus Chakras. It heals, balances, and aligns All Chakras, and raises their vibrational level. We can fill our Auras with the Golden Rainbow Ray from Grandfather Sun, simply by asking. We can then pull those energies within ourselves, and, if we choose, radiate them outwards to raise the vibrational level of all. We can also surround the planet with this Angelic Light Ray, and help to raise the vibrational level of the entire Earth. This is a new Angelic Light Ray that is available to us all now, and it can be used anytime.


Lastly, a question is being asked: Are we REacting, or acting from fear? Or are we REflecting before taking action? That is what is important right now, that we learn to REflect and RE-evaluate our options. Connecting with the Earth is a big help in doing this, and can help you to find the guidance that you seek.

I'll be back when the next message arrives, or on Thursday with the Weekly Angel Energy Report - whichever comes first!

Happy Mercury REtrograde!

All of the RE words for Mercury REtro were discussed in this earlier blog post:
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