Friday, September 15, 2017

Boundaries and Buttons: What Are We Allowing?

A lot of subjects seem to be coming up for us right now, yet I'm finding that they all center on setting personal boundaries, and not letting others push our buttons!

When I think of boundaries, I think of protection. We have to learn to see protection as something that protects ALL PARTS OF OURSELVES, not just as something that protects our physical and spiritual bodies from being attacked psychically. Cactus appears as an example of protection. We can't get close to them because of their protective spikes. And this is something that we, too, need to look at. Are we keeping others from getting too close to us due to our "protective spikes"?

With everything in life, it can go either way. We either do not protect ourselves enough, or we protect ourselves too much. Finding the balance, is the Key.

If you are being overly protective, you may feel like you can't show your emotions to others. You may feel as if you have to remain strong, hard, no matter what happens. But when or where, rather, does that show itself in your life? If you aren't honoring your emotions when you are with others, are you at least sitting in silence and feeling those emotions for yourself? Are we honoring our emotions? And that's the Big Question!

We have to learn to give ourselves permission to feel and to speak our emotions. Not feeling that you can do so, may come from childhood. Many were taught that to show emotion was a bad thing. We may have been bullied or even punished for crying, for trying to protect ourselves, for trying to speak up for ourselves. If this is the case, then there is a conscious shift that needs to happen. We have to accept that we are now adults, and can give voice to anything that we feel, and NO ONE can "punish" you for it. Well, they might try, and that's where setting boundaries comes in.

Know this: You have every right to protect your sacred space, your energetic space, and your body, as well as your emotions, spirituality, thoughts, ideas, words, and everything else about you as a person. In fact, it's mandatory! To do this, you may need to set boundaries with others. We'll get back to the how's of this momentarily.

The current energies seem to be bringing people to us that are pushing our boundaries, or pushing our buttons, to see if we will set strong boundaries. Will we continue to allow others to tell us what to do, how to act, how to feel, or will we stand up and say ENOUGH and set a boundary that protects you from their energy?

This is from my Facebook Page yesterday:

"What are we accepting, allowing, and accommodating as women?"
~Iyanla VanZant
"What are we accepting, allowing, and accommodating as connected human beings on this Earth?
It's time to think seriously about BOTH of these, and then take appropriate actions to set firm boundaries. YOU get to decide what you allow in your life!
PS - it's okay to say NO!"

What would you add to this list?
For me, it would be: It's okay to take care of yourself and allow others to take responsibility for taking care of themselves!

Others will put their problems on you, and they'll project their issues onto you, if you allow it. Being Empathic means that you are going to feel their emotions - and take them into your energy field - unless you are protecting yourself and your energetic space. Even if you are not Empathic, you may come away from an exchange with another, feeling sad, angry, lost, lonely, or even depressed, due to the energy they are exuding.

What is happening is that many are waking up and realizing that they are not happy with their lives. And what do they do? They complain to anyone who will listen. Being a good friend, means being a shoulder to cry on sometimes, and it means being a good listener at times. Yet being a friend to oneself, means that we have to know what is best for our lives, and not allow the issues of others to interfere in the work that we are here to do. It can be very distracting at times, and difficult to speak your own truth, when it means hurting another. The only other choice, however, is hurting yourself. And that is why setting boundaries is so important - we need to protect ourselves and our own energy, AT ALL COSTS!

We can't be there for others, if we don't know how to be there for ourselves.

What do YOU need for yourself today? Are you doing things for yourself every day, or are you just taking care of others? Make time for YOU each and every day. This is a mental health boundary that needs to be enforced strongly. Everyone deserves some alone time, some time with themselves, whether we use it to be creative, to jog, walk the dog, or just sit outside and commune with nature, we have to take that time for us, each and every day. This is balance, especially if you are taking care of others!

Back to boundaries - Do you have people who ask you to do things for them, and you say yes because you don't want to hurt their feelings? Do you say no because you have hardened your heart? See, it still goes both ways! 1) If you have hardened your heart, you aren't allowing yourself to feel your own emotions, or to be there for yourself. 2) If you are saying yes, is it out of fear? Do you fear that they won't like you if you say no to them? This is called People Pleasing. We have to learn where to draw the line, and how to balance our own needs, with those of others.

Which, of course, brings us back to the subject of Equal Energy Exchange. This concept says that we must get out of it what we put into it. Are you? Not if you aren't setting appropriate boundaries!

We are going into all of this because on Saturday Mercury conjuncts Mars, and this may bring some conflicts your way. Mercury - communication and Mars - aggression combined can make things tricky. Be aware of this. Be aware of your ability to set strong boundaries. And be kind. Many are hurting or confused right now, and perhaps know not what they are doing, or how energy works. They may not realize that they are demanding more from you than you will give, and it's time to tell them so. In a kind and gentle way. You may be dealing with an emotional child in an adult's body, or a spiritual child in an adult's body, and having compassion for them may be necessary. We can be compassionate and caring and still set firm boundaries.

Our energy bodies are expanding at this time. We are growing towards the Light, towards that higher connection. That is, if we choose to do so. Not everyone will. And that's okay. We have to give everyone permission to be true to who they are, to be who they are, if we want the freedom and space to be who we truly are. This is another reason boundaries are so important - it frees you to be true to yourself, above all else.

Not everyone is going to respect your space, your emotions, your time, your body's needs, or your spiritual path... and that's okay. So long as they stay in their own energetic space. Invading yours is out of the question. Shut the door! Or set a boundary, depending on who they are to you. This may also call up the need to re-evaluate everyone in your life, and whether you are in an Equal Energy Exchange relationship with them, or not. If you see that you are not, you have choices. You can COMMUNICATE your needs, and hopefully grow a better relationship from it, you can set better boundaries, or you can shut the door and release them from your life.

Remember, you get to choose who and what you allow in your life. It's up to you to say no, if that honors your highest good. But don't get so lost in yourself that you forget to get out and be sociable at times. We need interactions with those of like mind. If you are attracting people into your life who are not respecting your space, find some who are by doing new things, and letting go of what no longer serves you.

That's right, it's time for releasing everything that no longer serves your highest good! This may mean people, situations, jobs, routines, bad habits, illnesses, or just things that have you blocked energetically - such as feeling unworthy, unloved, or being unable to do what you want - of course you can, just let go of the belief that you can't!

Many in this world right now are suffering from lack of self worth and self love. Due to this, we don't believe in ourselves, and we don't honor ourselves or our needs. If we don't respect ourselves, we can't expect others to respect us. We teach others how to treat us by the way that we treat ourselves - another reason to set good boundaries!

Lack of self worth is about the Solar Plexus Chakra, whose color is yellow. If this is an issue for you or a loved one, wear yellow, carry yellow stones, especially Tiger Eye, which enhances Personal Power. Golden Healer Quartz works very well at healing these issues.

Lack of self love is about the Heart Chakra, whose colors are pink and green. Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine will give you balance in this Chakra, Rhodochrosite is excellent for self love, as is Rose Quartz. Green stones are healing, pink are for love - and we need both when working with this Chakra.

When we believe in ourselves, when we love ourselves, we naturally protect ourselves, because we know that we are important too! Protection happens on many levels. Setting boundaries protects our energetic space, our emotions, our needs, while other types of protection can help with keeping negative energies out of our energetic field. This one can be invoked by using stones that protect our Aura. I've found Labradorite to be among the best at this, yet Black Tourmaline, as well as Orgonic Energy products, will transmute that negative energy into positive and radiate it outwards. Both of these stones are highly protective. But, if you are not setting strong boundaries, none of this will help, for what you allow is what will continue...

To learn more about setting boundaries, I highly recommend this website:
Joy 2 Me U on setting personal boundaries
This site is filled with healing posts, especially on the subject of Co-Dependence, which may or may not be an issue for you, if you are allowing others to disrespect you/your space. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see more links for these subjects.

Meanwhile, let's think about what we are allowing - as women, as evolving humans, and as Citizens of the Earth. This healing path that we are on collectively, is giving us the opportunity to speak up about what matters, about what we will no longer allow - in all areas of our lives, both privately, and publicly. Strengthen your Throat Chakra to strengthen your voice. It's color is blue, which can be a pale, calming blue, or a bright electric blue, depending on the energy you are embracing.

And that's the final Key - what energy are you embracing? It's time to decide. Will you stay and wallow in the negativity, or will you choose to reach higher? It is our choice. This is what Ascension is all about, reaching higher. To do that, you gotta believe in you! So what's holding you back from achieving your highest dreams? Root it out and release it between now and the New Moon on the 19th/20th. Shake off all the old that's ever held you back, and set yourself free of any barriers or blockages that have ever hindered your growth.

You are important, you are necessary, you are worthy, and you are loved!
Have a great weekend!
Love, Michelle


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Friday, September 8, 2017

Air, Fire, Water, Earth: Hurricanes, Wildfires, and Earthquakes

Air, Fire, Water, and Earth: The Four Elements

Back in December 2006, I was gifted with some very specific information regarding the opposite energies of the Four Directions and Elements. This morning, I was outside meditating on what to say, when we have natural disasters going on all over the continent, and the channeling session from 2006 was mentioned. Rereading it, I understood immediately how it all fit together. I think you will too.

*Please note that the quoted text is excerpted from the channeling session of 12/30/06.


Air is the Element of the East, which is the season of Spring, and holds the energies of birth/rebirth, clarity, focus, and illumination. It represents our mental abilities, and our masculine sides. Grandfather Sun also lives in this Direction, with His teachings of positivity, Sun energy, and happiness.

Because we live in a world of duality - or polarity (however you choose to look at it), each and every action has an opposite and equal reaction. This equates to positive/negative, Yin/Yang, Male/Female, etc. This also holds true for the teachings of each Direction and Element.

The channeled information told me that there are different "forms" that each Element can take, and they can be either positive or negative.

Forms of Air

Air has many forms. Some of them include:
"Wind, Breath/Breathing, Smoke, Tornadoes, Dust Devils, Whirlwinds, Wind Storms, Nor’easters, Dust Storms, Sand Storms, Haboobs, Derechos, Squalls, Air Pollution, Smog, Fog, etc.

In addition, Air combines with snow to produce blizzards, with water to produce Hurricanes, Cyclones, and Typhoons, or with water in creating fog, with earth in increasing the speed of landslides and avalanches, and air feeds fire, aggravating wildfires, and creating smoke.

Air carries the clouds, storms, as well as pollution, around the globe."

When we look at what is going on right now, we see Hurricanes, which include high winds, and which will soon cause tornadoes, after hitting landfall. Make no mistake, these are negative manifestations of the Air Element.

The Element of Air also affects us on a personal level. The opposite of clarity, for instance, is mental confusion, or not being able to think straight. If we dig deeper, we might understand that mental illness is a negative aspect of the Air Element.

Personally, we can go in either extreme, when we become unbalanced. Having too much masculine energy means that we are not feeling our emotions, or thinking with our heads instead of balancing it with thinking from the heart. Having too little masculine energy results in being overly emotional. That's a subject for the Element of Water. Yet, when we are too much in our heads, we are not using our psychic abilities, not listening to our intuition, so this is also about having too much Air. Not enough Sun Energy in ones life can make you prone to depression.

Then we move outwards, seeing the result of too much masculinity in our world, and how that has affected us. We've talked at length about balancing the Divine Feminine, and with this Element being directly opposite the Element of Water, these two must stay in balance, within ourselves, and in our world.

"Ruled by our masculinity, and by a masculine system, we have forgotten that women and feminine qualities are equally important. We have gone beyond what is healthy in any system, and now are approaching the results of these actions, where we must acknowledge our feminine sides, our emotions, our hearts and not just our heads. Thinking without feeling has wrought disaster upon this Earth. This is the  consequence of drifting over to the negative side of our masculinity. We destroy without discretion, without feeling. We care only for ourselves."

We are also currently experiencing extreme Solar Flares - both on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, with Thursday's being larger than we've ever seen. What effect does Sun Energy have on natural disasters? It increases them.

The positive side of Sun Energies is the Golden Rainbow Ray which is here to raise the vibrational level of all of life on Earth. If we are not using it for good, will it turn on us? I highly doubt it, however these solar storms are huge! AND they are a part of the increasing of energy and vibration here on Earth. Necessary, in other words.

"Eagle, the Totem Animal of the East, sees the overall picture, or the macro view. The opposite of this is seeing the micro view, or only seeing things from a personal perspective, looking through our own eyes only, and not seeing how we are affecting those around us, or how our actions are affecting the world. We seem to be a society that is stuck on itself, and this is how the negative aspect of Eagle has manifested. We need to look beyond ourselves and our own world before it is too late."


Fire is the Element of the Direction of South, and the season of Summer. It's energies include our Inner Child, playfulness, humor, joy, passion, creativity, sexuality, fertility, and our Inner Fire.

Forms of Fire

"Wildfires, Hearth Fires that warm the home, Cooking fires, Campfires, bonfires, Ceremonial Fires, Fire can heat water so that we can bathe, it can provide light in times of darkness, and then there are Volcanoes which are so hot that they melt the Earth itself, and spew it outwards. This can be seen as a symbol of anger, or simply as getting rid of what is no longer needed, the way that fire burns away the old. There is also the Fire at the center of the Earth, that we can pull up into ourselves to help to fuel our lives. Fire can be destructive, or it can be creative, or it can be both at once. Metal forging is another form of Fire, the fire that helps us to forge tools is a hot one, and one that must be stoked continuously, which is another clue to Fire's meaning. Even if we have learned and incorporated all of the lessons of the South and Fire, we still must stoke our fire sometimes, lest is go out."

Bombs and explosions, long-burning fires, devastating fires, large fires out of control, and fires in unlikely places, are also forms of Fire.

The personal effect of the negative aspects of Fire include anger, excess warrior energy that results in violence, war itself, both within yourself or in our world, lack of passion, lack of creativity or creativity blockages such as Writers Block, sexual frustration, sexual frigidity, rape, assault, lack of growth in our lives, an unhealed inner child, inability to laugh, be playful, or just plain relax and enjoy life.

The Directions of East and South represent our Outer world, while West and North are about our Inner World. How are we displaying our Fire in the Outer World? is it through warrior tendencies that result from anger or fear? An extreme of Fire Energy would be using our Fire to repress others. We also have to look at Fire's effect on our Inner World, because, if we are repressing ourselves, in any way, be it anger, emotions, or withheld words, it will work against our own health. Holding in anger causes stomach problems, which can develop into intestinal or digestive issues. Holding in stress messes up the entire body! Stress might be caused by us not expressing to another what we need from them, or not asking for help when we need it - we do tend to take too much on ourselves, and that causes stress. Even panic attacks are related to our Inner Fire. They are withheld emotions, things that we fear saying, things that we fear happening, so fear is a BIG factor in causing problems in our lives, and it's all about expressing yourself and your needs - if you are unable to do that, you are not honoring your Inner Fire, and are probably blocking your creativity, passion, and sexuality. And, since sexuality is a part of this, we have to consider that sexual abuse factors into this, as well. When we've been sexually abused, we often become repressed sexually. If it isn't healed, we continue holding in that fear...

Additionally, other ways that we can be affected by the negative side of Fire include: lack of passion, or doing things without thought for rhyme or reason, lack of creativity in the world meaning not using our creative minds to find innovative solutions to our problems, and not valuing the creative outlets or creative works of others. Yes, value your artists! And your own talents! Our Inner Fire is responsible for our motivation and our ability to take action, especially on our own behalf. If the Inner Fire is stifled, we are stifled. This affects ALL the other traits of this Direction, our passion, our creativity, our sexuality, and the health of our Inner Child.


Water is the Element of the Direction of West, and the season of Autumn. Some of the gifts of this Direction and Element include: our emotions, our intuition, and other psychic abilities. It is in the West that we learn to go within, and listen to our own answers that we find there. We learn to value ourselves, our own knowledge, and to trust ourselves, our knowledge, and our intuition.

Forms of Water

Water Spouts, Monsoons, Rain, Thunderstorms, mist, fog,   Hurricanes/Typhoons, Tsunami’s/Tidal Waves, Whirlpools, Snow, Avalanches, Floods, Acid Rain, New and Full Moon Rain or Snow,  and all bodies of Water including wells, springs, pools/ponds, puddles, Rivers, and Oceans.

Poisoning of water is something that WE inflict on this Element, just as in the East, we pollute the Air, and in the North, we pollute the Earth.

"Traits of the West are emotions and intuition. Not feeling our emotions or not letting them out is a personal opposite, as is not using our intuition or not following it. However, this is coming into play on a larger scale and can manifest as things being done to others without emotion, i.e. bombing cities, killing innocent people, especially women and children, destruction of the rainforest and all of its creatures..."

Water has been a HUGE issue for the past year. The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protest and installation were going on a year ago. It is due to this event that many began to see that Water is Sacred, and yet others, did not. The pipeline was installed, almost immediately began leaking, and polluting the water, which was why it was being protested so heavily. We need Water to survive.

Water represents our emotions. Every single day of my life, I send healing to Mother Ocean (I suspect we've discussed this before!). When I do this, I send her healing, and ask that we heal our own "emotional waters", for I understand the connection and how the health of one affects the other.

That's the thing, the point that we are working towards here. Understanding that what is going on in our personal lives, or Inner World, is affecting our World, or Outer World. Repressing the Feminine, is having serious consequences on our planet. The Direction of West is the Feminine Direction. When we are too feminine, we are too emotional. We we lack enough feminine energy, we have no emotions (East), or we repress them (South). And when we block our emotions, we block our intuition and other psychic abilities, for our emotions are the GATEWAY to our Psychic Abilities.

And what happens when we block our psychic abilities? It's just another way that we stifle ourselves!

"Our actions are having long term effects, the vibrations of the web are being felt in every direction, and the strength of these vibrations is increasing."


The Direction of North is the Element of Earth, holding the energies of every living thing on our planet, from plants to trees to stones to critters, they all hold Earth energy, as do we. And it's all connected - We eat the trees, plants, and critters, so what we do to them, we are essentially doing to ourselves.

The teachings of the Direction of North and the Element of Earth include spirituality, gratitude, and wisdom. It is the season of Winter, represented by the white snow that covers the Earth, bringing purity. White is also the color of the hair of our Elders, and so this also represents their wisdom, and to honor their wisdom, is to honor our Elders. We've really fell short in this area, sending our Elders off to homes to exist without family around, to not be able to tell their stories and share their teachings. And the truth is, if we are not honoring their wisdom, we are probably not honoring our own, either.

Respect for the Earth and all of Her creatures, is paramount to the teachings of the Earth. Again, the truth is, if we are not respecting the Earth and Her creatures, we are probably not respecting ourselves, either. Polluting, pillaging, raping, and destroying the Earth proves that we are not respecting Her.

Forms of Earth

Earthquakes, Stone People, Standing People, Plant People, Drought, Desertification, Famine, Rock Slides, Landslides, Avalanches, Disease/toxicity spread by the Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, and Standing People, Extinction of Species, Pollution of the Earth, Rain forests and their destruction, infertility of the soil brought on by overuse or improper planting methods or through the spraying of chemicals on the Earth that is again spread throughout the food chain, and lastly, the food chain itself being out of whack is a major drain on the Earth's resources that creates imbalance.

Earthquakes especially reign in this direction. Couple that with Mother Ocean's fury, and we have undersea quakes...

Add in drilling in the lands beneath the Oceans for oil, or drilling into the Earth and fracking for natural gas, and you see more ways that we are causing some of these problems ourselves. The tectonic plates live in the Below Worlds Direction, as does the mineral kingdom (oil, natural gas, etc.), and we are drilling into it. Again with the disrespect. How we treat the Earth Herself, is how we treat our own bodies. Allowing others to drill into us, in whatever way (words, insults, anger, projection, with dental or surgery tools), is the same exact thing. If your permission is given for another to do this, it's your responsibility. If others do this to you without your permission, you are perhaps lacking the fortitude to stand up for yourself - if you have knowledge of it happening. If we are doing it to the Earth, we have not asked for Her permission. If we do not want the same happening to us, we cannot do it to others.

"Losing our connection with Mother Earth is to become disassociated from the planet, not caring about her and her needs. Again, killing or destroying things for no rhyme or reason prevails, because we do not understand that we are all equal. Mother Earth is an interconnected system, all beings depend upon her for sustenance. We are taking sustenance out of the mouths of our children’s children, out of the mouths of creature beings."
And we are disrespecting their rights.


We can clearly see where we are being "attacked" at this time by all of the Elements. The 5th Element is Spirit, or Ether. Have we been suffering an attack on this level, as well? Only time will tell. The need for using protection is high at this time, due to this. I highly advise you to KEEP YOUR AURA PROTECTED, keep your body/mind/spirit protected, carry protection on you at all times. Black stones work well for this, with Black Tourmaline being The Best, and Labradorite is excellent for Aura protection.

Why are the Elements "attacking" us? As within, so without... An unhealthy mind creates an unhealthy energy in the world. I use the word mind lightly here, it may be your inner fire, your emotions, or your connection to the Earth that are causing you problems. It might be your lack of Sun energy, or any number of things. The bottom line is that if you are not healed, we cannot heal the world, or live in a healthy world, is a better way to put it.

I do understand that many of us have been working on healing our own lives for many years, and I applaud us all. After we did this, we went out and tried to help others to heal. Again, I applaud us all! Then the edict came down that we must all heal our own lives, and that to share how we did this, is the best thing that we could do to help to heal others. And we complied. Now where are we? Waiting on others to heal their lives. Perhaps these events are meant as a wake up call to show us exactly how our inner issues are affecting our world, as incentive for us to heal. For that reason, I went into detail in this post, to show you what it would look like if this were an issue for you, a loved one, or a client.

WHEN WE DO NOT LIVE IN HARMONY AND BALANCE WITH ALL OF LIFE, the cycle of life gets out of whack.

WHEN WE DO NOT HONOR AND GIVE THANKS TO THE NATURAL WORLD - the Seven Sacred Directions, the Five Elements, the Sun, Moon, Stars, Sky, the Inner Earth, Mineral Kingdom, and All of Life, we are not showing our appreciation of them, nor of the things that they bring to our lives. Mother Earth brings us our food. Do we thank Her? We need Water to survive, but do we thank it, honor it, and hold it as sacred? We need air to breathe. Do we thank it? And fire represents our spirit, or soul. Do we thank it? Grandfather Sun rose this day into a pink sky. Grandmother Moon tells me that this is how He shows His love for us. Did I thank him? Yes, I did, and told him how much He is appreciated!

Maybe it's a matter of not thanking the natural world for all that they do provide for us, all that they do for us, all that they teach us... and perhaps this is reflective of us not honoring and respecting ourselves.

'nuff said!


I do need to add that we are in a phase of DEconstruction, and that all of these natural disasters are assisting with this. I pray us all the strength we are going to need to deal with the outcome of all of this, for it is up to us, each and every citizen of this planet, to help one another. On the one hand, I fear the deconstruction, for we know not what lies beyond it. On the other, I trust the Universe to provide. I know that Grandfather Sun's Golden Rainbow Ray is working behind the scenes to raise the vibrational level of us all. I know that we are in an Ascension process and this is all a part of it. We have to let go of the old! The season of Autumn will bring us the opportunity to do this. It is the season of death (of the old), and then the season of purification (Winter) will arrive. May we be prepared for the rebirth that Spring will bring!

Everything happens for a reason. We are all here, now, for a reason.
It's time to wake up the masses. Let's get to work!

May all the Gods and Goddesses conspire to bring us all that we need, at the perfect time!
Think positive!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

September Angel Energies Report: A New Beginning

September arrives like a breath of fresh air, bringing us the energies of new beginnings. It is a #10 month, where #1 is about leadership, independence, and being the Magician/Creator of your own life, while the #0 adds extra energy to this number's properties, and increases our psychic abilities. #1 is also about new beginnings, and this is what we have been working towards, for most of this #1 year.

We're still under the influence of Mercury Retrograde through the 5th of September. Mercury has moved back into Leo, as of today, and that is going to help us to communicate better - first, with ourselves, and then, when He moves Direct on the 5th, with others.

However, Mercury goes Direct in Leo at 28 degrees - which is the very same place that the Solar Eclipse happened, back on the 21st, on the New Moon. Darkstar Astrology reports that this will, "...reactivate the Eclipse energy for a week or more." Watch for, "...ideas, decisions, assumptions, perceptions, and memories that were stirred up around and leading up to the Eclipse... you could be seized by an urge to speak your mind about issues and events that were active around the Eclipse."
(read the full article here, from Darkstar Astrology)

Mercury remains in Leo through September 9th.

Mars conjuncts Mercury Retro also at 28 degrees Leo, on September 3rd. We will feel the effects of this from August 30th through September 7th.

We also have Saturn who has now gone Direct in Sagittarius, as of August 25th. Saturn being a slow moving planet, he has just begun to move forward. This also assists US in moving forward. It will be felt more after Mercury goes Direct, however.

Pluto remains Retrograde until September 28th, while Neptune, Chiron, and Uranus remain in Retrograde throughout the entire month. We're not free and clear yet, but we are getting there! With Uranus, we are continuing to feel the effects of the changes it brings to our lives. Those changes are ongoing.

The Full Moon is on September 6th, the day after Mercury stations direct. This full moon will be in Pisces. Expect it to be emotional, as Pisces is a Water Sign. You may be feeling these emotions already, if you are a Water sign. If so, I urge you to nurture and care for yourself, in whatever way you feel that you need. It's okay to take care of you! The 6th is a #7 day, a number that represents having faith, and using your psychic abilities. We'll talk more about the full moon later.


Back in January, the Angels gave me some info on every month this year. For September, they told me that it would be: REBOOT month, and it truly will be! I love how these things work out!

We are seeing a lot of the things we've been talking about all year long, finally make sense. Such as REBOOT - we discussed this back On May 4th, in the blog post entitled:

REBOOT YOUR LIFE, LIVE YOUR TRUTH: An Important Message for us all

Here is an excerpt from that blog post, that is affecting us now:

"Man cannot be subjugated for long without rising out of his/her own ashes, and in rising up, become determined to live their own existence, make their own rules, find and live their Truth, the Truth of who you are. That time is now! How do you do it? You stop subjugating yourself to others. You stop obeying their directives, and you learn to set your own rules and to live by them.
If enough of you rise up and resist, refuse to follow orders anymore, it will inspire the entire nation.
Rise up as you can, in your home, in your life, in your goals and dreams - choose to live a bigger life, unbound by convention."

It was also mentioned that we were personally REbooting our lives at that time, and that would lead us to a System REboot, which is what we are experiencing now. The way that this works is similar to the 100th Monkey Effect. When enough of us have cleared, released, and/or healed these issues that have been coming up all year, it begins manifesting in the collective, meaning that we will experience ALL of these things in our world, and to REboot, we have to clear them out there.

KEYWORDS: Power and Control, Seeing Clearly, New Beginnings
THEME: Abuse, Manipulation, and Control

When we "wake up", we begin to take control of our own energy, and to accept responsibility for our own lives. This is going on collectively now, as it is happening with more and more people every day. We've talked for months about Power and Power Over. We've learned to notice the people who assume Power Over others, and dis-allowed this from our own lives. Yet it still exists in the Collective.

The best place to see an example of this is in our White House... however, I'm getting ahead of myself here, and am told that I need to tell you the lesson that I learned which made this all clear to me.

It began with a cult. I noticed how those in a cult strictly adhere to anything the cult leader tells them to do, or say, or act. The FLDS in Utah/AZ is a cult led by Warren Jeffs, who is currently in prison for raping minors. He still controls the cult from prison, disallowing anyone in their "religion" from having sexual relations, even within marriage, nor can those who are not yet married, get married. We could see this as the fact that he isn't allowed to have sex, nor a wife, so no one else can either. Other leaders of this sect have been arrested for food stamp fraud. It seems that the cult members must turn over their food stamps - and paychecks - to the cult leadership. And they do.

What does this have to do with anything? It begs us to ask ourselves who we have been "following blindly", allowing them to influence our lives, in any way, whatsoever. We no longer want others to tell us what to do. And we are waking up to SEE CLEARLY who has this type of Power Over us, and dismissing it. Now it has gone into the collective, where we are needing to deal with it, on a much larger scale.

We see the Control that money has over our lives, that big business, Big Ag, Big Pharm, Mass Media, and yes, government, all have over our lives. We are truly waking up now and SEEING CLEARLY.

We're tired of the way things are, and we begin to SEE CLEARLY how we've denied our true selves, this entire time. By allowing anyone or anything to influence our decisions about our own lives, we've put ourselves and our needs on the back burner.

It's like being in an abusive relationship. We are told what to do, and it is enFORCEd through fear - in the form of disapproval, being shamed, made to feel guilty, being bullied, being forced to accept blame for things you did not do, being put down, and other forms of manipulation. In an abusive relationship, the abuser practices these tactics to make you submit to their authority. In a cult, it's the same symptoms, the same manipulative and bullying techniques. Being Forced to Conform, is the best way to put it.

Then we look at our world. The hurricane in Houston shows us how Climate Change is affecting us. The chemical plants exploding and/or leaking, is showing us how we are treating not only the Earth, but ourselves. Toxins everywhere! The pharmaceuticals in the water supply, the cutting down of the rain forests, the animals we are pushing to extinction... yes, I know, I'll get off my soapbox, I know you see these things too. The point is that how we treat the Earth is the way that we treat our own bodies. Are we respecting ourselves? Or are we allowing others to disREspect us?

REmember, it is Mercury REtrograde, and all of the RE words are important right now!

So, we're still talking about Power and Control, only now that we've seen it's influence in our own lives, it's moved out into the collective to be healed there.

I think that, because this is a Collective issue, we also have to ask ourselves who we are following blindly in our outer worlds - you know, society at large, the public arena, or even in our town, state, or country. We can no longer take things at face value, no longer trust people blindly. No one, and I do mean NO ONE knows what is best for your life and your growth, except YOU. I can tell you how to heal your life, but you still have to do the work yourself - and when you do, you will learn what you need to do for you, to further your own growth and development. You find your true path once more when you've healed your life, and that path is unique to you. Do NOT give anyone Power Over your life.

It is essential at this juncture to maintain your own energy, to stay in your own energy. I've been told to draw my energy in to my energy field, every time that I notice it going to someone else, or some situation outside of my life. Pull your energy around you like a cloak!

We are seeing that we no longer want to be responsible for the problems and issues of others, and will no longer allow them to shame/blame/guilt or otherwise manipulate us into taking on their issues. This is not about healing, this is about each and every one of us accepting responsibility for our own lives, and stepping up to the plate and taking charge of it. By the same token, don't ask others to do things for you that you can do yourself. Don't just give your energy and power away like that to others all willy nilly!

Another note that the Universe insisted upon is that abusers will make you accept fault for something that was totally out of your control, and you'll eventually cave in to the pressure because they have trained you to fear them. This is a form of brainwashing, the same thing that cults do. So we have to ask ourselves where we may have been brainwashed into believing something that is not true...


This is another part of the equation. We are being told how to feel about things, by Mainstream Media and the way that they slant their stories, and by the political parade and their tactics - and this comes from all branches of government. Now, let's look at the word Media, and realize that Social Media is another form of Media. Media, from the root word for Medium, which, if balanced, would take the middle road. That is no longer happening, but I digress... Social Media, in particular, Facebook, is also telling us how to feel about things. Don't believe me? Pick an emoticon - just make sure you look at what everyone else is picking first... You can be angry, sad, like or love it, laugh, or be in shock or wowed by it. I think I've been in shock since last November. You'd think I'd run out of emotional energy by now, being shocked in this manner day after day - and that happens a lot with Empaths, we get overwhelmed. So this, too, is a part of the current energies. And it tells us that we MUST Take Care Of Ourselves First!

Notice where you are being told how to feel about anything, even if it means that you choose to feel something completely outside the box just to rebel against the system. Choose to talk, to discuss, to comment, to use your words to express how you feel, to use your voice to express yourself, to use your art, or whatever it is that you do, to creatively express yourself. Do not allow your emotions to be stifled - or to be manipulated.


So much is coming through right now for me about this abuse, manipulation, control, and power issue that we are facing, it has made it difficult for me to type this post. It's taken me 6 hours already, and still I'm not done. I very well may have missed some key points here, in talking about September, but to tell you the truth, my head can't take anymore. I need this part given voice to, and released, before I can tell you anything else.

I thank you for listening, for considering all of the info I've foisted upon you today, and hope you'll take some time to think on it, and come back and let's have a conversation about it. Or start up a conversation with others about how you feel. It's time to SPEAK OUR TRUTH in this world, and to LIVE OUR TRUTH.

We are waking up! Be kind to yourself, and compassionate and understanding with others, without taking their issues on yourself.

I apologize for not getting to Equinox, Numerology, and the Moons of September. You can find some of that info on the left side of this blog, in the Astrology and Numerology column. I'll be back to discuss these events a little later!

Magickal blessings!
Michelle Phillips
Author of The Psychic Key: Opening Doorways in Your Mind
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