Sunday, May 13, 2018

New Moon in Taurus: Awakening To Your True Self


To begin, I'm going to trust that you've read the last couple of blog posts, as I will be referencing them here. These energies build, one on top of the other, so it's important to know how they are evolving. It's been an interesting ride, these last few days, with a couple more to go before the New Moon in Taurus early Tuesday morning, on a Master Number 22 day, the Master Builder... All of that plays into these energies, as well!

Today, Sunday the 13th of May, is a Master Number 11 day, the Master Illuminator, the number that brings us the Signs and Messengers whose messages guide our path. Pay close attention to them today, as they may be bringing messages that pertain to your particular metamorphosis!

Now to get to the down and dirty!

We spoke in the last blog post about getting down into the guts of everything that's ever held you back. If you've been doing the work, from now through the New Moon, you will be going through a "Molting" phase, that is, shedding off of all of the layers of the old gunk that has built up on your energy field. Smudging, Aura cleansing baths, and binaurals may help you a lot during this phase, as will grounding and being out in nature.

Don't be afraid to tune out during this time, and spend some time with yourself. We need to consciously participate in our own evolution, at this time. This was my message from this morning, from the Universe:

"Metamorphosis is a major energy right now, but it's about how YOU are working with it. Do you want change with every fiber of your being? Then create it! ReInvent yourself, your life, and bring in fresh energy by doing so. Explore new options, change your appearance, learn something new, change your job or work on a new hobby, go new places, do new things, and change up your daily routine! Shake up your life! For either we embrace change, or it will pull us along with it anyway. Let the changes be about you and who you want to be, by making them yourself."

Molting is a shrugging off of the old, and we will be doing this through the New Moon, while rediscovering who we are beneath it all. Then, the New Moon brings that Metamorphosis that we have been waiting for since Spring began. Then comes the waxing Moon, going towards full in Sagittarius on May 29th. The waxing phase represents growth, and we will be growing into the changes we have created.

This has a lot to do with Uranus' move into Taurus on the 16th, yet it is also about the grounded Earth energies of Taurus itself, along with Mercury moving into Taurus today along with the Moon, and Mars moving into Aquarius overnight on the 15th/16th. All of these planets are major players, with big energies that affect us all. Let's look quickly at what we discussed about these important changes, in our last blog post:

Mars Square Mercury

This Square is still in effect, even tho Mercury now sits at 00 degrees Taurus, and Mars sits at 28 degrees Capricorn. It is within 2 degrees now, and getting closer daily. From my understanding, less than 5 degrees counts as a Square. This one may not be affecting you, or it may be hitting you hard, it depends on how healed your Mars and Mercury related traits are. On the negative side, we have fiery Mars infusing our words with anger, yet, if we are at peace with our own anger and passion and warrior-like nature, this alignment could motivate us to write inspiring words, it really depends on your perspective.

Mars Square Uranus

We also have Mars and Uranus now within 1 degrees of a Square. That one is the passionate warrior vs sudden and abrupt changes... We might see this one playing out on the big stage here, that is, political stage, with anger bringing change. You might see it in your own life as your own anger bringing change to your life, or your passion, or your creativity... or even an amping up of your passion for anything under the Sun!

Mercury Conjunct Uranus

Mercury and Uranus are within 1 degree of a Conjunction, one on top of the other. What happens when our words change? Or can our words create change? Is that what we attempt when we write? I'm sure there is more to it than this simplistic explanation I see, yet we are warned to watch our words at this time, due to both Mars' and Uranus' alignments with Mercury.

I've had a couple of days to think on this one, and I have found that when the way you present your words changes, you've created change in your life. Today, and through these tough alignments, it's about monitoring how you are presenting your words. To yourself, as well as to others. Speak positively to yourself. Support yourself in all that you do. It all begins with you!

Chiron at 1 Degree Aries

The Wounded Warrior, Chiron, is not in a new sign, as well. He has entered Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, bringing new energy to the theme of healing our own lives, for it is through our own pain, that we learn to understand the pain of others. This can help a lot with compassion, for ourselves, and for others, which is much needed at this time! Aries is also a warrior, ruled by Mars, with his aggressive tendencies. He attacks the battle with his utmost energy, and perseveres until the fighting is done. This is a good theme to remember when healing. See it through! The Universe has lined up these energies to help us all to do this work at this time.

A lot of the healing talk from the last blog post, was due to Chiron's moving into Aries...

In other news, this one could be seen as the beginning of a new healing modality or business. An excellent time for either!

The Overall Picture

Uranus brings change, sudden and abrupt, to our lives. With so many planets in Taurus, we are grounding those changes in the Earth, bringing them down TO Earth, giving us a very keen sense of Grounded Reality. It's about being real, being your true authentic self, and being free to express All That You Are, in any way that you need, to assist your metamorphosis. Show your true colors!

A lot of people are not adjusting well to these changes, and we discussed this a little in the last blog post. Some are reacting with anger, others with emotional outbursts, and yet others, are internalizing their emotions, and none of these responses are healthy. We have to get VERY CLEAR about who we are, what we want, what we will allow in our lives, and what we will not. We cannot keep doing things the same way, for that is no longer who we are. We cannot RESPOND in the same way as we may have in the past: co-dependency, passive-aggressive tendencies, projecting our issues onto others, and other unhealthy behaviours are no longer allowed. Nor is narcissism, abuse, manipulative tendencies, gaslighting, discrimination, or any type of hateful behaviour, for these are, again, a projection of our own issues onto others.... and we can't do that anymore. We cannot ALLOW that anymore!

So, it's about standing up for what we believe in. It's about speaking up for what we believe in. It's about supporting what we believe in, and NOT supporting that which we no longer believe in. Remember, you vote with your dollars, every time you buy something. Where are you shopping? What products are you buying? And are those companies supporting a sustainable lifestyle? In my opinion, if they are not supporting the Earth, they do not have my support.

Yet, I've had occasion to look at this a little more deeply lately too. What about the company you work for? Do they support your values? Do they require you to compromise who you are to be there? Are they paying you equal to the energy you expend? And, are they non-discriminatory? If you feel equal there, do others? We're all in this together.

So we really have to take a look at everything that we are doing, and make sure that it supports what we want to see in our world. Now is the time for these changes to be grounded in reality. It's time for a reality wake up call for many big businesses, polluters among them. It's time to stop allowing them to desecrate the planet we all live upon, and count on for our sustenance.

Earth related ventures will fare well during this time, with so many planets in Earth signs. It's a time to get back to the Earth, to living more sustainably with the Earth, to spending time out in nature, and quite possibly a time of great Earth activity, movement, as in earthquakes. EVERYTHING is shifting.

Helping Others

I mentioned that many are not dealing well with these energies. One tidbit I'd like to share with you is to stay aware of the energies around you, and when you feel fear, anger, sadness, send Love. You don't have to participate in the energies that others are projecting. Know that you can choose to walk away at any time. If you want to help, however, send love before you go. This helps to keep you aware, and in the energy of love, in all that you do. And it helps to raise the vibe of us all, a little at a time :)

For the New Moon

Between molting and metamorphosis, there is a doorway, a time out period, where we are just basking in the energies of cleanliness, of closure, of purification, a brand new being waiting to begin anew. This is the power of the New Moon, to make us new again.

Then there are those who are resisting the changes, those who are mired deep in the belly of the beast undergoing their own transformation, and those who have yet to emerge into the Light again. We all experience these energies differently, and it pays to remember that not everyone may be feeling the way that you do, nor be at the same place that you are. To have compassion for all, during these times of great changes, is one of the most powerful things that we can do. May they be surrounded by love, so that they, too, can emerge as a brand new being.

This is why my ritual for this New Moon will be very different! We are being asked to dance in the darkness of this New Moon, to dance our way out of the belly of the beast, back into the light that is always present, to dance us all out of the dominions of hell, and back into the world of el mundo bueno, the good world. Dance to bring in change, dance to celebrate your emergence, dance to celebrate the Truths that are also emerging at this time, dance like the world is watching! Dance your fire, dance your energy into the Earth, dance the waters pure once more, and dance with the winds of change. Dance!

Happy New Moon in Taurus!
Celebrate You!


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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Sharing Scorponic Insights

Something stirs, deep within, 
awakening what has long been silenced... 
What demons await us at that door? 
Let them out!!! 
Return to them their voice, 
and allow your true power to emerge!
(c) 2018 Michelle Phillips

It's time to look deeper into the abyss, the abyss that lies deep within us all, where we hide our fears and shame and guilt and hidden pleasures, the things that we've been told we cannot share with anyone, for these are the secrets of our souls, and the Truth of what we are wanting to express, and yet, we've hidden them all away...

Something deep stirs within me, and it's being triggered by the "love and light" crowd. We Lightworkers may think that everything is going to work out just fine, stay positive and keep your vibe high, and aim for your highest good! Well, I'm here to tell you that is a fallacy! And it's time to stop buying into it. Everything is NOT going to be fine, if we are not willing to do the work.

It's time for some Truth Telling here, and you may not want to hear all of this, you may not like what you hear. I bear no ill will towards you if that's how you take it. We have no more time for being sorry for speaking our Truth. In fact, it's time to Speak Truth on a grand, collective scale, and if that's what we really want, well it has to start with us speaking our own Truth. If we aren't willing to do that, we aren't going to be able to hear the Truth when it is spoken...

Everything is subjective, and it really does depend on how we approach something, as to how it can work with us. If we, for instance, don't love ourselves, today's Moon in Pisces might lead us to be very emotional, for it is a Water Sign. If we do love ourselves and have healed that love within ourselves, we might be radiating that love to all today, and working well with the Moon in Pisces energies. It all depends on where you are!

That's what I want to discuss with you here today, how we are in relationship to the energies that we experience. How we treat them, how we recognize them, how we work with them... for each and every one can hit each of us in a very different way!

As a Scorpio, this Pluto Retro is hitting me hard. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio (along with Mars who is shared with Aries). And he is pulling us deep into the darkness that is our inner self, and helping us to address our inner Truths. Now, if you aren't a Scorpio, you may not be feeling all of this! And that's okay!!! Likewise, if you've healed your heart, you're free to express love this day, so enjoy the way that they affect you, when you can.

As it pertains to Astrology, each planet will affect us each in a different way, depending on where the planets were when we were born. With other systems, however, that's not really the case. In Numerology, while our Life Path and Name Numbers are always with us, each and every day of the year carries a different number, and they affect you no differently based on your birth numbers. We're all having a #7 day today, no matter who we are!

It's the same with many other healing tools that the Universe provides, while they may affect us each differently, they still bring us each the lessons that we need. And that's the point here, finding the lessons!

We've become so inured to the constant negativity being blasted at us by the media, that all we want to do is complain. And it's perfectly understandable! Don't let anger build up in you, or you will have even more healing work to do in the future.

When planets align with other planets, the sole intent is to bring us the lessons that we need, both individually and collectively. Yet all we do is complain about them, instead of seeking the lesson! And glossing over the negative aspects of a planet's energies is doing no one any favors! We have to talk about the ugly truth, we have to get down into it, wallow in the mud of our subconscious, at times, if we want to have a better life. By ignoring the mud, we continue to live in it...

I am NOT an Astrologer. I'm an Energy Reader/Teacher/Worker who uses ALL of the tools available, to bring you a clearer picture. I pride myself on being able to See Clearly, and to Understand Clearly... and at times, it may take me a while to do so, to find the Truth at the center of it all, but I tell you what, I persist until I do! I don't want to give you simplified answers, I don't want to tell you that everything will be okay when it won't. I will not gloss over my Truth to keep you from feeling real.


It's time we all woke up and looked into the Mirror of Truth, and found what we've been hiding. What are our fears? Can we do anything about them? What action can I take to heal my fears today? If you are not asking yourself something like that every single day, you are not on a healing path, nor are you on a path that is pure light. It's not all about appearance. It's getting ugly out there, and (new) Truths are showing up every few minutes.


It is up to us to notice these Truths as they appear. It is up to us to be the True Witness to the Truths that are emerging at this time. WE asked for them to be shown, now we must deal with them. We have brought this on ourselves, in a way, by avoiding the Truths for this long, for avoiding the healing that has been offered, for ignoring our own needs, for being afraid to speak up for ourselves, for hiding what we really want.

Please, let it out, whatever it is in you that you have felt like you had to hide from the world - let it out. Look at it, listen to it, see it's lesson and incorporate it into your life. Don't just bitch because the planets are making you uncomfortable. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


We have a couple of alignments that I'd like to mention to you today, as they play right into the message that I am attempting to bring you. First up, we have Mars Squaring Mercury. Now, this Square is not exact, yet it is within 3 degrees, and from my understanding, less than 5 degrees counts as a Square. This one may not be affecting you, or it may be hitting you hard, it depends on how healed your Mars and Mercury related traits are. On the negative side, we have fiery Mars infusing our words with anger (as mine may appear to be doing today), yet, if we are at peace with our own anger and passion and warrior-like nature, this alignment could motivate us to write inspiring words (as mine today may appear to you), it really depends on your perspective.

We also have Mars and Uranus within 2 degrees of a Square. That one is the passionate warrior vs sudden and abrupt changes... We might see this one playing out on the big stage here, that is, political stage, with anger bringing change. You might see it in your own life as your own anger bringing change to your life, or your passion, or your creativity...

Then we have Mercury and Uranus approaching a Conjunction, one on top of the other. It's actually within 5 degrees of that now. What happens when our words change? Or can our words create change? Is that what we attempt when we write? I'm sure there is more to it than this simplistic explanation I see, yet we are warned to watch our words at this time, due to both Mars' and Uranus' alignments with Mercury.

People living in fear, may express these energies quite differently than those who live in love. Knowing that Love and Fear are the two greatest emotions, and that all others are actually based in one or the other of these, tells us that we do choose which energy we embody. Let's embrace love! Let's allow these energies to do the work in our lives that we need, let them bring our lessons to us, we're ready, bring it on!

What we fear, we destroy...

Unfortunately, it may be ourselves, if we are not willing to wake up and learn our lessons.

I do realize that this may be a harsh reality check for many, but these energies are not always kind, and we should not expect them to be. We are here to learn certain lessons. In fact, we chose those lessons before we were born into this lifetime. So why avoid them when they appear? Why let them make you angry?

What angers you, controls you...

And perhaps I should mind my own words this day, yet I feel that the time has come to speak the unvarnished Truth. And this may be the path to my future. Darkness prevails within, yet it is light outside. I choose to play in both. How about you?

Finding balance in these times can be as simple as spending time in nature, or it may require copious amounts of crying and then washing it all down the drain. Whatever you do, whatever you are called to do, may it bring you Truth, and peace. Always!

Magickal Scorponic Blessings!
Live your Truth!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May Earth Energies Report: Have Faith!

May is a #7 month, and that may seem like a let-down after being in the Master Number 33 month of April, and the Master Number 11 energies of this year, but #7 brings it's own energies to our lives, and they are much needed at this time.


Serendipity may very well turn out to be a Key Word for this month, for it's all about things showing up at the perfect time, and that's what the #7 energies of May are all about! You want a spiritual awakening? #7 can help you with that! How about learning to use your intuition and psychic abilities more? Again, #7 can help! And if there was ever a time when we needed to Have Faith, that time is now, and #7 reminds us to have faith. All that we have been working towards, may not have yet materialized, it may seem like we're getting nowhere, or even like nothing is happening in our lives at all. May arrives with it's #7 energies, to show us that we need to have faith in the process, in ourselves, in the Universe itself, for all that we have wished, is in the process of showing up in our lives. With the added energies of Serendipity, it will show up exactly when and where it is needed. Have faith!


Number 7 is about the Collective Consciousness, faith, spirituality, spiritual awakening, awareness, intuition and inner knowing, psychic abilities, inner wisdom, introspection and contemplation, inner strength, perseverance, persistence of purpose, the non-conformist, independence and individualism, the written word (I'll share an insight on this momentarily), UNDERSTANDING, DISCERNMENT, and much more.

via: Sacred Scribes Numerology: The Attributes of Numbers 0 - 10


This is an insight/channeled message that I gleaned on Sunday, which was shared on the Facebook Page:

"We live and die by words... Our thoughts come together into words which form sentences, that we use to communicate. Then we listen to the utterances of others, taking it all in.
In this way, words are the medium of both the speaker, and the receiver. We are either speaking (amplifying or projecting our thoughts), or listening (receiving).
What we receive, we project, or amplify... OR, what we feed our brains, is what comes out.
Today, the Universe reminds us of the importance of being very careful of what you are receiving. Feeding ourselves the news of the day, only serves to pull us into the same vibrational level from which the news was created, the energy of negativity. Sometimes, a stroll through Facebook Land can be a descent into madness - the madness of constant bombardment of negative energy.
It's up to you to monitor what you receive. Be DISCERNING! Staying positive in this time, is essential.
On the same theme, words are spells, when used wisely. Pay attention to your self talk, for those words are your wishes.
Our words can harm, or they can heal. Choose Wisely!"

*Now you see where DISCERNMENT comes up. We are asked to be discerning about what we ALLOW in our lives. Yes, this is still about setting strong boundaries, but it is also about enforcing them. You must be strong enough to stand up for your beliefs, in all that you do. This is one of the Current Lessons.


In case you missed the last blog post, our SEE CLEARLY theme from last year has now evolved into UNDERSTANDING CLEARLY, so that we can ACT CLEARLY.

Many things are coming out into the Light of Awareness at this time, things that have been hidden from us forever, and we are now seeing the Truth of them. It is only when we can see them from all angles, however, that we can UNDERSTAND CLEARLY. Everyone has their own opinion, their own motive, their own agenda, and when we see why these things have developed as they have, we will then know what to do to unravel them, and create something better.

I realize that statement may not be very clear, so I will offer an example. Nestle has purchased water to sell to the public, at an extremely discounted price. We've all heard about this and are all outraged! Especially with people in Flint Michigan still being exposed to lead in their drinking water! Now, let's examine this from all sides. Why did it happen? Corporations have basically bought and paid for the protection of the government, and will get their way, even when it causes American citizens to suffer. So our first area of concern is that our politicians are being bought and sold. Moving on, another issue is that the water, the land, and all of Her resources, belong to the PEOPLE of the United States, and we are getting no say in the matter! (because our politicians have been bought). This has happened because Profit over People is the mantra of Capitalism. When did greed become our modus operandi? And, lastly, the CEO's of corporations are making millions of dollars while they pay their workers chump change. So obviously, it isn't the workers who have created this problem. It's the elite, the ones who own the companies, who run the companies, who have gold in their veins instead of being flesh and blood like the rest of us.

So we have a situation where Corporate Greed is the norm, and screwing over the people and the planet, are accepted. How did we get here? How do we solve it? Now we're seeing this situation from more angles, and we may be able to find a solution to other problems like this one, when we can see and understand them all clearly.

Let me add one more thought, and I'll change the subject. He who owns the food and the water, controls the world...


We have Jupiter Retro in Scorpio. Jupiter is about expansion, so I see it's Retro as being the opposite - an expansion of our Inner World, instead of our Outer World. It's slow moving, this Retro lasts until July 10, staying in Scorpio the entire time.

Saturn is Retrograde in Capricorn through September 6th. To me, Saturn is about Discipline and Responsibility, and we are working on Taking Responsibility for Ourselves, Our Words, and Our Actions. On the flip side, we are also now holding others Responsible for THEIR actions, words, and behaviours. Again with the Boundaries! This subject clings to us until we get it all sorted out, and have set strong boundaries that we enforce. This is also about NOT accepting Responsibility for the actions, words, or behaviours of others, nor letting them put them on us - which is again, about being able to Stand In Our Truth. That's one of our Themes this month.

Then there's Pluto, who is also Retrograde in Capricorn. Being a Scorpio, this is a tough one for me to explain, except from a personal standpoint. Pluto draws me within myself, deeply, so much at times that I cannot find words to utter to speak with another... It can be a tough planet to deal with, if you don't love, honor, and believe in yourself. So I suspect that some of that Saturn Stand In Your Truth Energy is really a part of Pluto's teachings... Pluto is about Mystery and Regeneration. It is the darkness within that hides our sins from ourselves. It's where we go to bury things we don't want to remember. Then Pluto does a flip and goes Retro, and all of it comes spilling out! Perhaps Pluto is "responsible" for the Truths that we are now seeing come to light, for that is what he does. He sheds light on our insecurities, our fears, our worries, our pain, so that we can EXPRESS them, grieve them, and heal them, in order to Regenerate our lives, and bring about the new.

We do have the Asteroid Vesta the Virgin going Retro this month, from May 8th until August 1st, moving from Capricorn to Sagittarius. Vesta is the keeper of the Hearth, representing focus, dedication, mental clarity, and self respect, as well as the home and family. When this one pulls us within, I see it as being about helping us to gain our independence, reinforcing our belief and respect for the self separate from the family, and asks us who we are dedicated to, ourselves and our goals, or another. This goes along with the Year of the Dog energies, which ask us who we are being loyal to, ourselves or another? She is also about taking RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves, and honoring our Integrity. It occurs to me that with Vesta being the Virgin, her Retrograde phase may also be about how we stifle our passions...


Lots of planetary movement this month, which began with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, moving from Pisces, where he's been since 2010, into Aries, on April 17th. Moving into the first sign of the zodiac always brings fresh new energies and forward movement, for any planet, and Chiron is no exception. For more on these energies, I highly recommend:

Evolving Door Astrology on Chiron in Aries

On May 15th, the same day as the New Moon in Taurus, we have Uranus moving into Taurus. Uranus asks us to evaluate what needs to be let go of in our lives, so that we can move forward into the new, unfettered. Uranus is the God of the Sky and the Heavens, and reminds me of a lightening bolt, for his energy is so electrically charged. Uranus is all about change for the better, being the progressive innovator that he is, and we can all use a dose of his reality to help us to see things more clearly. However, these chaotic electric energies may prove to be too much at times, and, if so, allow nature to soothe you. Staying grounded is again the message here, as it is for Taurus. Nature calms and connects us with our higher purpose.

Then on May 16th, Mars moves into Aquarius, which is about our higher ideals, and humanitarianism, adding his fiery energies to these ventures, and pushing us forward. He goes Retro in late June, helping us to review the way that we are using our fire and passion, our warrior spirits. What are we fighting for, really, is what he asks us, helping us to use our powers for good!


This might be the most popular Tarot Card in my deck. Nearly everyone I read pulls it. When they do, I have to ask if they've ever been abused, because, at a base level, it's all about who controls you: yourself, your Ego, or another. Who is pulling your strings?

This is a really good card for this month, as it does talk about control. When we step back from our own story that constantly runs in our heads, and look around, we might see something new. We might notice that we are not really in control at all... It's true! We have absolutely NO control over what happens TO us. Every situation is drawn to us to help us to learn a lesson, or receive a message. We only have control over our actions and reactions, our words and thoughts. That's it. So, if someone else is "controlling" your life, it's because they feel that they have no control over their own... and that's very true!

Many abusers do so because they feel very insecure within themselves (probably due to being abused or bullied). It builds up their ego, to put you down, or to have control over you. It makes them feel better about themselves.

This card arrives to ask us to look at the many levels of control in our society. Who is controlling whom? And what is their "weapon" of choice? Is it food? Is it medical insurance? Is it a paycheck? What can you not do without? When you can let go of that one thing, no one will have control over you again.

What is the fear? Pluto says, feel it, express it, and heal it.
The Universe says, it's time to own your own life, your Truths, and your Medicine.


What if I told you that you are being held down and having your abilities dampened, intentionally? All to keep the current systems in place, feeding the pockets of those who run the world, and who crave power...

I was shown a powerful vision, and I am going to be sharing all of it with you, over time, to help you to see for yourself how much our power and energy have been stripped away from us, effectively stifling us. From disconnecting us from the Earth by keeping us externally focused, to disconnecting us from the Sky Worlds with all of the communication devices and their harmful energy patterns, we've been cut off from accessing higher guidance, in all its many forms. The foods we eat, the beverages we drink, the pollution in our air and water, all contribute to this disconnection, due to their impure energetic forms that infect us all.

I believe that clear understanding of how it all came about, and the many ways that we are affected, can help us to overcome some of these issues. The current planetary alignments are assisting us all with this, as we wake up the world. Yet, the repercussions of this go so deep into our psyches, into the psyches of our Ancestors even, making it a very tangled web that we must unravel, and the strings are many, reaching back centuries, at times.

Control and Power are at the heart of it all, along with those who wish to keep things in their favor, feeding them the energy they need. We can no longer provide them with our energy, so it is time to begin unraveling the threads. The following two sections are a couple of the ways that we have become trapped in this cycle. I will be sharing more in the coming weeks, along with workshops to help us to sort it all out in our lives, so that we can help others to do the same. Please stay tuned, and pay attention!


If you are a member of the working world, your focus is mostly external, meaning that you live in the outer, social world, more often than you spend time in your own head, focused on your own personal growth. This has developed for a reason. If we are externally focused, we care about our jobs, our families, our friends, all before we think of ourselves and our own needs. Can you imagine a country where everyone had time for personal growth? Or how dangerous that must seem to many world governments... That we could potentially think for ourselves, and then speak out about it, must terrify them! Which, in a country run by corporations, gets turned into more work, more responsibility on the job, money problems, health and insurance problems, etc. Anything to distract you to keep you from thinking for yourself, or of yourself.

When the Universe tells me that we are all more externally focused than we are internally focused, I listen because I see the problem that this has caused us all. We're a nation of unhealed workers, striving to have a better life. Believe me, the company is not going to help you to do that! You have to set your own priorities, and sometimes, they may not serve others, and that's okay. This is AGAIN about Boundaries! Do you see how they are coming up everywhere? We have to take care of ourselves and our own needs first. Period.

Are you doing what you want to be doing for a living? What are your priorities, your goals for your life? If it's money, house, car, keep doing what you're doing. The company has a plan for you! However, if your goals differ than the party line, then it's time to wake up and take charge of your own life.

Bottom line: Find a balance between focusing externally, and focusing internally. Strive to maintain it!


It's all coming down to owning your life and everything in it. What are you doing that is feeding energy to a sick system? Working for a corporation? Allowing a corporation to prepare your food for you because you don't have time to cook? Believing in chemical concoctions that a doctor prescribes that will only keep you ill? Going to their churches, attending their competitive sporting events that generate more revenue to propagate Capitalism and competition? Shopping at big box stores and chain restaurants instead of mom and pop organizations or small businesses? What is it specifically that you are wasting energy on? Expensive shoes? Buying things you don't need to keep up with the Joneses?

It's time to stop. No judgments. Just evaluate what you are contributing to, and if it isn't serving all equally, it's time to stop supporting them. Stop eating food laced with chemicals that affect your behaviour. Stop being sick but going to work anyway because they can't do it without you. Stop running all over town to event after event, and spend some quality time with yourself or your family. Stop buying flowers from big box stores and grow your own instead! Grow your own food! Or at least cook from scratch. If there's not time for that, reexamine your priorities. We can't keep feeding ourselves the poisons that enable us to be controlled, by a system that is dead set on holding us down.

We've been at the mercy of corporations and government for far too long. It's time they take responsibility for their own actions, and we learn to focus more on ourselves and our lives. That's why we are here, to grow, to learn, to play, to celebrate, to dance, to love and be loved. Not to work! Not to be controlled!


Sun in Taurus is very grounded energy, prompting us to stay grounded and present this month. Grounding is connecting to the Earth and Her healing energies. It is coming into awareness of All of Life around us. It stabilizes us and our lives, when we stay grounded. Feel the Earth beneath your feet, I say. Wiggle your toes! Pull that healing energy up and into your body! Then breathe out, and let go of any pain, hurt, or negativity that you are holding onto. Let the Earth have it, She knows what to do with it! Then pull that energy up one more time, fill yourself with it, and relax, then thank Mother Earth!

We ground through our Root Chakra, which is responsible for our sense of safety and security. It is about whether or not we feel safe in our own bodies, and in our homes. If we don't feel safe in our body, we won't feel safe anywhere. Believing in yourself and your ability to handle any situation that comes up, is the Key to this. When we believe in ourselves, and we have faith, we are then able to feel safe and secure, and at home in our bodies. This opens our Root Chakra.

Taking this info and examining it on other levels, helps us to see other levels of the problems that we have. Here's one I'd like you to think about:

Why do we need to feel safe and secure at a national level? Isn't that a reflection of how we feel inside?
(This isn't about weapons stockpiling or even about being a threat to other countries. It's simply a question.)
Why do we need a personal assault weapon?
Just as a pickup truck can make a small person feel larger when driving it, so too does a big gun.
If we don't feel safe within ourselves, no amount of weapons can change that. Only healing can.
How much are our insecurities affecting us and our lives? How are we displaying them? And how are they manifesting in our world?


I'm in the process of writing workshops to help you to become better connected, to use your psychic abilities, and to learn to trust your intuition, and yourself, while untangling the old paradigm patterns within us all, so that they can be healed once and for all. We're in this together. Awareness of our problems is the only way to begin solving them. I pray this gave you something to think about. Now, let's better ourselves so that we no longer go through life taking our hurts and pains out on others.

We are on a path to healing all that ails us. And all is being revealed. #TouchTheEarth and stay grounded, keeping that solid foundation beneath you, as we go through these changing times. And remember to HAVE FAITH!

Wishing you a month of growth, love, and magick!
Love, Michelle

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