Friday, November 17, 2017

Setting Priorities - New Moon in Scorpio

What is your top priority in life? We are being asked, at this time, to rethink our priorities. If you are making others your priority, this is hindering your personal progress. If we make ourselves our top priority, we might not see the Big Picture, and how our decisions are affecting the collective, or the living ecosystem that is All of Life on Earth. If Spirituality or Faith is your priority, are you sacrificing your mental, emotional, and physical life to maintain that? Balance in all things is necessary. How can we be true to ourselves, and stay aware of all that is going on in the world, while making the best decisions for the Seventh Generation?

Is Integrity then, the priority? Could love be the priority that is needed? Compassion? Healing? What is your priority right now?

Think about all of these things going into the New Moon early tomorrow (Saturday) morning. It's time to make your wishes for bringing the new into your life. What do you need to move forward in your personal growth and development? What wishes can you make for the world on the New Moon? Do we wish for peace, love, compassion, healing, hope? What do you feel is needed the most in our world right now? Make your wishes and do that, find a way to take some type of action to assist in bringing about what is needed in our world. How can you help? How can you be of service to all?

We have to rethink how we are being in this world, and now is the time to do this. If we are making materialistic wishes, do they help us to live more in tune with All of Life? Or do they harm the planet? What is it that you really need? What we want and what we need can be two entirely different things. I believe that the Universe knows what we need, and that it brings these things to us at the perfect time. BUT - when we make wishes, we put in effort to begin to make those wishes come true. When we do this, we are telling the Universe that this is what we are willing to work towards, and it will then provide you with what you need to do this work. So we make wishes.

Our wishes should reflect our priorities. Our priorities should reflect who we are right now.

We have to rethink how we are being in this world. What do you see when you look around? Homelessness, prison overpopulation, drunk drivers, sexual harassment, discrimination, and power plays by the elite. At least, that's what I saw this morning, and it left me thinking. Each of these issues can be healed. How do we heal homelessness? Perhaps love is the answer. How do we heal prison overpopulation? By providing healing for those that are incarcerated, by teaching them an alternative means to procure what they need to survive. What about drunk drivers? Alcoholism is a disease, and, as such, can be healed. We get lost in alcohol and drugs to escape reality, because for them, it sucks. How can we make it better? Sexual harassment is being brought to the forefront right now, and quite possibly, is in the process of being healed. What else can we do? Never allow it to happen again by speaking up, and shutting it down. What about discrimination? With this issue being so prevalent right now, I believe that we are also on track to heal it once and for all. Again tho, love is the answer. Power plays by the elite... ok, now we have a new subject!

Power - that's the other Theme of this New Moon, and we have been discussing Power all year long. We've talked about taking back our power, standing in our power, not giving our power to others, and about those who (believe that they) have POWER OVER others, yet when seen through the eyes of Truth (SEEING CLEARLY), we realize that these poor individuals believe that they have Power Over because they do not feel that they have Power in their own lives, over their own lives.

When we each take full responsibility for our own lives, we then have power over our own lives. There is no other way to gain this power. What we allow is what will continue, and if we continue to allow others to have Power Over us, then it is because we are not accepting full responsibility for our own lives.

Yes, there are situations where your power is taken from you. In the process of being arrested is one such example. In our government, might be another. Yet, we put these people in power to BE OF SERVICE to us, to VOICE our opinion in government. Are they doing this? Are you calling them on it when they do not? Are you thanking them when they do? How are YOU personally interacting with your own governance? It is our voice, and if it is being represented falsely, then it us UP TO US to take our power back, by holding our representatives accountable for their actions. How are you doing this?

False news - big subject this year, and it is helping us to continue to SEE CLEARLY. What is the Truth, tho? Are we blindly believing what we hear, or are we questioning it and forming our own opinions? This is another way that POWER OVER works. By not doing our own research, we are giving others POWER OVER us.


What is the most important thing in your life? What are you working towards? What do you want your legacy to be? How are you making that happen? Responsibility. We have the responsibility to be who we came here to be, to do the work that we came here to do, and to leave a better world for the 7th Generation. Are we doing that, or could we do better?

Ok, you didn't realize that the Earth was my priority yet? Ha!

It is, and I want to make it yours too. I'm reminded this morning that we are not here to heal the Earth, we are here to learn to live in harmony with All of Life, and to not destroy the Earth in the process. It's come to my attention lately that we are using the resources that belong to our great grandchildren, and to the 7th Generation. We are using them up at a rapid rate. Is this acceptable to you? It Is Our Responsibility To Ensure That The Future Has A Sustainable Place To Live, and that they have the resources that they need to survive. This is where we MUST step up and take responsibility, each and every one of us, both personally and collectively, to ensure that we do not wipe out life on this planet. Not just ours, but every living thing on Earth. It is our responsibility to speak up to those who govern us, if they are helping to destroy the Earth. In our name. Because it is ALL of us who will be remembered for destroying the Earth, not just some plastic leader and his minions. It is on us all.

Again, what is your priority?

Speaking of living in harmony with All of Life, how are we getting along with others? Are we living in harmony with all human life? No. Again, love is the answer. How can we begin to embrace All of Life when we cannot even get along with our neighbors?

The "Divide and Conquer" agenda of our political system has served to expose and deepen the divide between us. We continue seeing just how divided we truly are, but what are we willing to do about it? Can we do anything about it? Can compassion be the answer? We are Responsible for how we act towards others, for the words that we use, the emotion we portray. It's all on us at the end of the day.

We are a nation divided. This is the reality of it all. Now, how do we move beyond that and begin the healing?

I could have just said, Be kind, it matters. But I didn't. I spoke my Truth, I gave voice to what is inside of me, and let me tell you, that is a very vulnerable feeling, to put your Truth out there for others to see and comment on and possibly harass you about... yet we all need to do this, if we are going to heal collectively. We have to learn to trust that others may not like what we have to say, but that we can still treat others with compassion. We can dislike someone's politics, and still love them as a person. We can disagree with family members, but we're still family, and that love will always be with you. We can lose our loved ones, for many are crossing over at this time, but their love will always remain.

Hope. It's what's left in Pandora's Box. It's what we need right now. And if you have any to spare, share it widely! We all need more of it.

So is that the answer? Hope? If you knew how much love surrounds you right this very minute, would you have more hope? If you trusted the Universe to provide you with everything you need exactly when you need it, would you have more hope? Would it help you to be more open with others, if you knew that they, too, have fears? Or that every one of us feels insecure at one time or another? Or that your neighbor wasn't loved as a child, would that sway you to be more compassionate towards them? We're all dealing with issues that were given to us as children. It is up to us to heal them. It's difficult to heal when you live in a hostile environment. We've created a more hostile environment in the last year or so. Can we make it better now? Can we give hope to the hopeless? Love to the loveless? Compassion to those who need it? Can we treat each living being that we meet as our equal, acknowledging that they, too, may have problems and to treat them as anything less than our equal, is to continue to repress them?

Yet, how do those who do not love themselves, nor hold themselves as sacred, show love and compassion to others? Are we living in glass houses? Yes, and they are falling down around us. Perhaps then, learning to hold ourselves as Sacred, is the first step. Learning to love ourselves, then, must be our priority. For only then, can we truly extend love to all equally.

What is your priority? Why, it's you!

I've danced around this lesson my entire life. I remember the one who taught me this: You must be Number One in your own life, he said. I never believed that I was worthy of such, until one day I knew that I was and always had been. You have to put your own needs first (notice I said NEEDS, not Wants). Make yourself a priority in your life. Be true to you. Be kind to you. Show compassion towards yourself. Maybe, if we all do this, we can then expand this love and include others in it, but start with you! For you are important, you are worthy, and you are loved!

Happy Friday, Day of Venus, Day of Love!
Happy New Moon!
Be the love that is needed in this world!


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Thursday, November 9, 2017

When Worlds Collide

We talk about how the Veil thins at this time of the year, but what if we actually saw it, or saw how All The Worlds sit one on top of the other, visible only at a specific light spectrum or vibrational level. How would it look? The image above is how I imagine it, and it's how I imagine that the 5D appears right now, as it collides with the 3D.

I overheard a conversation last night about what if the aliens are really time travelers, come back to fix the timeline. The question was posed, "Which one are we living in, the before or the after?" We are living in the midst of it now, because the worlds are colliding.

Now, that's not a bad thing. It is what it is. Yet, there is only room on this plane for one world. Which one will prevail? Which one are we feeding?

Do you remember the Native story about the grandfather telling a story to his grandson about the two wolves inside him, the evil wolf, and the good wolf. When the grandson asked which one would win, the grandfather told him the one that he feeds. And that is how it is. When we stand in the truth of what is, we make better decisions.


The Master Number 11 can be a wake up call, alerting you to the presence of Angelic beings, it can be a way to remind you to be present and mindful, it is the stepping stone to all of the other Master Numbers, and seeing it will remind you to watch for other signs and messages from the Universe. It is that moment of synchronicity, of magick, in an otherwise mundane day, that reminds you of your true nature, that of a spiritual being in a physical world. It is a reminder of our connection to the Universe, to the Celestial Realms, to the Divine. It can guide us to a spiritual awakening, enlightenment, illumination, and help us to trust our intuition and insights to guide our lives. It can be a moment of connection with our Higher Selves, who show us the path to take, one step at a time. If you are on the right path, making the right move, you may also see the 11 appear, even as 11:11.

In the November Angel Energy Report, we discussed the Master Number 11 and the fact that November is a Master Number 11 month. This month is practice for next year, as next year will be a Master Number 11 year. When 11 appears randomly for me, it's a reminder that I am manifesting my thoughts, so think positive! What does that tell us right now? It is asking us what we are manifesting, as that is what we will receive. Is it good or evil? Is it serving our highest good, or keeping us in chains? Is it honoring our highest self, our dreams, or are we feeding another our energy instead?

What we are being asked at this time is this: WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM RISING?

Some of those answers may include: Repeating patterns, lack of self worth or self love, expressing your Truth, setting boundaries enforcing your worth and Truth, letting go of what is not working, and fear of the unknown.


"I won't be the one left behind,
You can't be king of the world,

If you're slave to the grind..."
~Skid Row, "Slave to the Grind"

We are being asked, "What is really important to you, for you?" Are you doing that?
It's time to make your life, your needs, and your dreams a priority! Visualize where you want to be and let go of all that is stopping you, even fear. We can't create a new world, if we are afraid to dream. We can't embrace the new, if we are afraid to let go of the old. It's time to lighten the load, to live more simply, to recognize what is really important.

Make sure that you are manifesting that which serves your highest good, not subconsciously manifesting that which serves your pattern...

Many are suffering at this time due to unhealed issues and the lessons from them that keep arising, because they are not being learned or heeded. It's time to take a look at the repeating patterns in our lives, and to ask ourselves WHY we keep repeating them, until we get to the Truth at their core, so that they can be healed and released, once and for all.

I keep saying that everything is happening to serve our highest good, yet I look around me and see people dying in mass killings every few days. I see men mistreating women, women mistreating men, neighbors mistreating each other, and people arguing over who is right... it has to stop. We've become externally focused due to our current political situation (I think we talked about this in the November Energy Report). It is the season of Going Within, so it is time to pull our energy back into ourselves, to find our own answers, and to leave others to do the same. Support and encouragement are important at this stage in our growth, but we each have to find our own answers.


Autumn is represented by the Direction of West, whose Animal Totem is Mother Bear, who teaches us to Go Within. Just as She goes into Her cave to dream when the weather turns cold, we, too, can go within ourselves to dream a new way, to seek our own answers, and to siphon out that which is no longer working for us. Get rid of the voices of others in your head, and follow your own path. Now is the time.

We are being guided to spend some time in silence, each and every day, to SEE CLEARLY what it is that we need to be doing for ourselves. When we seek and find our own answers, we are no longer dependent upon others. It helps us to embrace our power once more, and that is The Most Important Thing That We Can Do Right Now! Reclaim your power!

It is a trying time in our world, and we have been discussing these POWER issues all year long. Who are we giving our power to, who has power over us, and why are we allowing others to use their (assumed) power over us? To take back our power, we do many things, from speaking up about abuse and sexual assault, to gaining self sufficiency and taking back the reins of our own lives.

When we each stand in our own power, we no longer need to have power over another.


Beginning on Sunday the 12th, we enter Week 46 of the year. 4+6 = 10/1. A week filled with the potential for new beginnings.We can't begin anew if our hands are still filled with old energies.

Saturday the 18th is the New Moon in Scorpio, on a Master Number 66 day. Master #66 is about Universal Joy, and helping to alleviate the suffering in others (people, planet, animals, etc.). It is also about embracing the higher energies of Divine or Universal Joy, so keep your vibrational level high!

These last few days, in the Current Energies messages that I share on my Facebook page, Touch the Earth, we've been talking about using High Vibe stones to assist us. Danburite and Apophyllite were suggested for healing the Heart and Higher Heart Chakras (self love and unbiased love for others), while Golden Labradorite, Golden Healer Quartz, and Sunstone to heal the Solar Plexus Chakra and create self worth, self acceptance, and self confidence. Sunstone also brings in positive energy, which is VERY beneficial at this time. ALL high vibe stones will help you at this time to stay in a higher, more positive place.

The New Moon on the 18th will be in Scorpio. It is also a day when the monthly energies of November are doubled, as the day adds to the same number as the month: #30/3 - another chance at manifestation arises. Scorpio is mystery, it is magick, it is depth and intensity. Use it's darkness to pull your dreams out of yourself through manifesting them. Bring them out into the Light. Meanwhile, do the work to SEE CLEARLY what it is that you really need...


This will be the most power-filled week of the month. It begins on Sunday the 19th of November, which is a Master #22 day, the Master Builder, and we are to BUILD on the energies of the New Moon by doing the work to manifest our dreams.

Week 47 = 4+7=11, or an 11 week in an 11 month. Again, what are you manifesting with your thoughts?

Also on the 19th, Mars Square Pluto is exact. We've been feeling this one for a while now, and once it is exact, I think it's energies will dissipate. Mars (aggression, anger, fire) vs Pluto (power, transformation, regeneration, rebirth)... do you see it? Feel it? If we aren't honoring our POWER, there may be anger, frustration, and then aggression. Misuse of power creates the same.

On Monday the 20th, the Moon Conjuncts the Galactic Center. She also did this on 10/24, so you may want to go back in your journal and see what was happening in your life on that day. This is also a #50/5 day, representing Change.

The 21st is a Master Number 33 day, the Master Teacher. What will you learn this day?
On the 22nd, Neptune finally leaves Retrograde, in Pisces. It is a #70/7 day, representing faith and psychic abilities, among other things. And it is 1122, the Master Number 11 combined with the Master Number 22, a powerful combination! And it is day 326 of the year, which also adds up to 11. Seriously, watch your thoughts this day!

The 23rd is Thanksgiving day here in the U.S., and it is a Master Number 44 day, the Master Healer. We have an opportunity to heal relationships with family members on this day. Instead of fighting at the dinner table over politics, heal the love by remembering all of the things that you are grateful for, including your family members.

Friday the 24th is a #9 day, a day of endings and closure, of releasing that which no longer serves you. And then there's Saturday the 25th, which is a Master Number 55 day:

"MASTER NUMBER 55 Represents Divine Will. It is the blending of individual will with Divine Will. Innovative and inventive, it helps you to inspire others. It represents the resolution of karma, and brings us Individual Awareness."
via Forever Numerology dot com

ANGEL NUMBER 55 is doubled 5 energy. 5 represents learning life lessons, facing challenges, auspicious opportunities, positive life choices and important changes.
55 is about letting go of the old that is no longer serving you, and getting ready for BIG CHANGES to take place in your life. We are asked to keep a positive attitude about the new entering our lives, and to keep an open mind for the opportunities being presented to us at this time.
via Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers

Also on the 25th, we have Saturn conjuncting the Galactic Center... I have no insight on that. I will find you a recommendation tho, and share it in our next blog post.


Lastly, the 11th of November is 11:11, and we did discuss this in the last blog post. It is Veterans Day, yet it is a day filled with Ascension/Awakening energies. Keep yourself in the high vibe energies this day, and don't allow yourself to be pulled into the energies of grief that this day historically embodies.


Think Positive!
Stay in High Vibe Energy
Go Within and find your own answers
Don't get dragged into the drama or emotions of others.
You manifest what you think, so monitor your thoughts carefully.
Ask your Guides and Angels for what you need, and watch for what appears.
Work with High Vibe Stones or Orgonite.


I have finally created my own website! I am happy to invite you to check it out!

Michelle Hawksong Phillips

Meanwhile, I have added a Recommended Links section to the blog, where you will find links to the sites that I talk about in my blog posts, and to other favorite sites of mine. I hope you'll check some of them out!

Have a great week!
Magickal blessings to all!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Awakening Symptoms and Responses - by request of the Universe

Last week, the Universe prompted me to share symptoms of Awakening, for those who are now going through this process. I was surprised at all the info that showed up to be included in these "symptoms"! A lot of these are about how to respond to these symptoms, yet they are also here to validate what we are all feeling. This post may be updated anytime! Furthermore, if you'd like to add to it, leave a comment and I will incorporate it into the post.

Lastly, if you have any questions, or want to discuss healing, I am always listening!



I want to start sharing with you some things that people experience, as they begin waking up. This one, I'm suspecting, is being felt by many right now. That's why it's the message I was given to share with you this day.

Everyone reaches a point in their lives when they know that they have to do what is right for themselves. At this time, you'll fight with yourself over it, feeling guilty, but you know that the best thing for you is to set not only toxic people, but all people who are not supporting you, aside, and take care of you.

This decision is never made with an easy conscience, but you cannot continue to feed your energy to others, so it's a decision that you have to make for you.

Once you do, you begin reclaiming your energy, your True Power, and you start seeing things as they are, their Truth.

It's not that anyone has set out to intentionally harm you. It's that they, too, have issues that they need to deal with in their own lives, and you have no part in that - nor do they play a part in your decision to heal your life. If they come back into your life later, it's meant to be. If not, wish them well on their journey, send them love, and release them.

Until we recognize our own issues and heal them, we cannot be fully present to support others through theirs. Take the time you need for you, because YOU are worth it!


You may begin noticing things that bring you negativity. This might include noticing people that bring you down, no longer being able to watch or read about violence, or even watch the news. You begin shunning these things because of the way that they affect you. This is your Intuition waking up and guiding you in what you no longer need, and helping you to get to a place where you remain in a positive mind state.

When we begin listening to that little voice within us all, we might start questioning why we are doing certain things, especially things that don't make us happy. Going to events, running ourselves ragged, staying in a job we hate... all of these and more can come up for us to more deeply delve into.

Our Intuition will also guide us to do things that might be outside our comfort zone, as it tries to get you around more experiences that will bring you what you need, be it a new career path, or just honoring who you are, deep down inside. You are what you do, what you feed your energy to, so it has to be something that you enjoy, as does everything in our lives.

Negative self-talk can also be re-evaluated at this stage, as our Intuition begins filling us in on how we have been negating ourselves and our gifts. If you think that you can't do something, you never will. If you try instead, or think positively about it, you might find that you enjoy it. Let your mind remain open to new experiences that your Intuition is bringing into your life.


The last few days, I've read many things about "Ascension Energies" that just plain did not resonate, and I was given cause this morning to ask why. MANY are sharing info about what we need to do in order to "Ascend" to 5D, yet how to actually do so, seems complicated and is shrouded in confusion. Here's some wisdom on this that I was reminded of: "If it takes a lot of words to explain something, you probably don't understand it." Some seem mired in the Spiritual, at the expense of the physical - i.e. physical actions we can take. We are spiritual beings trying to live in a physical world, and that is a big part of why we are here, to learn to live in a physical world, and a physical body. To be "Spiritually Physical", is the phrase given to me to use for this understanding. We are in the process of learning to incorporate the Spiritual INTO the Physical World. To be AS ONE with All Of Life.

To de-mystify all of it, let's get real and talk about what we can do to embrace these energies!

1) If you are honoring your highest self, your True Self, in all that you do, you're golden!

2) If you are listening to and following your Intuition, and recognizing the Signs and Messengers that the Universe is sending to guide you, then you're golden!

3) If you are spending time in reflection, working on healing your childhood issues that are still affecting you, and/or working towards releasing the past, you are golden!

4) If you are taking Responsibility for your own life and actions, you are golden!

Bottom line: Honor yourself and your needs. Honor All of Life. Release, Release, Release! Love is always the answer! And above all else, believe in yourself!

One last thought: When you read something that doesn't resonate with you, it's not for you. Honor that which does!

AWAKENING SYMPTOMS - Part 3, Continued

"Ascension" is a term that has been used to describe the process that we are undergoing. It has been shared with me that it could also be called "An Evolution of our Species", for in truth, we are simply evolving. If calling it "Ascension" seems formidable, then see it as Evolution, we are being told. It is a Revolution of Evolution, and is about us evolving into our Highest Selves, into being Spiritually Physical. Or, the manifesting of Spiritual Principles into our Physical World.

The vibrational level of All of Life on Earth is rising. Higher vibrational levels embody the energies of love, while lower vibrational levels are about fear. Our vibrational level is rising so that we can release and let go of the lower level energies that have held us back, like prejudice and racism, judgement, control and domination, and of course, hate, and EVOLVE into a love and peace mentality and society, a World Society, One People, United, working together in harmony.

Breaking it down like this, makes it seem less formidable. It's simply a period of adjustment, of learning to be who we truly are. We come from love, and to love we return... and that is where we are going.

Keep it simple. Evolve. Be You and share your true self with the world, through love.

Today we are breaking the spell of confusion and doubt. We are all worthy, and we are all evolving.

AWAKENING SYMPTOMS, Part 4 of 6: Physical Body Symptoms

1) Aches and pains - these are actually caused by Solar Flares, which affect us one of two ways. Either they energize us, or they exhaust us! When we experience too many of them in a short time frame, everyone ends up exhausted!
What to do: Honor what your body needs, when you feel this. Nurture yourself! Long hot baths with herbs and salt to cleanse your Aura are wonderful for this! But do what YOU need!

2) Ears ringing - this indicates that your vibrational level is increasing, and/or that your psychic hearing is developing. It can also indicate tinnitis! If it's constant, see your doctor. If it comes and goes, and you notice it especially when it is quiet, it's your vibrational level increasing or your someone from your Spiritual Guidance Council trying to communicate with you.

See my book, The Psychic Key: Opening Doorways in Your Mind, for more on Psychic Hearing.

3) Headaches in strange places - caused by your vibrational level increasing. Relax when you can!

4) Eating habits change - You begin eating more natural or raw foods. You may even develop an aversion to meat, which can come and go. Eat what your body needs. Maintain your protein levels, especially, however, as this can also lead to the headaches and other aches and pains.

5) Sleep patterns shifting - getting less sleep which makes you tired some days, has become a theme with me. We need less sleep now, but honor what your body needs, and sleep when you can, even if it means taking naps!

This also includes waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to get back to sleep. Work, read, play, if you need to in order to get back to sleep. Don't stress, that just makes it harder to sleep!

THE KEY: Honor your body's needs!

AWAKENING SYMPTOMS - Part 5 of 6: Your Work

It is what we are here to do, that matters, and the Universe is continually guiding us to do that work.

If you are not doing the work that you came here to do, you may experience difficulties.
These may include being in a really bad job, losing your job, not being able to find a job in your career field, or for any other reason that keeps you from working in the wrong type of work. You may continually experience these events, even if you do manage to find a job. These things will keep happening, until you learn to let go and allow the Universe to guide you to what you are here to do, or, if you already know, until you begin to do that work.

If you notice that things are continually happening to deter you from the types of jobs that you normally take, pay attention. It's the Universe turning you away, to guide you towards something better.

You may also be at a place where you are considering a new career path. This is also an indication that the Universe is working with you to guide you to the work that you are here to do.

Many are turning towards doing work that is of a more metaphysical or healing nature. This includes aromatherapy, counseling, psychic work and tarot readings, nutrition related fields, massage therapy, acupuncture/acupressure, and other healing modalities and more.
If you are so guided, one way to begin is to do some research, find out what you need to do to get into that type of work. This tells the Universe that you are listening, and are willing to make a change.

In all cases, seeking answers within, is always a good practice. Your soul knows what you came here to do, and will help to guide you towards it, if you allow it.


Astrological alignments happen in ways that assist us in healing our lives, by bringing up things that have been hidden - or quietened - in our subconscious mind. Other events may assist in this process. We may come across someone that triggers us to remember something we've hidden, or it may be a line from a movie, tv show, or book that triggers us.
These things are coming up to be healed and released. If we sit with them, we can dig into our memories, and see from where those feelings originated. It's always the first incident of this happening that keeps repeating, until we recognize it for what it is, a trigger, and decide to heal it. Forgiving ourselves is essential to this process. Realizing that you did the best that you could, given your experience AT THE TIME, can lead to forgiveness.

Lessons and messages from the Universe continue to repeat themselves, until we learn or acknowledge them. Every time that they reappear, they have a tendency to become harsher. When we avoid these lessons/messages (triggers), they repeat, until we decide to deal with them. This can cause things to happen in our lives that feel like bad luck, when it's actually the Universe trying to get us to heed the lesson/message, or to heal the past incident that is causing the lesson to repeat.

Domestic Violence was that repeating lesson for me. I kept becoming involved with abusers, and with others who were victims/survivors of DV, until I learned to heal it in myself. DV causes lack of self worth and confidence in oneself. It causes us to not love ourselves, nor to trust ourselves, or our inner voice. All of those things have to be rebuilt in one who has been through a DV situation. We have to learn to love and trust ourselves again. We have to learn to believe in ourselves again. And these are just the after effects! Realizing why I continued to repeat these situations, became my driving force, something I had to solve, but seeing HOW I kept doing the same thing, was essential. My first abuser was my mother. In seeking her love, I continued going back to be abused. Looking to replace her love, I kept getting drawn into more DV situations. Why did I not love myself? My mother told me not to with her behaviour towards me. It said that I was not worthy of love.

I'm here today to tell you that you are, and always have been! And that whatever it is that lies hidden in you, can also be healed. Nothing and no one is unhealable.

We are being called to "do the work", that will help us to release the past with love, so that we can move forward in love, allowing the abundance and joy that are our birthright, into our lives.

Do you want to heal your life? If you need help, contact me. I am a Spiritual Healer, who is here to assist in this process.

No matter what, learn to love yourself! You are worth it!

~~~~~~THE END?~~~~~~