Thursday, January 11, 2018

11 January 2018 - Self Love

We are in a cycle that is teaching us about self worth, and valuing and honoring ourselves. It is all about self love. Yet, we are in between paradigms, with the old paradigm which taught us to value having a spouse and children, and the new paradigm which teaches us to value ourselves first, so that we can join equally with others. This can present a conundrum in our lives regarding how we love, and the value that we place on it.

When we feel that we need another to complete us or our lives, we are giving them and their love the priority, instead of our own - yet this is what was taught in the old paradigm. We are each whole and complete within ourselves - and no one can do that for us. It is only when we recognize and honor our own wholeness, our completeness, that we realize that we do not need another's love to complete us. If we truly love and honor ourselves, we go into relationship with that wholeness, and the relationship adds to that which we are. If we feel incomplete without relationship, we put expectations on others to complete us, and they will fall short every time, for that is not their duty. So this is also about the expectations that we put on others, be they spouse, bf/gf, family member, or friend - no one can complete us, and when we feel incomplete in our own lives, we are putting an unnecessary burden upon others in our lives.

Love for the sake of love is a misnomer. Love does complete us, yet it is our own love that does so, not that of another.

To truly honor ourselves is to truly love ourselves, and it is to hold ourselves as sacred, knowing that all that comes our way either honors us, or dishonors us, and making the right decisions for our own lives based on that which honors and respects us.

Neediness is not honorable, nor is lack of love for ourselves. When we attempt to put those on others, we lose them, especially when they lack love for themselves, as well.

Build yourself up by loving yourself, honoring yourself, respecting yourself, and knowing yourself before you wander into the life of another and place expectations of love upon them.

Everything comes to us when we need it, and lessons arrive in the same way, as we need them. If this one speaks to you, and you are not feeling love for yourself, try working with your Heart Chakra, whose colors are pink (for self love) and green (for heart healing). The Heart Chakra also teaches us about forgiveness - for the self, first.

You are not what you have been taught that you are, you are a warrior, and you are here to help to change the world. Love yourself enough to trust yourself to make the right decisions for your life, and to follow your inner guidance.

We can't love others completely, until we've done the same for ourselves.

Love yourself - honor yourself - know yourself!
You are magickal!

You are the only one that is going to be there for yourself every day of your life. Honor that by loving yourself, knowing yourself, showing up, being present, and being gentle with yourself, and nurturing yourself, and asking yourself what you need each and every day!


Do you love me? Better yet, do I love me! The Heart Chakra teaches us to love and accept ourselves so that we can learn to fully love and accept others - for exactly who and what they are. Here we learn to respect ourselves, trust ourselves, and honor ourselves. When we fully love ourselves, we feel compassion and empathy for others, from our hearts. We learn about unconditional love - for ourselves and for others. We learn about forgiveness, first and foremost, for ourselves, and then for others, as well. When we heal the Heart, we become more loving in all ways.


Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Morganite, Apophyllite, Green Aventurine, Green Calcite, Malachite, Ruby, Garnet, Emerald, Jade, Pink Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline, and Watermelon Tourmaline, to name a few...

Friday, January 5, 2018

Snow: Is There Symbolism in it?

Snow in the South Valley by Michelle Phillips
The following is a blog I wrote back in January of 2007, after a record 18″ of snow in Albuquerque’s South Valley. Being trapped in the house for days led me to ponder the symbolism of snow, and how I could learn from the energy it shared. It seems appropriate to repost this now, when many are experiencing extreme cold and snow.

I work under the theory that everything that happens to us, happens for a reason. Everything in life has meaning. And there are no coincidences. Therefore, snow must have some meaning!

As I think about it, I realize it’s many properties. Ice, crystalized water, water, white, frozen, cold, winter, how it changes the landscape, moisture, nurturing the Standing People, slowing down all of life. All of these qualities each have some symbolic meaning. Let’s see what we can come up with here! (and I remind you, I am just rambling, this is not information I found anywhere else, for apparently no one recognizes the power of snow on our lives as symbolism).

To freeze matter, in this case, a liquid. Changing matter from one state to another, through a natural process. This reminds me of the changes we all go through with each New Year. Changing our lives, changing our habits, changing our persona. Truly transforming all that it comes into contact with. As we have been changed by this new year. 
The frozen state, ice is water that has been frozen, water represents our emotions. Are they frozen? Are we being icy towards others? Have we frozen ourselves out of awareness?

Crystallized Water:
I mention it in this way to remind us of Crystals, a stone that gives us focus and clarity. A stone that represents the East and mental abilities. As this is the time of year of being indoors, we are using our minds more than we are our physical bodies. Working on indoor crafts and projects, creating within our homes. Our minds are active, as is our dream life. Crystals serve to enhance our abilities in those areas.
Snow Quartz, or Quartzite is the feminine equivalent of Crystal Quartz, and is representative of the feminine, receptive energies present at this time of the year. When we are receptive, and sitting in the silence (that the snows bring), we find the answers that we seek, the way forward. One of the qualities of Snow Quartz is nurturing and soothing. A very special stone to work with at this time!

The source of all life. The energy we use to connect with our emotions and intuition. West on the Medicine Wheel, representing Autumn, Adulthood, and Women’s Medicine. It is funny how this too relates to going within, which is what we do in the Autumn. Water nourishes us, both body and soul, and helps us to use our intuition, and helps us in the DreamWorld. It fills our rivers, which are used as natural pathways by the spirit world, which are another way to connect with our dreams and visions. Let water wash over you, wash you clean, and flow with the Waters of life. Water is healing, water is purifying.
This season is about the Purifying Snows of Winter, that prepare us for rebirth come Spring.
Water is representative of both our emotions and our psychic abilities, and feeling our emotions can lead us to expanding our psychic abilities, by helping us to feel the emotional energies of others. Alternately, Water can cleanse the emotional energies of others from our energy field, restoring us to our selves once more.
Water is life...

Blanco in spanish, reminding me of blank, a clean slate. White equals purity. We burn white candles to cleanse the energies in our homes. It is also a color that contains all other colors of the rainbow, even though it is pure, and white. Which means that this color candle can be substituted for any other color, when working with candle magick. White also represents positive energy. Surround yourself with positive energy, or white light, to keep negative influences away from you. Use this color to surround yourself as a shield. Light up your aura with it, and purity and goodness flow from you, convincing others of your good qualities, or wear white to represent those qualities in yourself to others.
White represents the white snows that blanket the Earth in her season, the Sacred White Buffalo, Totem Animal of the North and Winter, all of the Sacred White Animals, even those who change their color to white in Winter, and the white hair of the Elders. Sacredness, Purity, Light, and Wisdom are all qualities of the color white.

Bitter, frigid, without warmth for others or oneself, cruel, insensitive. We choose how we act and how we portray ourselves to the world. Do not let the world perceive you as cold.

Represented by North on the Medicine Wheel, a time of preparing for rebirth. Bringing change to the world with it’s temperatures. A season when everything in nature appears dead, or has gone within it’s Roots. This reminds us of the value of letting the old die, so that the new can be born. Birth/Death/Rebirth, the cycles of life. Letting go of the parts of yourself that are not working, so that you make room for new qualities, new abilities, and new parts of your ever growing better self.
Winter, the season of preparation, purification, prayer, gratitude, and blessings.

How it changes the landscape:
Nothing appears as it really is. Who says what “really is”? We have to learn to question reality. To ask ourselves if we are seeing things as they really are. To question our perspectives. To look at things from other points of view, from other directions, instead of always looking at things in the same way, from the same place. We have to know that sometimes things are not as they seem, either on this plane, or in the Spirit World, or in the world of our Dreams and Visions. What is being hidden from you? What are you not seeing? How could you see things differently?
*This is a January lesson, Discernment. Discerning the Truth. Question everything, then follow your intuition!

bringing much needed life to a dry climate (I live in the high desert). Bringing intuition and emotions closer to the surface. Water is attempting to come closer into our lives. Will we open up and allow it to? Will we use our emotions, our intuition, our clairvoyant abilities? Open your mind to the flow of the waters of life, and see what it has brought to you this day.

Nurturing the Standing People:
The Standing People have gone within for the season, appearing as if dead, yet we know they will be back come Spring. The snow/moisture/water nurtures them in their absence. What nurtures you, even when you are not paying attention? If your roots were sunk into Mother Earth as are those of the Standing People, could you too receive nourishment? Energy? And what could be changed in your life by attuning yourself to Mother Earth’s energies and rhythms? What do you need to feel nurtured?
Are you nurturing yourself?

Slowing down all of life:
The snow covered landscape gives us a chance to slow down and look at life. See what is happening in the world, and in ourselves. Reminding me of the Hanged Man Tarot Card – sacrifice, life in suspension. We slow down, we wait, knowing that soon it will be time to move again. Conserving energy, conserving strength, a teaching of Daoism is similar to this. It says to conserve energy when you can, for when you might need it. Non-Action is their policy. To remain uninvolved, sitting on the sidelines watching, taking it all in, studying the situation from all angles, thinking it through thoroughly, before any action is taken. This is the opportunity given to us, to think things through before acting. A time to make plans. This is also Winter’s gift to us, a time to go within, and discover yourself again. Find out who you are, and make plans and prepare, for Spring will be here soon.

Purification of the world, of the land. Covering all of life with white, spiritual, pure energy. The rainbows glints in snow show us its magick, its connection to the Spirit World, to all of life, for all of life contains these magickal rainbows, if we look deeply enough.
Covering us with a blanket of snow – Mother Earth’s way of protecting us, holding us close to Her bosom, to nurture us and purify us, so that we may live again... come Spring.

Bridges of Light between the Spiritual Realm and Earth. Representing all of the Chakras, all of the energies of life, and of the physical body.
Rainbows are comprised of light or sunlight and water and air, giving us even more meanings to explore. Elements working together to create beauty. A living example of how life can be viewed.

I hope you have enjoyed my little rambling on all of the symbolism represented by snow. Next time snow enters your life, think about what it’s meaning is for you, what it’s message is, or what it is bringing to your life.


Copyright 2007 – 2018 Michelle Phillips
All photos Copyright 2007-2018 Michelle Phillips
All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 and January Angel Energies Report

You will need to be very discerning with who and/or what you are listening to or taking in, this year.

Keeping your vibrational level high, is of the utmost importance.

Notice the things that bring your energy down, and eliminate them (from your routine, daily life, etc.). For what we think about, we manifest, and our habits become our reality. Try to break some this year!

Be happy, celebrate joy, dance, love, feel, and be true to yourself and your unique energy signature. Honor your gifts by sharing them with others, in service.

Recognize that ANY news that you hear, is going to be biased - until we "Clear the Illusion*" - and take it all with a grain of salt. Some of it is set to intentionally lower your energy - avoid these things! Social media and main stream media paint inaccurate pictures of our reality. Your reality is what YOU make it, and is not determined by anyone or anything outside of yourself. You alone are responsible for this. If the reality sucks, change it. It is up to you!

*(We'll talk more about Clearing the Illusion next time!)

It is time to stand up for what you believe in and for the world that you want to leave for your children. We are deciding that future now! It is up to us to make our wishes known. Don't settle. It is urgent that we demand that our voices be heard, our wishes be honored, and our truths be told. Settling for less, leaves a less healthy world for all.

2018 is an "All or Nothing" type of year. If you want it all, you have to go after it all. Anything less, can leave you with nothing. Be courageous!

All of this tells us that it will be a PIVOTAL year. January is the fresh start and the beginning of it all. It's time to rise and shine, and to demand that Justice prevail!

Yet, it's not all about talking, for we are being told to "Walk Our Talk" at this time. If you are not living sustainably, how can you demand that of others? If you are not treating others with equality/equitably, how can we all do so? What we see in the world (or in our country), is a reflection of who we are, and the energies that we are putting out. So it's no longer enough to preach peace, we must BE the peace. It is up to us all to live the way that we want to see in this world, to overturn the old paradigm.

Change does not happen overnight. It is a process. We are asked to remember that this year! Work with the process. Work towards your highest goals. Work with others. Share with others. And be there for others.

It is up to us to help each other. No one is coming to save us. It's up to us. Be the change that is needed in our world at this time, by communicating honestly, showing compassion, using your gifts in service, helping where you can, walking your talk, and being there - for others, and for yourself. And honor yourself in all that you do, say, and think.

Keep the vibe high - and help others to do the same!

January is a month of PUSH! Pushing towards what we want to see in this world. That requires CHANGE for us all. We are being assisted with the energies we need to create Change. The entire Universe is assisting us. Speak to what you need. Give voice to it. And give thanks for the assistance that you receive. Be ever grateful!

Master Number 11 is also a reminder that we are manifesting what we are thinking about... monitor your thoughts!!!

It is time to do the work that you came here to do. It's time for us to collectively Do The Work. And this is the year for it. Great rewards are in store when we are willing to do the work. Greater rewards come from showing gratitude and helping others. Compassion is key.

Now, let's get out there and change the world! It's time!

Happy 2018! May it bring us all that we need!


We'll have more January Energy notes as the month progresses. Stay tuned!