Friday, March 9, 2018

Current Energies, Divisiveness, Ego, and the Solar Plexus Chakra

I want to start this blog post by sharing with you my daily energy message (posted on The Touch the Earth Page on FB) from today, as it is a part of a much larger message that I received this morning:

"Friday 09 March 2018 is a #50/5 day, representing Change. We are now in the last quarter of the last waning moon before Equinox, and are being encouraged to Release It All! That is the Change that is occurring, the realization of what needs to go. We are honoring ourselves and our own needs more, and have learned through experience, to set healthy boundaries that protect us from those who wish to bombard us with their negative energy... but we're not done yet! We are still recognizing that there are some out there who are battling their own egos, and we are seeing them flying around these days, just looking for someone else to do battle with. Don't let it be you! When we are unhealed, we are unaware of our own reflection, and how it manifests in others as a lesson to us. It's never about someone else, their words, their actions, or their life. It's about us, and our own healing. Lessons come up to help us to heal, and a LOT of them are pouring through now. Today and this weekend, take some time to spend with you, to heal your own heart, to love and nurture yourself, and spend some time in nature, to help you to heal. Mother Earth provides all that we need, from healing energy to sustenance that supports life. All of Her Creature Beings have lessons that they can teach us, if we but listen. Get out of your head, out of ego, and sit quietly. An Awakened Life awaits you..."

As mentioned, it is a part of a much larger message that poured through this morning, that I have been tasked with sharing. As I see it, this is about Ego and Reflections. Our Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for the state of our Egos, so let's start by looking at what its energies are.
Located at the Solar Plexus, this Sun Center helps us with feeling sunny, happy, independent, and with our sense of self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, and our belief in ourselves. It is about being in control of our own lives, when balanced, or being controlling and manipulative with others, when unbalanced. When we fully believe in ourselves, we have no desire to control others, and our own ego is not at stake in dealings with anyone. We feel safe in who and what we are, and express it in a healthy manner. In addition, this Center gives us the ability to manifest our dreams - when we believe in ourselves enough to do so!

This is about how much we believe in ourselves, vs how much we doubt ourselves, and it manifests in two ways. We have either been beaten down so much that we have absolutely NO belief in ourselves, or the same has caused us to become egotistical, believing too much in ourselves. Both stem from self doubt, it's all in how we are using the energy. Personal power comes into play, and we either believe we have power... or not.

Discrimination, in our collective history, also plays a role in this. Generally, when we are discriminated against, we are made to feel inferior - which is a Key Word with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Inferiority issues abound in our world, partly due to it's opposite, Superiority. Those are the two aspects that we are going to delve into here today, Inferiority and Superiority, for their manifestation in our world, is affecting us all.

For quite a while now, I've talked about how many in this world have unbalanced Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, and, as the energy flows upwards in the Chakra system, one affects the other. If we don't believe in ourselves (Solar Plexus), we can't truly love ourselves (Heart Chakra). And there are many who do not love themselves, nor believe in themselves, causing the energy of inferiority in our world, and consequently, setting up a need for Superiority... Predator and Prey, Victim and Abuser, one begets the other, creating an overall balance - yet is it a balance that we wish to maintain, going into the future? Just because this is the way that it's always been, does not mean that it is healthy!

Superiority begets divisiveness, this entire scenario begets divisiveness, and I'm not talking the political kind that we are currently suffering through! No, I'm seeing it in Spirituality and Religion. Let's take a look at that for a minute, for it all plays into our current energies.

From my experience (which may or may not be yours!), Christianity has always set itself up as being superior. The Christian Crusades are my example here, where those who did not accept Christianity were wiped out. Other "religions" have a similar experience. Hinduism and it's caste system, and Islam too, believes that its beliefs are superior to those of the western world. This has created a Divisiveness within us all, that has played out in wars, since the beginning of the modern world, setting us up to fight one another over our beliefs.

But let's not stop there, let's bring it into today. Now I'm being shown that the 3D to 5D Ascension paradigm is also creating divisiveness. It is said, and I have heard that those who are ready, will ascend into 5D, and the ones who choose to do so, will remain in 3D.

Let me ask a quick question: Are the ones who choose to remain in the 3D, fully cognizant of their need to heal? If they are mired in the 3D, I would guess not, but that's how my mind works.

I see this whole scenario as creating further divisiveness. We ARE our brother's keeper. Now, I'm not saying that we all have to ascend together, or none at all will ascend... this is another fallacy. The truth lies somewhere inbetween. I would like to think that it lies in embracing compassion.

Let me explain. If you are a Lightworker, etc., you, as well as myself, are here to Hold The Light for others, who need it. To Walk Your Talk, to live your Truth, is to BE the person that you came here to be, and that is a soul who embodies love as their guiding principle. To do less, just means that we need to heal more. To show less than compassion towards others, denotes the same.

So, we have egos flying around us, and divisiveness surrounding us, and here we are, wondering just what the heck is up on Planet Earth... Where are we going, when are we going to ascend, when will we ever heal or release enough to give us an easier life? It's not just about us and our lives. We Are ALL Equal. We are equal to the Moon and the Stars, to every living thing on the Earth. So how does divisiveness serve us? By making us pay attention to the REFLECTIONS that are all around us...

You see, there is something that we can learn from every single person in our lives. That's why we attract them into our lives in the first place! Even strangers that we meet on the street, can teach us something. But our minds and hearts must be open to it, and this is where Ego rears its ugly head, by insisting that We Know More Than Another, or maintaining it's Superior attitude, thereby closing us off from the knowledge that we could gain from others.

The Reflections that we are now seeing in our world, are our teachers, and they can help us to heal. Prime example: Our illustrious president, who is clearly wounded in the Solar Plexus Chakra, creating the ego that we witness daily. Is this the Universe's way of showing us what a huge ego looks like, so that we might learn from that REFLECTION? It's a possibility. Are we responsible for healing the Egos of the world, of unwounding the wounded? No, of course not! You are only responsible for healing yourself. He's not there to be healed, he's there as an example for us all - not to emulate, but to learn from and correct our own course.

What we see in others, what aggravates us about others, is, in some way, a lesson for us, asking us to see where we are being the very same way. As healing settles in to our bodies and souls, we find less lessons through Reflection, than we did at the beginning of our healing journey, but it is ALWAYS a good practice to double check yourself, to make sure that you haven't missed something.

Superiority and Inferiority are the root of our divisiveness. If we think that we are superior in any way, we are not recognizing that we are all equal, we are all loved and cherished, and that we are living in ego. There is no learning to found there, for we know it all. We cannot come together, so long as these issues are dividing us, and we can't let go of the divisiveness as long as we think that we are superior - or inferior.

Any system that teaches superiority, is adding to our sense of divisiveness, and this is preventing unity. It's time to stop, think for ourselves, and learn to follow the Original Instructions that were given to us for this world:

Love One Another. That is all.

We are here to heal the world, by healing ourselves. Each and every one of us who does so, assists even more to do the same. That is your role in it all, heal yourself. For only when we are healed, can we live in complete harmony with all of life, and all the worlds. This Earth is the World of Light. What we do here, affects All the Worlds, for all are connected. But of course we don't see that yet, because we are mired in divisiveness... which creates a feeling of being alone on a planet filled with millions and millions of people, animals, birds, etc. Ego separates. Love unites.

I could go on to talk about ways to heal the Solar Plexus Chakra, such as using the color yellow, yellow stones, exercises for believing in yourself, or I can leave you to heal your own life, for it will make you stronger. So I will instead leave you with these words, uttered to me by the Universe:

You are worthy, you are loved, you are here for a reason, and you are equal to all.

Let us heal as we move towards Spring Equinox on the 20th of this month, so that we may be reborn as whole souls, fully aligned with our Divine purpose here on our Mother Earth.


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Change is in the air. Embrace it and become the you that you have always dreamed of!

Friday, March 2, 2018

March 2018 Earth Energy Report

March is the Month of Change, and we have a LOT going on! First, why is it being called The Month of Change? March winds are notorious, and wind blows the old away. That's our first clue... and we'll get back to this theme momentarily. Another reason for this is that we have Spring Equinox approaching on the 20th of March. This Sacred Quarter Ceremony Day is about Rebirth and Renewal. It's time to share our gifts with the world! What have you been working on during the Winter months? It's time to take it public on or after Equinox. This means that we will be focusing on a New Direction - literally and figuratively! The Wheel turns towards the East, the Sun, and the season of Spring, and new life springs forth! Our seeds begin to sprout, and we see things in a new way, after being indoors in the cold Winter months, much as Mother Bear sees with "new eyes" each Spring when She emerges from Her cave of hibernation. It's a positive energy lift to see those flowers blooming again, and to experience the fertile season of the Earth Mother.

On March 19th, I will be a part of a round table discussion on Cinnamon Moon at Night's Blog Talk Radio Show, where we will be discussing the Spring Equinox Ceremony, and Ceremonies in general. Make sure to listen in, or you can listen to the replay at the same link. It's sure to a show filled with wisdom!

Cinnamon Moon at Night - March 19 - Spring Equinox and Ceremony - BlogTalkRadio

The last reason that March is the Month of Change is that it is a #5 Universal Month, with 5 representing change. Be prepared. These changes will be long lasting, and are the result of all of the work that we have done over the past year.

We also have TWO full moons this month, which is another powerful event. The Full Moon in Virgo was on March 1st, and this moon is called the Worm or Crow Moon. It is waning through the 17th, when She turns into the New Moon in Pisces, called the Pink Moon, for the soft pink flower colors of Spring. The Pink Moon waxes through the remainder of March, becoming the Full Pink Moon on March 31st in Libra, but because it is the 2nd full moon in a month, it is also called a Blue Moon. We have had this moon once before, about two years ago, I believe. At that time, I called it the Purple Seed Moon, and I think we'll stick with that name again. This previously happened the year that Prince died. It was a very purple rain kind of day.

Now on to the Retrogrades...
I've come across info on the upcoming Retros that seems to be fear based, and I really want to dissuade you from that type of thinking. Please keep in mind that Retros are about Reviewing and Reflecting on whatever energies that particular planet brings. With that said, I'll explain each one to clarify for you.


Jupiter goes Retro on March 8th in Scorpio. Jupiter is known for its expansive energies, and that is often applied to our sense of prosperity and abundance. But that is not all that Jupiter covers. It's about the Higher Mind, our spirituality, morals, and ethics, as well as luck, good fortune, optimism, success, accomplishments, leisure time, exploring new ideas, and forming our own ideology.

Jupiter Retro, if it is about money, is about how we value ourselves, and how we place value on the work that we do. It's all about EQUAL ENERGY EXCHANGE. Review and Reflect on whether you are valuing yourself enough, or asking others to value your work enough. This is also a continuation of the February energies of setting appropriate boundaries, and the Full Moon energies which showed us where we are not loving ourselves enough, for we are being triggered by circumstances to notice where we are allowing others to 1) do for us (codependency) and 2) disrespect us or our beliefs. It's time to get rid of the toxic people in your life. If you are not being supported and encouraged by those in your life, it's time to find those who will. You deserve it!

Jupiter Retro can be about any of these energies in your personal life. For some, it will be about relationships, and getting rid of the toxic ones. For others, it will be about money and our attitudes around it - Do you feel worthy to live a life of abundance? It's time to review that! Meanwhile, with this Retro being in Scorpio, we can look to the energies of Scorpio for more clues. Mystery and regeneration are big Scorpio themes. And with Spring Equinox bringing about that regeneration, it's time to dig deep so that we can bloom. If your inner soil is tainted with the negativity of others, your seeds may not grow to fullness. And growing to fullness is what it is ALL about. This month, set yourself up to GROW TO FULLNESS, by doing the work, so that your future is assured.


Before I forget, because February ended on a #5 day and March began on a #6 day, the number sequence continues, which is a rarity! This means that the February energies that we have been working with are still with us! Giving us another chance to review, reflect, and change that which is no longer working for us. And that's what Retros are all about, and their energies are here to assist us with it all.

The Sun remains in Pisces, a Water Element sign, until Equinox, when He moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. This is quite possibly the source of the "February" energies that are continuing. And with Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac, we are encouraged to let go of the old, before we move into the new...


Mercury goes Retro on March 22nd in Aries. He enters the Shadow of Retrograde on March 8th - the same day that Jupiter goes Retro. I advise backing up your computer before the 8th, if you plan on doing that. Mercury Retro is about all of the RE words like REview, REdo, Remake, and REinvent... feel free to add your own here that REsonates with  you!
What have you been working on in the communication or technology or transportation field that needs to be reviewed before you go public with it? Here's my example: I'm trying to get my book ready to be printed in paperback, so I must REview and edit it to fit within the confines of a paperback book. This will be my Mercury Retro project. Is there something similar in your life?

With this Mercury Retro being in Aries, we are looking at the first sign of the zodiac, and a Fire Element sign too. Aries has that fire and passion to get you moving, taking action, and doing things, the whole "it's Spring so get outside and do more" energy. This Retro may set you back on doing anything technical or communication related, but only to get you to REVIEW it all before you do it! In other words, look carefully at what you are presenting, and make sure you get it right before going public with it.

Many say to not sign contracts during Mercury Retro, but those contracts would be able to be REVIEWED in the future if you did. Buying a car however, is discouraged! (smile!)

Mercury Retro ends on April 15th!

So, please think of Retrogrades as the most helpful energy that the Universe can dish out, and consciously CHOOSE where to place your energy. If you lean towards fear, then fear you will attract. Choose better, you deserve it!


Lastly, we are currently in the Waning Worm or Crow Moon. What I am hearing is: Get Rid Of It ALL!!! It's time to do your Spring cleaning! Go through everything and get rid of anything that no longer brings you joy. This includes people as well as possessions. Clothes don't fit? Donate them! Too much clutter? Clear it out. Holding on to old issues or beliefs? Heal them and Release them! We must make room in our lives for the New to enter. And that New is going to arrive between the New Moon on St. Patricks Day and Spring Equinox on the 20th.

Crow brought us a Full Moon message of being your true self/being true to yourself, as well as Walking Your Talk. It's time to be who you came here to be, he says. Embrace the mystery that is you!


That's all for now. I'll give you more info on the upcoming New Moon and Full Moon as the month goes on and those energies begin speaking! Stay tuned! And I hope to "see" you on Blog Talk Radio!

May the luck of the Irish be yours!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Earth Energy Report for the New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and Chinese New Year

We have an energy filled week to talk about today, and I'm going to break it down by event, to make it easier for us all.


Celebrating and partying to get it out of our system before Lent begins, where we must give something up to show that we are willing to sacrifice for enlightenment. The place where Catholicism and ancient tradition meet, and we become more involved in our own process as a result. Of course, not everyone participates in these traditions, but there is a note of hope in the process. Celebrating is good for all of us, and when we fail to celebrate our lives and all that we are, we are only limiting ourselves. Sometimes, you have to let your hair down, pluck that wild hair, go a little wild, to find the next creative impulse that will carry you into the future. The wearing of masks allows us to be anonymous, and makes it easier for us to express things that we may hide about ourselves at other times. It is collectively time to take off the mask, but celebrate first, let your true self show, then show the world who you really are.

Ash Wednesday brings the purification and sacrifice we need to move forward. Are you ready?


Who holds the Key to your heart? Why you do, of course! Valentines day this year occurs on a 9-9 day in Numerology, which is about endings, closure, and letting things go. It is also the day before the New Moon, so we are also dealing with Waning Moon energies and releasing that which no longer serves our highest good. All in all, a day to let go, to release the past with love so that YOU can move forward with love for yourself, and a time to nurture one's heart, for the coming times. It's also Ash Wednesday, a time of sacrifice and purification. Add these all together and we may not be happy campers in the throes of love on Valentines Day, but we can honor ourselves and our own needs. We can learn to love ourselves, to forgive others and free ourselves from the old, stale energies that we've held on to for far too long. Anyone who has hurt your heart, only did so to awaken you to the need to love yourself more. On this day, be gentle with yourself. Nurture that heart that has taken care of you for so long. Feed it what it needs to feel free. Listen closely to it, and be there for yourself, first!


The New Moon arrives at 4:06pm EST, and is in the sign of Aquarius. The New Moon falls on a Master Number 55/10/1 day, a day containing triple the energy for new beginnings. This Eclipse is a Solar Eclipse, meaning that the Moon slips inbetween the Earth and the Sun, emphasizing the feminine, and perhaps reasserting some of her energies into our world... if we are willing to anchor them here. I'm hearing a lot about Juno and her actions on this New Moon, as well. Look up the astrology sites, and see what they are saying, for more info on this alignment. I want to focus more on the New Beginnings aspect of it all.

As stated, this day holds triple the energies for New Beginnings. The New Moon brings us New Beginnings, the Numerology of the day (55/10/1) brings new beginnings, and the Solar Eclipse is the first Solar Eclipse this year, giving us the beginning of the Solar Eclipse energies this year. The energy brought onto the Earth plane for this Eclipse will continue to propel us forward throughout this year. We will experience 3 partial Solar Eclipses this year, having another on July 13th, and then again on August 11th (a pivotal day!). The energies of an eclipse boost change, and help us to start in a new direction, or make new beginnings possible. As I've said before, Eclipses are like the Aces in Tarot, a powerful burst of energy, in their specific Element. This one is in Aquarius, an Air Element, which is about our mental abilities, communication, and rebirth, or new beginnings again. Words are important. We can choose to use them to hurt or to heal. Be cautious of your words during the 3 days of this New Moon, especially. (3 days = day before, day of, and day after).

Also at play during this Eclipse and New Moon:

~Venus just moved into Pisces, a Water sign, bringing emphasis on love and the emotions.
~We still have Uranus (sudden change) and Pluto (inner demons) within 5 degrees of squaring one another, which means this Square is still active.
~Neptune (unconscious) Square Mars (Aggression/Warrior), assisting us in bringing out those inner demons that Pluto has stirred up, and (hopefully) helping us to release them so that we can experience Regeneration and Rebirth. Or, adversely, acting out on the issues of the subconscious... be warned.
~Jupiter Squaring the Sun, or the expansion of our masculine energies is thwarted temporarily, helping to enable the feminine in gaining ground.
~We have the Moon, the Sun, and Mercury all in Aquarius right now, with the Sun and Mercury moving out of a Conjunction. Mercury is the ultimate planet of the Air Element, representing both mental abilities and communication. This is truly an Air themed event!
~Uranus meanwhile is still coming out of a Conjunction with minor planet Eris, and is still within 2 degrees of this Conjunction:

"Eris is related to... the concept of the female warrior that embodies it, and especially to the feminist struggle for rights in a patriarchal society."
Eris is about our Soul Purpose.
Read more about Eris here:
Astrograph on Eris

This all combines with the Juno energies of the feminine, and of the Moon's eclipse of the Sun, enabling us to anchor more of these here onto the Earth Plane.


~Speaking of Juno and Pisces (Venus, above), Juno prepares to move into Pisces on the 23rd.
~Jupiter prepares to go into Retrograde on March 8th.
~Our next Mercury Retro begins on March 22nd. I'd suggest backing up your computer as soon as the New Moon passes!


Chinese New Year is on Friday 16 February 2018. That is when the New Moon is exact in China, as Chinese New Year is the first New Moon in February. The Eclipse and the New Moon add their energies to this important day, giving us another powerful boost of new beginnings energies, pushing us forward into the future.

It is the Chinese Year of the Yang Earth Dog, with Earth being the primary Element of the Year. This is good, it's what we need! To be so grounded on the Earth plane that we are building a solid foundation from which to ignite our future. Dogs, having 4 legs, have a more solid foundation than we two-leggeds. We discussed the importance of this month's Master Number 22 energies being the Master Builder, in our February Earth Energies Report. Two plus two also equals Four, representing the building of a firm foundation. Dog has many other qualities that we can work with also, but let's not forget that the first half of this month was geared towards purification, while the 2nd half of this month is about Building - our future, that is. Beaver is the Animal Teacher for the Building lesson. Due to this, I will also be sharing Beaver info with you, below.

Magickal Workings for Chinese New Year:
Traditionally center around Health, Wealth, and Longevity
yet New Year workings of all types are appropriate:
New Beginnings, Renewal, Rebirth, etc.
Think Spring, think Ace of Swords, think clear Crystal Quartz points, focus, and clarity.
Also think about what "seeds" you are planting now.
Perhaps go back to your Vision Board that you created for this year, and reset your Intentions for this year, as well, as it is, technically, a New Year.

The most prevalent quality of a Dog is their sense of loyalty. Dog asks us, "Who are you being loyal to, yourself or another?"
Other qualities of Dog are their faithfulness, devotion, and the fact that they are man's best friend, which begs another question, "Are you being your own best friend?"

From SpiritWalkMinistry:

"Dog (general) -- The dog’s medicine is loyalty, reliability, nobleness, trustworthiness, unconditional love, friendship, fierce energy of protection and service. Dog was the servant/soldier that guarded the tribe's dwellings and protected them from surprise attacks. Dogs are the sacred familiars of Hecate the Goddess who defends the soul's right to wander in these little-known, oft-misunderstood paths and they are guardians to the Underworld. Hecate and her hounds will also speak for (and protect) those who cannot do so for themselves. Hecate and her dogs are protectors of those who cannot defend themselves: babies, children, the meek, the mad and the unjustly maligned. In Chinese symbolism, dogs are also considered a harbinger of friendship and a guardian of sacred spaces. A study of the breed and its purpose will help to define the energy it represents."

It goes on to discuss breed purity and those complications:

"Difficulties exist when looking to the domestic dog as an Animal Totem.Most have been bred to produce some accented appearance or behavior, thus creating a genetically muddled animal. Many of these dogs are mentally and spiritually "confused" about their identity as they may be trapped somewhere between their original nature and their artificially bred persona. Be aware that often times these animals may feel "lost" and be looking to you for guidance. When a sheep dog has been bred, generation after generation, to herd sheep and it finds itself living in a city apartment, it may feel misplaced and without a purpose. It may want and need your help to find a job it can do to give its life meaning."

(You will find more info on the different breeds of Dog at the link above)

As you can see, Dog helps us to seek out who we really are, replacing confusion with clarity, in his time of coming into our world "anew" or on Chinese New Year, New Moon, and Solar Eclipse all focused on the gifts of Air (clarity, focus, etc.), and the powerful new beginnings we are experiencing in this world at this time. It is asking us to FOCUS on who we really and truly are, to be loyal to ourselves, to be our own best friend, and to find and follow our purpose!


I'm going to stop here for now. There is SOOO much energy afoot, it makes it difficult for me to communicate. I believe I've covered all of the energies of THIS week... and we can cover more once these energies have passed.

As always, there are regular updates on my Facebook page, The Touch the Earth Page. I hope to "see" you there!

PS - I will share the Beaver info on the FB Page, in the next 24 hours!

Happy New Year, New Moon, and New You!

May health, wealth, and longevity be yours!



This information goes along with today's blog post on the New Moon energies:

Aquarius is the Water Bearer, also defined as the ones who hold the emotional energies of the planet. The Eclipse and New Moon on Thursday this week, hold an important release point for those who are the Water Bearers of this planet. This is the message:

"It is time for you to let go of these emotions that do not belong to you. It is okay to do so at this time. Your method of 'release' is not to pour out the waters, but to TRANSMUTE them into Light. The Eclipse will assist you in this work."

For more on Water Bearers, see this article:

*You will probably remember this earlier article from the photo that I used with it before, so I have also shared it here.