Friday, June 22, 2018

Current Energies: Freedom vs Suppression

You were born to be free...

Since April 2nd, Black Moon Lilith has been in a Conjunction with Pluto, in Capricorn. This Conjunction was exact on May 18, yet due to Pluto being in Retrograde, nobody is moving quickly, and the conjunction is still ongoing. We spoke of this in the previous blog post on "Resurrecting Lilith", earlier this month. Lilith remains in this alignment with Pluto through June 26, where she then goes on to Conjunct the Full Moon in Capricorn...

Dear Lilith, free us from ourselves!

As we approach the 4th of July Independence Day celebrations, it's good to look at what we consider to be Freedom. What is freedom to you? What does it mean?

Wild horses are free... free to go where the wind takes them, hunting for food and water, living off the land, nestling down at night with their kin by the watering hole... For us, this may not be our idea of freedom. We might prefer a comfortable home, yet who is more free, us or the horses? The things we must do in order to have a comfortable home, could be seen as making us less free. Being required to live by an alarm clock, being away from that comfortable home more hours of the week than you are actually there, cleaning said home, maintaining it, making money for improvements, paying off the bank... that my friends, is not freedom. We do it though because it provides us with what we have been led to believe that we want.

It's time to re-evaluate that! Is it providing you with the freedom to do what you want with your life, when you want it? That's the big question. And one that only you can answer.

What else does freedom mean? Being free to dress any way that you want, or have as many or as few tattoos or piercings as you want, being free to modify your body any way you want... that's freedom, but we are judged for it, and, quite often, discriminated against for it. So what kind of freedom do we have? To do as we wish and be judged and discriminated against, or to conform.

These are not the only things that we might be judged for, however. It might be our hair that triggers someone (it has happened to me multiple times!), it might be our choice of a mate or a friend, it might even be our friends judging us! Our houses and cars are more things we are judged for. Not that we care, really, but if we are on the path of keeping up with the Joneses, it might matter. We might be hurt by all the judging. It might make us strive harder, because peer pressure can be a huge influence in our lives.

BUT - if we are caving and changing due to being judged, it shows that we don't believe in ourselves enough to stand out. And that's the point.

I've heard memes about if you don't have a summer body, not to wear a bikini - please! Who decides these things? And who listens to them? Probably young girls who are easily swayed by peer pressure. And unfortunately, this is another form of bullying... making fun of someone else's clothes, car, house, parents, body, hair, makeup, and so forth. It hurts the ones who have it directed at them, sometimes to the point of suicide. And still it continues.

Some forget that when they point one finger at another, 4 other fingers are pointing back at them.

This isn't about the dangers of bullying, however, this is about conforming to the bullies demands! For if we do, we are giving up our freedom. That's right! When we let others direct our lives in any way, they have POWER OVER us, which means that we have no power in our own lives. This is the danger of conformity. It stifles our creativity, which inhibits our freedom.

If this is who you are on the inside, it's time to show it to the world!!! Even if you don't feel this put together, it's okay to show that to the world, as well! Be Who You Are! That is what freedom is all about, having the freedom to be ourselves, and if we don't... we aren't really "free".

Bullying is another form of abuse, or control, or manipulation. It is a manipulative technique designed to change your behavior. Then there are rules that we live by in our society, and they, too, can serve to change our behavior. For instance, schools and uniforms = conformity. Everyone is alike, no room for individuality. Why is individuality stifled at such a young age? Yes, gangs is the usual answer. But is it the real answer? Girl scouts and boy scouts wear uniforms. Police officers and Firemen wear uniforms. Doctors and nurses wear uniforms. Businessmen wear uniforms. Many workers do. The premise is that we represent the "company", and it is required by our job, so we conform. But seriously, what is that doing to our individuality, our creativity? It's stifling it, and that is the opposite of freedom.

~~~ It occurs to me now, rereading this before publishing it, that uniforms in schools are just training for the adult world of wearing uniforms...

It's not just about our clothes tho. It's about what we do for a living, and how we interact with others, and oh so many other parts of our lives are shaped this way! We "choose" not to tell off our boss because we fear getting fired, even when he sexually harasses us. We can't wear the clothes that we are comfortable in to work, for fear of being fired. We can't tell customers to F off, for fear of being fired. We can't do a lot of things out of fear, whether it's of losing our job, or just being judged for it, and all of it stifles us.

Lilith is about being a free wild woman, not chained to any system, dogma, or ideal. Free to be open minded, to express ourselves however we feel is best, and to be who we want to be. She waits for no man. She says and does what she pleases. What is she trying to teach us? To be free! To let go of all of the things that have suppressed you, over your entire lifetime, dig in to your roots, examine what you were taught was appropriate behavior as a child, and notice how much of it still influences you. If the answer is anything, find a way to rise above it, and express your freedom!

But that's not all. It never is! This is also about conformity in cults. Have you watched the new A&E show on Cults and Extreme Beliefs? Getting the members to conform to the rules of the cult, is their first goal. It's the same in abusive relationships. They isolate you from family and friends. They teach you to obey them through fear tactics. They control your finances. They punish you when you behave in a way not in accordance with their teachings. And slowly but surely, they become your world.

What about the ones born into cults? Do they know that there is another way? Or do they just accept it as normal? I mean, if it's all you see and experience, you would think it's normal, right? It's like that with an abusive parent, until you go to school and make friends and realize their parents are not like yours! And the cult members don't go outside their own circle, so they don't see the outside world...

In communist countries, do you think they knew how people behaved outside their wall? How others lived? Or do you think that they believed what they were told, as cult members do? Some cults will tell their members that they are the chosen ones, and that the "other" people (those not in the cult) are all going to go to hell, basically. Was it the same in East Germany? Was the propaganda such that they could believe nothing else?

And where does this leave us, knowing how much propaganda is being fed to us by the Main Stream Media? We have the internet, but are we really seeing the truth of what is going on outside of our borders? Or are we believing what we've been told? Now you see how cult members feel. It's confusing when you leave a cult, you don't know who is telling you the truth, because you've been brainwashed to believe certain things, due to the intense indoctrination that you've undergone. You keep reverting back to the behavior and beliefs that they instilled in you, for a long time afterwards.

Our minds are like computers, they pick up programming through interactive behavior. In other words, we learn as we go, just as AI does. What's been implanted in you that is suppressing you? It's time to find out!

Lilith drives us forward at this time, towards true freedom, if we dare to join her. But to do so, we have to reprogram ourselves. It's okay to be you. It's okay to express your truth. It's okay to speak your mind. It's okay to call out an abuser. It's okay to say no.

Honor yourself and who you really are, and let nothing hold you back from running free!

Belated Solstice Blessings to all!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Resurrecting Lilith + New Moon in Gemini

There is so much information coming through for me right now, I'm not even sure where to begin, so I will start with this morning's messages on the Facebook page, so that I can expand upon them.

"Happy Magickal Moon-day!
Monday is a Master #55/10/1 day, a day of new beginnings, challenged by changes. You must be the change you want to see in the world...
Here's how this looks:
Currently, we have the OLD paradigm way of doing things, and now we have the NEW 5D way of doing things, and they are existing simultaneously on this planet (in such a way that I can actually see BOTH actions being taken at the same time). When we fight the old, we give it our energy. When we instead just do things in the new way, we give the 5D the energy, the new way of being.
Our new selves cannot continue forward doing things in the old ways. We have to find new solutions to old problems, new ways of working together in unity and in harmony with All of Life.
'tis far better to find new solutions to old problems, than it is to bitch about it! That's today's THEME - go with it!!
It's time to find a new way to be on this Earth. And it's up to us to do so.
Let's get to work using these powerful energies to manifest what WE want to see in this world.
BE the change!
Have a magickal day!"

The image that I saw this morning, with the two worlds superimposed upon each other, tells me that we are in a time of transition, in between the old and the new ways. It is SO very important right now to just stick to doing things in a new way, and to question why we do things that are detrimental to our very being, so that we can find new ways to do things. It's also very important to STAY POSITIVE about the process, while remembering that it is just that, a PROCESS, and sooner or later, it WILL end!

Changing your routine is one way to open up to new energies. Cleaning out the old, is another. Clean out your closets, your cabinets, your dresser drawers. Go through your art supplies, your craft supplies, and get rid of what is no longer a part of your life. Then sweep the house, take out the trash, and smudge the house, lighting a new white candle on the New Moon, to keep the energies positive. Out with the old, to make room for the new!

"Monday 11 June - part 2: Moon Energies
Moon is in Taurus all day, a very grounded day, in the physical body, that is always needing to be nurtured, even more so when She is in an Earth sign like Taurus.
Moon is waning towards the New on Wednesday the 13th of June, and this New Moon will be in Gemini.
Currently, we are releasing the old way of being. Our old behaviours, old patterns, old morals, old outdated methods of doing things, old established systems including political and "religious", old ways of communicating - not just the forms of it, but also the way in which we participate in it, as the passive/aggressiveness, as well as using power and  manipulation against others, must end.
So many of the ways that we were doing things, are now outdated, and we are needing to release them from the collective, so I would encourage you to do so on the New Moon, as well as to release your attachment to them in your own life.
Grandmother Moon will move into Gemini tomorrow, bringing a more favorable social atmosphere, and helping us to see both ways of being. That is Gemini the Twins, seeing both sides of situations, and of ourselves.
To live in both our inner and outer worlds, is balance. To live in both our feminine and masculine halves, is balance. To work on ourselves as much as we work for others, is balance. To neglect one aspect, is to give too much energy to the other, taking our lives out of balance.
Manage your energy well by staying balanced, over the next couple of days. Stay grounded, smudged, and protected, in all that you do."


Keywords: Balance, Communication

To rid ourselves of the old ways of doing things, we have the New Moon in Gemini to assist us. It's areas of expertise are wrapped up in it's ruling planet, Mercury, which is about communication, mental abilities, and transportation. To summarize, this New Moon gives us the momentum to find balance in communication, and to find a new way of communicating with others. We are talking more about this:

"...not just the forms of it, but also the way in which we participate in it, as the passive/aggressiveness, as well as using power and  manipulation against others, must end."

As well as finding balance in conversation. A Give and Take conversation is best, but not when it's one party doing all the giving, and the other doing all the taking. This is what I mean by balance. Everything is Energy, and we must have Equal Energy Exchange in every conversation. If we are not, we must find a new way of conversing. Or, of allowing others to converse with us, because BOUNDARIES again... If we are allowing others to take over the conversation, we either have no balls, or we just plain don't care! We've put ourselves down for so long, that we don't feel that we can add anything of VALUE to the conversation, because we don't value our own time and/or energy. And that is a false paradigm that we must dissolve! Set strong boundaries in your life around communication, this New Moon!

Other types of communications are also coming to the forefront. We have Net Neutrality invalidated today, Monday, 11 June. So our "communications" are being thwarted by outside powers, controlled by Big Telecomm. This is NOT a new way of doing things, this is the old paradigm trying to resurrect it's power and hold over us, which cannot be allowed. We must be free to interact in any way that WE wish, not controlled by the whims of those who believe they have POWER OVER us.

If you will remember, Power Over was a Theme last year, in that we were guided to look at those who think that they have Power Over us all, and to see their true motivations. All of these things that have been hidden from us for so very long, are becoming apparent. The Truth WILL come out. We just need to keep digging, keep exposing, and keep sharing the info. When their hands are dirty with their own misdeeds, we must step back and allow (make) them to take responsibility for their own actions.

That's a BIG one right now, taking responsibility for ourselves, our actions, and our words. With everything that we have going on at this time, maintaining integrity is essential. Be honest, up front, and sincere in all of your interactions with others. This is how it affects communications - by changing our dynamic into one of honesty and truth, with each other, but also with ourselves.

Another Theme that is coming up is Protection. I know not why it is coming up at this time. Generally, we need more protection in the Dark Half of the Year (Autumn Equinox to Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere), and right before that time, we'll be reminded of it. This is new. It could be because of all of the shifting energies and changes that we are undergoing, both individually and collectively. It could be that there are so many negative energies loose in this world, that we need to pay constant attention to monitoring our energy (which we do), and it could be about something that has not even happened yet...

The bottom line, however, is that we need to protect ourselves well at this time, in every way. We are all susceptible to outside interference affecting our energy, even more so if you are an Empath or Intuitive. And it's not just about monitoring your energy, and where it goes, but also about staying away from negative things to start with! We can't live a positive life if we are choosing to mire ourselves in negative news every day. It does affect our energy, as well as our motivation. Think how much more you could get done for yourself, if you stayed away from anything negative, how much more motivated you'd feel... and then do it! It's up to us to choose differently, and this is a part of changing our routine, that I mentioned earlier.


I will be offering a Protection Workshop online and locally, sometime this month. Stay tuned! It will be a refresher course for some, but we will talk in depth about Energy Protection, as well as home, general, personal, and psychic protection.



Here is another Theme that I have been trying to sort out for days. We've had Pluto conjunct Lilith since April 2nd of this year. It was exact on May 18th, but is still within 5 degrees of the Conjunct (and maintaining the energies of a Conjunct) until around 6pm MDT on June 26th. Both are in Capricorn, the sign of the Mountain Goat, who is about forward movement, pushing forward, stubbornness, ambition, determination, practicality, and dedication. Capricorn is an Earth sign, pulling us into the muck that we have created here, to find a way forward.

Pluto is about death, mystery, and regeneration. He comes to us to help us to transform all that we are, into something new, and might close a few doors to us in the process, but never fear, he always opens new ones!

Lilith is unbridled passion and creativity. It is rage about being victimized or marginalized, it is the woman who has chosen to walk her own path, because others have not honored her needs. And there may be revenge! She is disruptive, lustful, a sexual liberator, and represents repressed sexuality and rage. She represents our Shadow Side, our deepest fears, and how we project them onto others...

Now let's add these together!

What I've noticed is a lot of women who are unhappy with the lives that they are living, because they are suppressed in some way. Now, this may or may not be intentional on the partner's part, it may be merely a projection of our issues onto them, allowing them to hold on to us, in spite of it all.

The bottom line of this one says that when we allow others to do for us, we are not being self-sufficient, and Lilith demands self-sufficiency! So, if ANYONE is doing for you what you could be doing for yourself, it's time to cut those cords, and take responsibility for yourself. Yes, responsibility is a Theme right now also, due to Saturn also being in Capricorn, and in Retrograde...

Lilith is the original Wild Woman who cannot be tamed, nor should she be. She is the unique expression of ourselves in the world, no holds barred. If you are not ready to own your own energy, this transit might mess you up. I'll not say that we have a choice in the matter, for I don't feel that I do... but you might. This is the thing tho, if you don't follow Lilith out of Capricorn into freeing Aquarius by freeing yourself, you will remain where you are, repeating the same lessons, until you are ready to embrace her energies, and find your freedom.


Energy seems to be the central Theme here today. Protecting your energy. Equal Energy Exchange. Releasing old energies. Embracing new energies. Being responsible for your energy. Awareness of your energy then, is key.


We also have a long term Square between Chiron the Wounded Healer, and Saturn, continuing through October 19th. Using Responsibility as the Key Word for Saturn, we get that WE are responsible for our own healing. Replace Responsibility with Discipline, and know that it is up to you to create the discipline needed to heal your own life. Where ever you are wounded, that wound will be made apparent during this transit, which lasts until October 19th of this year. Saturn is currently Retrograde, and remains there until September 6th, in Capricorn, at which time Chiron will be Retrograde (beginning on July 5th).


June 10 - 13    Venus in Cancer Oppose  Lilith in Capricorn

June 18           Neptune Retro begins in Pisces

June 21           Summer Solstice

June 22 - 29:   Lilith in Capricorn Oppose Mercury in Cancer

June 26           Mars Retro begins in Aquarius

June 27 - July 10:    Jupiter Retro in Scorpio Square Mars Retro in Aquarius

June 28           Ceres enters Virgo

I'll be back soon with another post on Summer Solstice. I feel like we've covered enough today! Please, go rest your brain! Remember that these last couple of days before the New Moon, are the perfect time to nurture yourself. Take care of you in all that you do!

Much love,

Thursday, May 31, 2018

June Earth Energy Report: Freedom!

Wow, what a month May has been! We are receiving so much information at this time, it's incredible! So much is being revealed, EVERYTHING is being revealed, actually, and this will continue, until we have seen it all, clearly. I've been picking up info for the last couple of months, regarding cult behavior, it's similarities with abuser tactics, and its reflection in politics and religion. I mention this because it does directly apply to this month's energies, in helping us to step away from those that are controlling us, in any way. Finding our freedom, and embracing it, are what these changes are all about.

Change then, is our continuing Theme. Back in December of 2017, there was a New Moon in Sagittarius. The most recent Full Moon (also in Sag) was the culmination of the energies introduced during that Sagittarius New Moon. I want to remind you of some of the things that we discussed back then, especially in regards to Change.

To read the full blog post, click this link:
December Angel Energy Report and Full Moon

The Full Moon last December was in Gemini. On June 13th, we'll have a New Moon in Gemini, bringing those energies back into play. At the same time however, the Sun is in Gemini until the 20th of June, keeping the Gemini spirit alive. So basically, Sagittarius and Gemini are prevailing energies at this time, and because of it, the following excerpts from that aforementioned blog post are affecting us. Let's check it out!

Gemini illustrates the need for balance, being the Sign of the Twins. We are reminded that we are all both masculine and feminine - or carry qualities of each within us. It's the outer world that is masculine, while our inner world is feminine. When we intuit a new idea, that's feminine. When we take action on an idea, that's masculine. There are many different ways in which we can be balanced. I've found that balancing myself in the 7 Sacred Directions is the most helpful to me, with balancing my Chakras also being an important part of my daily spiritual care. Yet, balancing myself between being receptive and reactive, is sometimes all that is needed. To listen fully to what is being said, to take it all in and find what is in your heart, then speak it, is a balanced reaction - or Action, actually. We are now learning to Act instead of Reacting, and that's an important distinction.

Mercury is always with us, it seems, and these days it's no different. Communication is at the forefront of much that is wrong in our world. We've forgotten how to talk to others, forgotten how we want to be talked to, and forgotten that to speak to others, is to speak to ourselves. A lot of problems can be solved with communication, by speaking clearly, honestly, and speaking our truth, with consideration for others. We don't always have to be right. Sometimes, a compromise is all that is needed, while other times, listening is all that is required. We all like to have our feelings validated, we need it a lot of the time. To do that for another, is sometimes the most important thing that you can do.

Back to last December's blog post. Here's the excerpts I mentioned:

Regarding the Full Moon that was in Gemini last December:

"The Full Moon's message is this:
Do you have or are you seeing Mental Ability/Agility, or are you or are you seeing those who are full of hot air?
It is a test of our mental abilities, to be sure. Falsehoods are being made apparent at this time, and the Full Moon is bringing all of this to Light, and helping us to see and understand that many are actually full of hot air, instead of knowledge.
How are we using our knowledge, is the next question. Is it in service of all?"

The whole "Hot Air" thing came up again a few days ago... Or was it in the last blog post? I can't remember. When it did, this time around, it was a reminder to us that a lot of what is coming out of our Oval Office is hot air. It was also about realizing that many people are spouting hot air - anger & negativity - around us, and to take it all with a grain of salt. Now we come back to the validating of other's feelings, and how that can help in these situations. A lot of times, people just need to be heard.

I agree that it is difficult to "hear" someone's feelings when they are screaming at you about something that appears to be unrelated, but we know how this works. We have to get down beneath the hurt and pain, to find the original issue that is being triggered by current circumstances. If you can guide another in doing that, it can be helpful for them. If you cannot, and they will accept nothing more than blasting out how they feel, fine. Let it go and walk away. Because it's STILL about Boundaries! You set up how you allow others to treat you through your interactions with them. If you are allowing them to scream at you, then it appears (to them at least), that you have no respect for yourself. Don't allow it. Continue to choose communication, and leave the door open for that in the future, if you can. Otherwise, protect yourself while realizing that everyone is going through their own difficulties at this time, and whatever comes up may not even be about you! Keep that grain of salt handy!

THE TOWER Tarot Card

The Tower Tarot Card was mentioned in that blog post, and I'd like to share with you what came up back then.

"'The Sky is Falling!', people fear. There is so much information out there trying to scare the living shit out of us all right now!! We have to learn to not allow it! What you feed is what grows... Please don't feed the fears!

The Sky is falling, says Chicken Little, but no one believes him, and they refuse to look up and see for themselves. Some of us have been telling people all our lives that the sky is falling, and seeing the same result that Chicken Little saw. Now we're like, well duh, but everyone else is in a panic about it. It's always been falling. Breathe!

If the Sky is falling, it's because the FOUNDATION has crumbled! We must build a new support system without using any part of the old foundation. This is the Tower Tarot card's message. The old must die for the new to be born.

What is holding up the sky worlds? We do, with our thoughts, words, and actions. In order to build a new tower, we need better thoughts, words, and actions - collectively. The Sky Worlds stretch across the entire planet, held up at the Four Corners by each of the Four Directions and Elements. Each Direction is associated with a color, each color with a color of mankind: Yellow, Red, Black, and White. It takes all 4 WORKING IN UNITY to hold up the Sky Worlds. If any one of them neglects their duty, the sky could fall, therefore, we have to TRUST that they will pull their share of the load. Are we? Going forward, we must build a new foundation that gives each color/direction the space to hold themselves up, supported by the rest of us. I know there's a Native story about this somewhere... there has to be!

Bottom line: Unity is required going forward, in order for us all to do our part equally. We also have to accept responsibility for our part in helping the tower to fall, and in building a better foundation, one that will support us all.

We are also being told to:

"Let go of the old bricks - i.e. beliefs, outdated morals and ideas, as well as things that are heavy, like guilt and shame", for these are keeping us mired in the old, crumbling infrastructure."


How this applies now: We are at the stage of finding the appropriate bricks with which to build a new Tower. Yet we have realized that the old bricks might still be inside of us, trying to trick us into using them again. We can't allow that to happen, so now we have Pluto Conjunct Lilith, helping us to sort out those bricks (beliefs, patterns, habits, subconscious motivations) within, bring them out into the Light, examine them, heal them, and toss the old bricks aside, for a better way to begin.

It's all about our Freedom. We cannot be free if we are using the bricks created in the past, to build a new tower, if you get the subliminal message here... Many in this world are believed to be inferior, by others, and due to this, they believe this about themselves, as well. We cannot use those bricks any more! No one is inferior OR superior! We are all equal. Yet, we've been trained to be subservient, in many scenarios. How can we be free, if we are practicing subservience?

I see how this works in the world, with government officials, police, etc. believing that they are superior, and treating the public as if they are their inferiors. We are being held down by these beliefs that have become inherent in our society. But we have to heal them WITHIN us first, before we can heal them in the world, because, if each of us were to heal them within us, they would no longer exist in the world.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the key to self esteem, self belief, and self confidence. It is located at the bottom of your ribs/top of your stomach, and it's color is yellow. To work with this Chakra, use yellow stones such as Citrine, Yellow or Honey Calcites, Tigers Eye, a Golden Healer, or even Peridot, which is excellent for manifestation, as well. Build up your belief in yourself, but also ask yourself why you are being subservient to another, why you feel that you must. If it's a fear, follow it and find it's root, when did it begin? Heal that, and you will be free.


From the May 11, 2017 blog post:

"Stick to your guns about what you want to see in our world, as we are shaping the future with our decisions that we make now."


From the July 16, 2017 blog post:

"Now we are in the Alchemical stage of change, which is about changing something into a higher frequency of itself, through Alchemy, i.e. lead into gold - the gold is the highest possible Divine nature of the lead, and is always contained within it, the lead just needs to enter into a state of flux in order to transform, and that is where we are now, in that state of flux!!! Keep in mind that we are alchemizing into our highest Divine nature, and it may be a difficult process, but worth it in the end, for there is where we will find our "gold" or treasure. Here's a hint: Our treasure is the journey, and what is learned along the way, as well as the state of being in which we end up."


From the May 11, 2017 blog post:

"Everything you need, lies within...
At this time, it is imperative that we remember to remain positive, in all ways, as we watch the old dying around us. At times, it may not seem as if it is going away, only getting worse, but know that certain things have to happen in order for us to SEE CLEARLY, and learn the necessary lessons from this process, so that they will never need to be repeated. There are some who are still waking up, and they, too, need to see and understand it all. As my Guides remind me, Rome was not built in a day, nor did it collapse in a day. It's a process, just as metamorphosis is a process, and it takes time. And we are currently mired in this process.

Step back into yourself, your center, and rebalance yourself any time that you feel pulled into the negative. By choosing to stay in your own energy, you are owning your energy and your power. And that is what is important right now."

"I'm also asked to tell you that you have the strength to endure anything you are going through right now, and everything that we are all experiencing right now. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here right now. You signed up to do this, to be here now, to aid this process, and you have skills, talents, and abilities that are needed. Be strong! You can do this!"


So you see that many things that we discussed last year have become recurring Themes for us to follow this year. We are all in a very different space now than we were when these messages first arrived, and now we can see them with "new eyes", and a new level of understanding. That is what is being asked of us at this time, to see things differently!

The Stages of Change are important for us to understand, so that we know where we are. Every season brings us different lessons, and every time we go around the Wheel (of the Year), we learn new lessons, or deepen our understanding of previous lessons. That's where we're at now, deepening our understanding, or, learning to Understand Clearly... and that's important for us to digest. Everything that is coming in for us is doing so to help us to see and understand EVERYTHING more clearly. We cannot make the right changes necessary for the future, if we don't understand the mistakes of the past. It's time to look at what those are, and how we can address them now and heal them.

That's where the whole Cult dynamic arose, in an effort to assist me in understanding clearly how abuse, manipulation, control, and brainwashing affect who we are. We are indoctrinated into the system of belief that we adhere to, as a child, learning much of it in school. We were also affected by the way in which our parents were taught. If it was abusive, then more than likely, we were abused. If they were taught to live in fear... well, they taught us the same thing. If they were racist, we might be too - or we might be the complete opposite of them, out of rebelliousness. Yet, if your parents were all good and wonderful, the same scenarios apply. You might be the opposite of them out of rebelliousness!

This is a lot of what we are letting go of at this time: old programming. It's up to you to find out what that old programming is within you, and heal it. Pluto and Lilith will make sure that you do, and the other planets will conspire with them, to make sure that you are getting the right lessons to see what it is that is holding you back.

That's the thing. What's holding you back? It may be much deeper than you think, with Pluto in the picture, and it may take days to figure it all out, but keep at it! Root out all of the old programming, because that is not who you are anymore!!! You are now free to be anyone or anything that you wish. Who will you be?

Freedom from guilt, worry, shame, fear, anxiety, control, manipulation, and from the past, are on the table this month. Examine what's holding you back. Look at your relationships, at who is in your life and why, and any old patterns that you may be repeating with them, that are holding you back. It's time to get rid of it all! It may be time to get rid of some of the people in your life, or bad habits like getting onto Facebook first thing every morning and letting it upset you (yes, that was me!). Monitor closely what you are allowing in your life, and notice how it affects you. If it's positive, keep it. If it isn't, LET IT GO! You deserve to be happy, and you deserve to be free from all chains that bind you.

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