Smudging Herbs

A while back, I shared here a list of smudging herbs and their properties. That blog post has become buried beneath so many others at this point, that I wanted to put this where it could easily be found. Without further ado, here are the properties of a variety of herbs that can be used for smudging!

Herbs for Smudging and their Properties

Almost any herb can be smudged with. I've included quite a few here, some that can also be used for protection from the negative energies to start with. Some of these herbs have been used for centuries by many cultures.

BLESSED THISTLE: An herb of protection used in the ritual bath. It is also used to counteract hexing. Strength; spiritual, physical, and financial blessings; money, prosperity. Used to help release deep seated anger and related negative emotions that needs to be      expressed and cleansed before the user can get on with their lives.

CEDAR: clears out negative and undesirable energies and brings in positive energy. Provides Spiritual strength. Sacred Herb of the West/Water.

COPAL RESIN: Especially useful for clearing out negative energies and entities, while providing protection. Spiritually cleansing and healing. Represents the light of the Sun. Used when calling for spiritual assistance.

FRANKINCENSE RESIN: Clears negative energy, invites in positive energies, is used for consecrating objects such as stones and magickal tools, helps with transformation, contacting other planes, and meditation.

HIMALAYAN PINK SALT: Salt is a purifier. Himalayan Pink Salt is also a powerful EMF protector, and is an Aura Cleanser in the bath, or a large chunk of HPS can be rubbed over one's Aura - or that of a friend, to cleanse that energetic body.

JUNIPER: Strengthening, healing, purifying, cleansing, and protecting. Wards off evil. Helps Solar Plexus Chakra. Juniper berries keep evil energies away, and can be thrown in a fire for protection.

LAVENDER: Helps to remove the excess emotional energies of others from our bodies, and energy fields. Also assists us in releasing emotional energy when we have been overly emotional. Good to use after working with helping spirits cross over, to release their energies from our energy field.

MYRRH RESIN: meditation, magick, peace, purification, protection, exorcism, healing, spirituality opening, consecration of ritual tools and space.

OLIVE: Purification, protection, courage, potency, fertility, and strength.

OSHA ROOT: Osha is used in rituals and spell workings for protection, purification and healing; vision quests and psychic journeys, strength and passion. Native Americans also used it for purification.

PALO SANTO WOOD: Sacred Wood. Another ancient smudging product, this one quickly raises vibrational levels, while purifying and cleansing. Excellent for cleansing and clearing the Chakras.

PEPPERMINT:  Change, Transformation, Love, Psychic Powers, Health/Healing, Money/Prosperity, Create positive change, Purification, Protection, Mindful and wakeful clarity, Brings great healing and balancing energy, Enhances one's ability to dream of the future. Growth & Renewal.

PINE: Fertility, Protection, Money, Prosperity, Health/Healing, employment, Immortality. Attunement to nature, centering, cleansing, healing, productivity.

ROSEMARY: increases mental abilities, is an ancient Sacred herb used by indigenous peoples, and brings in positive and uplifting energies.

RUE: Ancient Celts considered Rue an anti-magical herb, which is a defense against spells and dark magic. A fresh sprig can be used to sprinkle sacred water for consecration, blessings and healings. Burned in exorcism or purification incenses, it routs negativity and gets things moving. Used in altar oil, blessing, purifying, cleansing, consecration, protection, banishing, releasing, exorcism, inspiration, wisdom. Rue added to baths breaks all hexes and curses that may have been cast against you. Provides protection against negative influences, wards off the evil eye, cleansing, love, money, business success, health and healing, mental powers, exorcism, breaks hexes, curses or jinxes that have been cast upon you. Rue allows you to diminish the influence of others negativity in your life. A full moon bath using Rue, is excellent for the purification needed at these times.

SAGE: Clairvoyance, consecration, divination, domestic harmony, inspiration, longevity, meditation, peace, tranquility, wisdom, manifestation, wishes, money, prosperity, wealth, protection, purification; used in magic for wisdom and learning, psychic awareness. Sage carries the virtues of strength, mental health, and healing. It is a significant religious herb among the tribes of North America and is used for energy protection. Sage brings one in touch with common sense, cleansing the thinking process and clearing the mind of negative thoughts. It is the appropriate incense for meetings of business and important decisions. Sage strengthens the fifth chakra while promoting harmonious communication. Sage absorbs negativity and misfortune. It drives away disturbances and tensions, and lifts the spirits above the mundane cares of life. Burn it to consecrate a ritual space. Carry it as an herb of protection. Use it in the ritual bath and chalice.

SWEET GRASS: The hair of our Ancestors, and, as such, calls in Ancestral energies for assistance and learning. Also raises the vibrational level. Sacred Herb of the North/Earth.

Thyme can be used in magick spells to increase strength and courage. When working hard to achieve a goal that seems un-achievable, thyme can be used in spells to help you keep a positive attitude. Smudge your home with Thyme to dispel melancholy, hopelessness and other mellow but negative vibrations, especially after a family tragedy or during a long sickness. Placed beneath the pillow, Thyme will prevent nightmares.Thyme is excellent in ritual baths and smudging for early spring festivals when we seek to leave the old behind and begin anew. It can be burnt as an incense to repel negative energies, especially for businesses.

VERVAIN: Love, Protection, Purification, Peace, Money, Sleep. Healing. Empowers any magick, especially love spells. Enhances the dreaming process and is recommended for dream quests. Used to consecrate and empower any ritual tools. Protects from negative emotions and depression. Used in house and home blessings. Turns back negativity.

YARROW: Large patches of yarrow growing in a field indicate a very grounded energy spot. Sit there to center and relax. Yarrow is used to exorcise evil and negativity from a person, place or thing. Use in spells for: Divination, Love, Happy Marriage, Wards Negativity, Defense, Protection. Gather at Litha for:  Psychic Awareness, Banishing, Releasing, Clairvoyance. Use for exorcism, banishing, releasing, Wards Negativity, Defense, Protection.

YUCCA: Change, Transformation, Protection, Purification, Cleansing. Helps with indecisiveness, hesitation or fear in facing challenges. Unifies our will with our intention.
Seeds provide the transformative energies. Flowers are edible. The Root contains Saponin, which can be used to physically cleanse the body, just as soap is used, by pounding the root into a paste after peeling it's "bark".

WHITE PINE: Clarity and Peace; Restores order by banishing that which is wrong or unwanted; Willpower; Energizing in meditation; Death/Rebirth; Spiritual Crossroads; Mental endurance, Purification.

WHITE SAGE LEAVES: raises vibrational level, clears out negative energy. Sage is the Sacred Herb of the South/Fire.

Anise Seed, Bay leaf,Wood Betony, Birch, Chamisa, Chamomile, Coconut, Fennel, Hyssop, Iris, Lemon, Lemon Verbena, Lily, Mimosa, Parsley, Pinon Pine Wood, Tobacco, Turmeric, Valerian.

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