Coyote's Tale

Once upon a time, the People forgot about Coyote. They forgot His stories, His teachings, and the importance of Heyoka energies in the world. That didn't stop Coyote though, He just played in the shadows, creating mischief where ever He went.

The People also forgot their connection to the Earth, and to the teachings imprinted in their blood. All of this forgetfulness caused them to not remember the stories of their Ancestors, and to stop paying attention to the Signs that the Universal Energies sent their way, to guide them, warn them, and teach them.

Because of all of this, the People suffered. They got lost in their suffering. They believed Big Brother, and the Great White God-talkers, when they said that they would take care of them. They tried to play by their rules, and to live in their world, a world filled with others who had forgotten their way, and whom were also walking a disconnected Path.

Most of all, the People forgot their sacredness, and the sacredness of the Earth and all that She provides, the Waters, the Air, the energy of the Sun and Moon, the Creature-Beings, the Plant People, the Standing People, and the Stone People. They forgot how to live in a natural way, with the Earth and all of Her Creature-Beings. They lost their way due to suffering, and getting lost in their suffering. Their new Gods treated them badly, and they lost the old ways.

Their suffering was heard by the Old Ones, by the spirits of the Creature-Beings, by Mother Earth Herself. They tried to send them many messages, warning them to not become lost from their true Path, yet no one listened, for they were so wrapped up in their suffering, that they could not see beyond it. Eagle cried out from above, calling them to look to the future, but stilll they sat, mired in suffering, cold, hungry, and poor.

Coyote watched them too. He said that if they wanted to suffer, He would make them suffer, for maybe then they'd remember the Heyoka way, and start laughing once again. Each year that passed, He played more tricks, caused more suffering, until doom and destruction were upon them, and still, they did not wake up, they still did not remember.

Crow brother said to Coyote, "They have forgotten the balance of Divine Law".

Coyote replied, "I will teach them! I will now make them learn about the Darkness by miring them in it so deeply, that they must reach for the Creator to pull themselves up out of this mess that they have created." And so He did.

The Creator Himself looked down upon His People, knowing that they were suffering greatly, and said that if just one of them would wake up, reach for the Sky Worlds once again, that He could help them. This went on for many years. Eventually, the Creator had to look to other people to wake up and remember the stories. He helped them to connect with their own Ancestors, who were also the Ancestors of the People. The Ancestors taught them much, all about the old ways, the old teachings, and the stories, stories about Coyote, Crow, Eagle, and all of the Creature-Beings and their Medicine. They taught them to listen to the Plant People, the Standing People, and the Stone People. The Creator tested and tried each of these people, making them suffer also, to teach them strength, confidence, and endurance. And still they stood, praying each day, and sharing the teachings of the Old Ones.

These new People began to be called by the Creature-Beings, who brought them Signs from the Universal Energies, teaching them, guiding them, and warning them of things to come. Coyote also came out and played, teaching them to laugh at themselves, at the seriousness of life, and to always remember to play. Eagle and Hawk taught them to see from their perspective, to receive and translate the messages that were being brought to them, in a way that served all.

They, too, lived in a world filled with suffering all around them, yet by looking upwards to the Sky Worlds, they were able to live outside of suffering, to bask in the Light of Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon, and learned that by connecting to the Earth Herself, that they would continue to hear the stories, and see the Medicine Messengers of the natural world, and knew that they would all guide them, even in the darkest of times.

There came a very bad time in the world, when there were more people who had forgotten all of these things, than there were people who remembered. Coyote had been working hard to get them to this deep dark place, and He was quite pleased with Himself, going around telling the other Creature-Beings that He had done this all on His own. He alone was responsible for this mischief, and He alone could save them. Coyote's ego was famous, and always had been. Many in the world walked in Coyote's shadow without knowing it, thinking that they alone could undo any harm done, and that they alone were responsible for their own condition. Their ego's became huge also, just like Coyote.

They began to hate other people, those who were not like them. They committed violence because their egos told them to. Then they made Coyote their Great Leader, and He laughed and laughed. Now He was in a position to teach them all about the dark side of Divine Law, and He told Crow this, and Crow replied, "They must wake up, Coyote! Teach them about balance once more, for we have been unable to help them for far too long."

Coyote laughed all the way to their Great White House. He put his finger in every pie, messing up all of their carefully laid plans. He put the ones with the greatest egos and the biggest problems in charge of everything in the land. He pushed the little guys down more and more, those that had lost confidence in themselves and had forgotten that their ways mattered too. Coyote thought that by pushing them down even more, perhaps they would rise up and remember that their voices were needed too. But this still did not work out as He planned, so He had to take more extreme measures. How far would they let Him push them, He wondered, how far could they be pushed before they realized that they had been sitting in the darkness for far too long, and that it was time for them to wake up?

He shut off the Water, in the entire land. The People stood up again. Some of them, that is, but still, not all. Others remained lost in their own illusions, thinking that this latest scheme would not affect them. They failed to see that they, too, needed water to live, and carried on in their ego-driven worlds, working for pennies to buy alms, and worshipping the false gods of materialism and greed.

"Will nothing wake them all up?" Coyote screamed aloud. His advisors looked at Him strangely, not understanding. They all ran to him, the Great White God, offering to do anything He asked, anything at all. "That's the problem with this world", Coyote told them. "No one wants to follow their own Path, and you are all afraid of telling me that I am wrong. I am no more God than you!" And still they did not understand.

Coyote went to visit the Creator one day. He told the Creator of his efforts, and said that nothing was working, and He was out of ideas. The Creator thought on Coyote's problem, and about the People, not knowing what to do. He called a Council Fire, gathering all of the Ancestors, and the spirits of all of the Creature-Beings. He also asked Coyote to attend, to bring His story to the Council. Coyote agreed.

"We have spent many years trying to wake up the People of the Earth, each of us in our own way, and nothing has worked. They are now at a critical time," the Creator addressed the Council. "Coyote has been sent in to teach them a lesson, and even He has failed. I am at a loss. Coyote is almost out of tricks. We need to wake them up, once and for all. Every single one of them must awaken and return to their Path and fulfill their destiny, yet they remain mired in darkness. Let Coyote tell you what He has been up to, and then we will see if we can come up with any new ideas."

Coyote began filling them in on all that He had done. His great ego came out, and He orated for hours, going on and on about how great He was, and how all of the People had fallen for His tricks. Finally, the Creator stopped Him, and asked Him to stick to the facts. What exactly had He done, and where were they at now. "Oh!", replied Coyote. "I have them wallowing in darkness with no water, and they do not think that this will affect them, so they are still out there blaming one another for their problems."

Coyote sat back down, and the Council began talking amongst themselves, looking for a solution. One Elder stood up and asked if there was anyone who was awake that could tell them this tale, a Storyteller, perhaps. Maybe a story was the way to wake them up, for it was the stories that had been forgotten that had them in this mess to start with. "Excellent idea!" said the Creator. "Let's gift them this story!"

"But which one of them, Creator?", the Elder asked. "The People are still lost in their suffering, and are not hearing our messages."

"Then give it to any of the New People, who are listening", the Creator replied. "Give it to as many of them as you can. We are never as limited as we think that we are!"

Another Elder spoke up. "Creator, what if they do not listen? What if they do not hear this tale? What if they do not understand Coyote's sense of humor? What then?"

The Creator replied, "Then Coyote will continue to oppress them, until they do wake up, until they do understand. Remember that there are many in the Earth World who are listening, if only but a few in the country being led by Coyote. There are People who are awake in all the lands of this Earth. They will continue to hold the light, and to help them out by lifting them up. We will do all that we can to help them, but in the meantime, they must be made to wake up. Again, we are never as limited as we think that we are! And that is my message this day. Tell this tale of Coyote. Take this story out into the world."

And so this tale was told to me last night and this morning. And now I share it with you...


Copyright (c) 2016 Michelle Phillips

All Rights Reserved.

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