Golden Rainbow Ray


This is a new Light Ray that first appeared on Earth just prior to Spring Equinox. I was made aware of its existence, and created an Equinox Event to help to anchor its energies here on the Earth plane. It is now here and helping us all, at all times. It's main purpose is to raise the vibrational level of the Earth, and all who inhabit Her.

This is actually verified by the fact that the Schumann Resonance Frequency has increased. It is due to this Ray, carried around the globe, by Grandfather Sun, with the sole purpose of raising the vibrational level of all on Earth, including the Earth, Herself. The Schumann Resonance Frequency is now around 110mh - and still rising, I believe. Last year, or where it began, was at 6.4 megahurtz. This is the frequency of the Earth, and to best connect with Her, we attune ourselves to this frequency. Binaurals were available for this, however, now that the Schumann Frequency has risen, the Golden Rainbow Ray is what will assist us in tuning into this frequency.

As stated above, the Golden Rainbow Ray is embodied by Grandfather Sun, and He carries it around the globe, daily, through the shining of His Light on us all.

To explain this further, let me tell you a little about the Light Rays:

There are approximately 14 Angelic Healing Light Rays available to us at this time. There may be more, but these are the ones that I have been given to work with, and to share knowledge of, and access to, at this time. Those Rays are:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Indigo, Violet, White/Opalescent/Rainbow, Black, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.
There is also an Aquamarine Ray that I have yet to explore fully.

All except the Indigo Ray have a corresponding Flame, that works with the same color. As you noticed, I combined the White, Opalescent, and Rainbow Rays. I've created Orgonic Energy pieces for each of these, and these three Rays, I was told, were to be combined. As I created these pieces, I had to work with each Ray and Flame, to fully understand their energies, and to be able to tell others how to work with each one.

These are all Angelic Healing Light Rays, coming to us from the Angelic Realm. However, the White, Opalescent, and Rainbow Rays are carried around the Earth by Grandmother Moon. You might notice the Rainbow Aura She has on occasion. That's the Rainbow Ray!

Now let's go back a little further, and talk about the Rainbow. I may have mentioned, in this blog, the Rainbow Light Effect:

"Each color of the Rainbow is also a vibrational level. Light is required to produce rainbows, bringing Light into the stones that carry a rainbow effect. These stones increase one's vibrational level. Each color of the Rainbow, represents one of the Chakras, resulting in the rainbow stones bringing in Light to every one of the Chakras, balancing and aligning them to a higher level."

The same goes for the Rainbow Ray, and the Golden Rainbow Ray, they bring light into each of the Chakras, and into the Aura, lifting it all to a higher vibrational level.

For more on colors, you may want to read:
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The Golden Rainbow Ray is not an Angelic Light Ray, per se. It is brought to us entirely through Grandfather Sun's energies. It is the Divine Masculine in action on our planet, helping to balance the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine.

The Golden Rainbow Ray is a combination of three different Rays: Yellow - as the Golden Rainbow Ray is a higher vibrational level of our Solar Plexus Chakra, which is embodied by the Yellow Light Ray; Gold, which is the outer Aura color of many in this world at this time, that helps us to embody the highest possible energies, and the Rainbow Ray, which, until this time, was carried solely by Grandmother Moon, here on our Mother Earth. Having the Rainbow Ray combined with the Gold and Yellow Rays and carried by Grandfather Sun, is how the balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine occurs. Now, during the day, we have Grandfather Sun holding the Rainbow Ray, while at night, we have Grandmother Moon holding it. In this way, it is always available to us.

More about the Golden Rainbow Ray, and how to access and use it.

The Golden Rainbow Ray is healing, it is loving, it is powerful, and it is strong. It is the manifestation of healing all on Earth, and of manifesting the world we are dreaming into being at this time.


Our Solar Plexus Chakra is about self worth, self respect, personal power, and ego - things that many in our world at this time are struggling with. When overextended, the Solar Plexus Chakra becomes egoic, believing oneself to be supreme, superior, to others. The flip side, or a weak Solar Plexus Chakra, shows ones inferiority. As you can see, many in our world have issues in these areas. When we don't believe in ourselves, we can't manifest our Intentions, the good things that we need in life, for we don't feel worthy of them, so it is also tied up in our ability to manifest a better life, and, taken to it's higher vibrational level with the Golden Rainbow Ray, it is about all of us being able to manifest a better world, for us all.

We find peace with ourselves by learning to trust ourselves and believe in ourselves. When we are unable to do this, we get out of sync, off balance, uncentered, and our Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked. We all deserve the opportunity to manifest our dreams in a world that is open to our freedom of expression. The opposite of expression is, of course, repression, and this is what happens to us that makes us feel insecure. To combat it, we must find a way to feel safe in our bodies and in our lives, to express our passions and creativity, to feel worthy of all that we deserve, to love ourselves, to speak freely and openly, to trust our instincts, and to connect with All of Life, and All the Worlds. When we are repressed, we are closed to this. By opening, we have the opportunity to connect, with each other, with All of Life, with All the Worlds, and with higher guidance, including the Angelic Realm, who are always there for us, surrounding us with love and supporting us in all that we do.

The Golden Rainbow Ray helps us with ALL of our Chakras, taking them all to a higher vibrational level. We automatically go from being or feeling repressed, unloved, uncentered, ungrounded, unconnected, to knowing our full power, and expressing it in this world. And that is where we must get to at this time - giving us all back the power to Be, Say, and Do exactly what we are, to express that in our world, to live that in our world, and to live in a world that is accepting of it.

We need these energies in our world, right now, to help us all to grow, heal, and create the life and the world that we want to live in, and that is what the Golden Rainbow Angelic Light Ray is here to help us with.


The Golden Rainbow Ray is radiated outwards by Grandfather Sun, and we can pull it into our own Auric field, filling our Aura with the Golden Rainbow Ray, and then radiating it outwards to all.

To begin, you may want to go out and absorb some sunlight, and let the Golden Rainbow Ray fill your Auric field, and your body, and just feel it there, getting to know it. If there is no sun for you today, you can meditate on filling your body with the Golden Rainbow Ray, which is all colors of the Rainbow, surrounded on both sides with Gold and sparkles! You may be able to pull it in via your Solar Plexus Chakra, and when you go to radiate it outwards, that is where it will radiate from.

Think Gold, but visualize a rainbow in the center of it, and see it sparkling in the sunlight.


Go outside and ground yourself first.

Facing the Sun, give thanks to Grandfather Sun for shining His Golden Rainbow Ray around the world. Thank Him for filling your Aura with His Golden Rainbow Ray, as you feel the Ray filling you and your Auric field. Pull the energies into your Solar Plexus Chakra, and then radiate the Golden Rainbow Ray out from your Solar Plexus Chakra around the world. Envision Mother Earth surrounded with the Golden Rainbow Ray's light. Hold that thought as long as you can.

Certain stone people have told me that they can help us to embody these energies. These can be held while meditating on, or absorbing/radiating the Golden Rainbow Ray, to make it even stronger.


PHOTO: Golden Rainbow Ray grid set up in my home during Spring Equinox to help us all to embrace the Golden Rainbow Ray Light energies that are available to us all.

Here are some more things that will help you to connect with the Golden Rainbow Ray:

I have been shown that Golden Labradorite is a good stone for working with these energies. All of the Solar Plexus Chakra stones will work with these energies, yet it is recommended to use the higher vibrational stones. The following stones are going to be helpful for you and others for working with these energies:

Golden Labradorite, Golden Healer, Golden Topaz, Heliodor, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, Yellow and Honey Calcites, Tiger Eye, gold sheen Obsidian, and Labradorite, if it has a gold labradorescense, or sheen to it.

In addition, the stones associated with the Direction of East (clarity, focus, Illumination) and with Grandfather Sun, are going to be helpful, including Sunstone, Crystal Quartz, and Herkimer Diamonds.

All Solar Symbols will help you to embrace these energies. Peacock, Eagle, Hawk, Osprey, and Crane.

Wearing yellow or gold helps, burning yellow or gold candles will help.

Gold is the metal containing these energies.
Brass is another metal that resonates with Sun energies, and can be used on your altar, or with your stones. (I like to use Brass in my Sun-based Orgonic products to represent masculine energies).

Also: Honey Bee, bee pollen, beeswax, honey, corn pollen, and copal, carry the energies of the Golden Rainbow Ray.


Combines all of the first 7 Ray rainbow colors. Complete Perfection and Integration of all 12 Rays, with a focus on our 3rd-5th dimensional physical bodies. The Rainbow is intertwined with All of Life, and represents us all, as well as everything in Creation, and the Creative energy of the Universe. It is healing and unifying. It is light that infuses all 7 Major Chakras, balancing them and removing any and all blockages, and then aligning them to a higher level. The Rainbow Light Ray raises one's vibrational level, and restores one's Aura to it's natural condition, which is all 7 colors of the Rainbow, with Red being closest to the body.
As the Rainbow Aura re-establishes itself around us, being combined with the White Ray, all that is unnecessary is cleansed away, and the Opalescent Ray adds light to the outer edge of the Aura, sparkling us into infinity, adding depth, texture, enriching our lives, and all of life, with it's energy.

Highest aspect of the Divine Father - Christ Consciousness. Represents the Light of Grandfather Sun. Wealth on all levels, Money, Prosperity, Abundance. Transmutation and Alchemy - transforming one substance into another substance of more value, spiritually or materially. Enlightenment. Something attained with great difficulty, including wisdom. The Golden Egg, The Holy Grail. The ancient wisdom lying deep within the soul, an eternal seed planted eons ago, ready in this new age to sprout once again and usher forth the knowledge of the ancients. Discernment, support, peace, constancy, trustworthiness, Holiness, eternity, purity, beauty, status, splendor. An internal transformation into a more spiritually aware person. Raising one's vibrational level to the highest level possible.
IMBALANCE: self righteousness, false modesty, cheating, deception, delusion, problems with safety issues, fear, nervousness, greed, confusion, disgust.

Acquired Knowledge, Sunlight, stimulation, mental abilities, intellect, warmth, laughter, joy, happiness, focus, clarity, wisdom, personal growth, associated with the Sun and so life giving and sustaining energy. It enriches, lightens and activates many of the systems of the body. It brings clarity of thought, orderliness, memory improvement, better decision making skills, and alleviates confusion. Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, yellow brings will power, self esteem, self worth, belief in the self, courage, and personal power. It strengthens our bodies and our minds. Associated with a healthy ego, it assists in letting go of the parts of ego that are unhealthy, as we develop a deeper understanding of exactly who and what we are, and it helps us to express this in a healthy manner. Ego is also about control, so it helps us to learn about self control, as opposed to attempting to control others. A healthy ego is one who is humble enough to stand on their own merit and abilities, without harming another - with words or actions. This is achieved by learning that we are all unique, and everyone has their own knowledge, gifts, and abilities, and that we are not here to compete with one another, but to be complete within ourselves. It brings spiritual awareness, and teaches us to trust in the role of the Divine spirit within our lives.
Yellow is also a color that can assist with manifestation, prosperity, and abundance. When we believe in ourselves, and do that which brings us joy, we naturally manifest that which we truly need.
The highest power of the Sun is to bring Illumination, and once we learn the lessons of the color yellow, learn to believe in ourselves and who we are, we attract enlightenment and illumination, learning more, acquiring wisdom, and raising our own vibrational level, by being true to ourselves, and our own path.
IMBALANCE: fear, anger, hate, power, cynicism, confusion, indecisiveness, lack of trust, cowardice, nervousness, depression, being controlling and manipulative with others, excessive egoism.

***The GOLDEN RAINBOW RAY combines the energies of all of these Rays, and, due to it being a Rainbow Ray, it combines the energies of ALL Light Rays.

Angelic Healing Light Rays are columns of colored light that reach from the Sky Worlds, down into the Earth, above and below you, infusing you with their energies. Each color Ray brings specific energies, and heals specific issues. You can see the info on all of the Rays and Flames provided in the individual listings for the Ray/Flame discs in my IndieMade shop.

If you have a Ray/Flame Orgonic Energy Device, or a Stone that works with a specific Ray or Flame, stand or sit with this item in your hands, in front of you.
If you do NOT have a stone or Orgonic Energy Device for the specific Ray that you wish to work with, you can begin by sitting quietly in meditation, while envisioning that color all around you.
Ask/give permission for the color Ray to come into your body. Visualize the column of colored Light descend into you and through you. Ask the Ray to heal any of the issues that you have, which are associated with that color, or just ask it to open you up to it's potential. Work with it for 5-10 minutes a day for best results. If you have long standing issues associated with this color Ray, try carrying the stone charged during this meditation on you, or consider purchasing a Ray/Flame product from my shop, and you can then sleep with it either on your nightstand or under your pillow, so that it can help you while you sleep.
While in this meditation, set your conscious Intention to remain in this color Ray until you have balanced out this color's energies in your body and etheric field.


Any time that you see a rainbow in nature, be it Grandmother Moon's halo, a dog's white hair, a spider's web, or dew, rain drops, snow or ice crystals, it is a reminder of the magick inherent in this world, and of our own magickal nature. It is also a reminder at this time, to embrace the Rainbow and it's Light, to pull it into your own energy field, from Grandfather Sun or from Grandmother Moon, or any other source you find, and use this to radiate the Golden Rainbow Ray around the Earth.


I have created Golden Rainbow Ray Orgonic Energy Devices, that will soon be available in my IndieMade shop. I will be creating specific instructions for the use of these devices, and will share all of this information here, after they have been listed in the shop.

If you wish to work with the Golden Rainbow Ray, go outside and ask Grandfather Sun for His help in doing so. He will assist you! By visualizing a rainbow around yourself, you are bringing that Light Ray into your life. Anyone can do this, anytime, anywhere. Once you become familiar with its energies, you can easily go out and fill your Aura with the Golden Rainbow Ray and radiate it outwards to share with all that you encounter, each and every day.


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