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New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer Energies - July 2018

Pink Sun from Wildfires
We currently have some tremendous energies coming into the Earth at this time. Jupiter has come out of Retrograde, and things have begun moving forward - somewhat - already. Due to the abundance of planets in Retro at this time, however, we do have some tricky alignments during the New Moon Eclipse that will be making their energies known. Let's first look at these!


Sun and Moon are both in Cancer for this event.
July 12th: The New Moon is at 10:49pm EDT, 9:49pm CDT, 8:49pm MDT, and at 7:49pm PDT.
July 13th: The New Moon is at 2:49am UT

Partial Solar Eclipse: July 13th at 1:48am UT through July 13th at 4:13am UT
This Eclipse is not visible in most locations on Earth, however, it will still affect us all!


Venus in Virgo Quincunx Mars Rx in Aquarius - Venus wins, embrace love.
Mars Rx in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus - Uranus wins, embrace change.
Pluto Rx in Capricorn Oppose Sun and Moon in Cancer - Tricky! Examine your motives and subconscious fears while the Sun and Moon are shining their light on them. What is holding you back from being your true self? Find the blockage!
Chiron Rx in Aries Quincunx Venus in Virgo - Healing Love from Venus to the Wounded Warrior
North Node in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus - Change and Karma - you get what you give. Karma calls...
North Node in Leo Quincunx Saturn Rx in Capricorn - Discipline and Karma - You Create Your Experience.
Mercury in Leo Square Jupiter in Scorpio - Expansion may be hampered by communication. Keep things close to your chest for now.

And that's not all of it, I'm sure. These are just the big ones that stood out for me.

Granted, these are simplistic definitions of the energies of these planets and their alignments, yet you can always learn more from a qualified Astrologer. That is not me (smile!). I'm here to help you to get to the ROOT of the problem, and to do that, I look at the ROOT energies, and what they are trying to help us with. More on this in a minute!

In addition to all of this, by the New Moon, we will have moved out of the Grand Water Trine, but pick up a Grand Earth Trine, between Venus, Uranus, and Saturn.

Currently, as we are only 3 days away from this event, the planets are already moving into these alignments. Right now, the following are active: (as of 10am MDT 7/10/18)

Pluto Rx in Capricorn Oppose Sun in Cancer - a beginning taste of the New Moon alignments, with the Sun shining his light on our inner issues.
Chiron Rx in Aries Quincunx Venus in Virgo - same as above
North Node in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus - same as above
North Node in Leo Quincunx Saturn Rx in Capricorn - same as above
Mercury in Leo Square Jupiter in Scorpio - same as above
And we are currently STILL in the Grand Water Trine, and the Grand Earth Trine has already begun.

Some of these alignments are already active, in other words, and we are already dealing with them. There is nothing to fear. Do not allow the fear tactics of others, cause you distress, especially during the next few days. As I discussed on the FB page this morning, there are two base emotions: Fear and Love. The one that you embrace during the next few days, will determine how these energies affect you. Stay positive, keep your vibrational level high, stay grounded, cleansed, and purified. Let no one entice you into fear mentality.


The reason that I harp so much on Healing Your Life, is because we have these difficult alignments coming up regularly that affect us all. Retrograde Planets turn the energy towards our inner world, and help us to heal within ourselves. When you have healed your life, the difficult alignments don't hinder you as much, nor affect you as negatively as they may others. If you haven't, they will force you to confront yourself and your issues. This is why so many have problems when we have these difficult alignments and Retrogrades, they fear the inner confrontation, they avoid it, they turn away from it, and in doing so, are turning away from healing themselves, and choosing to remain in fear.

If you have healed your life, you might only see the issues reflected in others, and knowing that they are going through a difficult time, this will tell you to help where you can, and to pull your energy back before their negativity affects you. It's a heads up that to go out in public, you may encounter angry people. Knowing what the energies of each planet are, will help you tremendously to manage the energies much better, and in a much more positive way.

The following are Root Messages from the planets:
Uranus: Initiate your own changes to be less affected by its energies
Pluto: Examine your motivations (what motivates you), and what's keeping you from moving forward (regeneration).
Venus: Self love, love for others - heal your Heart Chakra!
Mars: Deal with your anger issues!
And so forth...

Know that the Universe wants you to have the best experience possible in this lifetime. It wants you to accomplish the goals that you set out for yourself in your Life Plan, before you came to the Earth. The Universe is NOT punishing us with these harsh transits! It is helping us to heal. If you are healed, they aren't harsh. When we work WITH the energies of each transit, as mentioned in their Root Messages, you learn, grow, and mature more with each one that you pass through. It also helps us to become more self aware.

The same goes for the Stargates, such as the 7-7 Stargate that we just completed. Every one that you work with, opens you up even more. Hold these Stargate days as Sacred days, and monitor your thoughts and positivity level on each of these days, adding in a little outdoor meditation time to help you to integrate the energies. Do the same thing for the Eclipses, by recognizing that they, too, are Sacred, and spend your time accordingly. Each time around the Wheel of the Year, each StarGate and Eclipse you experience, adds to your overall growth - if you are working WITH the energies!!!


The Universe informed me last night that this Eclipse would be a prime opportunity to charge specific stones. Those stones are:

Moldavite, Tektite, and Fulgurite especially!
Yellow High Vibrational Stones: Libyan Desert Glass, Golden Healer, Yellow Tourmaline, Heliodor, Golden Labradorite, Golden Selenite, Golden Obsidian, Amber, Citrine, Yellow Sapphire, Sunstone, and Tiger Eye (to empower you!).

Working with Moldavite helps you to integrate change into your life, more quickly, while Fulgurite helps you to initiate change, by making wishes on it. Work with either of these on that day, to help with the energies.

Any stones that are placed out under the light of this New Moon Eclipse, will assist you in the future, in bringing change into your life, so you could also program a Crystal Quartz with the energies of change by putting it out during this time.

In addition, if you have one of my Golden Rainbow Ray Light Healing Orgonic Energy Devices, place it outside during this Eclipse to recharge and reprogram itself. Then use it daily!


A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon moves in front of the Sun, eclipsing his light for a period of time. This asserts the feminine over the masculine during the event. Many, due to their beliefs, will not venture outside during this Sacred time between the Sun and the Moon, to show their respect for their union. And yet others, hold no respect for the process at all... and so it goes. You do you!

The energies seem to be quite different this year, in that it seems more like we are in a feminine season, than a masculine one, which is what it actually is, Summer is masculine. It is a time when we are out and about in the outside or physical world, more so than when we are alone in our caves in the cold months. This may be due to the Divine Feminine awakening that is currently taking place on our planet. Now, this is not about women. It's not about goddesses. It's about eliminating toxic masculinity that insists that it is superior, and angry about it. To be clear, the feeling of superiority, is an Ego issue, not necessarily a masculine issue. It affects us all.

Being sensitive, showing one's emotions, being compassionate towards self and others, and feeling empathy for others, are all "feminine" traits, as is nurturing self and others. None of these are strictly things that only womyn do, and it's time to let go of that belief. It's masculine to show your emotions, to express how you feel, and to nurture yourself and give yourself what YOU need for a change.

Our emotions are the gateway to our psychic abilities, as I explained in my book, "The Psychic Key: Opening Doorways in Your Mind". To block your emotions, is to block your psychic abilities. THIS is one of the main reasons why it is so important to embrace your emotions, express them, and heal them if need be. And if you think that emotions are strictly for the feminine gender, please, examine your beliefs, and then let yourself grieve over the suffering you have been trained to endure - suppression of the true self.

There are MANY in this world right now who honor the feminine principles, who honor their emotions, who honor their own path, and know that it is up to them to heal their own lives. This is why we have come so far in balancing the Divine Feminine now. Keep doing what you are doing, keep feeling life itself, and we empower ourselves more each day.

Hope is never lost, until you give up on you. There is always a way forward. We may be suffering right now, but the Wheel will again turn, and things will turn around when it happens. This Eclipse is another doorway into bringing those opportunities into being. Make your New Moon wishes! Dream big! Wish for things that will serve the highest good of us all! And do so with as much positivity, faith, and belief as you can muster!

Everything in my life serves my highest good... even the lessons we are confronted with.
Aim higher than ever before!


Change is a Keyword for us this month, and embracing and/or initiating Change, is going to be essential. That's what Eclipses do, they bring change. Don't stay stuck where you are, if you can do something about it, and you can always do something about it!!! Here is my answer to this issue:


I will be conducting a Master Class on the Teachings of Coyote, the current and upcoming Retrograde motion planetary energies, and the Reverse Teachings of the Medicine Wheel, to help us all to embrace the changes that are facing us, both individually and collectively. This class WILL change your life!

One of the Medicine Teachers of the Direction of South, is Coyote. He is known for showing us how ridiculous we can sometimes look or act, by doing the same himself, allowing us to see ourselves more clearly.
He goes about things in a different way than others do, and shares his "backwards" teachings with us, to help us to understand everything better.
There are some Coyote Medicine People in our world who do everything backwards, in order to better demonstrate and emulate his teachings.
Yet Coyote is best known for his humor, for in making us laugh at ourselves, we drop the seriousness that we have become mired in, and we lighten up, and this enables us to see things differently.
I am about to embark on a journey into the Teachings of Coyote, and I want to invite you to join in.
These teachings are a way to create change for the better in our lives. We will also be working with the energies of Uranus, the Agent of Change, as he prepares to go Retrograde in a month's time, on August 7th.
We will be working with ALL of the currently Retrograde planets, and their Reverse Teachings, and we will explore the Reverse Teachings of the Medicine Wheel, as they apply to our quest for change.
This is about changing our lives. It is radical change that we are seeking, as well as a deeper understanding of how these energies work in our world.
This Master Class will be hosted in a PRIVATE Facebook group. It will involve discussion, shared teachings, videos, and a program specifically designed to create radical, positive change in our lives. Individual consultations will be ongoing for the duration of the class.
This program will last through the New Moon in October, when many of the currently retrograding planets have moved to direct motion.
Astrologically, due to all of the Retrograde planets, we can't move ahead until October anyway, so why not stop and examine the potential in Coyote's teachings? 😁
There will be a $50 fee for this Master Class, and then you will be added to the private group. The group teachings will begin on the New Moon on the 12th/13th of July, but we will have thru next weekend to get acclimated. That gives you only a week to sign up.
I hope you will join me!

Please go to my website to sign up for this class:
Michelle Hawksong Phillips - Master Class


One last thought: This New Moon will be the Thunder Moon, and Thunder is a Catalyzer of Change. Get ready! It's happening!!

At this time, I have shared with you all that has come to me on this subject. If more comes up, I will share it, either here, or on The Touch the Earth Page on Facebook, where I post regular updates. Connect with me there, if you'd like.

Happy New Moon,
and a power-filled Eclipse to us all!

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