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July Energy Report: Inner Child, Freedom, and Transformation

It's time for me to take a different perspective on the monthly Energy Reports. First of all, I'm not an Astrologer. I'm a Channel, Seer, Intuitive, and Seeker of Wisdom in all forms. This has led me to where I am now in my life, and it's time to use these gifts to serve the highest good of us all, including myself. I will continue to use Numerology and Astrology to explain the why's of the energies, yet I must use my intuition to see the energies. Because, you see, I am an Energy Reader, I instinctively feel the current energies, the energies of others, and the mysteries of the Universe.

Funny story: I used to read Tarot Cards publicly, and after a while I realized that they were just a prop. I could read without them, yet the clients needed the prop to understand how I arrived at my answers. So I continued to use them. But I'm not a Tarot Reader. I'm an Energy Reader! (smile!)

We've reached the point in our history when we have to be who we are. This Waning Moon has us seeking to Know Ourselves more deeply. In this process, we discover who we really are, what our gifts really are, and how best we can use them to serve all.

Me? I'm a Healer, and see almost everything as an opportunity to heal in our lives. That's what I talk about, that's what I do, and that's what we're going to discover more of here, in this blog. We're going to look at the overall energies, and how they can help us to heal, both individually and collectively, because, well, we need it right now. There are, unfortunately, many in this world who need to heal who are not even aware of that need. Their issues, when not healed, begin being projected out into the world. When we have a "leader" who is not healed, his issues become ours, if they weren't already.... We resonate with that which we emulate, or those of like mind. Supporters of this regime, are all on the same vibrational level as the unhealed man in charge, echoing his principles. When we learn better, we resonate higher. If we don't, we stay mired in that low vibrational energy. And now it's affecting us all, so it's time to talk about how to heal it.

South/Fire Qualities (Copyright Michelle Phillips)

On Summer Solstice, the Sun moved into the Direction of South on the Medicine Wheel, welcoming in the season of Summer. Each Direction on the Wheel, carries certain lessons and energies, for us to learn about as we traverse that season. Each and every time around the Wheel, facing each Direction, we learn a different one of their lessons, or we receive a deeper understanding of one of it's qualities or lessons.

In the Direction of South, lies the Element of Fire, which carries it's own lessons around anger, passion, and our inner fire or motivation. Summer is the season of growth in our gardens, and we are working towards what we will be harvesting come Autumn Equinox. This, too, applies to our lives. What did we give birth to on Spring Equinox? It should be growing well now. It's time to weed the garden, and get rid of the plants or ideas that didn't pan out, that won't grow to fruition, so that the ones who can, have enough energy to do so. Feed those ideas well!

Coyote lives in the South, reminding us to have a sense of humor. Laughter is the best Medicine, he says, as he makes us laugh at ourselves and our silly mistakes. Don't take life too seriously, he reminds us, no one gets out alive.

Each Direction represents a portion of our lives. East/Spring is birth, South/Summer is childhood, West/Autumn is adulthood, and North/Winter is the home of the Elders. With South being about our childhoods, it's a good time to get outdoors and play. Yet, childhood was traumatic for many, and these are some of the ones who are projecting their issues out into the world, because they have yet to heal their childhood wounds.

If you were raised being pushed away from your parents, you might have no respect for the bond between parent and child, because, of course, you have no understanding of it. If you were abused as a child, you may not have any self esteem or belief in yourself. If you were creatively stifled as a child, you might have a hard time expressing yourself creatively, or even with doing the work that you've chosen to do in this lifetime, if it involves a creative pursuit. This stifles your passion, as do many other things, such as sexual abuse, or just being told not to speak, for when we can't speak our passions, they become stifled. Pain and suffering as a child has to be resolved as an adult, or we become stifled, and unable to move beyond the emotions and pain of our childhood.

Love and Self Worth begin within, yet are much stronger when we have a loving and supportive childhood. I've said it before, there are many in this world with issues affecting their Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, which are responsible for our senses of love and self worth, respectively. Heal the childhood wounds, to begin repairing the damage done, and to replace the old programming with kinder, more loving thoughts, that support who you really are.

Our Inner Child deserves to feel safe, supported, and loved, in all ways, so that they can be free to play and have fun. If you aren't able to do that, then look at the past and see where your childhood may have been stifled. Then support and love yourself enough to turn it around!

What happens individually, is reflected in the Collective, and in the Cosmos.
Right now, the reflection looks dim collectively. It's time to See Clearly all that is holding us back, so we can stop harming others with our pain. Release anything that is holding you back from joy!


Currently, many of the big player planets are in Retrograde: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. We have Mercury going Retro this month, from 7/26 thru 8/19, and he enters the Shadow Zone of Retrograde on July 7th... that's coming up soon! IF you are planning on backing up your computer, do it before the 7th!!!

Uranus will go Retrograde in August, and Venus will go Retro in October, so they are the only ones in Direct Motion at this time, and Uranus is a very slow mover! Jupiter comes out of Retro on July 10th, but the big giant is also a slow mover and will remain in Scorpio for the remainder of the year.

Planets in Retro are slow moving, and going backwards, which keeps them in the same astrological sign for a long time. And when they are slow movers like Uranus and Jupiter, they remain in the same sign for a long time anyway. So... bottom line: pretty much what we're seeing now, is how it's going to be for the next few months, until the planets begin coming out of Retrograde and going forward again, with the exception of Venus, who strolls by each one, blowing kisses, and the Moon who checks them all out a couple of times a month, to make sure they're behaving!

Then there are the Asteroids. Vesta is currently Retro, and Chiron the Wounded Healer goes Retro on July 5th. Then in October, Juno goes Retro. The one to pay attention to here is Chiron, however, as He will rub a few planets the wrong way as he sinks into his Retro cycle. Most notably, Saturn, the planet of restriction, discipline, and rules. It's hard to heal our lives when we feel restricted, yet Chiron's Retro cycle brings his energies within, as are Saturn's, where they'll have to fight it out. If you really want to heal, you'll do it, because you'll see the things that have been RESTRICTING you, your path, or your life. That's good news!

The rest of them square up, oppose each other, and just generally get on each others nerves, as many of us are doing right now. And that continues. It's up to us to find the calm within the storm, and embrace it within us. Let the Sun in Cancer lead the way. Home is where the heart is, and you can enjoy the month basking in his rays. When emotions come up, listen deeply, heal them, and get back to the Water to rinse it all away.

The New Thunder Moon will be on July 12th in Cancer, involving a partial Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are bursts of energy that help us to move forward again, or to make the necessary changes in our lives. During this one, both the Sun and the Moon are conjunct in Cancer, the sign of the Crab, and our watery emotions. Expect it to be an emotional time.

The Full Thunder Moon will be on July 27th in Aquarius, involving a total Lunar Eclipse. This one happens on a #9 day, making it about endings and closure. My thoughts on this is to ask for what needs to be healed to be brought to fullness so that we can clearly see and understand it, to release it forever. We could also ask that others understand what needs to be ended, or brought to a close in our world. This will be a powerful time, use these energies well! We'll talk more about this one as the month goes on.


Each month, there are specific dates that stand out for me, and I'm never sure why! It's like they call out to me and say, me me me!!! begging me to give them my attention. This month, those dates are:

July 11th - The day before the New Moon, it's a double Master Number 11 day.
July 19th - is day #200 of the year, and we move into the feminine number sequences, as they begin with 2. The message that I was given for this day is: Grow!!!
July 20th - is a triple Master Number 11 day
July 29th - is a double Master Number 11 day, and the first day of week #31 (3+1=4), with 4 indicating New Foundations upon which to build the new.

The Week of July 15 - 21 is week #29 of the year (2+9=11), and every day of that week will carry double Master Number 11 energies. If you are doing any magickal work growing anything in your life, this is the week to do so.

Because I've been taught to look at numbers differently, and to add them differently - or in several ways - I get insights in this way, as well. July's numbers are fairly straightforward this time, as the 1st of July was a #1 day, the 2nd a #2 day, and so forth. The 17th, for instance, would be a #8 day, so we're simply adding the date together. With me so far?

Here's another way to look at it all. We are in a #11 year, so every single day this year carries those Master #11 energies. Here's another way to visualize it:
July 1st = 1:11 (a #1 day in a #11 year)
July 2nd = 2:11
July 11 = 7:11:11 or even 2:11
July 27th = 9:11
July 2018 = 7:11

These are the time prompts that I regularly receive. Lately, it's been all 711, 811, or 911's, and we will have several of those this month, so heads up. I know not why, but I do see it as a positive.

Number 11 is about staying positive no matter what happens, which gives us our name for the month of July: "Positivity Please!" Month. No matter what is going on, DO NOT ALLOW anything to take you away from positivity. We must now imagine a much better world, and hold to that vision with all that we have, never faltering.

Please, stay positive!

One last thought here: Last year, just before Summer Solstice I think, I was told that it's all downhill from here. While many many things have gone downhill in the past year, I'm thinking now that perhaps we have not yet seen the full extent of this message manifesting. Things have to go downhill, in order to make room for the new. We have to see and understand clearly all that has been done to us for the duration of this country, to realize what the problems really are. I don't feel that we've seen it all yet, much more will be revealed. As these revelations occur, we gain another piece of the puzzle. Yet, we still cannot make out what the puzzle is a picture of, for we don't yet have enough of the pieces. Or, in other words, we are not yet seeing the Big Picture. Expect that to happen soon, perhaps even this month. This is a place that we have to get to, in order to transform all that we are, into something that lives sustainably with All of Life, so we have to see the oil pipelines bursting, to recognize the importance of the Earth and the Water. We have to see the horror of how we are treating children, to realize that we, ourselves, were treated horribly, to heal that wound within us, and to then heal it in our world.

It's all about the Big Picture this time around. Keep collecting those puzzle pieces, keep healing whatever comes up, keep nurturing yourself, and keep an aura of positivity around you. These are things that we CAN do. Help where you can, show love and kindness to all, be the change that you want to see in the world... maintain the traits that you hold that make you who you are, a loving and positive person holding the light for us all.


KEYWORDS: Understanding Clearly, Positivity, Responsibility, Rethink/Redo, Freedom, Releasing, Healing, Endings and Closure, Change and Transformation, Inner Growth.

THEMES: Unity, Doing things differently
Continuing from June: Healthy Communication, Responsibility for self, Holding others responsible for their actions, Seeing & understanding clearly, Change, Endings and Closure...

-We have to See Everything Clearly, to Understand it all clearly. This is discussed above.
-Responsibility, Responsibility for Self, and Holding others responsible for their actions: Saturn themes that continue while Saturn remains in Retrograde.
-Rethink/Redo is a Mercury Retro theme. All the RE words will apply. With him going Retro in Leo, this may affect our forward movement.
-Freedom: See previous blog post, Freedom vs Suppression for insight on this one.
-Change and Transformation: This is a huge month for change and transformation. ANYTHING is possible! Remain open to all of the possibilities that come your way. Don't limit yourself!
-Healthy Communication is also an ongoing Theme. We have to learn to talk to each other better! To do this, we have to release our own pain that we are projecting onto others. And learn to listen to what is being said, not to respond to what we ASSUME is going to be said. Listen Clearly.
-Doing Things Differently: You can't keep doing things the same way expecting different results. It's time to recognize this, and seek out new ways of doing things, even in communicating with your friends! Think outside the box!
-Unity: This is an entire message. Let's explore it next!


From the Facebook Page, Touch the Earth, on Saturday 30 June:

At times, it can be beneficial to reflect back on how we arrived at the present moment. This time around, recognizing all of the dysfunction that has been fed to us as the norm.
Since time immemorial, we have been divided into segments of the population, separated by color, age, religious doctrine, sex, and heritage. How did it happen? Every form we've ever been asked to fill out, asks us these questions, reinforcing in us our differences.
Why have we been intentionally divided?
Because together, we are a formidable force, and they know this.
We are easier to manage if we are fighting amongst ourselves. And if we're busy infighting, we have no compunction to fight them. Yet, in reality, they have brought us here. Perhaps intentionally...
All of this fighting keeps us at a low vibrational level. It tires us at our cores. It's exhausting, stressful, and anxiety-inducing.
People who are tired and stressed out, don't fight back.
Then they push us to work more, work harder, and we're so tired that nothing else is possible. We neglect ourselves, our health, our friends and family, all in an effort to keep from sinking.
Yet, when I look around me today, I don't see a people whose spirit is broken. I see a nation of survivors, each lost in their own pain, perhaps, but still ready to fight for what they believe in.
We've lost our connection to each other, and to the natural world around us. We've lost our magick, our belief in ourselves, and our connection to the Spiritual world.
We've lost the ability to communicate with each other.
Deep down in our hearts, we all want and need the same things: love, health, and to not only survive, but to thrive. We want to be treated equally. We all want to leave a better world for our descendants.
Today, just for a moment, reflect on what you have in common with those you've been separated from, those that may be different from you. Then start a conversation to recognize your commonalities, not your differences.
Never allow the fears of others, to make you someone that you are not. We are all human, and while we are here, we have to live together on this planet. It should no longer be about what divides us, but instead about how we can come together, and work together, to insure a better future for us all.
A bundle of sticks is strong, while a single twig can be easily broken... ~Tecumseh

From the Facebook Page, Touch the Earth, on Monday, July 2nd:

A couple of days ago I shared a Unity post with you, where we discussed how we are separated into categories of color, age, religious doctrine, sex, and heritage, and the why's of this division.
There are other ways we are continually being separated and divided, such as our political party, or even our favorite sports team...
ALL of these are merely LABELS that have, in most cases, been placed upon us, which create competition amongst us. Labels that don't describe who we really are. Yet we continue to wear them...
Who are you, outside of the labels that have been assigned to you? What qualities do you embrace? What morals? What defines your character, or your belief system, or how you live your life? What are your Beliefs? Because those are who we are.
During this Waning Moon, we can benefit from releasing all that we are not. These labels are a good place to start. Don't be defined by how others may label you. Create your own character, your own values, your own Truth of who you are.
Be true to you!


Going forward, I may not be sharing "monthly" energy reports, because that holds me to a schedule, and I'm more of a feel the energy then talk about it, kind of person. It comes when it comes, not just on the first of the month! So, I'm not cutting out the Energy Reports, I'm modifying them. I'll share whatever comes to me for the month, or whatever needs to be discussed, as, at this time, there is much that we need to talk about, and it's not all about the "forecast". I'm a Big Picture type of person too, and that's what has been revealed to me lately. I will continue discussing those subjects here, as they are needed. There is much that we need to See and Understand Clearly at this time. It is my goal to bring you those things, and not limit ourselves to any one framework. Much of what I share here, has been outlined in posts on the Touch the Earth Page on Facebook, so follow me there to stay more up to date on the energies! You could also follow me on Instagram, where I share these posts, as well. I am @RevMichelle on Instagram.

Then come back here for some storytelling! It's more fun that way!

Have a great month!
I'll be back when I have more energy notes for you! Stay tuned!


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