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I have spent a lot of time making Orgonic Energy Devices and not enough time talking about it and the energies that it produces. This Page is an attempt to answer all of your questions about these energy devices.

Orgonic Creations *Copyright 2014 Michelle Phillips

Orgone, or as it shall now be called, Orgonics, is a process in which organic and non-organic materials are combined, using metal to amplify their energies. Orgonic Energy Devices amplify the energies of the stones, while transmuting negative and harmful EMF energies into positive energy that is radiated outwards. In this way, it is an Energy Generator. Using specific stones and metals brings the result of amplifying specific energies.

Resin acts as a catalyzer for the energies contained within it. By constantly compressing together the stones, herbs, and metals within it, the Orgonic Energy Device is constantly emitting their energies. Within the energy device, this process of catalyzation is going on, constantly, due to the compression of the energies. As is the process of transmutation of negative and harmful EMF energies into positive energy. And all of this is being radiated outwards, again, constantly, filling its field of energy with both positive energy and with the energies of the stones, herbs, and metals contained within it. 

Creating Orgonic Energy Devices *Copyright 2014 Michelle Phillips

The process begins by choosing an Epoxy Resin to work with. There are several types to choose from. In the beginning, you have to learn to work with your medium, with Resin being the medium. This is a medium like Ceramics, woodworking, paint, metalsmithing, photography, it is an artistic medium. In learning to work with it, you learn what it can do, and the more you play with it, the more you learn about it. You add various stones and metals to it, and see how the pieces come out. Sometimes these ingredients work together, and sometimes they do not.

Having worked with Stone People for most of my life, I am in tune with their energies, and They assist me in figuring out what energy the finished Orgonic product will produce, and which Stones and Metals are needed to achieve that effect.

Every Stone Person carries its own energy, as does each type of metal, and every herb. They all have metaphysical properties. There is a lot to learn here, and I have spent many, many years learning as much about it all as possible.

Then there are the energies that are produced when these ingredients are combined - how do they react together, how does the catalyzer (resin) and the other ingredients (metals, herbs) affect the energies of the Stones? This is where it can get tricky, for you must use ingredients that will work together. How do I know that they will? I ask them.

Every piece of Orgonics that I create, contains Stones that have been consulted about their participation in the finished piece. They have been asked about the metal used, and they have been asked if an herb or herbs are needed, and if so, which one(s) will work for that piece. They have even been consulted on the placement of certain stones within the piece. Research will only take you so far. You have to learn to combine what you know, with guidance being received, while having faith that the Intention you set, will be manifested in a way that will work for others. For it is not about me, it is about helping others. And in setting that Intent for myself each day, I have done much good work!

Oneness Pyramid *Copyright 2014 Michelle Phillips for Touch the Earth
Sometimes, pieces are created in layers, like my Pyramids. Let me tell you about them:

My Pyramids are created using layers of stones, herbs, and metals. They are carefully constructed, so that each layer assists in building energy upwards. This can be tricky, as the very top layer is the first one poured! Careful consideration is given to each stone, metal, and herb used, and its placement in the Pyramid, after consulting with the Stone People about it all, and the energy They wish to convey in each Orgonic Energy Device that I create. The end result is a Pyramid in which each layer adds its own energy to its layer, and assists the layer above it in strengthening its energy, and their combined energy then assists the next layer, and so on, to the top layer, where a Crystal Point resides, amplifying ALL of that energy outwards.
Many stones are used in all of my Pyramids, and they each agree to work with the others in producing the desired effect, or Intention, of the Pyramid.
When you purchase my Pyramids, you are getting the most energy possible for the desired Intention.
Orgonic Pendants *Copyright 2014 Michelle Phillips

All of my Orgonic pieces, from jewelry pendants to Pyramids, and everything inbetween, contain the stones, metals, and often herbs, that will produce the desired Intention, in the most efficient and effective way possible.

My Orgonic Energy Devices contain NO Artificial Ingredients or colors. Everything is completely natural, and the colors that you see, are the colors of the stones and metals themselves. I know that colored Orgonic pieces are popular, and that they are pretty to look at, but what we are looking for in a true energy device, is a piece that produces the energies needed. Every unnecessary ingredient that is added to an Orgonic, is also compressed along with the other ingredients, diluting the natural energy of everything else that has been added, and watering down the energy of the entire piece.

I'm a purist, I suppose. I like the natural energies of stones, and have always enjoyed working with them and learning from them. I want you to have them in a form that will assist you the most, and that is why I create Orgonic Energy Devices.

Orgonic Energy Devices amplify the energies of the ingredients used in it. In this way, it is even better to work with than the actual Stone People themselves, because you get their combined, amplified energies working together towards a specific purpose, continually.

And they look pretty too!
Orgonics Jewelry *Copyright 2014 Michelle Phillips

Often, I am compelled to musically charge certain Orgonic Energy Devicees. This serves to bring the energies of the stones, metals, any herbs used, and the combined Orgonic piece, into complete harmony with each other. For instance, a Love Pyramid would be charged with a Heart and/or Higher Heart Chakra tone, so that it will assist you, not just with finding love, but with healing yourself so that you can allow love into your life. And it's not just Pyramids that I musically charge, quite often I charge other pieces, as well. You will find notes about this in the listing for each piece. If it asks to be musically charged, I do so!

Any Orgonic Energy Device that you order from my shop is always fully charged with its Intent, and smudged and blessed prior to being shipped.

I pray this answers your questions, and if not, feel free to leave a comment, and I will answer you!
Thanks for stopping by!
Abundant Blessings,

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