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The cycle that we are now in, got my attention back in December 2004, when I was visited by Masaw, the Hopi Guardian of the Fourth World. In all, I visited with him three times. You have to know that I did share all of these visions when they happened, in an old blog that I wrote under a pseudonym. Yet, it was almost too late even then. Masaw spoke in my ear back on 2/25/17, and this reminded me of these visions. Today, I was given a Message from the Universe about this cycle, and told how it relates to these visions. Know that today's message tells us that there is another way, there is hope. Please stay tuned until the end, where you will find today's message. I must first tell you about Masaw's Vision, and how all of this came about. Please heed his warnings, and his words. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Wednesday 29 March 2017


Message from Masaw
This Vision occurred on Sunday, December 5th, 2004

My Spirit Guide came to me this night, telling me that we had to go somewhere. I followed him into the spirit world, over the river and through the woods, so to speak. We then go around a curve, where the person I need to see is waiting. He introduces himself to me.

"I am Masaw. Thank you for seeing me. I have something I need to show you, to tell you. Come with me."

We approach the edge of a mountain, overlooking a lush valley. He asks me if I know where I am. I tell him of course, this is my home, these are the Great Smoky Mountains. I recognized many landmarks that I had been familiar with as a child. It was a beautiful overlook, and we stood there and enjoyed it as he gave me his message.

He said, "Everything you see here, is in beauty, unspoiled", as he swept his arms wide to encompass it all.

He explained to me that this is something that bothered him very much, and that this was why he had come to me, to show me this, and discuss this with me. He said that he realized that something must be done to preserve this beauty, and he asked for my help in this.

He reminded me that the dark days are coming, they are unavoidable. When these dark days are over, we will once again come up out of the Earth (as it was in the Beginning, only this time we will come out of caves to inhabit the Earth once more). When this time comes, he explained to me, we must take charge of the land. This is very important, he told me. Mother Earth will need help in recovering, and she must be treated with respect. We must learn to live with the Earth once more.

The ones who will take care of Mother Earth, must take charge of the land, and defend it if necessary. They must take the land, for there is no other way if the Earth is to survive. Take as much land as possible, and protect it, and live with it.

He also explained to me about re-seeding the Earth afterwards. We must use seeds that are as pure as possible, from uncontaminated sources. I was advised to collect seeds beginning right away. We will need these seeds in order to plant as much as we can on Mother Earth, to help make her healthy once more. He again pointed to the valley, telling me it all needed to be made to look like this once more. He told me where to go to plant after the dark days, where I would find fertile land, and he showed me the area. I know where this is, and I will do this when the time comes, as he has requested.

Then he asked me to pass this message on to all who would listen and understand. I asked if I should use his name, and he told me that if it helped to get this message across, then to use it, he did not mind. The message being passed on is what is important, he felt.

He informed me that he would be back to talk to me again, and to help me in these changing times. He said the reason that he is doing this, is that he wants to do his part, and this is what he can do. I thanked him and we said our goodbyes, and he walked away. I returned to our world with my Guide.

Masaw the Caretaker, A Hopi Legend

I came across this story back in 2004. I knew I had found it because it was the confirmation of my Vision, Message from Masaw. From the moment I first saw the title to this story, I knew I was meant to find it and read it. It gave me chill bumps, and everything in it reverberated deeply with me. There are no coincidences. We have been given a message from the Caretaker of the Earth, to help Mother Earth become balanced and healthy once more. Dare we not heed it?
Here is the story:

Túwaqachi: The Fourth World - Másaw, the Caretaker
Adapted from "The Book of Hopi" By Frank Waters, Ballantine Books, 1963

"I have something more to say to you before I leave you," Sótuknang told the people as they stood at their place of emergence.

"The name of this Fourth World is Túwaqachi," he said, "the World Complete. You will find out why. It is not all beautiful and easy like the previous ones. It has height and depth, heat and cold, beauty and barrenness: it has everything for you to choose from. What you choose will determine if this time you can carry out the plan of creation on it or whether it, in time, must be destroyed too.

Now you will separate and go different ways to claim all the earth for the Creator. Each group of you will follow your own star until it stops. There you will settle. Now I must go. But you will have help from the proper deities, from your good spirits. Just keep your own doors open and always remember what I have told you."

Then he disappeared.

The people began to move slowly off the shore and into the land, when they heard the low rumbling noise again. Looking around, they saw a handsome man and asked, "Are you the one who has been making these noises we have heard?"

"Yes, I made them to help you find the way here. Do you not recognize me? My name is Másaw. I am the caretaker, the guardian and protector of this land."

The people recognized Másaw. He had been appointed head caretaker of the Third World, but, becoming a little self-important, he had lost his humility before the Creator. Being a spirit, he could not die, so Taiowa took his appointment away from him and made him the deity of death and the underworld. This job below was not as pleasant as the one Above. Then, when the Third World was destroyed, Taiowa decided to give him another chance, as he had the people, and appointed him to guard and protect this Fourth World as its caretaker.

He was the first being the people had met here, and the people were very respectful to him. "Will you give us permission to live on this land?" they asked.

"Yes, I will give my permission as owner of this land," he said.

"Will you be our leader?" they then asked.

"No," replied Másaw. "A greater one than I has given you a plan to fulfill first. When the previous parts of the world were pushed under the water, this new land was pushed up in the middle to become the backbone of the earth. You are now standing on its western slope, but you have not yet made your migrations. You have not yet followed your stars to the place you will meet and settle. This you must do before I can become your leader. But if you go back to your evil ways again, I will take over the earth from you, for I am its guardian, caretaker, and protector."

"To the north," he continued, "you will find cold and ice. That is the back door to this land, and those who come through this back door do so without my consent. Go now and claim the land with my permission."

When Másaw disappeared, the people divided into groups and clans to begin their migrations.

"May we all meet again," they all called back to one another.

This is how it all began on this, our present Fourth World. As we know, its name is Túwaqachi, World Complete.

Its direction north, its color sikyangpu (yellowish white). Chiefs upon it are the tree kneumapee (juniper), the bird mongwau (owl), the animal tohapko (mountain lion), and the mixed mineral sikyápala.

Message from Masaw, Part 2: Revisitation
This second visit with Masaw occurred on Sunday 13 August 2006

I'm meditating when all of a sudden, I see a familiar face, quite prominently. I ask who has a message for me, and if he will deliver this message to me.

He replies, "Come with me, someone wants to see you".

As if I have not heard this line before! I recall the last time I heard them, and realize that he is taking me to Masaw. He again takes me to the valley of my childhood, in the Great Smoky Mountains.

He thanks me for seeing him, as we are walking. Then we arrive at the valley. Much has changed here in my absence. Now, the leaves are yellow and brown on the formerly lush trees. Everything is dying. I feel Masaw's sadness. It echoes my own.

"It is too late now to do anything about this. The people have not taken care of their Mother, and instead focused on material gain, greed, hate, and anger. This land is the result of their ways. We are connected to the land, and what we feel is projected onto the land. When we are happy, the land flourishes. When we are angry, it dies. This is what has happened, and now it is too late to help her."

I feel very bad about all of this. After all, he had given me an opportunity to help, and I felt as if I had blown it. I expressed this to him.

"No, do not feel that way. You are not responsible for all of the people. You did what I asked you to do, you tried. They will not change their ways. That is why this has happened", he told me.

I stood there with tears pouring down my face, seeing the sadness on his, not knowing what to do or to say.

He continued, "I came to you because I brought you here before. You had to know that it is too late. Things are going to happen as they are meant to happen. We have all failed this world, and now we will pay for it. She will be destroyed. Get out in the early stages if you can. If not, save your seeds, you will be needing them for the recovery efforts, when this is all over. You know where to go?", he asked me.

"Yes, I remember where you said to go", I replied. I visualized this place in my mind for him to verify.

"You know where to stay during the bad times?", he asked.

Again, I visualized an image for him to verify. It was of the caves.

I asked what would happen to him when this world was finished. He explained to me that he is the Caretaker of the Fourth World, and he had failed in this duty, so he was not sure if he would be allowed into the Fifth World of Peace or not.

I told him, as he'd told me, that he was not responsible for all of these people. The way they had treated Mother Earth was out of even his control.

He told me that he felt as if he had failed in his duty here, but did realize that it was beyond his abilities to do anything about it. He said that he had thought that we had a chance, one last chance, to help to save Mother Earth, and that had been why he had come to me before. Now we had gone beyond this opportunity, and it was too late to do anything.

He told me that he would probably be here after the destruction, helping Mother Earth. He was the Caretaker, after all, and had a responsibility to her. He felt that he would be unable to go on until everything was "in beauty" once again. I told him I'd probably be here also, and that I hoped to see him again.

He assured me that we would talk again, and see each other again, and I headed back to the Elder who had guided me to him this day. I felt his sadness following me, and will always remember his face this day.

As I was leaving, I heard Masaw telling me that no matter what, I was still a Caretaker of this Earth, and that my duty was to report my visit with him this day, for all to hear, and I did as he requested.

Message from Masaw, Third Visit
This vision occurred on Thursday 25 January 2007

In my vision, I again went to see Masaw the Caretaker. An Elder visited me and took me to Masaw, who was in the same valley, in the Great Smoky Mountains, where I always meet up with him.

The Elder, who had visited with me before, seemed worried when he appeared to me. He told me that I needed to come with him, that Masaw was distressed, and perhaps I could help him. I immediately went with him, remembering other trips we had made together. Within a couple of seconds, we were in the valley with Masaw.

Masaw thanked me for coming, as he showed me the current appearance of the former lush valley. I recalled the last time I had visited this valley with him, all of the plant life, all of the trees, were starting to die. This time it was even worse. (it pains me to say this...) There were toxic chemicals oozing up out of the ground, in this sacred valley. They were bubbling up, and rising higher on the banks. A dead frog and a dead snake turned yellow could be seen beside these toxic waters. Masaw, in tears, broke my heart, and I began to cry with him. He asked if I understood, and I said that I did. He told me that there was nothing I could do, but that he had wanted me to see what was happening, felt that it was important.

You see, sometimes it is not about whether or not you can save something, or can make it all better; sometimes your heart just bleeds for all of the destruction that we have caused. We have poisoned Mother Earth, and she is dying. I feel her pain, just as Masaw did.

Eventually we said our goodbyes, and we promised to meet again, either in this world or the next. My guide carried me back to the Path to my world, and I followed it home.


Fast Forward to 10 years later, March 29, 2017

Now I'm living on what was once ancient Puebloan land, where their spirits still gather round the fire. We live on the corner of a through street, that is lined with 100+ year old Cottonwood trees. There used to be an agricultural ditch that ran along this road, and this is from where the Cottonwoods get their "Water of Life". For more on Cottonwoods, see my blog page located here:

The Story of the Cottonwoods

Unfortunately, many of these old Cottonwoods are dying off right now, and there are very few younger ones, and even fewer being grown. Soon, there will be none left. There are three on the side of the road next to our house, one on the actual property, and two on what we thought was Conservancy land, only to find that since the agricultural ditch has not been used in over 10 years, the land now belongs to the property owner, who is responsible for the huge trees. The limbs on all of these Cottonwoods that line the street are dying, and falling off into the street, as are the ones on this property. The one Cottonwood that is inside our fence, is my East Altar. She is in very sad shape. We had her trimmed last year, now even more of her branches have died off, posing a threat to traffic. The second tree is completely dead and leaning over, posing a serious threat, while the third looks healthy, but is dead on the inside, as are several of his branches that hang over the street. They say it is best to take it out now, before it's three sections split apart and cause a lot of damage. We're losing all of them this Thursday, they are being cut down. Later today, I will hold Ceremony for them, offer up prayers for them, offer tobacco, and talk to them all, thanking them for their service. It's a very sad situation, and it kept me up for most of the night last night thinking about it all. Waking early this morning, I went outside where I received a Message from the Universe:

Cottonwoods are a Sign of Water, and with their roots going so very deep into the Earth to draw up that water here in the desert, they are very connected to the Earth. Part of this is about our own connection to the Water and to the Earth, and how we have lost that connection in recent years. We no longer plant and grow our own food. We have Monsanto trying to own all of the seeds, which are being replaced with genetically engineered seeds and foods. Water Is Life, and so we have seen with the Dakota Access Pipeline, and have the Sioux to thank for bringing us back to awareness of how important Water really is. Not that any of this matters now, with the Republican President doing away with any and all protections of the Earth and the Water, selling it off to the highest bidder.

All of these things can get one in a saddened state, if we allow that. However, that is not the point here. I want to remind you of how important it is to grow your own food, to honor the Water, and to keep it safe, pure, and healthy. The same goes for the seeds. Find the heirloom seeds, grow organic, compost and fertilize your soil naturally. This is why:

All of this Earth damage has been irreversable since Masaw gave me that 2nd message back in 2006. But there is a better way. We have neglected the Earth and the Waters of the Earth for far too long. It is time to take it back, by growing our own food, protecting our Water, and DOING THE WORK needed to make it ours again. This Earth belongs to The People of the Earth, and She provides everything we need to live on this planet, but we have to take care of it, take it back from the government and corporations who are misusing Her/our resources, polluting Her, and destroying Her.

If we want to provide a liveable Earth for the 7th Generation, we have to DO THE WORK to take back the Earth, the Waters of the Earth, and all of Her resources, NOW!

There is one more part of this, I am told. The OLD must die! This includes everything that we have ever known, the old Cottonwoods, the Whales, the Birds and the Bees - they are all trying to leave us, and we have to accept those losses, if they belong to the OLD system. At the same time, the OLD system must die! We cannot afford to continue to support a government, people, societies, companies, or politics that DO NOT SUPPORT THE EARTH. A new way is being born, but before it can, we must RELEASE the OLD! Let it go. Remembering to DO THE WORK needed to continue growing our own, taking back the land, the water, and the resources, that will support us into the future.

We may lose a lot in this process, but the birth of the new has already begun. We can support that birth with our own actions to keep us all growing forward towards a better future for All of Life.

Living in harmony and in balance with All of Life is our only choice right now. And it begins with each one of us doing just that. Grow, forage, hunt, plant, and protect the Water, in any way that you can. The future depends on our actions now. Will we survive? Only if we DO THE WORK needed to support ourselves.

I'm also reminded of Whale's message from 2/13/17:
"At this time, Earth's Children will have to unite and honor all ways and all races in order to survive."
You can read the rest of this message here:
Whale's Message

Thank you for listening, thank you for caring, thank you for sharing!

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I feel your message into my soul. There is such familiarity to what I'm experiencing, blessings to you. I will do my part here.