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Roadblocks - Overcoming Barriers

Back in July, we first spoke of Roadblocks, in the post on "Let Go Of All You Have Ever Been", and again, a couple of days later in a Message from the Universe post, and once more in the last blog post on "A Rock and A Hard Place", we talked about how we are getting stuck. The subject comes up again and again, it seems, as the Universe is trying to guide us away from where we are stuck and onto a new path, a new way for us all. Now, even  more information has come in on this important subject, that I am going to share with you today.Then we'll look again at some of the pertinent info from the previous posts, and tie it all together into the current energies for today!

What I've noticed from studying the Roadblock and construction on the street outside my house:

- A lot of people are hitting roadblocks, and they go through obstacles (dirt, barricades, etc) to go ALL THE WAY up to the roadblock before turning around. There are Signs everywhere saying "Road Closed" but we choose to ignore them. Now, I'm talking about physical roadblocks that we encounter on actual roads and highways, but the same lessons apply to life.

- The interesting part of this is that we continue on, hoping for the best outcome!

- When we then encounter the Roadblock, we get mad and BLAME someone else. It might be the construction company, or the city, or our parents/relatives, teachers, or friends, or just some abstract "them". We ignored the Signs, and blame someone else for our mistake. This means that we are NOT accepting RE-sponsibility for our actions, and are instead, giving our Power to another.

How this applies to Roadblocks on our Path in life:

We get stuck on doing something, and give it all of our energy, only to encounter a Roadblock. At that point, we don't want to turn around because we've got so much invested in that path. In a physical roadblock, we've driven ALL that way, and it seems like too much work to have to turn around and find a new way to go, and this, too, is symbolic of what happens in life.

Think back to something you've done in the past that didn't pan out. It might have worked for you for a long time, and all of a sudden, it no longer works. This happens because that path has run out of energy, and we are meant to go do something else. Or, we might forego the guidance we receive and do something that we want to do anyway, only to find another dead end. It can also manifest as what my mentor called, "jumping". We run out of energy on one path, and without thinking twice, we immediately JUMP into another place, task, path, or project.

When we don't think things through first, we don't see all of the options available to us. We feel the need to make a decision quickly, and do so without giving it a whole lot of thought. This used to happen to me with jobs and apartments a lot. I'd quit a job over their lack of professionalism, and just jump into the next one offered to me, only to end up the same way, quitting because of their lack of professionalism. Back in my early 20's, I was moving every 3-6 months, usually due to a job and needing to live near it. I'd jump right into a new situation, only to find that the apartment had the same problems that the last one did.

Let's look at the energy of repetition and patterns. If lessons seem to be repeating themselves in your life, it's because you are not learning them, and you are ignoring the Signs that the Universe is sending you. Lessons repeat themselves until we learn them, often getting harsher each time around. Stop. Stand back. Look for the patterns!

We also have to talk how this causes our energy to get stuck. We block ourselves when we are not open to change, to growth. Or when we insist on going all the way up to that Roadblock, instead of heeding the Signs that we see along our path. Then we either beat ourselves up over it, or blame someone else. Or just plain get mad at everyone and everything! You should see some of the cars here, swerving around in the street and storming off at high speed! People do not like to encounter roadblocks - in their lives or in their world!

Freeing the energy from that stuckness, that blockage, is what is called for. Laugh and go on your way, knowing that if the Universe is turning you back, that this is not what you are meant to do, and that they have something better in store for you! No blame, no anger. Just movement, which frees up that stuck energy!

What about when something happens to prevent you from going somewhere... an example might be having a flat tire when you try to leave, which makes you miss that doctor appointment, or to have to go grocery shopping another time, or it could just make you late to work. How do you respond? Have you ever stopped to think that the Universe may have delayed you for a reason? Perhaps an accident, a bad traffic jam, a robbery, were taking place along your route, and the Universe spared you that disaster. This is another way that we can see from a different perspective. Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides are always working towards protecting you. The little inconveniences that we encounter may be their way of redirecting us to protect us.

So the question that the Universe is asking us today is this:
When you meet RE-sistence, how do you RE-spond?

Their guidance is:
Pay attention to the Signs, first of all! Listen to your Intuition about these things. Listen to any Spiritual guidance that you RE-ceive about your path, so that you can continue moving forward. The Universe sends us Signs each and every day. It is up to us to pay attention to them, and to decipher their meaning in our lives, and to use that guidance to "trim the sails" to correct your course.

Late last night/early this morning, once again I was called outside by Grandmother Moon, who wanted to dance. After bathing in Her light for a while, I came in and went back to bed. Then the Universe delivered a message for me to pass on:

"When we choose not to change, grow, and evolve, we get stuck in a repetitive negative energy cycle that doesn't break until we make a change or take an action - and if that action or change is not aligned with our highest good, the cycle causes a negative response to our movement. Following our intuition or Spirit's guidance, are the only ways forward. Otherwise, we're still sitting at the same old roadblock..."

A lot of us are being RE-directed right now, onto new paths so that we can do the work that we are here to do. Some are heeding that call, others are still sitting at that Roadblock, wondering what to do, while yet others are storming off mad at the world. Again, how are you RE-sponding?

RE words are Mercury REtrograde words, and REflect that energy, REminding us to look within for our answers during this REtrograde period, and that by REviewing our thoughts and interactions, we will find our answer.


From July 14th (which was actually during the LAST Waning Moon!):

"Roadblocks signify the end of the energy road for you and your life, in that direction. They are telling you that there is another way open to you, and urge you to find it. The Universe is telling us right now, to:

“Let go of all that you have ever known, so that you can be open to everything that is coming your way!”

The Universe is compelling us to RE-examine our lives, and to SEE CLEARLY anything that we may be holding onto from our pasts, that is blocking our Energy Road.

The Universe puts up ROADBLOCKS to help us to find and become our Authentic Self, and to do the work that we came here to do. If you fight it, or even ignore it, things just get worse, and you stagnate more and more."


From July 16th:

From 11/11/2016, and relating to the ROADBLOCK blog post this past week:
"...we are in the process of DE-Construction. What is meant by this is to DeConstruct things in order to ReConstruct them in a way that is healthier for us all. It means that we are not destroying anything, nor will we be, especially if it can potentially harm or backfire to harm Mother Earth and all living things. Instead, we are asked to look at everything and find a way reconstruct it to make it healthier for all."


From August 12th:


While we are in this State of Flux, what can we do? Let go and detach is the first thing that came to me. There are so many signs of Water all around me, that they finally got the message through to me about how Water is fluid. There's a Daoist quote about Water being soft, yet wearing away stone due to its persistence. Water flows freely, it is fluid, it flows where it wants, if it can't get through, it takes another route. It's not afraid to try a new way. When we are not fluid, not accepting of change, we get blocked, as water does with a dam. Can you go around the problem? Can you see it from a different angle or perspective? Is there another way to accomplish the same ends? Or, if the road is blocked, can you take a different route or do something else instead?

I've talked before about the "road block" outside my house, where the road is being worked on due to the Water Main and the water and sewer lines being old. So many clues in that! If the road is blocked, go a different way. If the water is off, your emotions are blocked. Water and sewer lines being old - outdated issues are still affecting you, and need to be released. Lastly, the backing up sewer issue will eventually cause you to become completely blocked, if you do not release the old "waste". All of these are lessons for the current times.

What needs to be released so that you can move forward again? We need to tackle this right away, so that we are ready for the new energies that are arriving on the 21st.

We are being asked, what is blocking you, what is holding you back, from being your truest, most authentic self?"


What Roadblocks are you hitting? Do you still feel stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place? It's time to clear the fear, embrace change, and roll on down the road, with ease, which is another Sign that you are doing what you are meant to do. If the road is easy, you are tuned in and listening to the guidance received, and following it, whereas if the road is difficult, you aren't heeding the Signs.

Many are also feeling the need to simplify right now. From yesterday's Message from the Universe, posted on The Touch the Earth Page on Facebook (follow me there for these updates):


"It is your job to Hold the Light. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by things happening in the world, for that scatters your energy and your focus. If you are focusing on world events, you are not focusing on Holding the Light. This is important work, and you are important! Most of all, don't let these Distractions overwhelm you, and keep you from the work that you are here to do at this time."

"Many are feeling the urge to simplify at this time, and that is a part of the energies between these two Eclipses. We've talked about the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th being the closing of last year's Eclipse energies, and how the upcoming Solar Eclipse on the 21st is the start of new energies for the coming year, so you can easily see how it's time to "clean out your closet", in order to bring in the new with the "new year" energies that are arriving soon. The more you let go of, the more room you have in your life for new experiences!"

"We are all evolving, changing, becoming who we came here to be. Yet today we are reminded that people do not change until THEY are ready to change, until change is the only option, sometimes. Don't let this frustrate you in the coming days. Everything happens in Divine Timing. Do your work and plant the seeds, then step back and let nature take over."


 "...until change is the only option..." brings us right back to the Roadblocks! We go all the way up to them, hoping for the best, so that we do not have to change our route and be "inconvenienced", and have to put our energy into something else. I can't imagine how it would feel to stagnate in a job I hated, or in a relationship that had ended long ago, and was just hung onto out of habit. We change our hair, our nails, our clothes, our homes and their decor... why not change YOU instead?! If you aren't doing what you love, listen to the Universe, and let it guide you to the work that you are meant to do. No anger, no grudges, just follow your bliss! You deserve to be happy in all that you do!

It's time for us all to have a HEALING CONVERSATION with ourselves, to look deep within and see what is holding us back from experiencing a life of bliss, from achieving our goals, from being our truest, most authentic self. Seek out the answers that resonate within you, and let them guide you to a new path. Be fluid, like water, and flow with the currents of life.

And don't forget to play! It enhances your creativity and your energy! Run, jump, skip, and invite your Inner Child to show you the activities you can participate in together that will free the Inner Child and restore her sacredness, innocence, and joy.

In the aftermath of this past weekend's news, it may be time to step away from others for a bit, if at all possible, so that you can see and understand things more clearly, from deep within yourself, instead of depending on the news media to convey unbiased truths. How do you feel about things? That's what is important! What can you RE-lease that will help you to be a better person? When we heal ourselves, we heal our world. What is your Truth? All the answers lie within you.

Dive deep as we approach this next New Moon, so that you can emerge out of your cocoon on the other side of it, transformed!

I'll be back when the Universe guides me here again.
Have a great week!

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