Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday 07 August 2017 - Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse - BlogTalkRadio

The Universe woke me up early today to give me a message to pass along to you. Here we go:

Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse Energies, Monday 07 August 2017:
Gratitude is the word of the day! During this Full Moon, give thanks for all that you have, and for all that is on its way into your life - and for those things that will be leaving your life during this waning Moon. Also give thanks for the Transformation that is occurring, on both an individual level and a collective level. Give thanks for the things that you have been wishing for, and for the Intentions that you have been setting, during this Waxing Moon, as if these things are already present in your life. This shows the Universe that you have faith that all will arrive in Divine Timing.

NOTE 2: Don't forget to sit your stones out overnight tonight to bathe in the Moon energies!

NOTE3: The current and upcoming energies are showing us where our own denial has held us back in our lives, from being our truest, most Authentic Self.
Spend some time in silence, listening within, during this day or night, and see what comes up for you, where your thoughts go. These are messages and promptings from the Universe, that will help you in the coming days. Listen deeply!

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TONIGHT!!! I will be a guest on Cinnamon Moon at Night's BlogTalkRadio show, talking about my book, The Psychic Key, and Spiritual Perspectives. It airs at 8pm EDT, 7pm CDT, 6pm MDT, or 5pm PDT. If you miss it, you can always catch the replay. I'll be posting that link here, after tonight's show. Here's a little more info provided by Cinnamon Moon:

TONIGHT, August 7th at 8pmEST/7pmCST/5pmPST
It’s Guest Night with Michelle Phillips, friend and author of The Psychic Key: Opening Doorways In Your Mind along with . Join us as we discuss her book, and the fascinating issues around spiritual perspectives. Feel free to share this post and invite your friends along. Everyone is welcome to listen in, get on the air and of course visit the live chat room. Tune in, call in, and join in! To get in the queue the number is: 914-338-0494 option #1. It’s going to be another great show! We’ll see you there!"

This is the link:

You can also access the replay at the same link!


The Lion's Gate is tomorrow, 8-8. The energies remain high, and slipping through the Veil is happening on a regular basis with all of this going on. Pay attention to the Signs and Messages that you receive over the next couple of days, from the Universe, and look them up to divine their meaning for your life. I'm always available to help if you get stuck! Just leave a comment on the blog!

The Lions Gate is anchoring new light codes into us all, and into the Earth at this time. Our vibrational levels are increasing tremendously! We can also work with the Golden Rainbow Ray (see blog page on top menu bar), and anchor it's energies into the Earth to assist us all.

Bottom line:
We are becoming our highest, truest, most Authentic Self!
No matter what happens, that is the goal!

The next few days will bring transformations from within. We'll talk more about that once the Moon's energies begin waning.

Happy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!
Abundant Blessings to all!

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