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Current Energies: A Rock and A Hard Place

6 Planets in Retrograde:
Mercury goes Retro tonight in the US, in Virgo
Saturn is Retro through the 25th of this month, in Sagittarius
Pluto is Retro through 9/28 in Capricorn
Uranus is Retro through 1/2/18 in Aries - Sudden and abrupt changes + Fire
Both Neptune and Chiron are Retro in Pisces - Water
Neptune Retro lasts through 11/22, while Chiron, the Asteroid (not technically a planet), is Retro through 12/4.

In addition, we have a Grand Cross in the sky, and several upcoming Grand Trines, along with Venus in Cancer, and being between two Eclipses.

All of these energies can have us feeling like we are stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place. Let's talk about what's going on, and how we are getting stuck!

Water vs Fire: balance must be found.
State of Flux
Water and Fluidity
Healing our Emotional Waters
Removing Emotional Blockages
Power and Energy


Water, the Element of the West, the season of Autumn, and the Direction of the Feminine, the emotions, and our psychic abilities, confronts the Element of Fire, the Direction of South, season of Summer, and the teachings of our Inner Child, passion, creativity, sexuality, humor, innocence, and joy.

On August 1st, we reached the halfway point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. This brings the energies of both into play. If we don't heal the Inner Child in the South, we can't be the adult in the West. If we don't have joy, if we can't play freely, it's because our emotions are causing blockages. Fire (soul) honors it's emotions (heart). Blockages to one, creates blockages to all. 

In Chakra terms, if the Sacral Chakra (passion, creativity, sexuality) is blocked, all Chakras above it are not in balance, and this includes the Heart Chakra (emotions, love, self love), and the Solar Plexus Chakra (self confidence, self esteem, ego, and manifestation).

So, healing and freeing our Inner Child, can free up the energy of the Sacral Chakra, and allow that Chi energy to flow upwards, bringing balance to all of the Chakras. 


I've been reminded that we are currently in a State of Flux between these two Eclipses. The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th brought closure to the Eclipse season of late 2016. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st begins a whole new energy paradigm, for the coming year. Inbetween the two, lies flux, movement, fluidity. There are two ways to handle this energy:

1- allow change to happen, going with the flow
2- remain in the old energy*

*not really a "solution", for change will be thrust upon you, if you choose this option. Uranus Retro says this.

Imagine again the caterpillar inside the cocoon, and the metamorphosis he is enduring. His body is in a State of Flux. And that is what we are going through right now, only with our Energy Bodies, instead of our physical bodies. New Light Codes will be arriving soon, to direct our energy into the new paradigm, and give us an outlet for our newness to take shape. Right now, we're in that cocoon, not knowing what is happening to us, nor what we are becoming, much as the Caterpillar is experiencing.

Yet Caterpillar entered the cocoon willingly. He knows that change is happening, and that there is nothing he can do to stop it. He has accepted his fate. He knows that all he is becoming, is being guided and determined by the Universe.

Be like Caterpillar. He has given up control of his life, so that he may emerge transformed. He trusts the process, and he trusts that his eventual metamorphosis will occur in Divine Timing. Can we do any less?


While we are in this State of Flux, what can we do? Let go and detach is the first thing that came to me. There are so many signs of Water all around me, that they finally got the message through to me about how Water is fluid. There's a Daoist quote about Water being soft, yet wearing away stone due to its persistence. Water flows freely, it is fluid, it flows where it wants, if it can't get through, it takes another route. It's not afraid to try a new way. When we are not fluid, not accepting of change, we get blocked, as water does with a dam. Can you go around the problem? Can you see it from a different angle or perspective? Is there another way to accomplish the same ends? Or, if the road is blocked, can you take a different route or do something else instead?

And that is where the fluidity issue arose in my life. I was set on doing something the other day, and when I wasn't able to do that, I got stuck. I couldn't do anything else. So I stopped and thought about it, eventually hearing the Universe tell me that I needed to be more fluid, more accepting of change. Which brings up this subject here.

I've talked before about the "road block" outside my house, where the road is being worked on due to the Water Main and the water and sewer lines being old. So many clues in that! If the road is blocked, go a different way. If the water is off, your emotions are blocked. Water and sewer lines being old - outdated issues are still affecting you, and need to be released. Lastly, the backing up sewer issue will eventually cause you to become completely blocked, if you do not release the old "waste". All of these are lessons for the current times.

What needs to be released so that you can move forward again? We need to tackle this right away, so that we are ready for the new energies that are arriving on the 21st.

How can you detach more? Let's look at material possessions for a moment. The more you hold onto, the less abundance your hands can grab. Everything in life must be fluid. Let go of what you have now, to bring in new. Let go of old issues so that you can have new experiences. Let go of all that you are, so that you can become all that you came here to be. This is another point about Stuck Energy - it keeps you from moving into the new.

Fluidity - letting go of things with one hand, while bringing in the new with the other. Be like Water!


Every day in saying my morning prayers, I pray for the healing of the Waters of the Earth, and knowing that these Waters are represented by the emotional waters of each and every one of us, I also ask that we all heal our emotional waters. For to heal our own Waters, is to heal the Waters of the Earth. Today when I said this, I had an epiphany. It is time to heal our emotional waters. We are being given the time and the incentive to do so, right now.

We are being asked, what is blocking you, what is holding you back, from being your truest, most authentic self? And we are being asked to deal with that issue, once and for all. Add in that we are currently in the Direction of South which is the home of our Inner Child and our Inner Fire (which can manifest as anger if not released), and that Water represents the emotions, we are looking at healing childhood emotional issues at this time. What has not been cleared out and healed from your childhood? Are you holding onto anger from your childhood? These things affect us as adults, until we heal and release them. So it is a time of diving deep into our own emotional waters (Neptune Retro), to see what is there that needs to be healed and released.

When we have ANY blockage in our energy system, it prevents the energy from flowing freely. We want full fluidity of energy movement, to open us all up to be able to experience all of life to its fullest. Any blockage can and does prevent this, so it is in our best interest, to remove these blockages.

Yet, looking deeply within, can be frightening to a lot of people. How do we overcome this? How do we do this? Where do we start? How do we persevere in the face of fear?

Nothing from your childhood can harm you now, unless you allow it to. As an adult, I think that we have to give ourselves permission to move on from our childhood, but we can't really move on if we are still holding on to parts of it. For me, I realized that I needed healing and took it upon myself to get counseling. When that was over, I took it upon myself to continue doing the work myself. I knew that if I didn't, I'd never have a happy life, and I knew that I deserved to be happy - we all do!

That's the thing. We have to do the work if we want the rewards. If we aren't willing to do the work, we are shucking responsibility for our own issues. Sure, other people laid their trips and issues on you as a child. It happens to us all. It's what you do about it as an adult that matters. How you respond to it, and to yourself, is what is important. Are you worth it? Yes! Can you do it? Yes! Can fear get the better of you some days, can the negativity of it all bring you down, yes and yes, but you can persevere.

When things happen in your life, how are you responding? Are you reacting or responding? Reactions are instantaneous, and come from fear, generally. They're like unconscious acts, we speak before thinking, act before thinking it through. If, on the other hand, we respond, it means that we have thought it through, and are coming from our Truth in speaking or acting. What, people demand answers right away and don't give a chance to think things through? Bad people! Now see how easy it is to blame others? Take all the time you need. No one has the right to pressure you to make a bad decision.

Blaming our pasts on our parents is, at times, appropriate. If we didn't have a way to escape them projecting their issues onto us, then yes, they were responsible for the way they chose to raise us. However, once we become adults, we need to deal with these issues, and learn to find our own way in the world as healed individuals. Parents should come with warning labels and we should be gifted money for counseling as adults. But it doesn't have to be that way. If we heal ourselves, we won't raise children who need healing. Can you imagine what that world will look like!!!

Continuing to blame others, however, is not accepting responsibility for your own life. For instance, you go to counseling, complete it, but still blame your parents... nope! For everything that you do in life, is based on your own initiative. You create the world in which you live through your actions and reactions, responses and lack of response, wishes and intentions, words and deeds. You are responsible for your life. Period. And no one can heal it for you. If you want to be happy, heal your life, accept responsibility for your actions, and own your power!


Continuing to blame others, is giving them your power.

Energy goes where attention flows.

Who or what are you giving your energy and/or power to?
The Universe is asking us this question now, and is waiting to hear that we are using our energy and our power for our own lives.

In the last blog post, we spoke about Distractions, and how they get our energy and therefore, our power.

If you are not using your full power, someone else will take it. From energy vampires to people in the news, whatever you focus upon, you are giving your energy to them. Can we help others? It actually is not a good time for this type of work right now. We all need to be accepting responsibility for ourselves and our own lives, and we can't do that if we are busy being overloaded with the energies or issues of others.

That's the other part of this: Negativity. Owning your power, means not allowing it to move into the negative realm, because you understand that you have the POWER to choose where your energy goes.

Giving your energy to others, allowing it to be pulled into negativity, allowing yourself to be distracted, shows that you are not managing your energy well, and are not fully in your Power.


The State of Flux is about being open to change.
Emotional blockages keep you from abundance.
Accept responsibility for your life, and for your energy.
Own your Power by using it for yourself.
Be like Caterpillar.
Be like Water.

Detach. Let go. Release.
Make room for the new...

Look at all the ways in your life where you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, and see them as opportunities for growth. How can you take a different route, go a different direction, do something differently, to create positive and healthy change in your life. What can you let go of? Even if it's only a sense of temporary stubbornness, it, too, can be let go of, in order to see clearly the opportunities being offered.


Mercury Retro calls on us to REthink things. Sometimes this means thinking about them twice or more, to SEE CLEARLY and Understand with Clarity. Take some time to think during this Mercury Retro. It's all about helping you to heal your conversation with yourself.

Lastly, I want to share this with you. I don't remember where it came from, I've been using it for a few years now, and it always helps!

"I have all the resources I need and desire to be comfortable and to assist me in fulfilling my Divine Mission. I live in the perfect place to nourish my Spirit, and my physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Abundance flows to me and through me as I hold it lightly in my hands and allow it to flow out into the world to constantly be replenished. All my desires, needs, and wishes are fulfilled even before I am aware of them. My timing is perfect in making decisions and taking action. I always listen to and follow my Spirit in every endeavor; therefore, my decisions and actions are for the highest good of all. I cherish and nurture our Mother Earth and She cherishes, nurtures, and supports me. I radiate love and blessings to all and they are returned tenfold. My world is filled with love, peace, compassion, happiness, healing, hope, harmony, joy, beauty, and comfort, always, and in all ways."

Have a great week!



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