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August Energy Report - Part 2: Numbers, Astrology, Themes, and Keywords

August arrives bringing a brand new energy signature! Can you feel the change? New things are possible now, a higher vibrational level infuses All of Life on Earth, and Leo the Lion says, "hear me roar"!!! It's time to do your own thing, to work on you and what you need in the coming year, to move forward and be who you came here to be!

PART ONE of the AUGUST ENERGY REPORT is available here, for more info. It includes Full and New Moon energies, as well as the upcoming Lunar and Solar Eclipses, the Lions Gate of 8-8, and Leo themes, and more!


The energy of each date in August is doubled, due to the math. August = 8, plus 2+0+1+7=1 making it a #9 month, and any number added to 9 becomes the original number. For instance, the 1st of August is a #10/1 day because 9+1=10. Some dates, this is not really significant, yet others will be profound due to it, such as the 11th and the 22nd. The 8th will be 8-8 as well as 8 to the 2nd power, or 8 squared, due to the way the numbers add up. This will give us ANOTHER 20-20 day this month, on the 20th of course! It is another opportunity to SEE CLEARLY! Whatever that will mean for you on that date, whether its a situation you are involved in, someone in your life, your own issues, or local, American, or world politics, something will be seen more clearly, and understood more deeply on this date.

With August being a 9 month, we will also have double 9 days this month, which goes along with one of our themes for this month, which is Releasing. If you see the period between the Lunar and Solar Eclipses as the most powerful time of this month, and then recognize that it will be a Waning Moon, you will see that it is the most powerful time for releasing this year!!!

September will arrive as a #10 month, a time of new beginnings, and that will actually start with the Solar Eclipse on the 21st. The Lunar Eclipse on 8/7 will close out the energies from the previous Eclipse season back in February 2017, and the Solar Eclipse on 8/21 will bring in a new cycle, filled with new beginnings energy. Therefore, the Intentions that you set on that powerful 2nd New Moon in Leo/Solar Eclipse on the 21st, will be active through the next Eclipse season in January 2018. In addition, prior to the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th, you may find old issues from back in February coming up for you again. If so, it is time to heal and release them, once and for all. More info on the Lunar and Solar Eclipses, as well as the Full and New Moons, is available in Part 1 of this report.

Another significant date in the coming month is the 24th. Pay attention to this date. I don't know why it is being pointed out to me, yet I am told that this message is for everyone. Something will happen on the 24th - something good? I don't know. I see it as a positive however! It will strike change, create change, bring change... It will be about change.

The rest of the Numerology for August can be found in the Astrology and Numerology Column on the left side of the blog, 2nd one from the top. It's always there for your easy reference!


We have Uranus going into Retrograde in Aries on August 3rd. Uranus is about abrupt and sudden change. It is metamorphosis from within. It is about SEEING CLEARLY, and changing our lives because of insights received, both individually and collectively. Uranus moves WITHIN each of us when in Retro, so the changes begin WITHIN each of us, and are reflected out into the world from there.


Mercury goes Retro on August 12th in Virgo, ending on September 5th in Leo. We know that Mercury is about those "re" words. We know that Mercury is about communication. We know that anything legal that we do during Mercury Retro is liable to come back up for RE-evaluation at a later date, which may or may not be a good thing. But none of this speaks TRUTH TO POWER, which is the Real Theme of this Mercury Retro. The POWER of Communication is coming up. It's focus is to REview, REflect, REword, and REthink. REflection being Key!

We are being asked to notice who or what has POWER OVER us in any way, but especially by using words to influence us. Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam shared a video on the subject of Power through Communication just this morning, that helps to understand it all much better. Who or what is attempting to have power over us with their words? Are they trying to put on an act for us, or is it truthful, from the heart? Notice these things this month and then reflect upon them, so that you can SEE CLEARLY who has POWER OVER you or your life.

Give TRUTH TO POWER by speaking from your own heart, your own Truth Center, by proclaiming all that you are in all that you do. Walk your talk, in other words. Be the Truth that you seek. Truth has Power! It's time for us all to recognize this, and perhaps this is what Mercury Retro will bring to us all, collectively.

We've been examining the uses of POWER in our world for quite some time now. In Part 1 of the August Energy Report, we discussed the following previous blog post from back in February (see how things come full circle? That was the 1st Eclipse season this year!). Here is that link again:

Equality and Power - Weekly Angel Report for 23 February 2017


On July 31st, Venus moved into Cancer, where she will remain through August 26th. Venus (love) in Cancer (home, family) is about mothering and nurturing. It is about a Mother's love, and her ability to protect her "creations", whatever they may be. It amplifies your own wants and needs, which leads us to the Venus Monthly Energies of "Love Yourself" and "Take Care of YOU". Supporting ourselves and giving ourselves what we need, is Key. Perhaps RE-mothering ourselves is called for at this time (I will share a post on this soon), with the Mercury REtro energies affecting the Venus themes. It all goes back to the Heart - are we speaking from our hearts, are we loving ourselves, are we nurturing ourselves?

Ruby Slipper Astrology put out a good report on Venus' Transit of Cancer, that I will refer you to for more information.

We are pulling things together here, and will come back to all of these energies and tie them all together, below.


LEO KEYWORDS: Personal Power, Creativity, Passion, Courage, Pride, Fertility, Manifestation.

ENERGY NAMES FOR AUGUST: Doubled Energies Month, Healing & Releasing Month, Love Yourself Month / Take Care of YOU Month

AUGUST KEYWORDS: Healing, Growth, Change, Power

AUGUST THEME: Addiction and Releasing Addictions

RE-leasing is also a RE word...

This subject is really showing itself to me right now, in all of it's many forms. I received a validation on this subject earlier today, because I was questioning whether the message was for me, or for all of us. It for all of us - that has been confirmed!

Here is the validation:
Chief Phil Lane, Jr. - Material Addictions as Bottoming Out

I'm reminded of the many addictions we can possibly have (and there is more to this, that we will get into below, for it all ties together!). There's drugs and alcohol, toxic people and relationships, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can be addictive, as can seeking "likes", taking photos to post online can be addictive, as it keeps us from truly SEEING and experiencing what is there with our own eyes and instead we only see it through the "eye" of a camera. Certain foods are designed to be addictive (my personal fave is chips!), Sugar, as well as carbs are addictive... After giving up carbs for 6 weeks last year, and cutting them down to a bare minimum afterwards, I can tell you that anytime you have sugar or a sugary carb (including fruit!), you will CRAVE them afterwards for a couple of days. Material possessions have become addictive, we must have the latest gadget, a fancy car, a nice home... and truly, what are we really gaining?

So you see, many things can be addictive. The material possessions being addictive is taking us to Rock Bottom, as Chief Phil Lane explains. We are destroying the Earth in our pursuit of material possessions, in the guise of Capitalism. We MUST produce, we MUST buy, we MUST have that, no matter the consequences, and this is how it happens.

Addictions can also be Distractions. We distract ourselves with tv shows, with games, with being online, with eating (watch those comfort foods this month!), and anything that takes us away from being fully present, is a distraction that can become an addiction.

But what is it that we are really looking for here? That's what I want us all to ask ourselves this month:
~What is lacking within us that we are trying to replace with our addiction/distraction?
~What needs to be healed within, that can help us to overcome the addiction/distraction?
~What needs to be loved within, how can we better love ourselves, to heal the addiction/distraction?

Anything that takes you away from being fully present, from being in awareness at all times, anything that takes your power or energy, or redirects it from yourself and your life, is a distraction or an addiction, and it is time to heal this aspect of ourselves, and of our collective. It is "Take Care of YOU Month", and "Love Yourself" month. Make your own focus your priority! REmember: Energy goes where attention flows, as does your power. What is taking your energy or power? It's time to heal!


There are 7 Sacred Directions:
East/Air, South/Fire, West/Water, North/Earth, Above Worlds: Father Sky, Great Star Nation, the Celestial Realm and beyond, including Other Worlds, and Below Worlds: Roots, Subterraneans, Mineral Kingdom, and the Fire at the Center of the Earth. The 7th Sacred Direction is Within. "What exists without, also exists within", is a Universal Truth. When we pull the other 6 Directions into ourselves, we center ourselves between them all, pulling all of their teachings, lessons, and blessings within us.

Recognizing that WE are Sacred, is the FOCUS of this month's energies.

Learning to listen to ourselves, to listen within, is a sinking into awareness of the true self, the Authentic Self. And this is another subject coming up right now, being our Authentic Self and showing/sharing our Authentic Self with the world, or standing in the Truth of who we are.

Listening to the inner self, is listening to our intuition. It is a form of meditation, of prayer. It is your path to knowing and becoming your Higher Self, your Divine Nature, which happens when we realize that WE ARE SACRED. And this, in itself, is healing.

Honor yourself this month by holding yourself as Sacred, by recognizing your Sacredness, and heal anything that is separating you from your Authentic Self, and from being your Authentic, Highest Self in all that you do.

Direct your energy and your power to yourself.


In Part 1 of this report, I mentioned that we are in the Alchemical Stage of Change. That means we are turning ourselves into the highest possible version of Self. Eclipses bring Transformation, it is a Transformative Month. Change begins within.

It is the time of year to be working with the Golden Rainbow Ray. You can find more info on this in the first August Energy Report, and on this blog page.


It is my goal this year to awaken people to their psychic abilities, so that we can all use them for the highest good of us all. I feel that they have been hidden from us for a reason, because they represent our PERSONAL POWER (a theme this month!), and perhaps there is an Agenda that has dulled us down so that we don't trust our abilities. I cover all of this in my book, "The Psychic Key: Opening Doorways in Your Mind", available on Kindle. This is the guidebook to developing and using your own Psychic Abilities, and to helping your children use theirs. I hope you will check it out!

Next Monday night, August the 7th, the night of the full moon and the Lunar Eclipse, I will be a guest on Cinnamon Moon at Night's blogtalk radio show, discussing my book, and Spiritual Perspectives with Cinnamon Moon. I would love to have you join us! This is the link to that site:

Cinnamon Moon at Night: Guest Night with Michelle Phillips

That's all for now. Expect the unexpected. August is going to be a wild ride on the back of a Lion through the jungle - of our subconscious or the collective unconscious. No matter what, REmember to Take Care of YOU and Love Yourself!

I will be back in a few days, to share more with you!

Abundant blessings of love and healing,

ps - I am now labeling each Monthly Energy Report with that Label, so they can be easily accessed from the main page of the blog, in the LABELS section.

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