Friday, July 14, 2017

WANING MOON: Let Go Of All That You Have Ever Been


This is a label that I was born with. What “label” were you born into? I believe that remembering where we came from can help us to remain humble, but we should never allow it to define us, or get mired in holding on to ANY label, for that matter, for it limits us. “Erase your history”, Don Juan (Carlos Casteneda) said, and in that way, we open ourselves to ALL possibilities and all possible futures, in the here and now.

Chances are that we have outgrown the labels that we once held because we naturally seek to better ourselves and our lives. We do have to ask ourselves, however, if at any level of our being, we are stil holding on to them and allowing them to limit us in any way, shape, or form. If I am still Poor White Trash, for instance, I am closed to abundance, and in actuality, my life is filled with abundance in many forms. Giving thanks for the things that we DO have, helps to carry that abundance forward and expand it.

Another one is being told, “You’ll never amount to anything”, as a child. If you believe that one, it will make you depressed and unable to care about yourself and your life. If, on the other hand, you allow it to motivate you, then you’ve taken a negative and turned it into a positive - an alchemical feat! However, by using it as a motivational tool, you have to make sure that you are not still holding on to it in a negative way, on some deep level. Don’t allow it to limit you, either. You are more than this statement, and always have been. When people make derogatory remarks of this nature, they are PROJECTING their issues onto others. It’s their own insecurities speaking. Don’t allow them to become yours. Step back and ask yourself if anything that you hear, resonates with you. If it does, look inside yourself and see what you may be holding onto that has made you feel so negative about yourself. Root it out and bring it all out into the Light of Awareness, and recognize that it is only your Truth if you allow it to be. Let nothing limit you! Get rid of all of the old patterns, bad advice, and untruths ever spoken to you or about you. They are not who you are, not now, not ever. No one gets to define who you are but yourself! Purge these poisons from your life and walk tall in who you really are!


Right now, random people from our pasts are coming up for us, and it’s not always clear why we are remembering them. It may be a fond memory, or an embarrassing situation, or anything inbetween. At the very least, wish the person well in their lives and release them from your energy field. You could also look more deeply into each connection, and see if there was a lesson there for you, and try to see the other person from where you are now - through the eyes of unconditional love. In this way, we heal the connection, and thanking them then releasing them, is made much easier. It might help if you look at each one over a couple of days, to broaden your perspective.

Remember, these people are in your past for a reason. Their part in your life is finished.


I began writing this blog post a day or two ago, and this was one of the main subjects of it. I didn’t like the way the blog post came out, and wanted to wait and edit it before posting. Now more information has come in on this, and it’s time to share with you this very important subject, in a personal way.

The main road that goes by my house has been blocked by construction for over two months now. Every day I see cars come all the way up to it before realizing that there is nowhere to go, for the road is fully blocked, all the way across! I laugh and go on about my day. Today, I realized that this ROADBLOCK has been a personal message to me, and that I am sometimes really slow about getting these obvious messages from the Universe!!!

Roadblocks signify the end of the energy road for you and your life, in that direction. They are telling you that there is another way open to you, and urge you to find it. The Universe is telling us right now, to:

“Let go of all that you have ever known, so that you can be open to everything that is coming your way!”

The Universe is compelling us to re-examine our lives, and to SEE CLEARLY anything that we may be holding onto from our pasts, that is blocking our Energy Road.

Now, here’s my personal lesson in all of this:
A few months back, the Universe told me to close the Etsy shop. I didn’t listen. The Etsy did the unthinkable and demanded that all shops accept Etsy Pay - which I refused to do, and ended up closing my shop anyway. Thinking that I still had Energy invested in Orgonic Energy Products, I opened up another shop on Indiemade. Well, I’ve sold next to nothing in the 3 months of being there, and what little I have, was to regular customers from Etsy. I realized that it wasn’t worth paying the monthly fee to be there. Now, don’t get me wrong, Indiemade is a great company, and I fully support them and all that they are doing! It was just the end of this Energy Road for me, and today, I had to see the ROADBLOCK that’s been staring me in the face for months, and pull my energy back from there by closing the Indiemade shop. As soon as I saw this realization, a big Yellow Butterfly appeared. When I agreed to close the Indiemade shop right away, it appeared again.

Butterfly’s message is about Transformation. We can’t transform into who we are here to be, if we are still holding on to the old version of ourselves, or our work. Everything evolves, it has to. That’s the law of nature. Change is our natural state of being. What doesn’t change, stagnates. And I was stagnating! The Energy Road was closed. Now it is time to move on to the next phase of my life, and I invite it in freely! I am open to change and new directions!

The Universe puts up ROADBLOCKS to help us to find and become our Authentic Self, and to do the work that we came here to do. If you fight it, or even ignore it, things just get worse, and you stagnate more and more. This is why today’s lesson is:

“It’s time to let go of all that you have ever been, so that you can be open to everything that is coming your way!”

And then, allow yourself the freedom of being all that you are right now!

This Waning Moon is making sure that we let go of it all. When we do so willingly, we invite the new into our lives. Emotional healing is on the menu while the Sun is in Cancer - through the New Moon. Find what may be holding you back by looking at any emotions you may be holding onto from labels that were put on you, from random people in your past, or from anything that you may be holding onto that has blocked your Energy Road.

I wish you all the best!

Love is the antidote to fear. If you want to stay positive, choose love, and consciously choose it, even if it means that you have to do so every minute of the day.
Choose love. It matters!

Love, Michelle
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