Sunday, July 16, 2017

Messages from the Universe: Sunday 16 July 2017

I've had messages and synchronicities pouring in from the Universe since I got up this morning, and I have posted them on my Facebook Pages, yet I felt the need to share it all here, as well. I have posted 2 parts of these messages on FB, and I will be adding yet another part to it here, so skip the parts you've already seen, if you've seen them, and let's get on with it, shall we! (smile!) The Universe is pushing this energy through us rather quickly, and that may all be due to the solar flares we are now experiencing here on Earth. It's a wide open energy kind of day! Listen to your intuition!

MESSAGE #1 - 9:45am MDT

I have an incoming message from the Universe this morning to share with you, and it's taken me a couple of hours to put it all together, as there are several components we are being asked to look at.

It began with a 7:11 message this morning. July 19th will be a 7-1-1 day (July = 7, 1+9=10/1, 2+0+1+7=10/1). 711 in Numerology is about, "Your thoughts and ideas are revealing answers to your prayers and bringing intuitive guidance on the next steps in your Divine Life Path", according to Sacred Scribes Numerology. It goes on to say that Positive new information or news is on its way.

According to Ruby Slipper's Astrological forecast for the coming week, the 19th, due to Mercury in Leo, then conjuncting the North Node on the 21st, along with Saturn Retro in Sagittarius, brings us the commitment, conversation, or plan that we can rely on, which is tied into our future.

So, long story short, watch for news of a positive nature about your future on the 19th!!!

The second part of this is about the stage of change that we are currently in, as change has several phases. First there is change, straight and simple. We did this back around Winter Solstice. Then there is Transformation, which came about with the February Eclipses. Then we entered the Metamorphosis stage of change, that is, transforming all that we are into something new, on Spring Equinox. Now we are in the Alchemical stage of change, which is about changing something into a higher frequency of itself, through Alchemy, i.e. lead into gold - the gold is the highest possible Divine nature of the lead, and is always contained within it, the lead just needs to enter into a state of flux in order to transform, and that is where we are now, in that state of flux!!! Keep in mind that we are alchemizing into our highest Divine nature, and it may be a difficult process, but worth it in the end, for there is where we will find our "gold" or treasure. Here's a hint: Our treasure is the journey, and what is learned along the way, as well as the state of being in which we end up.

Then we have Grandfather Sun's Golden Rainbow Ray still bringing us his blessings through the raising of the vibrational level of all of life on Earth, and the Earth Herself. Working with this Ray is very beneficial at this time. You can ask for it to fill your Aura daily, ask it to heal your life through the Golden energy of the Alchemical process, and to align yourself with the highest frequencies of Golden Rainbow Light.

If you have not worked with the Golden Rainbow Ray, and would like to, I have a Page on my blog devoted to it's teachings that you can check out (see top menu bar). If you would like an Orgonic Energy Golden Rainbow Light Ray disc, I have two available. Contact me through this blog, if you are interested in purchasing one, or would like more info on them. They are currently being Sun-charged.

The photos are of the Golden Rainbow Ray, or as close as I've been able to find. You can use them to meditate on the Golden Rainbow Ray.

There is now another part to today's energy message. In the earlier message today, I mentioned that we are currently in a "State of Flux" in the Alchemical process of change. Typing this out reminded me that the words "state of flux" came up in the past. After some digging, I found it was back in February of 2016, which means that WE HAVE BEEN IN A STATE OF FLUX since that time!

In the process of trying to find this message, I came across some other interesting tidbits:

From 11/11/2016, and relating to the ROADBLOCK blog post this past week:
"Construction signs every where I go, including right outside my yard, confirm for me that we are in the process of DE-Construction. What is meant by this is to DeConstruct things in order to ReConstruct them in a way that is healthier for us all. It means that we are not destroying anything, nor will we be, especially if it can potentially harm or backfire to harm Mother Earth and all living things. Instead, we are asked to look at everything and find a way reconstruct it to make it healthier for all."

From a blog post on 11/29/2016:

"There is one more part of this, I am told. The OLD must die! This includes everything that we have ever known, the old Cottonwoods, the Whales, the Birds and the Bees - they are all trying to leave us, and we have to accept those losses, if they belong to the OLD system. At the same time, the OLD system must die! We cannot afford to continue to support a government, people, societies, companies, or politics that DO NOT SUPPORT THE EARTH. A new way is being born, but before it can, we must RELEASE the OLD! Let it go. Remembering to DO THE WORK needed to continue growing our own, taking back the land, the water, and the resources, that will support us into the future."

And this relates to our current weekly message:

"It's time to let go of all that you have ever been or known, so that you can be open to everything that is coming your (our) way!"

This is still not all of it, yet I wanted to share this portion of it all for now, so that you can see how our weekly messages keep building upon themselves, helping us to SEE more CLEARLY with each and every energy shift!
We'll talk more about this energy of "being in a state of flux" later!


From the dreamtime, February 3rd 2016:

"I was shown a fat-bottomed lab glass with liquid in it. Then it was put on a machine which spun the liquid. I was told/shown how the liquid changes properties due to the MOTION. It had something to do with FLUX."

This has to do with the original message from early this morning, explaining that we are currently in a State Of Flux. And, as mentioned in the 2nd part, we have been in a state of flux since probably February of 2016.

It is also interesting to note that MOTION is the cause of the change in properties. In order to change your life, you have to do something different, DO being the Key Word. Take action, might better describe it. The Actions Taken in our country since February of 2016 have set us all in motion, in many ways. It has, in essence, sent our whole country into a State of Flux. Remember tho, this state of flux is TEMPORARY, and is a part of the Alchemical process. Eventually, we will reach the desired state of matter, the alchemical state of Gold, towards which we have been working, and the "motion" will cease, for we will then have the "rewards" for which we have toiled for so very long.

This begs the question, "Has the Earth's rotation increased?", and to that, I have no answer. If so, the rotation rate of the Sun would also have to increase, to maintain the momentum.I do think, however, that it is just the VIBRATIONAL RATE that has increased here on Earth, due to the Sun's Golden Rainbow Ray and the Ascension process.

The State of Flux is a transitional phase of increased motion that transforms everything that it contains, into a higher state. We are being shaken up for a reason. You may feel as if your whole life is being shaken up, and if so, this is why.

I still want to mention the Tower Tarot card, and how it tells us not to build the new tower using the same bricks that we used for the old one, the same knowledge or thinking that was used prior to this time. If we want to build a new world, we have to start from the ground up, not using any thing that has ever been used before. We may lose it all before that happens, as our weekly message tells us, and the above message about "The OLD must die!", which means that we will be unable to use any of it.

The treasure is about the journey.... how do we get there, in the easiest, gentlest way possible?

"Let go of all that you have ever been or known, so that you can be open to everything that is coming your (our) way!"

OUT WITH THE OLD!!! It's a brand new week, and we have entered into the 3rd Quarter Moon, which compels us to release it all!


There may be more info incoming on all of this, and if so, I will update this blog post, adding a new section to it for the newest info.

And it appears that I am not doing a blog post every week any more. I am staying open to what the Universe provides, and sharing it as it comes in.

Thank you all for being here!

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