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Eclipses and Energies of August - Part 1

The New Moon on July 23rd was also the day that the Sun moved into the Sign of Leo, as did the Moon, giving us double Leo energy on this day. The themes were about love, courage, pride in oneself and one's work, passion, and fertility. These energies continue through the Full Moon on August 7th, and beyond, due to the Eclipses of August.

We have a Lunar Eclipse on August 7/8 along with the Full Moon in Aquarius. This is also the Lions Gate of 8-8. Technically, August 7th adds up to 8-8 (August = 8, 7th = 7, and 2+0+1+7=10/1), yet the 8th is traditionally the Lions Gate. "The Lions Gate is a pivotal Cosmic Ascension Event bringing in new Light codes for the next year's cycle." (Meg Benedicte, Shift Frequency)

The 8-8 Gateway is an annual event. If you have tuned into it's energies in previous years, you will be building upon them, and the knowledge gained during them, this time around. I first started tuning in to the Lions Gate back on 8-8-8, or August 8th, 2006, which brought a very profound dream message through, and have been using these energies ever since. They are kind of like the Ascension process, which builds on its own energies, so the more you tune into it, the more awareness you have of these higher energies coming in to the planet during this time.

To really understand the August Eclipses, we have to take a look back at the February 2017 Eclipses. This is because the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon of February 10th brought about the closing of the energies from the September 2016 Eclipses, and the Solar Eclipse/New Moon of February 26th, began a new cycle, bringing in new beginnings, in this #1 year of new beginnings. The energies that began with the February 22-25, 2017 Light Influx Gateway, are still with us. We've been working with these energies this whole time. If you'll remember, this is when the Golden Rainbow Ray first showed up to help us to raise the vibrational level of the planet, and of us all. This is the Light Influx that came in to help us this year, and it is reminding us that now is a good time to use it's energies, as well. We'll get back to this subject too!

So what happened in February in your life? What energies were you working with, what were you learning about, what lessons were coming up for you? These are the questions that we want to be asking ourselves right now, for we are going to see these coming up again during the upcoming Eclipses.

We can also look at what was coming up in the Current Energies of February, to see the collective lessons, messages, and themes, that apply to us all. Given that I have been writing weekly Energy Reports, we can look there to see what was going on. The one that I found which best describes those energies, is from February 23rd, 2017. Here is that link, if you'd like to read all about it:

EQUALITY AND POWER: Weekly Angel Energy Report for 23 February 2017

The BIG message from all of this is about:
Who or what are we giving our power/energy to, and/or How are you using your power/energy?
Regarding attention and focus, Energy goes where attention flows, as does your power, so what/who you think about, pay attention to, or act on, is where your energy and power is going. If you are tuning in to the news, or are focusing your attention on the circus that is going on in DC at this time, that is who you are giving your energy and power to, instead of using it for your own life, and to move forward in your life.

The other part of this is about things that are coming up for us all right now. We are being shown what we DO NOT want in our lives, through what is currently coming up for us. If you'll notice, it is actually OLD ISSUES that are coming up, perhaps in a new way, but if you will look at the patterns behind it all, you will see it for what it is, a new view of something you don't want in your life any longer. SEE it CLEARLY for what it is, heal it, grieve it, release it, and truly let it go, once and for all. The Universe is not trying to upset you, it is trying to get you to let go of the things that are not serving your highest good.

Another subject that is coming up, goes back to last week's blog post, about the stages of change. Let's look at that, and then I'll also share that link with you, for it does contain some other interesting tidbits that are still playing out in current time.

"The second part of this is about the stage of change that we are currently in, as change has several phases. First there is change, straight and simple. We did this back around Winter Solstice. Then there is Transformation, which came about with the February Eclipses. Then we entered the Metamorphosis stage of change, that is, transforming all that we are into something new, on Spring Equinox. Now we are in the Alchemical stage of change, which is about changing something into a higher frequency of itself, through Alchemy, i.e. lead into gold - the gold is the highest possible Divine nature of the lead, and is always contained within it, the lead just needs to enter into a state of flux in order to transform, and that is where we are now, in that state of flux!!! Keep in mind that we are alchemizing into our highest Divine nature, and it may be a difficult process, but worth it in the end, for there is where we will find our "gold" or treasure. Here's a hint: Our treasure is the journey, and what is learned along the way, as well as the state of being in which we end up.

The State of Flux is a transitional phase of increased motion that transforms everything that it contains, into a higher state. We are being shaken up for a reason. You may feel as if your whole life is being shaken up, and if so, this is why."

You can read the rest of this blog post here:
Messages from the Universe: Sunday 16 July 2017

Now let's delve into the energies of these Eclipses and their Moons!

Eclipses are times of Transformation! They bring abrupt and sudden changes, both individually and collectively, as does Uranus, who will go Retrograde in Aries on August 3rd. These can be times when we see things as they really are, and set out to change our lives because of the insights that we have received. Adding the Eclipse energies into the mix, brings those changes to the collective, for we are all affected by Eclipses!

August 7/8 Full Moon in Aquarius, with the Sun in Leo:
Other alignments: Jupiter Square Pluto, Moon Trine Jupiter, Moon Oppose Mars, Sun Conjunct Mars, and Sun Oppose Moon
8-8 Lions Gate
Lunar Eclipse

The Moon rules the emotions and psychic abilities. Having her eclipsed, resets our emotions. It's like a fresh start. This will also help us to see things more clearly.

The Lions Gate brings in higher level vibrational energies and light of a higher level into the planet, and into each of us, as individuals. It's a powerful time for dreaming and for using one's abilities to see through the veil. Awareness increases, and signs and messages from the other worlds abound. Pay attention to all that you see on these days, and interpret their messages, for they will be very helpful for you during these transitions. Stay grounded, and drink lots of water!

The intentions set on the New Moon on July 23rd in Leo, should be reinforced on this powerful full moon. The intentions that you set on the following New Moon with the Solar Eclipse on August 21st, will be active through the January 2018 Eclipse season, so it may be time to think about what you want to bring into your life in the coming year, and start setting those intentions now, and continue to do so through the Full Moon on August 7/8.

The Lunar Eclipse is actually the closing of energies from the February 2017 eclipse season. What was begun then, has now manifested in whatever way it chose, or these things have effectively left our lives, so that we can close the door on them, and move into the new that this eclipse season brings.

Emotions peak on Lunar Eclipses, as they do on Full Moons, so be warned that these will be emotional days, and plan accordingly. Spending some quiet time alone will help you to go within and see what needs your attention, what you can let go of, and seek the insights that this alignment will bring.

Keywords: Fertility, growth, manifestation
Lion: pride, courage, love, personal strength, assertiveness, personal power, and a fierce protector. The female Lioness is the one that hunts the food, while the male protects the pride. This being a Full Moon, there is a lot of feminine energy afoot, giving us the ability to hunt down our dreams, and pursue them with a clarified purpose. It is also an opportunity to honor the feminine in our world, and assist in bringing the Divine Feminine back into balance. "I am woman, hear me roar", truly represents what is possible for us all. Anger stifled creates blockages, anger expressed in an unhealthy manner harms self and others, while anger used to fuel one's purpose, can unleash the inner lioness. Let yourself roar!

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Leo, August 21st:
Trine Uranus
Moon aligns with fixed star Regulus
Mars is also in Leo

The manifestation ability of this eclipse will last until January 2018 eclipse season, as mentioned above. A lot of change and fire energy in the skies, helps us to take charge of what it is that we want to do, take the actions needed to do these things, and to manifest what we need to be who we came here to be.

Again with the transitions, shifts, and changes that this Eclipse will also bring, for we are not finished yet with eclipse season, until after the full moon on September 6th, which takes us into Equinox, when balance is restored.

Mars in Leo, along with both the Sun and Moon in Leo, brings serious Leo energies into the world. Leo is a Fire sign! Leo's motto is: I will, therefore I am. Creativity, passion, and pride are keywords for Leo. Let these energies fuel your inner fire, and inspire you to move forward, doing what you want to do for your own growth. All of the Lion info above, is also applicable to this Eclipse. Mars is the aggressor, the Warrior, and can provoke anger if the inner warrior is not in balance. Again, anger expressed in a healthy way, brings growth and change, and that is what is necessary during these transitional times.

From the emotional energies of the Moon, to the illuminating energies of the Sun, we transition through these changes best when we lead with our hearts, and this eclipse is in the Heart of the Lion. Animals teach us to protect our creations, to draw on our own strength, and to be a nurturer, when needed, and Lion is no exception. Use these strong energies well, for they will carry us into the coming year.

I will share more on the Solar Eclipse, later in the month.

Tomato Hornworm
Hawk Moth - metamorphosed from Tomato Hornworm

Caterpillar has made his presence known, and today he has told me why. Caterpillar is growing huge in the garden, storing up nutrients to take him through the process of metamorphosis that will begin when he enters his cocoon. Afterwards, he will emerge as the Hawk Moth, shown above.

He tells me that we, too, are now growing towards that state of metamorphosis, a total change of our state of being. This is what the upcoming Eclipse season is bringing into our lives, this alchemical phase of change. We must grow into who we came here to be, and this is our chance! Can you imagine the chaos going on within that cocoon? That is what we are seeing in our world at this time. Metamorphosis is a painful process. If it ever gets you down, remember the lesson of the Caterpillar: Enjoy the moment, and keep growing! Don't let fear of the future keep you from being the truest version of yourself today.

Solar Symbols

I am mentioning these as they are related to the Golden Rainbow Ray of Grandfather Sun, and can help us to embody the energies of this season. Eagle, Crane, Peacock, Osprey, Turkey, Rooster, and Pheasant are all Solar Symbols. Read up on their energies, and ask them to help you to embody the messages and lessons that they bring.


The energies of the Golden Rainbow Ray, carried around the planet daily by Grandfather Sun, raise the vibrational level of all of life on Earth, including the Earth Herself. This Ray can help to heal us, so that we can vibrate at a higher rate. It can clear one's Aura, and fill it with it's Light Ray. It can heal the Chakra system, bringing them all to a higher vibrational level. This is a very good time to be working with the Golden Rainbow Ray, and inviting it into your life to fill your Aura daily. It will help you in many ways! I have provided much information on this important Ray, including how to work with it, on a Page on this blog, that you will find in the top menu bar. Or, go to this link to read more:

Golden Rainbow Ray Information Page by Touch the Earth


There is so much information coming in at this time, that I have made this blog post Part One of the August Energy Report, which means that there is more to come! I will provide the Numerology for the month of August in the next report, which will be out sometime between now and August 1st. This is just a preparation blog for these upcoming energies! Once they fully arrive, I'm sure that we will all have much more to share!

So, stay tuned!
And get ready to manifest your dreams!

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