Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday 26 June: Information Overload

Monday 26 June 2017 is a Master #33 day, the Master Teacher. This is it's lesson:

Some days, being online can be a heavy chore. Seeing all the news can wipe you out emotionally, to the point that it becomes toxic to you, weighing you down, bringing you down, filling you up with emotions that have no outlet...

Social media sites become jungles to navigate, so much to see, and you feel it all in your very soul! We could blame the Sun in Cancer for making us so emotionally vulnerable, but the truth is that we are all empathic, picking up and emulating the emotions of everything going on around us.

We feel because we are human. And those feelings are being exploited and manipulated by the very sites that we go to in order to "escape" reality.

How much information can we take in? How much is too much? It seems our tolerance of it is being increased, as we are trained to become indifferent to it all. Do you really believe that you form your own opinions and think for yourself, when everything you read online or see on TV is designed specifically to manipulate you into a pre-determined mind set? Or to keep you in fear? Or even if it's all just designed to overload you so that you can't think for yourself, it's still manipulating your mind - and your mood.

Here's a challenge for you:
Shut it down for a week and spend time thinking, doing, and being - all of the things that you can't do when you have to worry about what is going on online, jumping when you have a notification (a programmed response, btw), and taking photos to post online, sharing your life with the world.

How much of what you do is for you and your loved ones, and how much is in response to generating likes? Or getting attention? What do YOU really want to do? What do YOU really think? Get in touch with yourself. Stay away from anything that has the potential to shape your thoughts, especially the news and social media, but commercials too... and just let it be for a while, just BE for a while.

We are constantly bombarded with information, yet it is up to US to set a boundary, to know when enough is enough and step away from it all and go live our own lives, accomplish our own goals, enjoy our time on the planet, see, be, and do all that we want to do for ourselves.

Here's a thought: What if it's all designed to keep us from fulfilling our purpose here on Earth?

It's time to take a step back, and to step into ourselves, to check in with ourselves and see how we really are, and to nurture our bodies and our souls. That is why we are here - to live a life of our own design, and in doing so, to find the happiness that we seek.

If nothing else, set aside time each day for social interaction with friends - but stay away from news and other posts that drag you down. You are the Master of your own Energy - own that shit! And use it to serve your highest good, to reach your goals, to do the work that you came here to do!

Let your own Light shine brighter by feeding it, then you are truly connected to All of Life. All else is illusion....

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