Friday, June 30, 2017

July - Month of Growth and Change

July is going to be filled with energy! Let us count the ways!

The Sun shifted into the Sign of Cancer on the 21st of June. Cancer is a Water sign.
At the same time, the Wheel turned, taking us into the season of Summer, ruled by the Direction of South and the Element of Fire.
Fire & Water - balancing our fiery passion and creativity with our feminine energies, emotions, and psychic abilities.

July will be a Master #44 month, which represents the Master Healer. Healing on all levels is possible this month, individually and collectively. World wide!
The interesting thing about this #44 is that it's energies are added to each and every day this month, making every day more power-filled, and filled with even more potential.

4+4=8, which is the number of infinity. We have the potential to take this healing into infinity.

Number 4 is about grounding, and stability. Stability is a Key Word this month. Setting a stable and firm foundation upon which we can grow, and manifest that which we want into our lives. Four is also the 4 Directions, the 4 Elements, and a Square can also be seen as a Cube, which represents the Element of Earth.

We really want to see this 4 energy as a cube, too. It's technically a Hexahedron, as it has six faces, but 8 points and 12 edges. Because 4+4=8, the 8 points is significant, as is the number 8 this month. Because this is a #44 month, the 44 energies are added to each and every day of the month (as mentioned above). When we have a #44 day, that gives us two #44's to work with that day. This is actually 44 squared, or to the 2nd power, not just doubled. Then there are the date numbers that add up to 4 this month, such as the 4th, giving us a 444 day, as well as a 12/3 day, and there's the 12 peeking out, as in 12 edges to a hexahedron. So technically, some of the days this month will hold so much strong #4 energy, that we will have 4 to the 5th power days. The 5th of the month is the first of these days. The 5th is a: Master #44 (July) and a Master #22 (7+5+2+0+1+7), and 2+2=4, and 7+5+20+1+7=40, so each of those is one 4, making it five #4's in all, giving us 4 to the 5th power.

Okay, if I have not completely bored you yet with all the math, let's get on with it, shall we!!!

The other part of all of this is that each date holds it's own energies, and an example of this is the 22nd of the month. Being a 22 date, it also brings in Master #22 energies, which is the Master Builder. All the numbers for that date (7+22+20+17) add up to Master #66, AND the July Master #44 is also adding it's energies to this date and every date this month. So we have to look at it all from many directions, and I guess that, more than anything, sums up what this month is all about - Seeing from Different Perspectives.

We have the balancing energies of Fire and Water, until the Sun moves into Leo on July 23rd, then it's Fire/Fire. We have different ways to look at the energies of each day of this month, such as, what is a Master Number 22 day with the energies of Master Number 44 added to it? The Master Builder plus the Master Healer - building the healing energy. We have to see that when things are added together, they become greater than the sum of their parts, and this goes for us all, on all levels. When we come together in unity with others, we change the energy and the outcome.

And that takes us back to the Month of Growth and Change. The type of change that we will experience this month is about Shifting into the new, into a new perspective, into the new you. All of the change/transformation/metamorphosis energies of the past few months ADD TOGETHER to produce a new metamorphosed you, and a new metamorphosed world. We are now free to grow upon our path, not becoming who we are, but BEING who we are now. Grow yourself. Grow your new life. Grow your new perspective. Shift into the new, for you are changed, transformed, and transmuted into who you came here to be, right here right now. BE the new you.

I will list the Master Number days in the column on the left, as I do every month. I ask you, however, to take into consideration that the actual date itself, when added to the numerology of the day can transform the energy of that day, as can adding the Master Number 44 energies to any day of the month. Expect change. Expect growth. Expect a LOT of energy to work with!


July 1st is a #9 day, a day to get rid of the energies of the old month of June. Cleansing and purification of self and home is essential to getting rid of these old, stale energies!

July 3rd is a Master Number 11 day with the energies of the July Master Number 44 added to it. This will be a PIVOTAL day. Watch for Signs and Messengers. Note any and all occurances of the number 11 that you see. It may appear as 711 or even 911 (which does not mean anything bad!). Technically, it is an 811 or 4411 day. 11's are signs that the higher realms are assisting you, and letting you know that they are with you.

July 4th - A 444 day, and a #30/3 day, representing manifestation. We are asked to remember that, "YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT", especially on such a power-filled day!
All LIGHT BEARERS please surround all with love and light energy on this date, particularly. Stay present with the energy for as much of the day as you can. Ask your Angels to help you to hold the energy over as many people as possible. Spread love, and shine your light brightly!

July 5th - Master Number 22 day added to July Master #44, also a 40/4 day, and a 4 to the 5th power day - a DAY OF CHANGE, amplified.

Thursday July 6th is a 50/5 day, another day of change.

Friday July 7th, is 771, as well as a Master Number 33 day, added to July Master #44.

Sunday July 9th is our first Master Number 44 squared or 44 to the 2nd power day. It is also an 8 day, and the 8 would also be squared, or to the 2nd power.

Tuesday July 11th brings in all kinds of energies! It is the 11th, giving us the signs and synchronicities that help us to stay in awareness and bring us the lessons or messages that we need. It is a Master Number 55 day, doubling the energies of change. It is a #10 day of new beginnings, with the added energy of the zero. And the July Master Number 44 is added to the energies of this day. It is also 711 - a SIGNIFICANT number this month! Seven is about faith, psychic abilities, and so much more, and when added to the Master Number 11 brings significance to it all, to all that we do, making it extra important to be true to yourself on these days, and to pay attention to ALL signs from the Universe.

I think I could go on for days here, but let's not. Let's save the rest to talk about in next week's blog!


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