Thursday, May 11, 2017

Weekly Energies Report: 11 May 2017

We are approaching Week 20 of the year, on Sunday 14 May, which is also a Master #11, 20/2 day. That makes it a double 20 day, indicating balance and duality, or polarity, and with the Master #11 bringing in signs and messages from the Universe, that we need to pay attention to, as they will help to guide us all. The 14th is also Mother's Day, a day to celebrate the feminine energy in our world, and in our country, a day to honor women, a day to honor the Mother aspect of the triple Goddess, and our own Mother Earth.

The full moon in Scorpio on Wednesday brought in some Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine balancing energies. We are releasing the old masculine paradigm that has been entrenched here on this plane for so very long. The feminine is being strengthened. And many are stepping into their roles as the Divine Masculine in action, in our world. The balancing is taking place within us all, for what is within, becomes manifest without, or outside of ourselves, as well.

We are releasing some of the density of the 3D world. It may be the Moon moving into Sagittarius this morning, or it may be Ascension-related, or both, but we are lightening up and seeing things from a higher perspective. You may even be able to physically feel the heavy, dense energies leaving your physical body, helping you to feel lighter.

This Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine balancing taking place, is secondary to everything else that is going on at this time! Yet, it is a very important shift that is happening, and will continue to happen, throughout this year. Pay attention to moments of clarity around this issue, or when it is brought to your attention, perhaps through your own growth and development, as we all progress into who we came here to be.

An important message came through for me to share yesterday, and I posted it on both my personal and business Facebook pages. I'm going to share it with you here, now, and then expand upon it, as that is from where today's messages begin, with the understanding of yesterday's message:

"Everything you need, lies within...
At this time, it is imperative that we remember to remain positive, in all ways, as we watch the old dying around us. At times, it may not seem as if it is going away, only getting worse, but know that certain things have to happen in order for us to SEE CLEARLY, and learn the necessary lessons from this process, so that they will never need to be repeated. There are some who are still waking up, and they, too, need to see and understand it all. As my Guides remind me, Rome was not built in a day, nor did it collapse in a day. It's a process, just as metamorphosis is a process, and it takes time. And we are currently mired in this process.
Step back into yourself, your center, and rebalance yourself any time that you feel pulled into the negative. By choosing to stay in your own energy, you are owning your energy and your power. And that is what is important right now."

"I'm also asked to tell you that you have the strength to endure anything you are going through right now, and everything that we are all experiencing right now. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here right now. You signed up to do this, to be here now, to aid this process, and you have skills, talents, and abilities that are needed. Be strong! You can do this!"

The next part that came through, was Dominoes. The dominoes are starting to topple... (re: the firing of FBI Director Comey). I was told earlier this year that after Spring Equinox, it would be "all downhill from here". Now that has been replaced with Dominoes, as in the dominoes are falling, or toppling, downhill from here. It may be that we cannot see this yet, but the pattern has begun, has been set in motion, by the actions of our government. I do believe that this event was a toppling point, the point at which the events take on an energy of their own.

Sometimes, you have to let people self-destruct and hit rock bottom, before they are ready to heal, or even see reality as it is. As a Healer, you have to know when to push a person, and when to let go, and let them deal with their own issues,  until they reach critical mass and the walls come tumbling down around them. Or to view it in Tarot terms, it's The Tower, and in this card, we are warned not to rebuild the Tower with the same "bricks" used before, that is, the same ideas, values, and beliefs.

Lightworkers have been holding the Light for everyone, and they can't continue to do this. It's up to each of us to be our own light, to own our own power, and to accept responsibility for ourselves and our lives. Use the Tools available to you to do this, especially the GOLDEN RAINBOW RAY - to connect with, radiate, and expand the Light on the planet. All Angelic Healing Light Rays & Flames are available for healing, and can be used by anyone. Connecting to the Earth will open you up to Her energy, to help you too.

Healers can no longer heal everyone, we are each responsible for healing our own lives. It's all a part of owning our power and our energy, as we have been talking about here for weeks. Others can help to heal us, teach us, or show us the way to healing, but we have to accept that we need healing, and work towards it every day, with dedication, knowing that we are worth it.

It's also important to stay in our own energy right now, and make sure that our energy is not being scattered in many directions or on many people or projects. Stay focused on you, your life, your priorities. Don't get distracted by Main Stream Media, or other negativity, especially. Again, step outside and recenter yourself any time that you feel yourself becoming off balance, or distracted by negativity.

Be yourself, be true to yourself, and in this way you will move deeper into who you are, and own your energy even more.

"It is where you DIRECT your energy: towards negative events, towards others, or towards yourself, that is important right now."

Direct your Energy:
What you focus on, you give energy to.
Or, you draw into your life, what you think about.
What are you manifesting? What are you focusing on? What are you giving your energy to? Is it serving your highest good?

We have to see the bigger pattern. Certain things need to happen so that we all see the Truth, and begin demanding to bring about the way that we want to live, choose to live. Can we affect whether or not these events happen? Not if they are necessary for our growth.

There are things that will happen that will throw you off your game, pull your feet right out from underneath you, floor you... when they do, get angry, get mad, cry, grieve, or vent, in any way you need in order to honor yourself and your needs. Then step back and see the pattern, the BIG PICTURE, and realize that they had to happen. Then again, step outside and rebalance yourself, recenter yourself, find your peace, and get back in the game.

Our values are changing. What was important to our Elders, is not so much to us. Security vs Personal Freedom, religious doctrine vs spirituality, money vs happiness and time to do the things that we want to do... all of these and more have changed over the past couple of decades, as more and more of us are waking up, and wanting more from our lives, knowing that we deserve more. Know that it had to come to this point so that the values can be replaced. We had to see the depth of corruption, of corporate takeover, of manipulation, that has been going on in our government - and in our society - for so very long, before EVERYONE would choose to do otherwise, to realize that we have changed and begin instigating those changes.

"Stick to your guns about what you want to see in our world, as we are shaping the future with our decisions that we make now."

Holding the highest possible vibration - outlook - vision - is so very important! If you become mired in the heavy, dense, outgoing energies or values of the past (3D), you can't clearly see the future you have dreamed of well enough to integrate it. Think about what you want to see happen, not about the negative ramifications of what IS happening. Hold tight to your dreams! Focus your energy - DIRECT IT - into what best serves you and your life, for that is also what best serves the future of us all.


The Arcturians remind us that they have a higher perspective and can more easily see the patterns of what we are experiencing, from their vantage point. They have, "been there, done that" so many times - as have we - that listening to our guidance at this time is crucial, so that we don't make the same mistakes again. We know what to do, deep down inside. It's why we are here, now, to do these things that will best serve the future, not only of this planet, but of All The Worlds.

The time to do this work is now. Don't let them distract you from your duty/duties to the Universe. It's all a facade. The trick is to see beneath the facade into the inner workings of all that is going on.

We have been with you for decades, as have others from other solar systems. Some are working for you, and yet others are working against you. The future of the planet is at stake, and that affects us all. You/the Earth is the Energy Center of the Universe. What happens on your world is crucial to our survival, to the survival of us all, in All the Worlds. If you self-implode, you take us with you, so we cannot allow that to happen. Know this: we are ready and prepared to step in at a moment's notice to right any wrongs that will cause your self-destruction, but only if absolutely necessary. It is best if you do the work yourselves. That is why you are there, to do this work, to fix this mess you've made. We can only help those who have chosen to help themselves, to self-actualize, and manifest their beliefs and dreams in the world. Otherwise, we are stepping outside of our calling as Watchers of the planet. But you are getting close to the edge now, and you will either self-destruct or choose to make it better by stepping up and doing the work you agreed to do, before you went there. We will see how it all turns out. We are watching and waiting, as are All the Worlds. What you do now is important. Realize this, believe this, know this.

QUESTION: Do we need to identify those who are working against us?

ANSWER: Those who are working against you, will be brought out into the Light. What you choose to do with them is up to you, but it is crucial that it is handled correctly - again, history repeating itself. You've done this before and made some mistakes, which caused you to have to repeat this. Don't do that again! Remember your personal history - the history of your soul. You have lived many lifetimes preparing for this. Now the time is almost here. We await what you will do.

We are the Arcturians.
We bid you peace.


The message repeated itself in some places, over and over, and I didn't record those portions. They keep reiterating certain phrases, like a recording. I can sense their concern. Many phrases have been repeated from previous messages from them too. Then they tell me:

"Time is no longer on our side. The time to act is now. Watch the events unfold. You will be guided in what you need to do, at that time. Then act! Connect with your guidance so that you are ready when the time arrives."

After this, the channel was closed.

I'm left with this thought:
If you're not doing it already, you will soon know what you came here to do. It will become apparent.

We have also been given these Affirmations to use this week:
"I manifest into my life all that I need, and it serves my highest good, and the future of us all."

For the Waning Moon:
"I release everything that no longer serves my highest good, nor the highest good of us all."
Envision the old, heavy, dense energies flowing out of you, into the Earth. Then fill yourself and your Aura with the Golden Rainbow Ray, and radiate it outwards.

I'll say no more. This is a lot to take in. Sit with it, let it marinate. And connect with your own guidance, to further your knowledge or understanding of what is going on. Most importantly, OWN YOUR ENERGY, and consciously choose where you Direct it.

Have a blessed week!


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