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The Healing Conversation: Seeing the BIG Picture

It's collectively time to see the BIG PICTURE, in regards to our health. I know that I talk a lot about Spiritual Healing, yet, recently, it's been brought to my attention again, as a need to share how we can all use Spiritual Healing to heal our own lives. Spiritual Healing is the healing of the mind, body, and heart (emotions), to create overall spiritual health. It also states that each of these affects the other. For instance, emotional and/or mental issues that we hold on to, manifest as physical symptoms. Grief manifests as lung/respiratory problems, emotions held in manifest as heart problems, even heart attacks. Stress, anxiety, and worry affect the digestive system. Another one that I come across a lot, is neck and shoulder pain, and it results from carrying too much weight on one's shoulders, or trying to do too much on your own, without asking for help. Women are notorious for this, in my experience.

I began this Healing Conversation over on the Touch the Earth Page on Facebook yesterday, with this post:

"It's time to start The Healing Conversation.
While losing healthcare is going to be devastating for millions, it also gives us a chance to reconsider how we are treating our bodies. I post a lot about herbs and their properties here, for this very reason. Many times, an herbal remedy will help to solve the problem, without having to resort to dangerous chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Now, that's not to say that some conditions won't require pharms, such as diabetics will still need insulin, but for many things, we can look to nature for help. Willow bark tea instead of aspirin, ginger instead of anti-inflammatories, etc.
Health begins however, with the food that we eat. All the super-sizing of portions, for instance, has led us to mistreat our bodies in a serious way. Monitoring what we put into our bodies, can help to naturally cure some problems. Taking herbs in the most natural form possible, will help to make sure that you get the nutrients that your body needs, and help to detox the past abuses of your body.
Ask your body what it needs, and do that! Look at stress factors in your life. Ask yourself if you are stress-eating. Are you taking in too many carbs, fats, meats, or sugars? Health starts with your diet. And when we turn to food instead of dealing with our personal issues, it causes even more health problems.
I wanted to start this Healing Conversation today because it is the New Moon, and we need to start thinking about our health in a New way. Sit with this, and begin thinking about how you can better nurture yourself and your body. We'll talk more about this subject in tomorrow's blog post. This Conversation will continue.

The Healing Conversation continues on the FB page, as I share more information there about foods and physical health. Please stop by and join in the conversation!
The Touch the Earth Page on Facebook

This is also about our overall health, healing ourselves mentally, emotionally AND physically! We are living in a world of unbalanced, unhealthy individuals that are largely unaware of their unhealthiness, or unwilling to do the work to heal it all. And yes, it can be a long, painful process, but the alternative is to live with pain, sadness, depression, digestive issues, heart attacks, grief, sorrow, hate, anger, fury, inflammation.... I could go on and on! The question is, what are we going to do about it, what are we willing to do about it? And do we SEE CLEARLY yet, how serious a problem it is in our world?

This past Saturday, which was a Master #44 day, I had this insight, this deep insight that just poured out of me onto the paper, about healing what ails us. I'm going to share some of it here with you, to hopefully help you to better understand where I'm coming from with all of this - and where it's taking me. I apologize if any of it sounds angry. It isn't. I'm passionate about the things that inspire me, and that may come across strongly here, or even bluntly, at times. It is a time of major transformation in our world, and this is where it all starts.

When we are emotionally traumatized at a young age, we become stuck at that emotional age, and will react emotionally from that age into the future, any time we are again emotional traumatized (or sexually, physically, emotionally, or mentally abused). Until we heal the original emotional trauma, we remain that emotional age.

NOTE: All trauma that comes afterwards, triggers that original emotional trauma, in some way, deepening it, or even taking it in new directions.

Bullying someone who is an emotional child, is akin to bullying a child, or one who has a mental, emotional, or physical handicap.

Bullying is a defense mechanism used especially by children, who have themselves been bullied (or abused in some manner). When a child does it, corrective measures are taken and we recognize the need for healing. When an adult does it, we are reverting back to our own childhood behavior, or defense mechanism, which again shows a need for healing. Bullying a child is NEVER the right response to their bullying, nor is bullying someone who is emotionally a child. It makes them feel even more inferior, which causes more bullying - because that's the only response they know, due to the fact that they need healing.

Healing then, is what we need to recognize the need for, in our society. This lesson could not be any more obvious than with the POTUS and his behavior. He is showing us all his need for deep healing, and we, in turn, are bullying him, collectively revealing our own need for healing.

NOTE: This message is also about The Mirror and it's teachings - He is the mirror being held up to us to help us look more deeply at ourselves, and our own need for healing.

It may seem as if we are "poking fun" at an adult who (we believe) is capable of defending themselves and their actions, but this is just not true.

We can tell this by his reactions, especially on social media. He strikes back - bullying tactics. He wants to be recognized for his (supposed) accomplishments continuously - ego needs feeding. In other words, insecurities abound, showing us that he is still emotionally a child, more than likely due to an emotionally traumatizing event in his childhood.


Please understand, it goes against everything I believe in to have to do ANYTHING that in any way, "defends" his behavior. I'm not defending it, I am emphasizing the need for healing. And I am discussing this because this need for healing is destroying us as a country, and as a people.


Even those who murder, rape, rob, and assault, are demonstrating their need for healing, but we just aren't getting it. We don't want to be RESPONSIBLE for them (maybe we don't have the Ability or capacity to Respond), so we send them to prison - which, 1) doesn't help to heal them, and 2) propagates the need for more law enforcement and prisons - and all their related needs and expenses ($$), into the future. i.e. guards, prisons, officers, guns, cars, command centers, tactical response teams, clerical work, 911 operators, communication devices, structured hierarchy of these departments, uniforms, prison clothing, the list goes on and on, basically equating to JOBS being propagated into the future.

NOTE: This has become a common theme in our society. Look at the pharmaceutical industry. They don't create cures, they create customers for life, that is their goal, for it ensures that company's future. The Prison Industrial Complex is the same thing, only it also includes all of law enforcement and all of its needs, and sets us up to need people to make the laws, in our cities, counties, states, and nation - and to enforce them, and whatever that requires, and this can even be globally. It is a growing industry, and it is self-propagating, just as the pharmaceutical industry may be, by causing even more medical issues than it cures. The Theme then is Capitalism, or that which grows exponentially as a result of its practices.

This all comes about because we send people to prison instead of accepting responsibility for healing them, and this is what we do collectively, as a society. We shirk responsibility because we, ourselves, need healing, or to be taught how best to respond or communicate with individuals who are in pain within themselves.

We are our brother's keeper, in all ways.

Parents that don't accept responsibility for their children, also need healing. We need healthy adults to raise healthy children.
We need healing centers instead of prisons.
We need healers instead of guards.
We need true equality so that we don't continue creating the need to rob, steal, etc.
We need healing. All of us.
And we need to SEE this CLEARLY, and understand it deeply.

We have created an endless cycle, circle, designed to keep us working and buying in order to support the economy, i.e. the country and it's ambitions, propagating it into the future.


What is the answer? Stop the cycle. Realize what is really important. It's you and the life you want, expressing your truest self. But we all have to get there together, and this is going to cause the need for mass changes in consciousness, require healing, changes to the system, maybe even going back to the old ways of growing ones own food, bartering, helping each other out, creating community, and community involvement. Not everyone has to work at a job they hate, if they are willing to provide for their own needs, either through growing food, herbs, or with a tradeable skill or product.

The process has to start with healing, and recognizing the need for the healing of us all. Recognizing that the system is not working and healing our own needs for superiority, materialism, money, and SEPARATENESS. It's an inter-connected system: people, plants, trees, animals, we all thrive or we all die. We are connected to each other and are here to help each other. And we aren't doing that. We all exist in our own little bubble, rarely venturing out of it, rarely thinking outside the box, rarely seeing the BIG PICTURE, and not appreciating what others do for us, especially those who grow our food, nor giving thanks to the food itself, the plants and animals who keep us alive, and provide for the basic nurturing of our bodies. Basic survival requires shelter + food + water. We have to get back to the basics, and that begins with reconnecting to the Earth.

The Earth represents our Root Chakra, which is about safety and security. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid shows it as our basic physiological needs of breathing (having clean air to breathe and having the respiratory health to take in enough air to sustain us), food, water, sex, sleep, etc. AND our Safety needs that provide for the security of our bodies, employment (money or goods to sustain our life's basic needs), having the resources that we need, health, family, and property - the safety of all of these is essential. When we fear losing any of them, we revert back to a primal stage, and are unable to reach out or move upwards on the pyramid, towards friendships, being social, having self esteem and confidence, respecting ourselves and others, and then on to our higher needs of spirituality, morality, and acceptance of ourselves and others.

In Chakra terms, our energy can flow freely upwards from the Root Chakra when we feel safe in our bodies and in our lives, to open and balance the Sacral, bringing us passion, creativity, and the ability to express our sexuality in a healthy manner. When this is open and balanced, we move on to the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Sun Center that helps us to gain self esteem, self respect, and confidence. Next is the Heart Chakra, helping us to love and forgive ourselves first, then we can learn to love and forgive others.

Why am I going into this? Because we are collectively stuck in the Root Chakra, as we are not connected to the Earth and HER healing energies. I'm also told that we HAVE TO HEAL our lower Chakras, i.e. the lower level energies (fear, anger, sorrow) that we are mired in, before we can move into, or live in the Higher Vibrational energies, or Higher Chakras. This includes the 3 lower Chakras plus the Heart Chakra. The ones that are most out of sync are our Root - of course! Along with our Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. SO many don't believe in themselves nor love themselves in our world, that it is truly heartbreaking for many of us to see.

And, as Healers, we've been told to stop healing others on an individual level, that we each have to find our own way to healing, and make that a priority in our lives at this time. This is due to the Ascension energies and the raising of the vibrational level here on Earth. We can't stay in the lower level 3D energies to help them, without compromising our own path. HOWEVER!!! I am now being told that we CAN share our own healing stories and methodologies, in a way that will allow others to find their own way to healing.

I'm sorry. This is a VERY long conversation, and there is a lot more that needs to be said, but we will have to pick it up another day. I've given you a lot to think about, and I'm going to stop here for now.
Sending out love to one and all, and to our first mother, Mother Earth!
May we all heal our emotional waters together!

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