Thursday, May 4, 2017

REBOOT YOUR LIFE - LIVE YOUR TRUTH: An Important Message for us all!

I'm asked to tell you a little story before I relay today's channeled message.
This is what it feels like to wake up:
Back in the late 80's, I felt stuck in a rut, and I realized that there had to be more to life than get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed, get up, go to work, etc. Weekends were filled with laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning house. It was a routine that I had to break, and I did so by moving to New Mexico. Then several years went by, where I struggled to survive, going back again to that 9-5 drudgery, and getting involved in relationships that were abusive. Then I had a really bad experience with a job, who chose - against the court's ruling - to blackball me in the industry, which resulted in me going out of town to work. This job also ended badly, with abuse again.

The pattern here is that you can't do the work that you were doing, something keeps happening to keep you from it. Do you choose a new line of work? Or do you surrender? I surrendered. I found my faith, and came home to the natural world, burying myself in its teachings. It took quite a while, because I didn't understand the process, and what was really going on, and this is why I am telling you this story, so that you might see the patterns in your own life. Are you dissatisfied with your job? Are you hitting brick walls at every turn? Do you feel stuck in a rut? Do you spend enough time in nature? Do you have time to do the things in life that you enjoy doing? Are you doing what you love? Is your life style helping you to grow, or hindering your growth?  If you are not sure of your answers here, or they bring up a strange longing to do something different, you will know that you are waking up.

Now on to today's channeled message. It is meant specifically for those who are waking up right now, so I'd appreciate it if you would share the message with those who are. Yet, the message is profound, for all of us, and brings answers that we all need at this time. Today, Thursday 04 May is a #10/1 day - a day of new beginnings. With all that being said, here's today's channeled message:


"There's a wake up call today, going out to those who are rubbing the sleep from their eyes, and beginning to SEE CLEARLY for the first time in their lives. THE LIFE YOU ARE LIVING IS NOT IN TUNE WITH YOUR SOUL'S PURPOSE! Stand down!

It will take patience and foresight to bring yourself back into alignment with the true energies and goals of your life. Be patient as you undergo this process. Rome was not built in a day, and neither shall your new life. Work towards it diligently each and every day, by finding your passion to help you to attain your purpose. You do not have to suffer any longer. That is not why you are here. You are here to do great work, to speak up, to embody your passion, your energy, and to live your Truth - the Truth of who you are.

Man cannot be subjugated for long without rising out of his/her own ashes, and in rising up, become determined to live their own existence, make their own rules, find and live their Truth, the Truth of who you are. That time is now! How do you do it? You stop subjugating yourself to others. You stop obeying their directives, and you learn to set your own rules and to live by them.

It's an ongoing process. Everything that you do now, matters! Ask yourself if you are being true to yourself at every turn, and, if not, change something  so that you are. It's up to you to make the changes necessary. Every one of you must do this, must rise up from the ashes of your past, if you are going to survive in the future. The time is now.

We cannot hold this energy for you for long. You must accept it into yourself and use it to create the new beginnings that are possible at this time. This is a REBOOT of yourself and who you are and how you are living in this world, and it is a SYSTEM REBOOT - but we'll get to that a little later. It takes everyone of your REBOOTING your lives at this point, to enable the SYSTEM REBOOT that is necessary for your world to survive. If enough of you wake up, you will inspire others to do so. If enough of you rise up and resist, refuse to follow orders anymore, it will inspire the entire nation.

Yes, healing on ALL levels is necessary, needed, by each and every one of you, and by the systems you have in place, but it takes a healed perspective of the individual to heal the System, and it takes waking up and walking your Truth to enable the healing needed in your own life.

Rise up as you can, in your home, in your life, in your goals and dreams - choose to live a bigger life, unbound by convention.

We can do this together. We are your support system.
We are the Arcturian High Council and we believe in you all and in your ability to demand better for yourselves and to live a life of your own choosing.

Rise up and be counted, seen for who you are amongst the stars - the whole of the Universe is watching and waiting to see what you will do with this energy that you've been granted. Use it well! Use it to further your goals. All else will take care of itself.

And do not become distracted by meaningless things. Everything is in a state of flux right now, and can and will be repaired when the time is right. Believe in the Truth, believe in you!

We are the Arcturians.
We bid you peace."

Michelle Hawksong Phillips is a Psychic Medium, Channel, Healer, and Writer who believes in Touching the Earth in all that we do, for it is our connection with the Earth and All of Life that sustains us.
She promotes a healthy lifestyle and healing one's own life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and shares information about these subjects, and about living an Earth-based lifestyle.
She is also a Medium and a Channel for the Universe, who shares these messages on this blog.
She is available for personal readings, Totem Animal readings, and other psychic services. Contact her through the "Contact Me" form in the left column of this page for an appointment.

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