Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Moon in Gemini - 24th of May 2017

New Moon's are always a time of purification, a chance to rid ourselves of old energies, so that we can make room for the New to enter. At this time, we are being asked to let go of EVERYTHING that no longer serves us, to lighten our loads, to simplify, and in doing so, create a bigger space for the Light to enter, and for us to have room to focus on our true goals. So get rid of those projects that you no longer work on. Stop thinking about those people who may have caused you harm, pain, or sadness. Release it all from your energy field, and cut those old cords! Time is of the essence right now, and so is energy, and we only have the energy, space, and time to work on that which is most important, that which serves our highest good, and brings us happiness! If it doesn't make you happy, let it go!

Bright new beginnings are on their way into our lives as we speak. You are starting new projects, or they are on their way to you. Listen and watch what comes in to you during this New Moon, over the next 72 hours, for it will help you to find and follow your dreams. Take notes! Sit in stillness and meditate, and let the Universe bring you the answers you need. Clear out the old, smudge away the old energy, and open yourself up to the possibilities that await you!

It's interesting to note that what we wish for on this New Moon, will continue to manifest through the Full Moon in Gemini, on November 3rd of this year.

This New Moon is in Gemini, and it happens on Thursday 5/18 at 3:46pm EDT/2:46pm CDT/1:46pm MDT/12:46pm PDT. The Sun is also currently in Gemini, adding its energies to those Gemini Air traits.
Gemini is an Air sign that is ruled by Mercury, indicating communication and mental abilities. If the energies of this New Moon get too intense for you, relax and get out of your head!

The Earth's Chakra system map, above, tells us where each of the Earth's Chakras are located. This image also shows the Planetary Gates. Some of these Chakras and Gates are associated with specific zodiac signs. Gate 8, located in Palenque and El Tule Mexico, are associated with Gemini. Meditating on this location during this New Moon may help us all!
This location is called the Earth Chakra for Inner Balance and Androgyny, or the World Androgeny and Harmony Center. The Palenque Temple, pictured below, courtesy of National Geographic, one of the most visited Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico. It dates to about 600 AD.

This is significant for this New Moon, because the New Moon falls on the date of May 24th, a day that, according to a Mayan Calendar expert, may be even more important than December 21, 2012 - which is when the Mayan Calendar ended. This date begins a whole new cycle! According to this article, it is "...the beginning of a sustained effort to facilitate for people to create resonance with the Ninth Wave. This event will be followed by events on June 29, August 4, and so on. It is not to be looked upon as a singular event. Yet, it can be argued that the chaos in the world has come to a point where it becomes a necessity to create resonance on a larger collective scale with the wave that generates unity consciousness."

It goes on to say that, "Our universe, and we ourselves are created by the combined effects of Nine Waves of creation. Hence, there is no change that takes place across the board at any particular shift points in time. The effects on our heart depends on what waves we have created resonance with and this comes don to what kind of intentions we have. Most people today still resonate with the 6th 7th and 8th wave, none of which creates a fully open heart. However, a minority of people have started to develop a resonance with the ninth wave and over time as they are guided by this they will gain a new perception of reality beyond separation. No event on any single date will change humanity to the Age of Heart, but the sustained intention to manifest the destiny of humanity through resonance with the Ninth Wave will create such a Golden Age."

You can read the full article here:
Mayan Calendar Expert Says May 24, 2017 more significant than December 21, 2012

So you see, when I came across all the info on the Earth Chakra's and their zodiac signs the other day, little did I know that it would lead me to this article, although I do trust that everything that I am given to share, will be connected in some way, before I write the weekly blog. And so it is!

But that's not all. I've spotted so many little butterflies in the yard today, that I am also being compelled to comment on them. The butterfly's message is Transformation. We've been working on the change/transformation/metamorphosis/alchemy theme for a few months now, and it's finally all come together, or will, with the energies that this New Moon brings in. It is the breaking free of the cocoon stage that we have reached. We are flying with transformed wings now! It's time to take flight, they say. And with them being smaller butterflies, I'm left with the impression that we are young to these wings, to this transformation, newly stepping out of the cocoon. Spread your wings and fly! It is time to grow!

I had a much longer message to bring you this week, but it is going to have to wait. This New Moon info was too urgent to miss posting about it before the New Moon arrives. I'll be back when I can to share more with you. Until then, fly towards the light!
And may all your wishes come true!

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