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Messages From The Universe - 18 May 2017

There has been a lot of information shared with me this week. Especially important are posts from Monday and Wednesday that were shared on The Touch the Earth Page on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram. If you are not following me on one of those, you may have missed them. Due to the significance of today's message, I won't be sharing them here, for I don't want to give you so much information that the important points are missed. I will share links at the bottom, so that you can more easily find these earlier messages from this week.

Significant information is being shared with us right now. This channeled message is just the beginning of it. I ask you to please have patience with me, and hear it all, for we will get to the BIG PICTURE at the end. We have a lot of ground to cover. Let's get started!


"It's a trying time in your world. You have to bear with it and see it through.

When does government become a hindrance to life on the planet? What is the tipping point? Have you reached it? You have to ask yourself these things, and then ask what you are personally willing to do about it to ensure the future - not just of humankind, but of All of Life on Earth. When you see the answer, you will know what to do.

It's never too late to try again. To do things the right way, the way that serves ALL - not just the 'higher up' members of your society. Everyone and everything deserves a life - a healthy life, an abundant life, and the freedom to choose what they want to do with their lives, unhindered by government interference. Think on that.

How much is too much? What does it mean to you, how important is it to have true freedom? Can you withstand the pain that these changes can bring - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually? It's a time of great upheaval, and all that you believe is being called into question. How deep into your own psyche are you willing to go to rid your world of its bad (evil) influences, for the answers lie within you all, deep within you. You have to heal yourselves of the fears that have been inbred in you, taught to you in all that you have done thus far in your lives. The system is rigged, the two-party system, yet it's not about that. It's about what they've done TO YOU ALL to make you accept these things as normal and necessary. What is really necessary? Ask yourself that! What are you willing to give up to succeed in this endeavor, in this enlightening of your world? At what cost? And realize that not everyone is willing to pay it, some will need to be left behind, to wallow in their own 'SELF-CREATED' misery.

(Self-Created as in unhealed issues that generate specific behaviour such as believing oneself to be trapped in any situation. There is always another way.)

Everything will work out in the end. We are here to guide you and help you in any way that we are able. But it's all up to you, what each of you choose to do will affect the outcome. We wish you the best, and hope for the best outcome. Know this: Never let down your guard! For they will attack again and again. Be brave, be thorough in examining your true needs, and consider the needs of others, of All of Life on your planet. It's the least you can do, given all they provide for you.

We are the Arcturians,
We bid you peace."

The next message goes on to explain this a little more:

They (the elite) think we'll one day be without natural resources, so this is why they are reproducing it all in a lab, so we/they can eat in the future, but this is just not true. If we managed our resources properly, there would be enough for all. It's the greedy ones who are too hungry that are destroying it all, that are causing the resources to be used up and creating the need for "MORE" - "More" being a greed term, always wanting more. What is lacking in their lives to cause this in them, in their psyche? What is lacking in us that allows it?

And this is where we have to start examining our own psyches. Look into co-dependency and enabling, we are being told, for in some way, we are enabling them to continue using more and more. Is this a trained reaction to their anger, such as happens in abusive situations, where we automatically agree with them to prevent them from getting mad with us, or hurting us further? Another question we are being asked, is why we feel that we need them, or need them to tell us what to do and how to act? What is missing in us that they are feeding? CONTROL and Domination is a tactic that is/has been used against us, and it is the motivating FORCE behind the greed of those who are always wanting more. Our illustrious leader is a prime example of this. Perhaps this is why everything is coming out into the Light at this time, so that we can SEE this CLEARLY, and understand it's Truth.

We are being asked to: SEE THE TRUTH IN ALL THINGS at this time.

Next, comes this. And I'll not go into it any deeper, just share the questions that were posed to me. We'll get back to the highlighted words below, and see how they have REALLY affected us, on a metaphysical level.

Ask yourself these things:

~Why do they need FORCE to assert their will, in this country, and in the world?
~A Police FORCE is used to CONTROL the population. Again with the CONTROL and Domination.
~We are afraid of stepping out of line, so we are FORCED to CONFORM. In other words, we have been trained, brainwashed to fear them.
~These are all FEAR and Intimidation Tactics.

Yes, there are some that may be considered to be "bad elements", but in Truth, they need Equality and Healing, not prison, for it prevents nothing. Prisons for profit are brought up here for us to think on.

~Slavery never ended, it just changed its dimensions (I'll explain this more, below).

In all of this, we are being asked to internally examine our own motivations, and our own issues, and to recognize that this type of programming is and has been going on in our world. SEE how it has affected you and your life, if perhaps it has kept you from doing what you would love to be doing. What is important at this point, is to recognize that, and to SEE it CLEARLY.

Take a close look at what blocks each Chakra:

The ROOT Chakra is blocked by FEAR.
The SACRAL Chakra is blocked by GUILT.
The SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra is blocked by SHAME.
The HEART Chakra is blocked by GRIEF.
The THROAT Chakra is blocked by LIES.
The THIRD EYE Chakra is blocked by ILLUSION.

The Root Chakra is blocked by fear. The Root Chakra is our connection to the Earth. Perhaps this explains why so many are not connected to the Earth. They are living in fear, sadly, and this is preventing it.

It is also important to note that the Third Eye Chakra - the one responsible for our psychic abilities - is blocked by illusion, and we are now beginning to SEE the TRUTH CLEARLY, and the wool is being pulled from our eyes, the Veil is being lifted, and we are seeing and understanding more deeply than ever before.

We have to wonder now if we have been INTENTIONALLY blocked to keep us from our true POWER, to keep us from true knowledge, and from knowing and using our abilities. Have they been stifled for a reason? Do they FEAR us knowing the Truth, and using our true Power? And is this why we've been disconnected from the Earth, and from our abilities? Just something to think on.

Slavery is a state of mind, I am told, and working just to survive, is the new form of slavery, it is what it has evolved into. If you are not enjoying life, pursuing happiness, and doing work that you love, then you have to ask yourself why you are here. The purpose of life is not to use all of your energy being forced to do things that you do not enjoy. And yet, we've accepted this as the norm for so long, that we rarely raise our heads and see beyond it, but know this: many do, and thrive. And you can too!

It's time to wake up and step into your true POWER, clear your mind of programming, and think for yourself, and learn to use your abilities. Connect to the Earth again, without FEAR, give thanks to Her and to All of Life, and all that you need will come to you. The Earth is alive and is always feeding us the ENERGY we need to own our true POWER once again.

I will go into more info on the Root Chakra on the Facebook Page, to help with this aspect of our collective healing.


I honestly didn't mean to take this one into the machinations of politics in our world, but that is where we have to go in order to SEE CLEARLY. This is the world stage, and everything that we need to learn at this time is being played out there. We can see it all clearly, if we look closely enough. See the patterns beneath the noise, the moral of the "movie" that is being played out, the lessons that are being demonstrated in real time, for us all to decipher to use to clear our heads and come back to ourselves, and learn the lessons that we need in order to set things right once more. SEE DEEPLY and ask to understand completely.

We have to ask ourselves what we are allowing and why, and listen deeply to the answers that are given. If FEAR is one of them, keep digging until you uncover the original programming, and destroy it. You are the Co-Creator of your own life, and you deserve to have a happy and abundant life where you are free to realize your dreams.

We can no longer sit quietly by. It's time to do the work, on ourselves, first and foremost, and that in itself will affect the larger whole. In this way, healing oneself helps to heal us all.

Blessings to us all on our paths,
May Truth prevail.



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