Monday, May 1, 2017

May Energies Report and a Message from the Arcturian High Council

May is a Master Number 33 month, and a #6 Universal Month, with 6 representing the ultimate balance of the masculine and feminine energies within us all. Master Number 33 is the Master Teacher. Because it is a Master Number 33 month, all #33 days will actually be DOUBLE #33 days, or 33 to the 2nd power. This also adds up to Master Numbere 66, which represents Universal Joy. In addition, the double #33 days can also be seen as 6-6 days, again with that 6 representing Balance, on both sides of the equation, balance upon balance. Then there are the #30/3 days are also 6-6 days, as the month + year add up to 6, and the date number adds up to 6: these happen on the 6th, the 15th (1+5), and the 24th (2+4), giving us that double 6 energy again.

Long story short - BALANCE is a Key Word this month! The Angels are calling it The Month of Balance, for a reason! This energy becomes even more prevalent after the Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st. Which means that on the New Moon on the 25th, BOTH the Sun AND the Moon will be in Gemini! I think we'll talk more about Gemini energies later in the month. For now, the Sun is in Taurus, and this is bringing us our Current Energies, and we have lots to discuss there, which we'll get to in just a bit.

First, let's talk about the Retrogrades. Mercury is coming out of Retro on the 3rd - yay! And He is in Aries, as is Venus, a forward moving Sign, indicating that our RElationship Communication that we have been struggling with, can now move forward. A Relationship is not just you and another person, it is also your RElationship with yourself. It is about how you treat yourself, if you are putting yourself and your needs first, how you are nurturing yourself, and your self-talk. We can't embrace ALL that we are or are working towards becoming, if we are not taking care of ourselves. More on this a little later, as it is also KEY to our energies this month.

Then we have a Mercury/Uranus Conjunction to contend with on May 10th - the date of the Full Moon in Scorpio. This will be the 3rd in a series of 3 Mercury/Uranus Conjunctions, the first was on March 26th, the second was on April 28th. According to Ruby Slipper Astrology, this is "An ongoing conversation or series of revelations, that keep jolting you to make sure you are awake. Tied to Venus in Aries - relationships, finances, values, and self-esteem that are approached with courage and honesty."

The Full Moon in Scorpio will highlight this, adding Her energy to it. Expect revelations, deeper understandings, etc. around these issues. Scorpio is about mystery and regeneration, much like it's planet Pluto, who is currently Retrograde. Looking within for answers will be the Key to this energy. Allow yourself some time to sit in silence and just listen on this day. Also, if you journal, go back and see what was going on with you on 3/26 and 4/28, for it may provide a clue about the area that this Conjunction will be highlighting.

There is also another important date to pay attention to this month. On May 19th, Saturn (Retro) trines Uranus - who keeps popping up for us all! Uranus is the planet of sudden insights and/or changes. Astrology has this to say about this Saturn Uranus Trine:

"Saturn trine Uranus will bring order out of the chaos which resulted from the Uranus Pluto squares of the previous five years. There will still be changes ahead but they will cause less drama and upheaval. These less erratic changes will be more constructive, and could include some of the more promising ideas from the last few years.

Saturn trine Uranus will bridge the gap between the extremes that have developed. For example, governments and rebels will begin to find common ground."

It is also a good time to make those changes in your own life, that you have been waiting for!

May is Master Teacher month, and who is your best teacher? Your Highest Self! Tune in to YOU to learn more about who you are, and why you are here.

May is Wake Up! Month, and we'll get to that here in a bit.

Lastly, May is the Month of Going With The Flow. When we follow our intuition, we naturally do the things that we know need doing, and we realize that everything happens when it is it's Time (a Saturn Retro lesson). When we are doing things out of their Time, we tend to fail at them in some way. So, learning to Go with the Flow, can help us to follow our True Path, enhance our Intution, and help us to tune into our Higher Self. It's a process where you do what you FEEL needs to be done, rather than what you THINK needs to be done. And it's difficult to explain! Who knew! (smile!) Here's the thing: We get into these routines where we do everything at a specific time. Dropping the routine will open us up to new energies coming into our lives. But that's not the whole of it. Being open to the Universal Energies and their promptings throughout your day, covers it a little better. This is following your intuition. If you feel like you shouldn't drive down that street, don't. If you feel like you need to sit outside for a while before cooking dinner, do so! I've actually become physically ill so that I couldn't go somewhere that I didn't need to go. Is the Universe keeping me safe? Yes. They're also keeping me from scattering my energies into areas that won't help me at that particular time. It's all about listening to what needs or does not need to be done, and using your Intuition to guide you throughout your day. Don't do things just because it's when you usually do them, do them when it feels right. And it is about being IN the Current Energies, being open to them, and living in the moment. All of this can and will lead to some change for the better in your life, and, by staying open, we are ready for the opportunities that DO present themselves!


Early this morning, I thought I saw a Cow across the street. I do live in a rural area, but not THAT rural! The Cow Vision was a Key to the Current Energies. Cow is the feminine side of Taurus the Bull, and, as this month is about Balance, we need to also look at the feminine, in all ways! Taurus is an Earth Sign, and Cow is a creature of the Earth, grounded and stable. It is also a symbol of fertility, motherhood, and nourishment. Cow eats fresh green grass and other plants, that keep her connected to the Earth. She has been represented by the Moon, and there are some Goddesses who wear her horns, while the Bull can be a Solar Symbol, yet his horns sometimes represent the Crescent Moon. The Bull is known for his masculinity, and the Cow for her femininity. When they come together, fertility is the result. Balancing oneself in this manner, will bring fertility to your life. Staying in the masculine Bull, we see Bull-headedness, and there are a lot of examples of this in our world right now. Staying in the feminine side of Cow, we just graze in the field, becoming complacent and never taking forward action in our lives. We need a equal mixture of both, the mother and the father, the feminine and the masculine, the Earthy woman, and the charging forward male, to truly be in balance within ourselves. It's about knowing when to be patient, like Cow, and when to charge forward, like Bull, which brings us back to Timing, that Saturn lesson. We'll talk more about how Cow's energies can help us, below.


"This month is going to be tricky. You want to maintain consistently your high vibrational level and stay cleansed and purified. Maintain balance in all you do, in all areas of your life. This is essential to navigating this month with ease. And stay grounded - that's really Cow's message, living close to the Earth, and maintaining that connection, even through the foods that you eat. Remember, fresh organic foods keep your spirit and body pure and your vibrational level high.

Cleaning out your physical world - focus on Physical for now, including your home and your physical body, will play a big part in May's energies. You call it Spring Cleaning. Also look at Spring Tonics for your body, to maintain your health. Your connection to the Earth is so very important at this time - the Earth and everything upon Her is alive - and will feed you, body and soul. Spend time outdoors, get fresh air, sunshine, feet on the Earth. Think about how Cow lives - outside, feel on the Earth, plodding along. Forward movement may be slow, but progress can be made when you follow these directions.

Remember, it's all about YOU now, and embodying ALL that you are. Leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of happiness, for happiness is essential to health. Feed your body what it needs, feed your soul what it needs. It will all come back to you, and you will remember who you are and why you are here, when you do this, when you choose to pursue your own happiness as a priority.

You are waking up now, that is a direct command from on high, a necessary component to your ascension. It's happening to everyone at this time. And again, it may appear to be slow going or  moving, but it is happening. Have faith in the process and that the whole of the Universe is assisting and supporting you all at this time. Let go of worry and be happy.

Those who are leaving now, are meant to do so. They didn't sign up for what's ahead for you all. They were your support system. Now their work here is done and you are invited to step out and free yourself and embody all that you are. We have your back now. Together, we can do this work.

Balance ~ Physical World/Physical Body ~ Grounding ~ Eat Healthy ~ Maintain your vibrational level ~ Stay Purified.
Those are your instructions. And enjoy the process! Make that your priority!

Sing, Dance, and Celebrate all that you are, and all that you will be! Your time is near. Can you feel it calling yet? You will! Before this month is over, you will know what it is you are to do, to serve the future of humankind on the Earth Plane. All that you are has been working towards this for lifetimes. And it's almost here! Be patient. Your time is near!

With love from the Other Realms,
We are... the Arcturians
We bid you peace."

Lastly, I am asked to remind you about the Golden Rainbow Ray, and using it each and every day to fill your Aura, so that you are radiating at the highest possible vibrational level, and radiating that outwards. Grandfather Sun will fill you with this Angelic Light Healing Ray, any time that you ask. I have been working with this Ray since it first became available to all on the Earth, and will be sharing a new Page here on this blog that will tell you all about this Ray. Stay tuned for that!

To bring Balance into this situation, I am reminded that Grandmother Moon emits the Pearlescent Rainbow Ray, and it is also available to us all. And even when Grandmother Moon is not visible, the Stars are there to guide us, also emitting Light. So Light is ALWAYS available to us, to tap into, any time we need it. Just as the wisdom - and love - of the Higher Realms is always available to us. Your Angels await your instructions!

As I will be doing the Page on the Golden Rainbow Ray, and I am posting this blog now with all of the info that I currently have for you this week, I doubt there will be another blog post this week. If something comes up, I will surely post it here, unless it is just a short message, in which case, it will be posted to the Facebook Page, so follow me there too!

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I hope to see you soon!

May this month bring us all the blessings and abundance that we need, moving forward!

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