Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ascension Energies and Symptoms

We've been experiencing some severe ascension symptoms this past week, for a couple of reasons. The full moon intensified them, and that made us feel them even more strongly. There have also been a couple of astrological alignments that came into play, including the 3rd of 3 Mercury/Uranus conjunctions on the full moon, May 10th. These conjunctions were about a revelation having to do with something from our past, that we are now seeing more clearly, from a more healed place. The other two happened on 3/26 and 4/28, so if you are taking notes, go back and see what was revealed to you on those dates. This coming week, on the 19th, we have Saturn Retro trining Uranus, and this trine is almost exact, and has been, for several days now, so it is already affecting us, helping us to let go of old programming, and make some radical changes in our lives. Then there are all the Retrogrades, including Jupiter who is helping us to narrow our focus, and Pluto who helps us to go within, also triggering regeneration, which is another word for rebirth, transformation, and metamorphosis. It's all helping us to become who we came here to be.

Then there are the current energies... we are collectively releasing some very heavy, dense energies at this time. This can make you feel weighed down, lethargic, fatigued, even lazy! Some of us are transmuting these negative energies through our own energetic and physical bodies, and releasing them into the Earth is the best thing that we can do. She knows what to do with them, and how to use them beneficially where they are needed most. So, grounding is important, releasing is important right now, and with the newly waning Moon, this is going to be intensified. Release what is no longer needed in your own life, so that you can release the collective energies that are collecting in your energy field.

This can feel like the bottom half of your body being very heavy, compared to the top half, which feels very light. You are connected through your upper Chakras, to the Higher Realms, and this is opening us up even more. We are taking in more Light and higher energies at this time, but due to the heavy energies needing release, we are also feeling them in our lower Chakras, the Sacral, Root, Earth Star, and even in our foot Chakras, at times, which can result in not feeling connected to the Earth. Smudging these Chakras, especially your foot Chakras, can help with this.

The 5D world that we are "ascending" into, is a world of Light. The 3D world that we are moving out of, is a physical world, ergo, we are having physical symptoms, and, as we release them, we become lighter. Eating pure, natural foods may help you during this time. Dehydration may also be an issue, so staying hydrated can help. Drink more water than usual! Our connection to Water is tied up in the Direction of West on the Wheel of the Year. West is the feminine Direction, whose Element is Water, and it is also where Grandmother Moon resides. This Direction is about our emotions and our psychic abilities. We have poisoned the Waters of the Earth, we have suppressed our emotions for far too long, we have hidden our psychic abilities, or had them shamed out of us, and we have been suppressing the feminine for generations. Healing each one of these is called for at this time, and this is another reason that we are feeling dehydrated, and needing more water. Water helps our emotions to flow, it helps our psychic abilities to flow, it helps all things to grow. Perhaps giving thanks to the Water before you drink it, can help us all. Charging your water with a conscious Intention before drinking it, can help. Ask it to help to heal your physical body, ask it to help your emotions to flow or to heal. Ask it to help you to use your psychic abilities in a way that serves others. Adding a Crystal Quartz point that has been charged with an Intention, can also help.

As we "ascend" into a more energy-based world, we begin using our energy in a better way, by becoming conscious of it, aware of how we are using it. We are actually integrating our Energy Body, our Emotional Body, and our Higher Consciousness with or into our physical body. We are growing into them all and learning to use them all, by expanding into them all. This is a process, much as metamorphosis is a process, it's a series of changes that opens us up even more, to all of the energies available to us, and as we open up to them, we learn how to use them for the highest good of us all.

In this past week's blog post, we talked about, "Energy goes where attention flows", and this teaches us to focus our energy on what we want, on the positive, not on what we no longer want in our lives, or in our world. This is where Jupiter Retro is helping us, to learn to focus our energy on what is important.

Other symptoms may include sleepiness, sleeping too much, or sleeplessness, insomnia. Both extremes are possible, even with one happening one day, and the other, the next. There may be days when you feel too fatigued to do anything, and this may be a time when you are processing energy on a higher level. Be still and know, we are told.

The most important thing that you can do, is to ask your body what it needs, and honor it's needs. If it needs rest, then rest. If it needs more nutritious foods, make something healthy. If you aren't feeling your feet, go outside and ground yourself. You may need to do this several times a day. While you're there, do some releasing!

Spring Cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning this time around. Cleaning our homes is not enough. Get rid of things you haven't used in years. Get rid of things that are weighing you down. Get rid of clutter. And then smudge the space, light a candle, burn some incense, open the windows and doors and bring in some fresh energy. Then do the same for yourself. Take that purification bath regularly. Smudge daily, especially after being out in public. Keep your sleeping space sacred by using purification herbs there, often, and keep it aired out, as well. Stale, stagnant energy can build up anywhere, from your home to your body or energetic field. Lavender removes the emotional energies of others from you, while Himalayan Pink Salt added to the bath will cleanse your Aura. Cedar brings in positive energies. Rosemary stimulates your mind. Again, ask your body what it needs.

Feel your energetic body, or Aura, around you, and expand it, often. Go outside and let Grandfather Sun fill it with the Golden Rainbow Ray, to add more energy and sparkle to it. This is a part of keeping your energetic field healthy, and keeping you energetically in tune with the guidance that we all need at this time. By keeping yourself purified, you are making room for the new to enter your life. By releasing regularly, you are also making room for the new to enter your life. It takes both!

Body aches and pains are also happening, especially on the back, coming off of the spine. Our Chakras radiate out of both sides of our bodies, and our Aura is also on all sides of our bodies, including above and below us. So if you are feeling pain in your back, or along your spine, it may have to do with blockages in these Chakras, or in your energetic field. Work with your Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras at this time, especially. The Golden Rainbow Ray is the higher vibrational level of the Solar Plexus Chakra, and can help you with this one. At the same time, we may be picking up the collective energies that are stuck or blocked in these areas, and need to release them for us all. This would cause a build up in your energetic field, and, as I said before, this is a physical world, so we would feel this physically, especially as we move more into our energy bodies. One affects the other, and until we remove all of this gunk, negativity, toxins, poisons, fear, anger, and sadness, we are going to need to help out with releasing it for everyone, possibly including the Earth Herself. Water may also be a factor, as our Heart Chakra is about our emotions, so a collective buildup here would benefit from drinking more water charged with helping our emotions to flow, or with releasing excess emotional energies that we are taking on. As will purification....

So you see how it is all connected. There is work that each of us is here to do, and we are getting to the point where we will be doing that work, if we are not already. This collective releasing is a part of the work that needs to be done. Channeling out these lower level, dense, heavy energies, helps us all. Becoming more Light ourselves, also helps. We can do this through spending quiet time alone every day, using binaurals and other meditative music, connecting with the Higher Realms, purifying ourselves before going to bed, and staying in the Truth of who we are, at all times. Love is the answer, always, and coming from a place of love with everyone that you meet, can be very beneficial, not just for them, but also for us, as it keeps the emotions flowing. Staying centered and balanced is helpful, which means staying in your own energy field, or, if you feel pulled out of it, returning there as soon as possible. Don't become distracted by everything that is going on in the world at this time, or if you do, return to your own energy, and focus your energy on you and your life, as soon as possible. We discussed this in the Weekly Energy Report, and were given some affirmations to help with this, so I'd ask you to see it, instead of going into it all again.

The Golden Rainbow Ray blog page has been completed, and you can view it here:
Golden Rainbow Ray
This new Light Ray is here to help us all at this time, to raise our vibrational level, and to raise the vibrational level of the Earth, and all upon Her. This is an ongoing process that we are all a part of, and we can use this Ray to help us even more to move into these higher energies with ease. Keeping our vibrational level high is a top priority right now, so use what you can to stay there! Orgonic Energy products help a lot, as does purification, binaurals, and everything else mentioned above, plus high vibrational stones. You can find a variety of Orgonic Energy Devices in my IndieMade shop, and they all work very well for transmuting negative energy into positive energy and radiating it outwards, which keeps your vibrational level high. Using them in your home, raises the vibrational level there. How do I know so much about what is going on ascension-wise? I have a lot of Orgonic products! I can't stress enough how much they can help us, as can all of the Stone People. All of nature, in fact, is a huge help in this process, so if you aren't spending time outside daily, that might be something you want to add to your routine. Fresh herbs and produce grown in sacredness, will also help your physical body, so grow some herbs of  your own for teas, or grow some vegetables to eat, charging them with their purpose while they grow. Adding Crystals or Orgonic Energy devices to the Earth where you plant them, raises their vibrational level.

Lastly, don't forget to play and do fun things, experiment and create. It helps to keep YOU open!

These symptoms are ongoing, and the energies wax and wane, come and go. Sometimes we're given a day off. Take advantage of it! These symptoms are just what we are experiencing right now, and are subject to change later today even. I'll try to talk more about this in the Weekly Energies blogs in the future.

This is a very big subject, and I hope that I have done it justice, and provided you with some helpful information. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment. I'm always around to answer them, and to help if I can.

Blessings of Love and Light,

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