Sunday, April 9, 2017

The RE Words and Theme of Mercury REtrograde

Once again, early this morning I was woken up to record a Message from the Universe. Today's message is about the RE words - and the Theme - of this Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retro began today in Taurus, and will run through May the 3rd. He backs into Aries in the process.

When we are in Mercury Retro, we always REvisit all of the RE words, such as REview, REevaluate, REflect, and Re-do. This time around, we are asked to delve a little deeper, and to REflect on the following RE words:

REsponsibility: Ability to Respond (in a healthy manner)
REspect: of ourselves, first and foremost

Let's discuss these two, then we'll bring in the 3rd RE word that's affecting us all right now.

To begin, I want to give you an example, and we'll REfer back to it throughout this post:

Man climbs Mountain, proceeds to fall off of Mountain, and turns around and sues Mountain. It doesn't matter that Man was not invited to climb Mountain, or to even visit Mountain, nor that Man might have been drinking beforehand. In the Alternate REality (another important RE word) that we currently reside in, Man wins lawsuit against Mountain. The Judge says that Mountain should have put up warning signs and a fence to keep Man from falling off of Mountain.

This places the blame on Mountain, shifting REsponsibility for Man's actions to Mountain, instead of insisting that Man himself is REsponsible for his own actions.

REmember, that we are discussing the many ways that Power manifests in our world, this month. In making Mountain REsponsible, Mountain then is believed to have POWER OVER man. Man is victim, and we are only a victim when we GIVE AWAY OUR POWER.

The REsponsibility RE word/theme is about accepting REsponsibility for our own lives, knowing that we alone are REsponsible for our actions, and OWNING that REsponsibility. We have shifted so far from this that Mountain is now being blamed for OUR actions. We are able to sue others, and win, when we make them REsponsible for our actions, when we Give Away Our POWER.

Which begs the question, again, Who are we giving our Power to? And why? If we were accepting REsponsibility for our own lives, we ourselves would Own Our POWER.

This leads to REspect, most notably, Self-REspect. We cannot REspect ourselves if we have given our POWER to another. In taking back our POWER, we take back our Self-REspect.

Let's also look at the word REality for a moment. What is the REality of the situation, is a question we need to be asking, in all that we are currently seeing and experiencing, or believing. What version of REality are we seeing, accepting, whose version of REality are we seeing, accepting? Is it our own? And this brings us back to Thinking For Ourselves - an important message from yesterday mentioned this - and, quite honestly, probably opened the door for today's message!

"You choose the level of energy that you embrace, and live in. Everything that happens provides us with another choice. Today, will I choose to lift myself up, or choose to be mired in the negativity that surrounds us all? Either choice draws to us more of the same. Choosing to lift ourselves up, we help others do the same. Choosing to be in negativity, we play into the hands of those who wish to control us, to use their Power Over us. Choosing otherwise does not mean that the problem does not exist, it means that we believe a higher solution is available, and that everything that is happening serves a purpose in waking us all up so that we can all See the Truth Clearly about the hidden machinations of everything that has ever happened.
Higher energies are available in every moment. A different choice can be made at any time.
It's our life. We can choose to live happy and free, or to continue following Alice down the rabbit hole.
Think for yourself, and make your own choices."

Now we have to discuss the really important RE word, and it is not a subject I delve into lightly. REligion is that word. If you've noticed, we've had this word (system, doctrine) come up REpeatedly in the last few months. I think it started with Hobby Lobby REfusing to allow their insurance company to offer birth control for their employees, as it went against their REligious beliefs, and it was taken to court, and they won. Then, in the midst of his campaign, the REpublican president became a Christian. The issues of women's REproductive health and abortion are both being dragged through the courts and Congress right now, all based on the REligious beliefs of others. I could go on, but I know that you've seen all of the REligious stuff in the Mainstream Media lately, and that I don't need to mention it all. Just please, pay attention when it does come up. This is meant to create an awareness of it, as it is a KeyWord of Mercury REtrograde.

REligion is a Doctrine, a set of rules, regulations, and rituals to be followed. When we "follow" anything, we give away our Power. We give that doctrine, those beliefs, POWER OVER us. In doing so, we give up free will. We also give up REsponsibility for our lives, which causes us to lose Self-REspect. Is REligion the evil that is causing all of our problems? Oh hell no! To think that, would be giving them our POWER! It is, however, a mind-altering, REality-altering system that has a whole lot of POWER and Control in our world. What are we believing? Whose REality is it, theirs or ours? Whose beliefs is it, theirs or ours? Are we following the Truths of another blindly? We have to ask this about everything that we are seeing and experiencing right now, and ask the Universe to assist us in SEEING CLEARLY.

Surrender is not about giving up our POWER, and it's not about guilt or shame. It's the acceptance of a higher way of being and allowing it to show us the way. It is using our POWER to make the right choices, not just for ourselves, but for All of Life, including the 7th Generation. We Sacrifice now for the 7th Generation, surrendering EGO, accepting that we may not always know what is best for all concerned, and follow the guidance given to us. It also involves Trust and Knowing - as in, "Be still and Know", as we discussed in the previous blog post.

Surrender then, is surrendering the EGO, decisions based on money, and/or our belief that we have POWER OVER others (which we actually don't have, it's a trick of the Ego). When we surrender EGO, we accept that we may not always know what is best for all concerned, and instead, follow the guidance given to us. This is the feminine principle of REceptivity, and Going Within and listening, before taking action, or even before Blindly taking action - or even blindly believing all that we see and hear, or blindly following any set doctrine. We go within and listen, and make our own decisions, and that is what is being called for at this time. To think for ourselves, and make our own decisions, in a way that honors ourselves.

When we sit in stillness and listen, when we go within, we are thinking things through before taking action, seeing all the possibilities, and hearing the guidance that is being given to us, before we act. We do this to make sure that we are doing the right thing for all, and for the best possible outcome. RE-evaluating our options instead of following EGO and allowing it to lead us.

Basically, Action is the masculine principle, while REflection is the feminine. Those who live in EGO allow themselves to blindly take action, without thinking it through. We're seeing a lot of this in our world right now. I'm not going to mention the missiles here, but you know I'm thinking it... I could say that violence is never the answer, but I won't. The teaching here is a Teaching of the Season of Spring, and a Teaching of Balance: Use your mental abilities to think for yourself, but balance it with REflection, to REceive all of the guidance that you possibly can.

Balance is coming up because the Moon is now in Libra, and will remain there for the Full Moon on the 10th/11th. I also mentioned this in the last blog post. Another way that Balance manifests is in Head vs Heart - which are we thinking with? Or are we thinking with both (balance)? It's also a time of bringing back the Divine Masculine, and bringing equality to the Divine Feminine - another Balance that our world desperately needs.

What is the Divine Masculine? This term makes me think of a Tribal Leader or Chief who might appear to make his own decisions, yet considers the entire tribe, and their future, before announcing a balanced decision. To fight another might be needed in the here and now, but the Chief sees that the future may not be served by rash action. He may also consult with the Grandmothers prior to making a decision, for the women are the ones who see the future most clearly. He may consult with other Tribal Elders, or other members of the Tribe, or the Medicine Man or Woman. He explores all available REsources.

Everything is taken into consideration before a decision is made, and that is the point I'm trying to make here. We have to do the same thing at this time. We have to take everything into consideration, and then REflect on it all, before we decide what to do. And this means both individually and collectively. WE The People, again coming up. What serves the Highest Good of All? And, of course, who are we following blindly, what are we believing/who are we believing, and are we thinking these things through, for that is imperative at this time, to not GIVE AWAY OUR POWER.


REsponsibility is accepting full REsponsibility for our lives and actions.
REspect is the Self-REspect gained by thinking for ourselves.
REality is which REality we choose to live in, ours or one of another's making?
REligion symbolizes following the rules, regulations, and rituals of another, be it government, religious doctrine, any belief system, or any individual in our lives or community.
REflect on everything that you see and hear, then make your own determination on what you believe.
RE-evaluate your options and don't let EGO lead you.


POWER in all its many forms is still coming up. Read the previous blog posts on this subject (see Labels on the left) to see more of the forms it is taking, and how the Universe is working to help us to understand it all. This is the link to a blog post on Power:

Power: Message from the Universe

EGO - goes back to the Solar Plexus Chakra, the POWER Chakra, the seat of our Personal POWER. As does Self-REspect. The above blog post on Power, also addresses this subject.

SEEING CLEARLY  is still a Theme right now, and again we "see" it coming up here.


REmember, the higher vibrational level of the Solar Plexus Chakra is GOLD, as in the Golden Rainbow Ray, which radiates outwards from our Solar Plexus Chakras. It heals, balances, and aligns All Chakras, and raises their vibrational level. We can fill our Auras with the Golden Rainbow Ray from Grandfather Sun, simply by asking. We can then pull those energies within ourselves, and, if we choose, radiate them outwards to raise the vibrational level of all. We can also surround the planet with this Angelic Light Ray, and help to raise the vibrational level of the entire Earth. This is a new Angelic Light Ray that is available to us all now, and it can be used anytime.


Lastly, a question is being asked: Are we REacting, or acting from fear? Or are we REflecting before taking action? That is what is important right now, that we learn to REflect and RE-evaluate our options. Connecting with the Earth is a big help in doing this, and can help you to find the guidance that you seek.

I'll be back when the next message arrives, or on Thursday with the Weekly Angel Energy Report - whichever comes first!

Happy Mercury REtrograde!

All of the RE words for Mercury REtro were discussed in this earlier blog post:
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