Thursday, April 27, 2017

Many Messages: Weekly Angel Energies Report - April 27th

First of all, you may have noticed a few changes around here, like the blog header, for instance. It's a time of embracing new energies, and a time of new beginnings and of transformation and metamorphosis. We are all evolving into who we came here to be, and updating our online info might be necessary at this time, to help us to move into the new, and to let go of the old. This is Mercury REtro working in our lives, helping us to REvise, REword, REthink about how we are REpresenting ourselves in REgards to our true purpose.

It's also a time of REcognizing ALL that we are, and of being ALL that we can be, and this may mean that we have to fully accept ourselves and our chosen path, no matter how diverse it may be. We each have our own beliefs, and that's okay. It's what makes us unique individuals. Yet, we can own our beliefs without the need to associate them with another culture. They are ours, and no matter how we acquired them, we can own them free and clear of all others. This is about stepping into who we truly are, and while others have helped us along our path, it is still our path. Give thanks to everyone who has assisted you along your way, send them love, and energetically release them, so that YOU can own who you are once more.

This is about Energetic Individuality, owning oneself and one's energy, and taking back your power and control of your own life - and energy, and this is our Theme this week.


Came to me late last night and I channeled more information about it early this morning. And it's also about owning our energy. Here we go!

Everything that happens to us, we create. We draw it all to ourselves, with our thoughts, wants, and needs. Our true nature is that of a Master Co-Creator. Our true nature is also that of a healed individual, and this is when we can truly step into and create the life that we want to live. When we are not healed, we may be subconsciously creating experiences to help us to heal. Illness and disease are things that we have created so that we can recognize what needs to be healed. Spiritual Healing says that every physical ailment is due to something mental or emotional that needs to heal within us (see Louise Hay's book, "Heal Your Body" for descriptions of what needs to heal in relation to physical ailments). So what we are doing is manifesting signs that will point the way to what and where we need healing.

Then there are the people and situations that we draw into our lives. These are entirely dependent upon the vibrational level that we embrace, which is entirely dependent upon our spiritual health. Your vibrational level determines your energy, which attracts Like energy - or a Like vibrational level. Raise your vibrational level to attract better into your life. Healing your life then gives you a much more stable and purer energy/vibrational level, as does eating pure foods and avoiding things that lower your vibrational level such as alcohol, drugs, and chemicals.

If things are happening to you that you don't like, contemplate how they could be teaching you something that you need to learn in order to heal a part of you. Think deeply about loving and trusting yourself (these are the Keywords to the current energies, btw). Recognize that you have the Power to change your life with your thoughts, literally, to change the world, and set out to emit a purer and higher vibrational level that will align you - and us all - with all that we need.

Why is the Church and the Government, including Main Stream Media, so afraid of us thinking for ourselves? Why are they determined to keep us mired in negative energy, words, wars, violence, and programming? Because each of us holds the Power to change the world. We don't need their money, benefits, security or protection, when we recognize our Energetic Individuality and our ability to Co-Create our reality. We have the ability to choose what we want in our lives and to bring that into our lives, to bring all that we NEED into our lives, with our energy.

It is only when we lift ourselves high enough, that we can realize our dreams, individually and collectively...

If you have this Power as an individual, imagine what the collective could do if it ever stopped fighting amongst itself (divide and conquer are tools of the current system, the 3D world we are leaving), and came together in Unity! This is what they know about us, and it's high time that we woke up to this fact too!


You may have noticed that it is a time of Instant Manifestation, and of almost instantaneous Karma. We really do reap what we sow, and right away, it may seem. This goes back to the BIG MESSAGE from this week, and learning to be a Master Co-Creator. It is also a reminder to watch our thoughts!

In our own lives, the consequences of our thoughts and actions -  or the manifestation of them, may happen right away. In others, however, it may take longer than we'd like. This is because it may take things longer to process through a person's life, if they are not the type to look within, and instead, look outwards, blaming others and/or trying to control their circumstances. Some lessons just take longer, yet you have to know that Karma is at work in ALL of our lives at this time, making sure that we get the resources that we need in order to heal our lives. And this is because of the Theme this week, around becoming more conscious of what we are creating, and choosing to create the life that we want to live, as well as healing our lives so that we can emit a purer and higher vibration. And this is Universal!


Lessons around love are still coming to us, with Venus now being out of Retrograde, and with Her moving into Aries on Friday, they will continue to stay with us, and Mercury REtrograde is also assisting with this. Mercury REtro has backed up into Aries already, chasing Venus! RElationships are a RE word, and we are being REminded to REvise and REthink what RElationships mean to us, how we want them to appear in our lives, and what we need from them.

Relationships should hold us to a higher standard, demand that we EXAMINE OUR TRUTH, and lift us up and support us. The things that we cannot do in RElationships include: helping others to heal their lives or to want to heal their lives, changing others, or forcing them to heal/grow/move forward, for these things are up to each one of us individually, they are a matter of individual choice, and to truly own our energy, we have to allow others to own theirs. Yes, lift them up, yes, support them in their choices, but don't force your beliefs on them. A good teacher will show you how to heal yourself, not heal you. We each have to do our own work in this life, in our own timing. If you cannot accept someone AS THEY ARE, then move on. Ego has no place in a relationship of equal give and take, nor does superiority or dominance of one person over the other. That's Patriarchy, and the 3D, and it is ending now, as we speak.

With anyone in our lives, we can only lift them up, support them, and encourage them to EXAMINE THEIR TRUTH, and we need/require the same from them. If this isn't happening with anyone in your life, friend, family, or lover, it's time to change the relationship or let it go.

We truly are growing into a new understanding of RElationships at this time. It is a Time of SEEING Truth Clearly, and if we aren't doing this in our own lives, it's Time to ask ourselves why. Holding ourselves to a higher standard will attract those into our lives who are doing the same. If we want to live in a world where Truth is our Guiding Light, it has to start with each of us seeking Truth within ourselves.

This brings up the question of what to do with the ones that we love who are not yet awakened. Do we wake them up? Can we? Or do we continue to love and accept them as they are? It really depends on what YOU want in your life. Do you want an equal partner? Do you want someone who holds you to a higher standard, and insists that you seek your own Truth? Or can you continue in a 3D relationship of dominance and control? REcognize WHAT you are choosing - the 3D over the 5D, and decide if you can live with that, without blaming another. We have to make our own choices now, especially REgarding our energy. Where energy goes, attention flows - or we attract what we think about - or we can't live at a higher vibrational level when we are choosing to give our energy to the negative - or, we can't move forward while choosing to stay mired in the old paradigm, outdated beliefs, or the 3D.

And that pretty much sums up this week's message. Choose the Energy that you are going to embrace - in ALL areas of your life. It may be a time of some tough decisions, especially while Mercury is still REtro, but it's also about setting boundaries of what you will and will not allow in your life, so that you CAN use your energy for your own highest good, and growth.

Step out as the individual that you are, embracing and expressing ALL that you are, and Stand In Your Own Light and Truth!

This New Moon brings us the potential for Bright New Beginnings. What do you want to manifest in your life? Remember, you ARE a Master Co-Creator, and what you choose, matters!

That's all for this week! I'm working on a new Blog Page about the energies of the Golden Rainbow Ray, and how to work with it. This Page will be here on this blog, when it is completed. As this is a new Ray that we have to work with at this time, and that is raising the vibrational level of us all, it has been requested by the Universe that I share as much info as possible about it here, for all to use. I will also be making an Orgonic Energy Device containing the Golden Rainbow Ray. I hope to have it ready soon!

In other news, I have moved my online Touch the Earth shop to IndieMade, where I am busy listing all of my Orgonic Energy Devices, and making new ones! You can check it out here:

Have a magickal and blessed week!

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