Thursday, April 13, 2017

Channeled Messages on the Incoming Energies

There is no doubt that the vibrational level here on Earth is rising. Messages are pouring in from the Other Worlds, and many are receiving multiple signs and messengers daily. Keeping up with it all is important, so make sure that you are writing these symbols down as they come in. They may later serve as a trigger for an even deeper message.

We are going to be taking a different format this week, due to all of the information received. We can no longer mark days in the usual way, although there are many powerful days ahead - and behind us. Every day has the same potential, to bring us all that we need. So, no astrology or numerology this week. Only messages. There are three parts to today's post, the first is the short Mercury Retro message below. I ask that you please stay tuned and hear it all, then decide if it resonates with you or not. Feel free to leave comments, or to share your truth, at the end.

I want to start by going back to the RE words that we discussed in last week's blog post. On the Full Moon, I was given another one: REwired. I want to share this message with you:

"We are being REwired by the higher vibrational energies, and this is helping us to metamorphose."

REmember that we are in the stage of change known as metamorphosis right now, and that was one of our key words for April. Change happens in stages. The first is change, because change is constant, and can happen individually or collectively. Second is transformation, as a Caterpillar enters the Chrysalis to become a Butterfly. Third is Transmutation, as one transmutes the poison of the Snake into something that can be used to induce visions. And fourth is Metamorphosis. This is what a seed does when it sheds the husk because it turns into a plant, that's where we are. Growing and blooming into a new form, as we are shedding the old. These higher vibrational energies are helping us to do this on every level.

This next message arrived as a dream, early Wednesday morning. It is a set of instructions that can help us to see more clearly, and to better understand the process that we are going through, and to work better with its energies.

We are responsible for our own energy - AND we MUST take responsibility for it! In all ways...

1) Vibrational Level: It is our choice to keep it high or to remain associated with and surrounded by negativity - for we draw to us what every energy level we embrace.
It has to become a conscious choice!

2) We have to act to stop the things we will no longer allow in our lives or in our world! As did the United passenger who was forcibly booted from the plane. Transparency is key, and we are Seeing the Truth Clearly, and now it is time to Act on it, to say, "this is no longer allowed."

3) Choose what you are giving your energy to, and use your energy in productive, growing ways.

4) Energy usage - i.e. electricity, solar, wind power, coal, nuclear power, natural gas, gasoline... We Choose What We Allow.

~Everything must become a conscious choice, in anything and everything that we do, it is essential to choose the energy that you allow. This is Awareness of how we are using our energy and awareness of what energy we are embracing.
~It's also about our beliefs and standing firm in our right to honor them. i.e. the Christianization of America - we are not all Christian, and we all are given Freedom of Religion in our Constitution. Keep practicing your own faith, your own beliefs, for this, too, is essential to our future. And believe in your right to do so! This includes all rituals and practices.
~TV, news, mainstream media, etc., are master manipulators and we'd do well to steer clear of them.
REmember, what you give your energy to, is what will grow!

"There is no real security except for whatever you build inside yourself." ~Gilda Radner

~WORK ON YOURSELF - it's time to "Do The Work", to give yourself the time, love, attention, and nurturing that you have been needing and wanting.
It is the responsibility of each of us to heal ourselves and our lives, and if we do not do this, we cannot live in the New Earth, for all is in harmony there.
~Willingly give up what isn't working, so new beginnings are possible.

Contemplating what to write about today, and if the above is the entire message, I go outside with pen and paper, and take a seat. The following is the channeled message that I received.

"The way things were has ended. We are metamorphosing into who we came here to be. Let go of the past, the pain and suffering, the shame and guilt. It's time to rise above it all, for this is not your true nature. You are love, and always have been. You are seeing that now, feeling it, and learning to express love in this world, to one and all.
Let the Light enter your body, embrace your Lightbody, for that is where the codes are embedded that are your true self, your higher self. You are learning to become one with this higher self and to live who she is in this world, to embody her truths, which, again, are found in your Lightbody.
All of the information that you seek is both within yourself, and within your Lightbody. Feel it around you, embracing you, shining through you and from you, and accept it as a vital part of yourself and your energy signature here on Earth. It is you, and always has been.
This is the way you will heal this world, by recognizing and being all the parts of yourself that you may not even have known existed before today.
Information is pouring in from the Universe, filling your Lightbody and awakening all the many parts of you that have been sleeping for far too long. Awaken and receive all that you need.
We are with you, always, for we are you, we are a part of you. A part that you may not have known was available to you to use for your enlightenment. We have been awakening you slowly, filling you with higher vibrations and Light, so that you could come to know yourself and all that you truly are. Now these frequencies have increased, as have the speed of their delivery. All that you are, and all that you choose to be, is now in your hands.
It's time to wake up and do the work that you came here to do. It's time to take back your power, your energy, your Light, and your gifts, and to use them all to heal the world. This is why you are here, now.
AWAKEN! Those who are sleeping still!
AWAKEN! To who you really are!
AWAKEN! And know that everything that you need is now available to you!
AWAKEN! And see the Truth of all that life is, and can be!
AWAKEN! To your Divine nature!
AWAKEN! And receive the gifts that you chose to bring into this world!
AWAKEN! And embody your true nature!
AWAKEN! The power is in your hands!

We are the Arcturian Council and we bring you all that you need, and return to you the gifts that we have been holding for you until this time. You have all that you need, you only need to embrace these things and allow them to do their work through you!
Good day!"

~End transmission~

At the end, I'm thinking, how is it that I have never channeled these beings before, then I realize that I have, just never clearly enough to realize who they were. They have been around for me for a very long time, giving me information to share. Every time that I open myself up as a Channel, the potential is there for several different sources to speak through me, all of them being of a high vibrational level, for this is the path that I have chosen. I have channeled Archangel Ariel, the Universal Energies, received information directly from The Angelic and Divine Realms, and from my Allies. This voice has been there too, perhaps never identifying itself, but always there, guiding me towards this day, when we are all more aligned with the higher realms, and more easily able to access them.

Please don't allow my rambling to take away from their message, for they tell me that it is important that we do AWAKEN at this time, it is Essential, they say. To ignore this is to choose to align yourself with the lower vibrational energies of negativity and fear, and/or to continue sleeping. Please wake up. It is time to use our gifts in this world, to be of service to the Earth, all of humanity, and All of Life. It is why we are here, now.

Have a blessed week!
I'll be back when there is another message, or next Thursday, whichever comes first!

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