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555: Weekly Angel Energies Report for April 6th

555: The validation I received early this morning, letting me know that all of the changes coming about right now, are Divinely inspired, and serve our highest good. 555 symbolizes that it is time to let go of the old that's no longer positively serving you. Time to break free from old constraints/restraints so that you can freely pursue your soul purpose as a spiritual being. (via Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers blog)

I believe that pretty much sums up today's message, while validating all of the information that I have been receiving since the wee hours of this morning. But it didn't just start early this morning, the information began coming in this past Tuesday, with the first occurrence of 555 this week, so I'll be sorting it all out here with you, trying to present it in a way that doesn't just resonate with me. It might get messy! But then again, Retrograde energies kinda work out that way, don't they?! And this is Retrograde Month!!!

We continue with the subject of Power this week, looking at yet another aspect of it's influence. This part of the message began with a lesson for me on phallic symbols as representations of power. Church steeples are one of these symbols, as are Capital buildings. Anything that is round and tall - taller than it is round - can be seen as a phallic symbol. It occurred to me that there are many of these in the US, especially of a government and religious nature. It's like they are reinforcing their power over us through these symbols, whose message reaches us on a subconscious level. So the message here is that we are being constantly reminded that there are those who have Power Over us, and to go against it would be futile... or such is the belief.

The other part of this is that, as women, we are being bombarded with these representations of Power all around us, which keep us subjugated. This is coming up as Women's Equal Wage day was a couple of days ago, and those energies are linked to these representations of Power. But that's not all. The weapons of war are also phallic symbols, symbols representing Power, and instilling fear in those they are used against. As they are meant to do. Perhaps Eve wasn't afraid of the Snake (sexuality or power?), and that scared them all so badly, that they turned the tables on her, much as abusers still do today, making it all her fault. She didn't fear the male organ, so they built monuments to it instead. And now use it to subdue others. I know, not a subject to be discussed in polite company, and for that, I apologize. We have to see how POWER is being used against us, however, and this can be so subliminal that it needs to be seen by more people, especially those being Controlled by Power. 'nuff said.

Women of my generation, the baby boomers, up until those born in the mid to late 60's, were taught to be subservient to men, to serve men, and yes, even to fear them. "Love, honor, and obey" in the marriage vows... And this gave them Power Over us. This is a karmic lesson coming up to be released by the collective. You get to choose whom you allow to have Power Over you, and I pray that you choose only yourself, no matter the consequences. We can no longer allow this Power Over attitude, there is no energy for this scenario moving forward.

Then we get to the many ways that Power can be used against us, as a "punishment" for going against it, or the subtle ways that Power is used to Control us.

FOOD: Here in New Mexico, our Governor is holding the bill to provide free school lunches for hungry children. She Controls this. We also have the threat of Food Stamps, WIC, and other food programs being cut by the federal government. Then there's Monsanto, trying to own all of the seeds, so that they can own - and Control  for profit - all of the food.

The Transportation system is also tied to food, through its distribution. Federal funding provides for highways, signage, road repairs, etc.
The importing and exporting of food is controlled by the federal government.
The licensing and regulation of food is controlled by the federal government - the FDA which is being stripped of it's science, tries to keep us healthy. We also have the labeling of GMO foods, which has become a huge issue, as have GMO crops and fish, and pesticides used on our foods - or other chemicals, perhaps. And this just covers food...

If you Control the food, you Control the people, is the message. They can take it away anytime. And this Power is used to keep us in line.

It is Spring here in the US. Plant a garden and grow your own food, and teach your children to do the same. Please!

EDUCATION: Here in New Mexico, the Governor just passed a bill that increases class sizes and provides for layoffs for staff, due to funding decreasing. The federal government decrees what is taught to our children in school, provides for standardized testing - or not, and let's not forget that history is written by the victors, making it biased. Our children are not competitive in today's world, and are not being taught necessary skills like gardening, woodworking, metal smithing, or even computer technology on a level where they can compete with others in the labor market. Home schooling has never been more important than it is now, and yet all parents must work to make ends meet, making this near impossible. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. I learned a lot as a child from neighbors, grandparents, teachers, librarians, nature, and friends of the family. We have to get back to this method of learning, and of teaching them how to learn from everything they encounter.

Those are only 2 areas where our children are being affected. I'll not go further, for I need to continue onwards in order to bring you the full message for this week. All of the above is connected to the message, and we are getting there. Take a deep breath, and let's dive back in...

INDEPENDENCE is a Key Word this week. True Independence is not having to depend on anyone for anything, for when you do, they can choose to take it away from you, and it can be used to Control you, and in this way, you are giving them your Power.

The lesson here is:
What in your life have you given up Power Over/What has Power Over you?
How is it Controlling you, and how can you be more Independent?

By not depending on the Powers That Be for anything, we Take Back Our Power and assert our Independence.

Our Independence - interesting that we have the Declaration of Independence here in the US - our Independence is not just about individuals, it is a collective effort, and always has been. States have begun Taking Back Their Power from a Centralized Government. The next step is for individuals, as well as the collective, to Take Back Our Power from localized government.

Another important word is Constricted. We are being asked to notice What is Constricting us? Are we being Constricted by the Snake (government) or are we the Snake (self-governing, especially as far as our own lives are concerned). There must be a Balance (Libra Full Moon will stress the need for this!) between self-rule and government rule. We cannot allow others to restrict our freedom, passion, creativity, and sexuality, nor to control our bodies (food, healthcare), or minds (education).

It's a hidden battle being fought between Corporations/Government who insist that we need them, and people being pushed too far and realizing that they don't need them so much after all. Remember the Patriot Act after 9/11 and selling our "freedoms" for "security". The extent of this is now being seen, with all of the wiretapping and record keeping. Power corrupts and absolute Power corrupts absolutely. Give an inch and they take a mile. And so forth.


IT IS UP TO EACH OF US how much POWER we Choose to Give Away.

 ~Morally, ethically, what can we no longer condone? We are being asked to recognize these things, so that we can see best how to let them go.

~What or who is no longer bringing value to our lives? This is the Big Question this week! We are being asked to recognize these things and allow them to leave our lives.

~What are we Conforming to that goes against our nature or is restricting our freedom?

~What rules and regulations are Constricting us and keeping us from true freedom, and from expressing our truest selves?

~What is really blocking us, holding us back, or keeping us from becoming who we came here to be?

We cannot continue feeding energy, resources to that which goes against our will and does not serve our highest good.

These are both individual and collective questions to consider this week, and to be looked into on both levels. In addition, the past is coming up for review in regards to hidden issues that relate to Power in the form of Control and Domination. Is there something in your past that controlled you that is still holding you back? It is time for us to release these issues, so that we can move forward without fear.


Saturn is now Retrograde, and discipline is a Key Word with him. Are you dedicated to yourself, to serving your highest good, or to that of another? In other words, who are you giving your Power to?

Pluto goes Retro on the 20th, causing us to reflect on the sources of Control in our lives. Pluto is the planet of Power, so being already in the shadow of his retrograde may already be affecting us.

And Mercury goes Retro on the 9th... RE-flection, RE-view, RE-vise, RE-pair, RE-do, all the RE words apply.

With them all in Retro, we are being drawn within to Reflect and Review who we are giving our Power to, and how to take back our Power, and where in the past we may have given it away, so that we do not make the same mistake again.


Then the FULL MOON in Libra is next Tuesday. Balance will be RE-flected in many ways. Duality: inner world vs outer world, private life vs public life, masculine and feminine, individual and collective, yin and yang, maintaining a balance between the physical and the spiritual worlds, and finding our own personal balance in this world. Justice is another Keyword with Libra, as is fairness, and equality is also a form of duality and balance. These issues are coming out into the Light of the Full Moon to be seen, and will continue to be prominent through the next New Moon.


Power, Power Over, Control, Domination
Independence and Freedom

Notice who or what has Power over you, and/or Power Over the collective. Who or what is Controlling or Dominating your life? What is Constricting you and/or causing you to Conform, and can you RElease it so that you can REgain your Freedom and Independence?

This is the Beginning of a POWER STRUGGLE between the individual and individual freedoms, and The Establishment, or The Way Things Have Always Been. It is only the beginning, things are going to amp up from here, and this is why we are being called to PAY ATTENTION to all the aspects of POWER in our world. Spring is the season of New Beginnings, and we have begun a new path, a new direction here, and it includes us all Waking Up and coming into Awareness of the uses of Power.

SUMMER SOLSTICE: The Sun begins waning. Sun = masculine, and is synonymous with Phallic Worship, or a Phallic Symbol. The Sun wanes, Power equates with Energy, so Energy wanes, the masculine Energy begins waning. Be ready to see Changes occur.

Change is on ongoing Keyword. Right now, we are in the form of Change known as Metamorphosis, we are Metamorphosing into who we came here to be, doing the "work" that we came here to do. And to do this, we must let go of what is no longer bringing value to our lives by first REcognizing it and SEEING it CLEARLY for what it is.

Therefore, we add the Key Words:
Power Struggle
Change, Transformation, and Metamorphosis

And continue on with the Key Words:
Seeing Clearly

In addition, 555 is important this entire month. I mentioned in the April Energy Report that we would have several 5 to the 3rd power days this month. We passed the first one yesterday, April 5th. The upcoming ones are the 14th and the 23rd. Change is inevitable. We are all changing, shifting, and metamorphosing at this time, both individually and collectively. Notice the changes in your own life and way of being, and you will see them echoed out into the world.

Another ongoing energy is that this is the time of Instant Manifestation, and these 5's give us added energy for that manifestation, to bring about the changes needed. We are being told that it is time to ASK FOR WHAT WE NEED, to support us in this time of change, and in moving into the new, our new selves. What do you need to nurture yourself or support you at this time?

And we are reminded about the importance of Equal Energy Exchange, in all of our dealings, in every part of our lives. Set boundaries, and ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED!

Lastly, the Big Question this week is:
What or who is no longer bringing value to our lives? We are being asked to recognize these things and allow them to leave our lives.

The more that we can do for ourselves and for each other, the more of our Power we take back, and the less dependent we are upon those who believe that they have Power Over us.

We are being asked to:
Be still and know.
Knowing oneself is the beginning of wisdom.


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*PERSONAL NOTE: This is an area where I was being forced to conform, and I found that I cannot, morally and ethically, do so, and that resulted in my personal understanding of this week's lesson about letting go of things that are constricting us, or keeping us from true personal freedom.


I will see you next Thursday with the Weekly Angel Energies Report, or before that, if there is an important message that comes through!
Be well, and love yourself!

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