Thursday, March 23, 2017

Releasing to Bring in the New: Weekly Angel Energies Report for March 23rd

This week, we are experiencing some very specific energies. This is due to the Equinox (Waxing Sun) and the coming New Moon (Waning Moon). We have to release in order to move through the doorway into the new. We can't "Spring Forward", or give birth to or be our new selves, until we effectively let go of the past and everything that is holding us back. This is the Equinox Doorway, and we have not quite yet emerged on the other side of it, although, it may feel like we are being PULLED through it forcefully, at times! The realizations that are appearing as lessons and messages can be a huge wake up call to honor our true selves. Let's talk about how this is all playing out!

We are being asked to look at this like we would Equinox, an equal balance of releasing and bringing in the new. First one side of the doorway, and then the other.

What needs to be released?

1- Sometimes, we feel stuck, like we have no options, or only 2 options, and this is a fallacy. There are always, always, more options available to us. This is showing up as problems in our lives that may depend on what we are doing for a living. We are being forced to choose between doing what we love, or staying in a job that we hate. And time and again, we keep choosing to stay in the job we hate, or find another in the same field, because "We Need The Money". This is the 3D way of thinking, and it needs to be released. Instead, think of what would make you happy, and do that. Don't make commitments or accept responsibilities that force you to stay in a job that you hate. Live more simply if you can, for that will give you more freedom. We can't all support ourselves without a job, but we can make better choices. We can stop repeating the same old pattern. We can stop and think of other choices that are available to us, in every moment.

2- The old 3D patterns are running out of energy, and everything that supports them, is also running out of energy. Another way that this might affect you is through other people who are supporting the 3D rules, laws, and regulations, sticking to them, and trying to force them on you. Now we get to the anger part, for they are angry that their ideals are not being upheld, that you are denying them their control. Recognize that you are not obligated to them, nor to their ideals, and choose differently. Don't give in to them just because they are attempting to force their beliefs or rules on you. Know that everything is being worked out for the highest good of all, and let it go. Yes, these people need help, but it is not up to you right now to provide it, for if you do, you are feeding it, and we can no longer feed the 3D in any way. Feed the new by releasing all of these old outdated beliefs and concepts from your own life, and stop giving energy to them.

You can choose to do what you've always done, and keep fighting the system, and/or the people who represent it, or you can choose to honor yourself and your needs. You can't have both. Not anymore.

3-Control vs. Courage: We either allow life to control us, or we develop our courage and learn to control/create our own experience. Control and Courage are both Key Words this week. The 3D is all about Control. To effectively release it from our personal lives, we have to look at areas in our own lives where we are not giving up control. Staying in a job we hate, caving to the demands of others, these are both ways that we remain controlled, or give up control of our own lives. To take back our Power means to let go of that which we feel is controlling our freedom. And we have to look at ways that we are not allowing our own freedom, by trying to remain in control. Ego wants to be in control. Ego says that we are a superior being. We've talked about this already this month. But have we released it? Many years ago, I realized that the only things that we have control over are our actions and our reactions, therefore, how we respond is very important. We have to learn to respond from our hearts, we have to teach ourselves how to do this once more. We also have to act from our hearts. Do we try to stifle our tears when they begin to flow? That's control. Do we hold ourselves back from hugging another? That's control. Do we give our love freely and equally to all? Do we remain open to every experience that the Universe brings us?

The Universe brings us the people, experiences, and lessons that we need, and we choose how we respond to them. That's the only control we have, and truthfully, we can be a bit stubborn about these things at times! We have to have the courage to look deeper, to feel deeper, to open more to all that life is offering us, and to do this, we have to let go of anything that is holding us back, be it self-control, fear, or issues from our pasts that are still in control of our lives.

4- There is more going on in the world, more to experience, than the Republican President, bad news, and speculation. Step out of it into the Free World! Free your mind from the cycle. If you must watch the news, choose when is the best time to do so for you, so that it doesn't interfere with your freedom of thought and ability to experience life to its fullest. Also, recognize when these news articles are speculation and let it go. Main Stream Media is trying to keep us in fear and in paranoid mode, which induces anxiety, and long term, can cause PTSD. Make a conscious choice to NOT stay in fear or anxiety, and eliminate these poisons from your world.

It's always our choice to live in fear or in love, and we are being asked to eliminate anything that keeps us living in fear. Release the fear consciousness. Choose to trust that what comes your way, is what is meant to be. Know that the Universe is bringing you the highest possible outcome in any and every situation. Trust it! Find the ability to easily let go of things that return you to fear consciousness, and do so as often as possible. This goes for news, conversations with friends and family members, or any bad news that you hear - try to see the other side of it all, the possibilities hidden within the losing of something that someone holds dear. When we let go of all that we are, we make room for the new.


Make plans, take classes, research subjects of interest to you, read interesting articles, feed your head, read books, write in a journal daily, do things that you enjoy with people that you enjoy. Learn, grow, become who you came here to be by moving towards it a little more each day. Give time to what is important to you, take time to nurture and take care of yourself and your personal needs and joys. Allow time for playing!

Check in with yourself daily, ask how you are feeling, write it down if you'd like. Ask what you need to be happy, to grow, to move forward and towards the new you, then ask the Universe for those things.

Be creative every chance you get. Do new things often! You can't learn who you are or who you are becoming if you don't step out of the box and away from old habits and routines. Change things up and break those routines.

Clear the old energies out of your home and life and let in fresh energy. Open windows and doors, burn incense, light candles, smudge often. Take a long relaxing bath using Himalayan Pink Salt for Aura Cleansing, Lavender to clear the old emotional energies from you, and Rosemary to stimulate your mind. Learn to relax, really relax!

Laugh often. Smile. Be happy for no reason. Give thanks for all that you've learned on your journey and all that is on its way to you. Dance to free the stuck energy. Find time to embrace the silence within and really listen to it. Sit outside at night gazing at the stars. Bathe in the Sun's rays and pull them into your soul.

Explore nature. Go to the Water and give thanks to Her and make an offering. Hug a tree. Hug several. Hug others. Walk barefoot in the grass. Pick daisies and make a chain of them for your hair.

Be free! Experience life. Enjoy every moment! Be open to miracles and magick, knowing they will occur when the time is right!

In Closing:

Life is for living. Don't let others hold you back. Do your own thing, and support and nurture yourself. Break free from the past, this is no longer the energy that we live in. Release everything that you can on the New Moon, and then make your wishes for the New - bring in joy, bring in happiness, bring in freedom, and anything that these represent to you. Bring in what you need to move forward in your life, to become who you came here to be. And give yourself permission to enjoy life again. It matters!

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Equinox Golden Rainbow Light Ray World Healing Event. We have opened up new doorways by doing this meditation, and new energies are pouring in to us all, because of you! The 5D is being anchored in our reality right now, and the vibrational level of all is being raised. You made this possible! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Next week, I'll bring you the April Energy Report. Can you believe it, March is almost over! Showers of Blessings is the message of April. I can hardly wait!!!

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