Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Power: Message from the Universe

"You are only as powerful as your capacity to PERCEIVE, RECEIVE, and USE your ABILITIES."
~Jamie Sams, Medicine Cards
"Compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and sharing your gifts, talents, and abilities are the gateways to power."
~Jamie Sams, Medicine Cards

POWER is a Keyword that we are being made aware of at this time. In Numerology, the word Power adds up to 32 and 3+2=5. Today, Tuesday the 28th of March 2017, is a #50/5 day. A powerful day of change.

This Keyword is ongoing, for we are not yet done with it's lesson. We are being made aware of it's teachings, in our world at this time. Therefore, Power and its many forms, will continue coming up, until we learn its lessons, and incorporate them into who we are, creating the Changes that are necessary.

To begin these teachings, let's look at our personal power. How are we using our power? Are we sharing our gifts, talents, and abilities with the world, or are we still afraid to use them? This is why we are here, so what do we need to do, to change, so that we can begin doing our life's work?

Are you in your power? How's the health of your Solar Plexus Chakra, our personal Power Center? This Chakra is about our self worth, confidence, our ego, and our ability to manifest. Do you believe in yourself enough to do the work that you came here to do? Ego can be tempered with humility, to create balance, and sometimes, the Universe does this for us. Yet there are still those in our world that use their Ego to dominate others, and this is a misuse of Power. We've talked about this a couple of times, recently. Right now, we're looking at Power on a personal level, so we'll get back to this.

Power is energy. Horse uses his energy to carry us where we need to go. Engines are measured in horsepower. How much power you have is determined by how much energy you have, and how well you use your energy. Are you using your energy for yourself, your development, your growth, your own life, or are you giving it away to others? The Universe asks us to look at Equal Energy Exchange again at this time. Are we getting an equal return for what we are putting out?

Standing in our True Power means embracing all that we are, and using it in service of all, including ourselves. Are we using our gifts wisely? Are we embracing them? Are we getting equal energy in exchange for them? We can't stand tall if we are allowing others to shorten us by not respecting our energy, or power.

We each have power over our own lives. Are we using it? Or are we allowing others to make our decisions for us?

All of these questions are about Personal Power, and how we are using our energy, and how we are valuing ourselves. Now let's look at the Big Picture and see how the Power in the world affects us all.

Who is in Power? How are they using their Power? This is being brought to our awareness.

"Those who have true power share it, while those who hunger for power abuse it."
~Royalton Ambrose

"All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
~Lord Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

"It is not power that corrupts, but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it."
~Aung San Suu Kyi

How are we using our power or energy in the world?
The military is a use of power, as is law enforcement. Notice the word FORCE in the center of that... The code of the Police is to Protect and to Serve. Force is not part of that sentence, is it? In both cases, these entities can be used to Serve Power, or to Serve the People, but not both. How are we using them? Next question: Is this a proper use of power, of energy, and with money being the end result of our own energy output, is it a proper use of money or resources?

Power can also be seen as the energy used to light our homes, and cook our meals. We have kind of lost sight of the importance of beginning to use solar and wind power for these things, since the Election, however, they are still viable solutions to our Energy needs, solutions that do not use as many of our Natural Resources, as do Coal, Natural Gas, and Nuclear Energy. Where we get our energy matters, both personally and collectively.

As individuals, we can draw on the Powers of the Seven Sacred Directions, the Five Elements, our Mother Earth, for energy. We can fuel our bodies through the sacrifices of the Creature-beings and Plant People. Again though, are we using these resources wisely? Food is also energy. Pure food contains more energy than processed foods. Chemicals take the energies out of our foods. How we are feeding our energy then, is another question. And are we using the sacrifices of our animal kindred in an Equal Energy Exchange? Our attention is being drawn to ALL of the ways that we are NOT keeping Balanced Energy or Balanced Power, and this is one of them.

Moving on. Government waste is another waste of energy and resources, which equates to a waste of power, or power not being used wisely. Here in New Mexico, our Governor, Susanna Martinez, has called a special session of our legislature, at a cost of $1 Million per day, to decide the state budget for the coming year. She already has this budget on her desk, yet refuses to sign it. So it will cost us all, and there are so many more issues that we face here in NM that need to be dealt with, instead of all of this.

That's just an example of government waste. We also have it on a national level with our President-for-now going off for weekends of golf and enjoying his Florida resort, while his wife and kids remain in New York, all of which is costing every citizen of the US money that is not in the budget, money that needs to be used for health insurance, food for hungry children, taking care of our elders, and so much more! This is an Abuse Of Power - and I don't just mean the Donald, I mean in a very real way. WE THE PEOPLE are paying the price for our government not using their Power wisely. The question is, have they ever?

Corporations are bribing Senators and Congresspeople to pass laws in their favor. WE THE PEOPLE cannot afford to do this, and yet it is supposed to be a Government For And By The People... it isn't anymore. The People are being abused, while the ones in Power profit. And it's not just government...

In business, The People are doing the work, while the CEO's make multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses, yet they need The People to support them, to do this work for them to succeed. Out of balance, out of whack, Unbalanced Power once again. I would say, "Workers of the World Unite", but it's already been said, and that is not what this is all about. We could talk about the 99%... because it is the 1% CONTROLLING AND DOMINATING the People, and we are ALLOWING this Abuse Of Power! Think about that.

This is all that is being asked of us, is to think about how Power is being abused, to SEE it CLEARLY at this time. See Clearly is a keyword or phrase that is still with us, since it began with the 20:20 day back in February, and March is a 20:20 month, a month when we are being shown what we need to SEE CLEARLY.

Look at Power on a personal level, and if you are using your Power wisely. Then begin moving outwards, to your city, your state, the country, and then the world, and see the imbalance of power in our world, and how deeply ingrained it is. SEE CLEARLY! No action is required, but that you SEE.

Control and Domination are the Old Paradigm, the 3D world, the one that we are leaving at this time. To rise above being controlled and dominated by others, we must TAKE BACK OUR POWER, and that begins with our Personal Power. We do this by standing in who we are. We are each stronger than we realize, and will know this when we stand in our True Power.


I'll be back Thursday or Friday with your April Energy Report.

Significant days this week:
Today, the 28th: #50/5
Wednesday the 29th: #33/6, the Master Teacher, with 6 representing Balance
Thursday the 30th: #70/7 - look that one up, you'll be surprised!
Friday the 31st is a 31-31 day, as well as a #44/8 day, 44 is the Master Healer.

The potential is there. How can we best Use Our Power?

May this New Moon bring you the strength, the energy, and the abundance needed to Stand In Your True Power!

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