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March Angel Energies Report

March is "Getting Over the Hump Month", and with this, I was shown Camel. They also tell me that after Equinox, "It's all downhill from here". Which means that up until Equinox, we are climbing up the hill, or hump, and then sliding down the other side of it after Equinox. I think this means that the energies are going to be building to a cresendo, like the symbolic hump, and will taper off after Equinox. But it could be more than this, too. We do have a lot of work to do collectively, and I know that we are being given the support to do this work, so perhaps this is what these BUILDING energies are all about.

BUILDING is another Keyword this month. March is a Master Number 22 month, which is the Master Builder. Interesting how the energies will be building this month! It is also a #40/4 month, which tells me that no matter what we do, we need to stay grounded!

I've been taught to add numbers in different ways to compute the Numerology of each month and day. March is the 3rd month, then there's 20+17. If you add the 3 of March to the 17, you get a 20:20 month, a month to SEE CLEARLY. We've experienced a couple of 20:20 days, one each in January and February, so this tells me that these days were practice for the energies of this month, and confirm for me that this really is a 20:20 month. There are a lot of things being shown to us right now, we are seeing the Truth of things come out into the public eye. For instance, how the media has been manipulating us. Disclosure (UFO's, aliens, etc.) is something else that is expected to be revealed this year. Canada has already made their UFO files public. We're also seeing things in the political arena come out into the light, such as Soros being behind the Democratic party and Move On dot org, and how he has been manipulating politicians for years. We're also seeing our collective issues shown to us in a new light. Racism and sexism are good examples of this. They are still being held in the collective, meaning that there are so many who have these issues that they are being forced upon the rest of us, so that we can all SEE CLEARLY how this affects us, and CLEAR (heal) these issues, once and for all.

Seeing Clearly is related to Clair, as in our Clair senses of Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, and Clairempathy. When we truly SEE CLEARLY, we see things with our other senses, our Third Eye, our Sixth Sense, our Emotions, our senses of smell, taste, and touch. All of these together create a very CLEAR sense of what is really going on. We have to learn to SEE the Truth by TRUSTING our abilities, which means learning to trust our Intuition again, and acting from there. Intuition is a feminine sense, connected to the energies of Grandmother Moon, and enhanced on the Full Moon, yet it is available to us all, every single day. It can be used to guide our lives, if we learn to listen to its wise voice. This is the feminine way, and what we are returning to at this time: Trusting our inner sense of knowing.

March beings on a #5 day, which is about Change. The Winds of March are the Winds of Change. This makes all #5 and #50 days in March especially significant. A lot of change is happening in our world right now. There is more to come. Snake has been a constant in thinking about the energies of March. Snake adds up to #5 and #50, and Snake Medicine is about Transmutation, which adds up to #50, and Transmute adds up to #5. Snake is an Agent of Change. Snake transmutes what is, into what he wants it to be, which is about Alchemy. This teaches us that we can transmute what we are, into who we want to be, and this is very powerful Medicine! Snake shedding his skin is akin to us letting go of the old. It is time to do this, and to complete it, prior to Equinox.

The Master Number 22 of March, will be doubled on the 22nd, making it both a 22-22 day, or 22 to the 2nd power, and a Master Number 44 day - the Master Healer. March ends on a Master Numbr 44 day, as well. 44 is also an 8, which represents Infinity. Workings on these days are taken into infinity, so build what you want to take into the future, on all of the #8 / Master Number 44 days this month: 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st.

Because March is a Master Number 22 month, all Master Number 22 days will be especially good for building anything, from energies to your dreams to something in the physical world. Those days are: 9th, 18th, and the 27th, which is the New Moon. All of March contains these building energies, so BUILDING is also a Keyword this month.

Equinox is a Balance Point in our world, a day of equal hours of daylight and darkness. After Spring Equinox, the daylight hours begin getting longer, which equates to us moving more into the Light. Equinox is a Solar Ceremony, and Grandfather Sun began growing towards that balance point on Solstice (or in the Southern Hemisphere, waning towards that balance point). Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have been feeling the growing (BUILDING) energies of Grandfather Sun for a few weeks now. It feels as if we are growing towards something, some pivotal point, and that is the top of the Hump on Camel's back, which is Equinox.

These growing Sun energies have shown me a very special energy that is prevalent in our world at this time. I am calling it the GOLDEN RAINBOW OF LIGHT. It is the Chakra Rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) surrounded on both sides - and infused with - Golden Light. It is the Light that Grandfather Sun carries around our Mother Earth each and every day. Because our own vibrational level has increased so very much, and because we have been busy anchoring these new energies into the Earth, which has increased the Schumann Resonance Frequency, Grandfather Sun's vibrational level has also increased. This has brought forth the Golden Rainbow of Light.

We have talked for the last few weeks about how we collectively need to work on our Solar Plexus Chakra. They even went so far as to suggest that we go out with a pocketful of Solar Plexus Chakra stones and hand them out to everyone we meet. (see the blog posts for the past 2 weeks for more). We've also discussed the Golden Aura, and the Golden Ray and Alchemical Gold Flame, in the past few blog posts. I mentioned that many in this day and age were born with a Golden outer layer of their Aura, and to work with the Golden Ray and Alchemical Gold Flame, I do have an Orgonic Energy piece to help you, available in my shop. This link contains everything you need to know about the Golden Ray and Alchemical Gold Flame - whether or not you want to purchase the disc - you can still learn all about it here:

Let's back up for a quick minute. I said ALCHEMICAL Gold Flame. There's that word again, repeating, which means, pay attention, I have learned! Alchemy is the transmutation of one substance into another of more value, or transmuting ourselves into who we came here to be. It is no coincidence that the word ALCHEMY has come up this month. It is time for Change, it is a month of change, it is the month of the Winds of Change. Transmutating all that we are. Alchemy adds up to #4, and March (3) plus 2017 also adds up to 4.

This Golden Rainbow of Light is especially powerful for healing our collective Solar Plexus Chakra, as the higher vibrational level color of this Chakra, is Gold. However, the Golden Rainbow of Light also holds within it ALL the Chakra colors, which means that it will RAISE the vibrational level of ALL of our Chakras.

I have been shown that Golden Labradorite is a good stone for working with these energies. All of the Solar Plexus Chakra stones will work with these energies, yet it is recommended to use the higher vibrational stones. The following stones are going to be helpful for you and others for working with these energies:

Golden Labradorite, Golden Healer, Golden Topaz, Heliodor, Citrine, Yellow and Honey Calcites, Tiger Eye.
Gold is the metal containing these energies.

In addition, the stones associated with the Direction of East (clarity, focus, Illumination) and with Grandfather Sun, are going to be helpful, including Sunstone, Crystal Quartz, Golden Rutilated Quartz, and Herkimer Diamonds.

All Solar Symbols will help you to embrace these energies. Peacock, Eagle, Hawk, Osprey, and Crane.

Wearing yellow or gold helps, burning yellow or gold candles will help.
Brass is another metal that resonates with Sun energies, and can be used on your altar, or with your stones. (I like to use Brass in my Sun-based Orgonic products to represent masculine energies).

The Sun is masculine, the Direction of East is masculine, and it's Element of Air is masculine. Mercury is also in the Direction of East, so CLEAR communication is also important.

Maintaining masculine/feminine balance is essential. The opposite of the Direction of East is West, of course, and West is the feminine Direction, where Grandmother Moon resides (intuition, psychic abilities, and our emotions), while Air is about thinking clearly - head and heart. Balance. Due to all of this, I am told that staying GROUNDED is essential when using the Golden Rainbow of Light. Go out and ground yourself, then invite the Golden Rainbow of Light from Grandfather Sun to enter you through your Solar Plexus Chakra, and then radiate it outwards from your Solar Plexus Chakra. See the Golden Rainbow of Light surrounding the Earth.


I have created an event to help us to heal our collective Solar Plexus Chakra and share the Golden Rainbow of Light with all of the Earth, on Facebook. You can read all about it here:

Equinox Golden Rainbow of Light World Healing Event on Facebook

This will take place on Equinox, from the exact time of Equinox where ever you are, up until 12noon your local time - while the Sun energies are "growing" in the day. I prefer to start at sunrise, so that is when I will begin sending this energy around the Earth, and will probably do it every hour on the hour afterwards, up until noon MDT.

This Golden Rainbow of Light embraced and radiated around our Earth on Equinox, will assist in raising the vibrational level of the Earth, and all who dwell upon Her, as well as raising the vibrational level of all of our Chakras, bringing even more light into them, for everyone on Earth. This in itself is healing. It will also amplify the Light that is available to us all. 

There is more to this, and I will be sharing it as we go towards Equinox. I encourage you to sign up for the Event and invite your friends. The details will be shared on the event page. 

Keywords for Equinox are:
Blooming, growth, resurrection, rebirth/birth, new beginnings, transformation, transmutation, and illumination, as the Wheel turns towards the Direction of East.

I am compelled to connect that word Illumination with SEEING CLEARLY... although there is no further information coming about this, it is all connected, everything is building up towards Illumination and Seeing Clearly, everything is building up towards Equinox, the day when the Light becomes stronger than the darkness (the wording is not quite right here, but I think you know what I mean). We will have more Light to work with, and the forces of Light will be more prevalent after Equinox.

Currently, we are having to Find the Light, Seek the Light, for it is not yet prevalent. It almost feels like we are having to consciously CHOOSE to embrace the Light, each and every day, sometimes even in every moment. Maybe it's just that we are having to consciously choose to reach or stay in, that higher vibrational level every time. After Equinox, this will not be a problem.

This is something that came up in the Dreamtime a couple of nights ago, very clearly. This issue affects our relationship with other women, or with women, as well as our mothers, and our concept of mothering. It's health determines how we treat women, whether with respect or with disrespect. It also determines how we treat the Earth, our First Mother. If we disrespect the Earth, we typically disrespect women, and vice versa. It occurs to me that if we are taught as a child to respect the Earth, we will grow up respecting women. This issue is prevalent in our world, and can be seen with the way that women are now being treated. Many need to heal their Mother Wound, and we won't be able to respect the Earth until we do, and this is being mirrored in the way that we are treating the Earth. So, it's not only our Solar Plexus Chakra that is an issue at this time - yet learning to believe in ourselves is crucial, as is learning to love ourselves. Learning to respect ourselves - again the Solar Plexus Chakra - will teach us to respect others. It's all connected!

Speaking of love and self love, we have Venus going Retro on March 4th, pulling our love inwards. Perhaps this is a time to do this work.

This link explains Healing the Mother Wound, with much more info available, if you are interested. Feel free to share the link with others that this info might help.

Why it's Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound

Venus Retro on the 4th
International Women's Day is the 8th, and we are calling for a general women's strike on that day - do no work, whether paid or unpaid, and let's see what happens when women are not adding their energy to the world.
Daylight Savings Time beings on March 12
The Full Moon in Virgo is also on March 12th. This is a #7 day.
Equinox is March 20th - a Master Number 33 day - the Master Teacher. This is the day that the Sun moves into Aries, the first Sign of the Zodiac. New Beginnings!
The New Moon in Aries is on the 27th - a Master Number 22 day. Both the Moon and the Sun will be in Aries on this date. Again with the New Beginnings, both masculine and feminine!

We're going to see some changes in our world. It is to our benefit to think positively about all that is going on. It is happening so that we can SEE CLEARLY and know what we need to do to make our world a better place, and to transform our own lives and become who we came here to be.

When we can all stand in our Personal Power (Solar Plexus Chakra), we can accomplish anything!

Have a great month!

The camel animal totem can spiritually provide us with protection and the energy required for endurance. They serve as a wonderful symbol of a creature’s ability to remain positive even during the rockiest of times. They also symbolize strength and endurance. With their guidance, we can accomplish the impossible, whatever that may be.
Source: sunsigns dot org

Seems appropriate, don't you think!

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