Thursday, March 16, 2017

Eye of the Needle - Weekly Angel Energies Report for March 16th

The very apt analogy of "Eye of the Needle" was shown to me this morning, to describe what we are currently going through. We are in that Eye right now. Our bigness is being squeezed down, our Ego humbled, our lives simplified, so that we can fit inside that Eye. What emerges on the other side, will not be the same thing that went in, for we are being Transformed by the process that we are undergoing at this time.

This also relates to a bible verse:
"It is easier for a Camel to go through the Eye of a Needle, than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven."
I'm not a christian, so I didn't get this analogy when I wrote the above paragraph. It was only in looking for a photo of the Eye of the Needle, that I came across it. Yet, there it is. This analogy keeps giving us food for thought! I see it like this: Are we choosing the Animals, or the money? We'll get back to this... 

Let's hear Butterfly's message from this past Tuesday:

"Butterfly flies in to our lives today to remind us that we are in the midst of a Great Transformation. As we approach Spring Equinox, and now that the Moon is waning, we want to be releasing all that we no longer are, anything that doesn't resonate with the person you are becoming. And we are all "becoming" stronger and more grounded beings of Light who know what we want and we go after it, and let nothing hold us back. This gives us a lot to release! Anything that attempts to drag you back, can be released. Anyone who will not honor the new you, can be released. Systems that no longer serve the highest good of all, can be released. Poverty mindset and victimhood can be released. Not believing in ourselves, not loving ourselves, not honoring ourselves, can all be released.
This is a powerful time in our world, and we are becoming power-filled individuals, here to serve our purpose in this life, to do the work that we came here to do, to enjoy life and all that it brings us, and to celebrate who we are.
We are becoming more every day. The time of leaving the cocoon draws near. Get your wings ready, it's almost time to fly!"

There was also a message from the Universe on Wednesday, that I feel needs to be shared here, as well. I'll explain more about this one in a minute.

"A lot of people seem to be struggling right now, whether it is with incorporating these energies, or with issues in their own lives, and the Universe wants you to know that everything is happening FOR YOUR HIGHEST GOOD! We are being asked to Trust the process, and to Have Faith, that all we need is being worked out in our favor. If you are struggling, take a look at how you can let go, give up control, surrender, and Trust the Universe to take care of you and to bring that which serves your highest good into your life.
Let go and let god, would be the "religious" equivalent to this.
We have to realize that what WE want, may not serve our highest good in the long run. The Universe knows what will.
Ask yourself how you are trying to control the direction of your life, how you are not following through on the messages that you are receiving, and/or how you can move towards honoring yourself and your own needs.
The Universe wants us to take very good care of ourselves right now, in fact, we need to focus on that, and then we can learn to honor ourselves in all that we do, in every decision that we make. Setting boundaries may be required at this time. Standing up for yourself, might be needed. No one knows better than you what you need to feel safe, secure, and loved. The Angelic Realm is always, always, surrounding you with that love. You just have to get still enough, quiet enough, to feel it."

Change is a theme. Letting go of what is, becomes essential to our development. We are not all that we think we can be, and perhaps our current path is not going to lead us there either. Some things have to be let go of, so that we have more time and energy to work on and develop those things that bring us joy, and that will lead us to who we are here to become. Here's the test: Are you happy with what you are doing? Be honest with yourself about it all. Either it brings you joy, or it doesn't. If it doesn't, it's time to let it go.

Trust that what you need will be provided for you.

I know that's hard to do. I really do know! Yet, I ask myself, has the Universe EVER let me down? No. Not once. Everything that I need comes to me at the perfect time. I trust that it will continue to do so. Does my Ego know what's best for me and my life? Oh no! It has to be humbled by being squeezed through the Eye of the Needle!!! So this week is also about Letting Go Of Ego! Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't believe in yourself, for you should, above all else. I'm telling you to stop listening to Ego, and instead, listen to your heart, listen to the messages that you are receiving, look for the Signs that the Universe is sending you, and follow them. Listen to your Intuition!

To further explain this entire concept, I want to share with you what is going on in my own life, right now. Reading Tarot Cards taught me that by sharing my own story (or a specific story about an event in my own life), can help others to figure out how the energies are affecting them. It's part of the Art of Storytelling, to tell a little story, and let the reader find their own meaning. So here goes:

It all began yesterday, when I discovered that Etsy had again been making changes to it's categories, and that this would require me to go through every single one of my items listed on Etsy, and change them. Some items, like jewelry, weren't really affected, yet the Supplies that I sell, are affected in a Big Way. I hesitate to provide details, for I may come off sounding negative, but there is a point to it, so I digress...

There are categories and subcategories and sub sub categories and on and on, where your search for an item can be narrowed down. The first item I looked at changing the categories of, was Tiger Eye chips. First they wanted a main color and a secondary color... 2 hours later, I realized that Golden would be the main color - time consuming, but let's move on. The real problem was that their new categories and sub categories defined this as Kids Crafts. Now these are super tiny pieces of Tiger Eye used in Orgonic Energy Devices, and not meant for children, for they could be harmed if they ingested them. I wrote to Etsy, inquiring about how to deal with all of this, and they assured me that these listings were in other categories, as well, but did not address the Harmful To Children issue. To make a long story short, I am putting a disclaimer on each listing stating that they may be harmful to children.

I had to stop and think though. Do I really want to continue a relationship with a site that doesn't uphold my integrity? I recalled that I had been in this situation before, and that it became the reason that I gave up cooking professionally. I'll just say that you'd be surprised by the number of restaurants that will sell you bad meat, just to save a few bucks. That was another one that I could not condone. A similar situation arose with the next job, and the one after that, and in my last position, I was forced to either jepordize the security of the restaurant, or lose my job. I chose my integrity, and quit, having their corporate office notified so that they would take action (prior to quitting, I was forbidden by my boss to contact them, and if I did, he'd fire me). Again, long story short, sometimes we have to honor our integrity, above all else.

It's called Sacrifice. We have to sacrifice ourselves, or something that we think is important to us, in order to move in a new direction in our lives.

I am closing the Etsy shop, and having a Going Out of Business sale there. I hope you'll check it out! I don't know what comes next. The Universe has assured me that "A Way Will Be Made", and I trust that. I sell many high energy, high vibrational pieces, and I love working with the Stone People, but right now, I need to focus on my writing. I go into the Eye of the Needle as an artist, I get squeezed, I sacrifice something, and I emerge a writer. That may sound simple, but it doesn't consider the inner turmoil I experienced due to this, nor the anxiety and stress that I woke up with this morning. It happens to us all, myself included.

This. Is. Not. A. Simple. Process!!!

There may be pain, suffering, hurt feelings, a sense of loss, of not understanding what is going on. And this is what happens when we Do Not Follow Our Intuition! I think it may even be a case of us losing something, if we don't give it up willingly. It may be a time of letting go of the corporate world, for all of us, so that we can live in Harmony with All of Life once more. We have to decide what is more important, ourselves and our happiness, or supporting the ideals and practices of others. Again, the Camel and the Rich Man, which are we choosing collectively and individually?

We are being asked to notice what in our lives is not bringing us joy, and Let It Go! Sacrifice whatever is being called for at this time, and get ready to emerge from the Cocoon, for the time is nigh.

Spring Equinox arrives on Monday, on a Master Number 33 day, which is also a #60/6 day - and Balance is a Key Word with this number, specifically our inner masculine/feminine balance. Are you listening and then acting? That's balance. If you only listen and fail to take action, your masculine side needs building up. If you are taking action without first thinking it through, your feminine side needs building up. If you are only thinking with your head (Ego), that's masculine, and you need more feminine. If you are only thinking with your Heart (or intuition), that's feminine, and you need more masculine. We must balance everything - it's what we are here to do! Think with your head AND your heart. Think before taking action. Move slowly but surely towards your dreams, all the while listening to the Universe, and letting them guide you.

Master Number 33 is the Master Teacher, and Spring Equinox asks us what we have learned. By this day, we have emerged from the Eye of the Needle to the other side, and have been transformed by the process, just as Caterpillar is transformed by the Cocoon, when She emerges as Butterfly. This weekend might be a good time to evaluate where you've been, and what you've learned in the process. Saturday the 18th is a Master Number 22 day, in a Master Number 22 month, with Master Number 22 being the Master Builder, on this day, these energies are doubled, or squared technically, as in 22 to the 2nd power. Time to Build What You Need to Take You into the Future! Sunday the 19th arrives as a #50/5 day - a day of potent change, as it leads us to Equinox, a time of Mother Bear emerging from the cave and seeing the world with New Eyes. We can use those New Eyes to be excited about the prospects ahead and all there is to discover, or cower in fear of the unknown. It's our choice. What will you choose?

Yes, it's a very serious time in our world, and we are being shaped like clay! We have to remember that ultimately, we have no control. We can either go with the flow, or fight against the current. Personally, I'd rather flow. I accept that everything that happens to me, does so to serve my highest good. Fighting against the current, leaves you in the same place. Fighting every step of the way.

We have free will. We can choose to fight, or to flow, to look forward with anticipation and joy, or to remain frozen in fear, to become who we came here to be, or keep doing the same things hoping for different results. It's our choice.

Enough seriousness. Let's talk quickly about the Golden Rainbow of Light World Healing Event going on Monday, Spring Equinox. The Rainbow Ray has been has been activated around the globe, and this full moon has brought us this message. Grandmother Moon holds the energies of the White, Pearlescent, and Rainbow Rays. You might see the Rainbow Ray in Her halo, while She is full. The RAINBOW LIGHT EFFECT teaches us that each color of the Rainbow is also a vibrational level, and each color represents one of the Chakras, resulting in the Rainbow Light Effect/Rainbow Ray bringing in Light to every one of the Chakras, balancing and aligning them to a higher vibrational level. The RAINBOW ANGELIC LIGHT RAY combines all of the first 7 Ray rainbow colors. It is light that infuses all 7 Major Chakras, balancing them and removing any and all blockages, and then aligning them to a higher level. The Rainbow Light Ray raises one's vibrational level, and restores one's Aura to it's natural condition, which is all 7 colors of the Rainbow, with Red being closest to the body.

You can find the Rainbow Light Effect in nature in a Rainbow Moonstone, a white hair, a Spider's web, dew or rain drops on grass, snow, ice crystals, and of course, a rainbow and the Moon's halo of light. These are all reminders of the magick inherent in this world, and of our own magickal nature. It is also a reminder at this time, to use your abilities to embrace the Rainbow and it's Light, to pull it into your own energy field, to fill your Aura with it, from Grandfather Sun or from Grandmother Moon, or any other source you find, and to radiate the Golden Rainbow Ray around the Earth.

To join us in this World Healing Event, please check out the Facebook Event Page:

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I don't know what's next on our journey. The energies of Saturday and Sunday, lead us into the Change that is Equinox, and Equinox is a Day Of Balance, a day of equal light and dark hours, re-emphasizing that Balance brought in by the #60/6 day. I'm told that "After Equinox, it's all downhill from here." I am truly hoping that things get easier for us, and I feel the little voice in the back of my head confirming this. But we have to do the work required of us, to get us to Equinox. The Eye of the Needle is upon us, and it's squeezing us (applying pressure on us) to Transform. Who will you be when you emerge? It's up to you!

Equinox Blessings to us all!

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