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April Angel Energies Report

April is a #5 month (April is the 4th  month, 2+0+1+7=10/1 and 4+1=5), and 5's are about change, so it is first and foremost, a Month of Change. March was also a month of change, if you'll recall, so you may be thinking, "More changes??? Aye!!!". This is a more developed form of change that is happening in April. It is when we start seeing the changes that have taken place in our lives, and in our world. The Universe is supporting us in making the needed changes in our lives, so that we can LIVE OUR HIGHEST TRUTH, or be who we came here to be, and embody the energies necessary to enact any further changes needed. In other words, we may have made changes within ourselves in the last month, now it's time to show them to the world!

It is also a time of instant manifestation. When we add these together, we get the Universe giving us what we need, to be who we came here to be. What we have to ask ourselves is what we need, and what is vital to our well being, and ask for those things. April showers bring May flowers, it is said, and the rains nourish the plants, helping them to bloom. What do you need in your life to nourish you so that you can bloom? How can you nurture yourself, and the changes that you have put in place in your life? What resources do you need? It is time to ask for these things! The Universe is supporting us in all of this, as are our Angels.

At the same time, we have to TAKE ACTION towards our dreams and goals, before the Universe can step in and help us, so find a way to begin moving towards what it is that you want to do, and ask for the help of the Universe and the Angels to get to where you want to be, that goal or dream you are pursuing. Even something as simple as a Vision Board can be a step towards your dreams.

I want to ask you to read my previous blog post on Power, where we discussed DOING THE WORK, to better clarify all of this for you. You will find it at this link, or directly below this post.

Power: Message from the Universe

Going back to the subject of change, 5's are going to appear a lot this month, and they will be some powerful days. Every #10/1 day also carries the energies of 5. The 5th of April is a 5 to the 4th power day - not just 5-5-5-5 but 5x5x5x5. This is due to: 1) April 2017 = 5, 2) It is the 5th of April, 3) It is week 14 and 1+4=5, and 4) It is the 95th day of the year and 9+5=14 and 1+4=5 again. This is like taking change to a whole new level!

The 14th and the 23rd are also #10/1 days, as well as Master Number 55 days, and they are 5 to the 3rd power days, following numbers 1, 2, and 4 above, with the 14th being the 104th day of the year, and the 23rd being the 113th day of the year, both of which add up to 5.

Then there are the #50/5 days, which contain the usual #5 energies of change, with the 0 in the 50 bringing added energy to the 5's energy of change. Those dates are the 9th, 18th, and 27th.

Change is the Theme this month, not a Keyword however. We are moving into the changes that have already begun, we are becoming these changes, or becoming the change needed in our world.

The Angels are also calling this "Flower Month", as we are beginning to bloom and flower! And it is Retrograde month, with Mercury going Retro on the 9th, Saturn going Retro on the 5th (adding more energy to this day!), Pluto going Retro on the 20th, Jupiter remaining in Retro, and Venus coming out of Retro on the 15th. A lot of up and down energies involved with these, pulling us into our inner world, while we are flowering in our outer worlds - or expressing our changes there. The words flowering and blooming denote metamorphosis, the inner change necessary within a plant that creates a flower or bloom. This is what we are doing. So Metamorphosis is the actual Key Word for the month of April. Bloom like a flower and grow!!!

POWER remains a Key Word. We are now seeing how Power is used in our world, and we are taking back our Power (this is all explained in the above linked blog post). We have the Power, the People have the Power, and we are learning new ways to take it back, both individually and collectively. We are the only person who has control of our own live, our future, our dreams and goals, our actions, our Truth. It is us and not another who control these, no matter where you live. It is time to Stand In Our Power in the world, and we are moving towards this at a rapid rate. True change begins within, then it radiates outwards into the world.

As it is a time of instant manifestation, ask yourself what you need to stand in your True Power, or in your Truth, and then ask the Universe and/or your Angels for assistance with that.

With all of these Power Shifts going on right now on Planet Earth, we are being asked to look at what we need and what the Earth needs to return to living in harmony and balance with All of Life. How can we better Nurture/Feed life on this planet? What do we need, or what do we need to happen? We must ask for help with these things, and with what is needed.

Speaking of Power Shifts, I asked when we would see that Shift occur, with Shift equating to change (just as Metamorphosis does), and was told November...
Another thing that came up is I was told that Big Endings will occur after Summer Solstice when Grandfather Sun begins waning.
These are just future "changes" to be aware of. No fear. All #1 years also carry the energy of endings, as we move more into the new. The old must die. As we become more comfortable with the new that we are currently installing in our lives, we become more ready to let go of that which we no longer need, or is holding us back.

SEE CLEARLY has been a Key Word since late February, and we are seeing the Truth of many situations, and will continue doing so for quite a while yet. This Key Word does not fade away just because we have left March's 20:20 energies, it is a process that has been set in motion, perpetual motion, actually. The Golden Rainbow Ray is also assisting us with this, by helping us to See Clearly, to See the Light of Truth, to See everything for what it is. This brings us a whole Examining process that we are enmeshed within, helping us to think more clearly so that we can See the Truth. The Direction of East on the Medicine Wheel is about Clarity, Focus, and Illumination, and East is the season of Spring. We'll be getting this assistance with Clarity until Summer Solstice.

It all ties together, it's all connected, we're all connected, we're connected to All of Life on this planet, and to the Planet Herself. Around and around we go, cycle after cycle. This current Cycle is about Change, Seeing Clearly, and Power.

We can even equate the Direction of East with the Solar Plexus Chakra which is about Personal Power....

Next subject:

March 29th was a Master Number 33 day, March 30th a #70/7 day, and March 31st is a Master Number 44 day. April 1st is a Master Number 33 day again, giving us a chance to repeat the energies of March 29th. April 2nd is a repetition of the 7 energies, and April 3rd a repetition of the Master Number 44 energies. Not the same exactly, but we are being asked to take note of what we learn on the Master Number 33 days - the Master Teacher, and the Master Number 44 days - the Master Healer. The numbers begin again on the 5th of April, which is the 5 to the 4th power day, and the day that Saturn goes Retro in Sagittarius.

The New Moon will be another power-filled day this month, with it falling on a Master Number 22 day, which is also a #40/4 day, and a 20:20 day. Remove the mud from your eyes so that you can See Clearly, and in this case, where and how to move into the New, with the New Moon, and what it is that you will need to wish for at that time, to support you in your endeavors.

I am also asked to remind you that the energies of the GOLDEN RAINBOW RAY are still available to be worked with, in your own life, or to surround the planet with them. You can find information on this Ray at the bottom of this post, under the orange goddess Sun pic:

Eye of the Needle Weekly Angel Energy Report

This is a new Angelic Healing Light Ray available to everyone here on Earth, and it can be used anytime.


I am asked to mention this to you, it is April 22nd. A Ceremony on this day is suggested, one that honors the Earth. Planting trees is always something good to do, on this day or any other. Connecting to the Earth, is the most important thing, so get your hands in the dirt, walk barefoot in the grass, sit up against a tree, or whatever you need to do to more deeply ground yourself and connect to the Earth, through which we connect with All of Life.


Changes occur in my life also, and I'd like to take a moment to talk to you about everything that's going on. First of all, you may have noticed a new header on the blog. I was gifted the name Hawksong by Hawk, which indicates one who hears Her voice, and Her messages. Hawk is the Messenger of the Spirit World. Which means that I deliver those messages. This fits a bit better with the information that is presented on this blog, anyway.

To take this a step further, however, I am now available for Tarot/Pendulum/Numerology Readings - I use a combination of all three in each reading. I am making a Page on this blog that will tell you how to contact me for an appointment, how the reading will be conducted (Facebook Messenger calls or Skype), and the cost of my readings. I will have it ready to go in a day or two. Meanwhile, if you are interested, please just use the Contact Me form on the left side of this blog.

The Touch the Earth shop on Etsy will be closing on April 15th. I still have plenty of Orgonic products looking for a new home, and the prices have been greatly reduced. I am having ongoing Flash Sales, always announced on my Facebook Page:

The Touch the Earth Page on Facebook

This Page will remain on Facebook, although after April 15th it will no longer be associated with an Etsy shop. I will still post the same things I always have, including Messages from the Universe, whenever they come in!

There is currently a 3-day sale in my Etsy shop on my Chakra and Angelic Light Ray/Flame discs of $5.00 off any one disc. See the Facebook Page for the Coupon Code.


That's all for now. I'll be back when there is another Message from the Universe, or next Thursday, whichever comes first! (smile!)

Wishing us all a blessed season of Metamorphosis, Blooming, and Growth!
May your Angels bring you all that you need!

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