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Approaching Spring Equinox: Weekly Angel Energy Report Week of March 9th

Virgo, the Cosmic Queen

There are a lot of things coming up right now, and I will get to as many of them as I can today. Some are still coming in, and they may have to wait until next time, or whenever the time is right. It's going to be a busy week, let's get started!

First of all, we are approaching a strong full moon on Saturday night. It will be in Virgo, who is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and mental abilities. Virgo energies include: Service, thinking things through, perfectionism, planning, intellect, attention to detail, the analytical mind, serious, sensible, well-organized, reserved, helpful, calculating. So you see that these energies are about using our minds, our mental abilities, and the 20-20 month of March is about Seeing Clearly - and we need to have a clear head to do this. Thinking for ourselves instead of allowing ourselves to be influenced by the news outlets, or by others, is essential right now. Spending time alone thinking can be very beneficial during these energies, as can "thinking things through" before communicating. Listening and processing before we speak, but I'll get to that in a minute.

I've been picking up energies centered around Mercury themes for a couple of days now, even though the Moon is currently in Leo. All of the RE words are coming up, so let's talk about that.

Mercury Retro is about the RE words, and we've talked about this before. Mercury is NOT in retro right now, but these words are still coming up for us to consider:

-REleasing all that is not of the highest order within us.
-REviewing/REvising our plans for what we are giving birth to at Equinox.
-REfine your life, who you are, your goals at this time.
-RElate/RElations/RElationships - due to Venus REtro - we are taking a deeper look at all of our RElations/RElationships.
-REcognize what is going on and take measures to REmedy it. REflection!
-REorganize and REmove what is no longer needed or working in your life.
-REmaster your life by REmembering why you are here.
-REbirth - this is what we do at Spring Equinox, so prepare for REbirth.
-REemergence is another form of REbirth, we REemerge into the world of Light, the growing Sunlight, from the Winter darkness.
-REact/REaction - how we REact to outside circumstances is important. REthink before you REact. REspond with love for all.
-REorder our lives to fit who we are now, who we are growing into.
-REsist establishment, supremacy, ego, fear tactics, drama, judgments, etc.

More RE words to consider:
REadjust, REaffirm, REalign, REawaken, REbuild, REengage, REexamine, REset, REthink, REwork, REflect, REconnect.

And these RE words are also coming up:
REcharge, REcover, RElax
REminding us to take care of ourselves first, and to take full advantage of any down time you are given.

We are approaching Spring Equinox on the 20th, and I have been told that the time we are in, as we approach it, is akin to the Chrysalis stage of a Butterfly's life. This is the stage prior to REbirth. We are awaiting REemergence. I was reminded that when a pregnant woman nears the date of the child's birth, she is closely monitored. We need to be closely monitoring ourselves - REpairing what isn't working, looking at our physical health and issues that can cause physical problems, such as anger, grief, etc., and RElease anything that we possibly can, to help us to grow while in the Cocoon, to lighten the load so that we can fly when we REemerge. Protection of the Energy Body is also important in these days before REbirth, just as protection of the physical body is important for a woman to monitor in the days before giving birth. This is because we are approaching the end of the Dark Half of the Year, and after Equinox, the (hours of) Light is greater than the Darkness. Shield yourself, and stay in awareness of being in the Light at all times. Consciously Choose the Light. I think we talked about this in the March monthly energy report....

Be ever vigilant! Watch for energy drains, monitor where your thoughts are going, or where others attempt to direct them through their own anger/fear/hate. Don't get pulled into it, don't go there, it's dangerous (a warning from the Spirit World). Back to the RE words for this: REsist establishment, supremacy, ego, fear tactics, drama, judgments, etc.
REaffirm your energetic space, feel your Aura around you, shielded. Keep your vibrational level high by keeping everything out of your energy field and higher mind. The Angels, your Ancestors, your Spiritual Guidance Council will assist you with this if you call upon them and ask them to do so.

Affirmation for this: "I am in my own Energy Field, it is my home, where I am comfortable and supported."

Additionally, Purification matters - of your physical body, of the mind, of the spirit, and of the etheric field.
Our job is to love, not judge...

This is another theme coming up right now. I saw a lot of judging of others during the #ADayWithoutWomen on International Women's Day on March 8th, and it showed me a few things, things that I had to take time to process, to understand fully, and I spent that day doing just that. A lot of information poured in, but the bottom line is that we are here to love each other, not judge them. There's a lot of assumptions made about people due to their appearance or words, some might even call it judgment, and we have to begin to look past this and see each person for who they are. Every single one of us is a product of our environment, who we are has been shaped by our experiences in this world. Just as we each have had our own lessons that shaped us, so too have others. Maybe some are still going through these lessons. Racism may be one of the lessons they experience - from either side. Religious extremism might be another lesson. Superiority might be one of them. There are more lessons in this world to experience than I can begin to go into here, but it seems that these are the main ones that are showing up in wide segments of the population right now. We're all learning, growing, and healing. We can see each other through understanding and empathy, or we can hate them, allow them to anger us, or take their words personally. Choose love. Many will attempt to project their issues onto you. Instead, see the Truth of their experience, See Clearly. And choose love. 'nuff said.

Thinking clearly and thinking for ourselves is important right now. Seeing things Clearly is important. I'm learning just how much electricity and wifi are interfering with my ability to think and see clearly, even in the DreamTime. Before daylight this morning I found myself outside, walking away from the electrical lines and the radiating energies of the wifi, so that I could clear my head. It felt like the approaching full moon had me wired already, and this was only partly true, as my Guides proved to me by drawing me further and further outside. I went into my prayer circle and centered and grounded myself there, and the energies toned down.

The moral of this story is that more things than we realize are affecting our True Sight, and our energy levels. Time in nature will help us, as will staying grounded and centered. Also REmember to pull your energy around yourself, and stay in awareness of it at all times, and this, too, will help.

One more subject to cover today: Collective REleasing

Certain subjects have been prominent in the Public Eye lately, and maybe it's for good reason. What are we Seeing Clearly right now? What's going on in our world? Going back to yesterday, Inequality was the subject for the Women's March and the #DayWithoutWomen, and that is a big theme right now, not just for women, but for all who are minorities. The Light of Truth is shining on the subjects of inequality based on race, gender, and sexual orientation. Then there's Christianity, which has suppressed millions in its time, and has outdated morals or beliefs one could argue, that no longer apply to the real world. We're also seeing war, and in a way, we could say that with America being a "Christian" nation (not true in all cases, not even for me, but it is the largest religion in our country), and with us fighting Muslim nations, it is essentially a war between Christianity and Islam, who have been fighting each other since the beginning of their cults here on Earth. We have Right Wingers who emphasize Christianity, the bible says this or that, prayer in school, anti-abortionists saying that abortion is illegal in the bible, and the Pedophile Priests... I won't go on, but you see what I mean about Christianity being a major theme in our world right now, it comes up again and again, in a different context each time. That's 2 themes, let's just stop there for now: Inequality and Christianity.

What if these are coming up to be released collectively, and they are lingering because we haven't released them? Can we release these energies from our world now? I release treating anyone, any living being, as not being equal to myself. I release discriminating against others for their beliefs. I release hatred or fear of those who are not like me, and choose instead to celebrate our diversity. I release the old outdated beliefs that caused us all to believe in a system that oppresses us, that judges us, that keeps us subservient to others.

And while we are at it, we may as well mention the two party system of government, and what about Capitalism? Are we ready to admit that these aren't working? Can we release them too? We could then be open to SEEING CLEARLY what might be a more workable solution than the system we now have in place, if we release this.

The point is that the more that we can collectively release - even if it is only a few of us doing this, can start the 100th Monkey Effect, and those energies will multiply, and the things that no longer resonate with us at a higher vibrational level, can more easily fall away.

Maybe we're thinking that Christianity and/or Capitalism can be REvised, REvamped into better working models. Can they? And this is a question that we each have to ask ourselves, and find our own Truth on. What do you believe? Personally, I think they are both beyond repair, like Windows Vista was, and it's time for something new, not Windows 10 that invades our privacy, but a whole new operating system. You can only issue so many "updates" before the system becomes unstable. Have we reached that point? That's the question. And if we have, can we RElease it, so that we can be open to the new that is going to arrive on Spring Equinox?

Many of us release things from our personal energy field during the waning and New Moons. What if it became a collective effort, or if we released it from the collective?

What else can we release? What are we ready to let go of collectively? What about other systems that are in place, such as the prison system or the military? What about healthcare and immigration? Our need for clean Water? Are we ready to see these Clearly and do some collective releasing here? Many things are coming out into the Light of Truth right now, for us to See Clearly. Are we ready?

These are the types of things that are keeping us divided. We are arguing for our limitations, about our limitations, instead of letting go of limitations and thinking outside the box. We have to release the damn box already. What say you?
I'm going to leave you with those thoughts today.

Have a blessed week, and Happy Full Moon!

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