Monday, February 13, 2017

Whale Messages

Happy Magickal Moon-day!

Today's message is from the Whales, record keepers of the Earth. We are guided to ask ourselves why the Whales are beaching themselves.

Today's energies are assisting us in finding the bigger meaning behind the messages and signs that we are receiving.

We are being asked to look at the Higher Perspective, the Big Picture, and see, hear, and understand the messages we are receiving.

For Whale info, I went to Jamie Sams' Medicine Cards book:

She tells us that the Whales were placed here by the Ancients from the Dog Star Sirius. Biologists say that they very possibly lived on land millions of years ago. They moved into the Ocean when Lemuria sank due to Earth Changes. Whale keeps the records and knowledge of Lemuria (Mu) alive. Lemuria will rise again when fire from the Sky falls into another ocean. This is the next Sign of Earth Changes that we are watching for. At this time, Earth's Children will have to unite and honor all ways and all races in order to survive.
She reminds us that sound frequencies bring up records and ancient knowledge. We can use sound frequencies to balance our emotional bodies and heal our physical forms.

My message from this was to remind you to use binaurals, Solfeggio tones, and sound frequencies to reconnect with the natural world, and with yourself and your abilities.

Whale sacrifices herself to bring us this important message at this time.
Look at the meaning behind everything that happens, from the higher perspective. Seek the lesson, the message from it all. Everything that happens is guiding us in some way...

There is an even bigger message here, and I'll be sharing it on the weekly blog, which will be out on Thursday.

Happy Magickal Mu-day!



We are also being reminded that Whale lives in the Ocean, representing the Sea of Emotions and the Subconscious Mind. Water represents our emotions. Grandmother Moon tells us that the Waters of the Earth need healing from the ongoing Fukushima leak, the Gulf Oil Catastrophe, the constant pollution, etc. And that these toxins in the Waters of the Earth represent what needs healing in our own Emotions. Our emotional healing facilitates the healing of the Waters of the Earth. One cannot heal without the other for we are all connected. What goes on in our outer world is symbolic of what is going on in our inner worlds, and many at this time need this emotional healing. This is evident in the current political situation in our country, which is causing upheaval, discontent, and disrespect. To heal one is to heal all. Whale doesn't want to be in these turbulent Waters. We have to face what is going on with each of us emotionally, to give peace to the Waters of the World once more. If you are healed, help another find their way to healing. Share what helped you. Speak from your heart. Stay in the vibration of love.

We are blessed with this month of Love, and tomorrow is a day of love. There are love energies pouring into us all at this time. Use them to lift yourself and others up.

This is a Heart Chakra Activation and Balancing video. Try it! If you have another one, please share!

That's all for now. I just wanted to share this powerful information with you all. I'll be back on Thursday with your weekly Angel Energy Report!
Until then,
Remember to love yourself!

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