Thursday, February 16, 2017

Seeing Clearly: Weekly Angel Energy Report - February 16

There are several subjects that we need to discuss this week, but before I allow them to get started, I want to tell you a little about how my process works.

Every day, I get up and get my pen and paper out, and, as things come in, I write them down. Some weeks, I only get messages a couple of days, and others, I get messages every day. These messages might be anything from a subject or a few words, to entire pages of notes. By Wednesday or Thursday, everything has started to come together, to make sense, the messages connecting to each other, and I'm able to pull it all together into a blog. Sometimes, these are personal lessons, and other times, they are things that I have to experience myself to understand enough to explain it to others, here. I live these teachings before I talk about them, in other words. Up one side and down the other, at times. And I can be stubborn, or even not understand what I'm being told, and they repeat things from a different perspective, bringing another point of view into it, which ultimately helps me to understand the message(s) from all perspectives.

These messages come from the Angelic Realm, my Guides, Mother Earth, and the Creature-Beings, Plant People, Standing People, and Stone People. And sometimes from the Sun, Moon, and Stars! It's the Angels, however, who help me to understand it all, and this is why it's called Angel Energy Reports!

Now onto this week's messages:

First of all, I want to bring your attention to this weekend, and the dates of February 19th through the 22nd. We spoke of these dates in the February Energy Report. The 19th is a Master Number 22 day, with Master Number 22 being The Builder. The 20th and 22nd were pointed out to me as being especially significant this month. The 20th is a #50/5 day, a day of change. It is also President's Day here in the US and all government offices will be closed. It's numbers read like this:

02-20-20-17 or 2-20-20-8 or broken down like this: 2-20-20-2222 or even 2-(20-20)-22-22

This brings the Master Number 22 back into the picture, as well as 20-20 - a day to SEE CLEARLY!!!
Now, does this apply to building? We have to Clearly See WHAT we want to build, yes?

The 21st is the day inbetween the significant dates of the 20th and 22nd, and it is a Master Number 33 day, representing The Master Teacher. What have we learned, is the question. They are speaking, of course, about when we were Seeing Clearly the day before. It's a day to gather your thoughts, and see what you have learned, so that you can carry those building energies forward, into the 22nd.

Then the 22nd rolls around, and it is a #7 day, a day to have faith. Numerically, it appears like this:

2-22-20-17 or 2-22-20-8 or 2-22-20-22-22 or even 22 22 22 22 or 88... into infinity, doubled.

Build your dreams! Work towards them each of these days! We are being given energy from the Universe to assist us on these days. Use it!

The Moon is waning, you say? The Sun is Waxing! The hours of sunrise through noon are an excellent time for building!

Next subject:

Last night was FILLED with energy! I barely got any sleep. These energies had me reviewing the past, and that is coming up now for a lot of us. February is a month of love, which equates to relationships, and it is the 2nd month of the year, with the 2 equating to balance and duallity, again with the relationships. What this is all about is Relationship Dynamics - How do you want your relationships to look and feel? It's time to decide. We are reviewing past relationships, be they friendships, relationships with family members, or lovers.

If you want your space respected, you have to respect the others' space.
If you want to be respected, you have to respect yourself.
Others learn how to treat us by the way that we treat them, and the way that we treat ourselves.

Relationships can be mirrors, reflecting back to us how we act. In this way, we can learn a lot about ourselves, if we SEE Clearly! Is the mirror cloudy or broken? Look deeply, and see yourself through the eyes of another, or through the actions of another towards you. How are you setting yourself up to being treated? Are you setting strong boundaries? Are you insisting on Equal Energy Exchange?

"When you learn your true worth, you'll stop giving people discounts."

This goes back to our discussion of the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, earlier this month, and our self worth and self love. How are we loving and respecting ourselves and our needs? Are we nurturing ourselves? Do we see ourselves as worthy? How is our self-esteem? Remember the lesson of the Ego, if the Solar Plexus is overextended, we think that we are God, superior, above others, better than, and then we judge others. If the Solar Plexus is underextended, we feel like a victim, and relate to others from victimhood, because we have been stomped down so very much. The Truth lies in the  middle, in the balancing of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Once the Solar Plexus Chakra is balanced, we can then learn to love ourselves, forgive ourselves, and nurture ourselves, giving ourselves what we need, without feeling guilt or shame.

These are all big issues in our world right now, for a lot of people, and we've been discussing this all month. The 2 of February insists that we find balance WITHIN ourselves, by balancing our own masculine and feminine sides. Take action, but not before going within and thinking it through first. Balancing our head with our heart by thinking with both. Ideas begin in the womb (feminine) then we take action on them (masculine). It all begins within.

Then there's the Fear factor. Are we living in fear, or in a state of love for self and all?

We are being reminded that if there is ANYTHING in you for negative energies to resonate with, they will attach to you. This includes fear, anger, hurt, pain, frustration, loss, grief, sadness, insecurity, fear of death, and more. Heal the original wound and free yourself from ALL negative energies, once and for all.

We are being prompted to "Clear The Fear" at this time, so that we CAN resonate at the highest possible vibrational level.

The Schumann Resonance Frequency is still increasing. Choosing love, choosing to stay in a high vibrational level, is working, and this is proof of it. For a further discussion on this, see earlier blog posts from this month. It's February. Let's choose love!

We are in a waning Moon, and are being encouraged to RELEASE everything that we no longer want to carry forward with us. This includes people, personality traits, jobs, homes, belongings, grief, sadness, loss, hurt, pain, and all of the things that weigh us down, and keep us from experiencing Pure Light, and flowing with life itself.

This lesson came to me from the Tumbleweeds that I found in my yard last weekend. I have no clue how they got into a fenced yard, but they made their way to me, to tell me about this. They have uprooted themselves, let go of everything that was holding them down, so that they could move freely, where ever the wind took them. They've lost their leaves, they are dried out, they are hollow... which brings up the subject of being a Hollow Bones, or one who is spiritually pure, who has done the work and removed all of their own issues and karma, so that they can Clearly help others, so that they can be a Clear Channel for Spirit. If we have issues, then we tend to see the messages through our issues, and think that they relate to us, when they do not. It's the same way when you help another delve into their darkness. If you have any issue in you that resonates with their negativity or dark issues, then it will pull you in, and you may well become lost in it all, inbetween worlds. This is why we say don't heal others until you yourself are healed, because you can become trapped by the issues of others. This is also the reason for the above message about having nothing in you that is negative for the negative in our world to attach to, to resonate with.

It's all about Seeing Clearly, and that is a very important phrase to keep in mind this week. Become Clear. Clear out your life, your issues, your home, anything holding you back or down, anyone who does not support you in being your highest possible self, any grief, sadness, pain or hurt that you are holding onto... release it all and let it go. Now is the time!

This is also about relationships: What relationships are holding you back? How would a relationship look that supported you? How can you learn to See Clearly the Truth of others, so that you do not get into a relationship of any type, or continue a relationship of any type, that is not feeding you what you need?

And what do we need? To be clear. This means clear communication with others. It means setting clear boundaries. It means clearly stating what you need. It means being clear with yourself about what you want.

Clear it all out, get clear, be clear. Turn the mirror into a window... a clean one!

February is the Hopi Month of Purification. We have to clear out the old, purify ourselves and our lives, to make fertile ground for the Spring seeds to grow.

It's going to be a bountiful season for us all, once we get clear and see what it is that we really want!

And that, my friends, is how all of the daily messages come together into one subject, once a week!

Peace, Love and Blessings to us all.

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