Thursday, February 9, 2017

Higher Perspective: Weekly Angel Energy Report - February 9th

I really want to encourage you to watch the video this week, as I have done my best to explain everything that is going on in our world at this time, from a higher perspective, looking at the overall patterns, and seeing what it tells us. Due to this, I'm not going to be doing the transcript of the video this week - it was in my own words, and I just went with the flow, which means it's impossible to tell you about it all in writing!

*At the bottom of this info are the things I missed covering in the Vlog*

Instead, here's a list of subjects covered:

Masculine/Feminine Balance
Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine Balance
West, Water, Emotions, Heart, Feminine and it's opposite: East, Air, Mental Abilities, Head, and Masculine... and the balancing of these and their importance.

#2 Energies of February - duality and balance
Jupiter Retro in Libra into June, and then Jupiter stays in Libra until like September: Balance and Justice

Racism, discrimination, gender inequality, class inequality, etc. coming out of Washington DC and the reason for this.

Superiority, insecurity, low self worth, and the Solar Plexus Chakra
Not feeling secure or safe within oneself - Root Chakra
Our connection to the Earth is where we learn to feel secure within ourselves again, and we have gotten away from this.
We treat women and the Earth Herself with disrespect, and it will take treating women equally, or learning to respect the Earth, for both to be in balance once more.

Water, Standing Rock, and why this is going on, what it means from a higher perspective.

Schumann Resonance is increasing.
Grandfather Sun's vibrational level has increased - the Source of Golden Light.
Our Golden Aura has expanded.
The Universe is assisting us in raising the vibrational level and healing capability of all at this time. We no longer have to heal one person at a time, that part of our ascension is finished. We don't even have to try to reach larger audiences anymore. We've done our work, raised our vibrational level, and now the Universe has stepped in to raise the vibrational level of all, so there is no more avoiding healing energies, or the raised vibrational level.

What we have to do now is stay out of hate, fear, anger - for we cannot think/see clearly if we are in these energies. We also cannot see/think/communicate with the higher realms clearly if we need to cleanse or purify ourselves.


Radiating our light out to the world, sending love to one and all, is our work now. We are being told to Follow Our Bliss now, that's what we can do.

Celebrate Life, I'm reminded to tell you!
Live life in full color!

Remember who you are. Own your power and your Light, and use it to create the changes that are needed at this time. Share love with those who are wounded in heart and soul. Share laughter with the sad and lonely. Share faith and hope with all that you meet. And shine your light brightly all around the planet. It matters, and so do you!

"Any fool can run toward the Light. It takes a Master with courage to turn and face the darkness and shine his own Light there."
~Leslie Fieger

Additionally, Full Moon on Friday evening in Leo. It's the Lion's Gate Portal. It is also a Lunar Eclipse. A very powerful experience! Be ready!

Then we will be in the waning phase of the Moon, and all of the releasing that needs to be done is going to come up. Be ready for this, too, even if it just means cleaning out your closet, or lightening your load. It's time for change, to let go of things that no longer serve us, so that we can more easily reach for the stars!

The 19th through the 22nd of February are going to be very significant and powerful days! Building energies will be the theme. More on this, next time!

Until then, have a bliss-filled week! I'll see you next Thursday!
Love, Michelle

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