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February Angel Energy Report

February is a #30/3 Universal Month.
It is being called the Month of Manifestation and Purification.
#3 is about manifesting, among other things, and the added 0 in 30, amps up those energies.
There will be a few #3/30 days during the month of February that will also be powerful days for manifesting. Those dates are: 9th, 18th, and 27th.

February is the Hopi month of Purification, and the Winter snows purify the Earth, helping us all to make ready for a bountiful Spring. It is a time to work on our own purification, be it purifying our bodies, detoxing, cleaning out our closets or home of unnecessary items, and getting rid of anything that we do not want to carry forward into Spring. It's time to lighten our load! We do not need anything unnecessary weighing us down come Spring Equinox, for we will need all of our energies for rebirth at that time. So get rid of anything you possibly can!

February begins on a Master Number 22 day, which also adds up to 40 and 4, with 4 representing being grounded, and having a solid foundation. We might also see 4 as the 4 Directions, with ourselves centered between them. The addition of the 0 in 40, reminds us of the importance of staying grounded and centered, especially on the #4/40 days.
February also ends on a Master Number 22 day, which again is a #40/4 day, as well. Master Number 22 is the Master Builder, encouraging us to build towards our dreams, or Do The Work in the Physical World (#4) that will bring about that which we want to build in our lives.
Because February begins and ends on Master Number 22 days, the other Master Number 22 days this month, will also be powerful. Those dates are: 1, 10, 19, and the 28th, of course!
The 10th of February, another Master Number 22 day, is the Full Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse will be happening also on that day. This makes the 10th a very powerful day! Using its energy to move forward in our lives to build a better future for us all, is what is called for at this time. Make your full moon wishes, and make wishes that serve the highest good of us all. What can we "build" in our world that will benefit us all? Peace? Understanding? Compassion? Define your wish and set it in motion on the Full Moon, and use those #22/40/4 energies to build a better world for us all.

Because February is the 2nd month, the number 2 is significant this month. #2 is about duality and balance, but it is also the Feminine number. 1 is the individual, and is masculine, while 2 (and the 2000's) are about our dual nature, and is feminine. 1 + 2 = 3, the number we get when we work together, the sum total of all of our parts, the entity created by working together, be it a company, a marriage, or otherwise. But back to the story of 2....

Because 2 is significant this month, it has been shared with me that the dates of February 19th through February 22nd, will be especially powerful. Here's why:

February 20th looks like this numerically: 2-20-20-8 (2+2+2+2) or 220202222, or even 2, 20-20, 22, 22, meaning Balance, See Clearly, BUILD, BUILD!!!
Remember, the 0's add extra energy to the number they are with.

February 22nd looks like this numerically: 2-22-20-8 (2+2+2+2) or 222202222 or even 22, 22, 0, 22, 22, meaning BUILD BUILD BUILD!!!!!
It all reemphasizes that Master Number 22, in a powerful way!

Then we have the 19th, which is an actual Master Number 22 day. On this day, we are told to begin building that which we would manifest into being on the following powerful days (20th & 22nd). So it all starts on the 19th, which is one numeric cycle after the Full Moon. (Numeric cycle is 1-9, in this case, 4 through 4).

Remember, these Master Number 22 days are ALSO #4/40 days, and make sure that you stay grounded, balanced, and centered on these days. Feel the solid foundation of Mother Earth beneath your feet, in any workings that you do on these days.

The 21st is the day inbetween all of these powerful days, and it is a Master Number 33 day, which is the Master Teacher. 33 also adds up to 6 and this date also adds up to 60, bringing in that 0 again. 6 is about the ultimate balance of the masculine and the feminine within ourselves. 6 is the Lovers card in Tarot, and we can see this as our perfect soul mate being ourselves, for we each have a masculine half and a feminine half, and when they are in perfect balance with each other, we can accomplish anything! In the feminine, we create in the womb, and give birth to our ideas, while the masculine takes action on them, bringing them to life. This is a form of Building, if you think about it...

So, the day between the Big Energy days this month, will not be a break from the energies. It will instead be an opportunity to center and balance yourself in another way, and to further develop the building that was begun on the 19th. It is also the Master Teacher, so we may see some information coming to us on this day, that will assist us in building an even better future. Take notes!

The New Moon is on the 26th, in the sign of Pisces. The Sun will also be in Pisces on that date, bringing balance to the Sun and Moon energies, or the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. The 26th will also be a Solar Eclipse, or the Moon blocking the Sun momentarily, establishing a strong feminine presence. What to do with it? This is when you want to make your wishes for the next moon cycle. Find out your local times for this eclipse, and when it is at full eclipse, and make your wishes then, while Grandmother Moon is at her most powerful. My suggestion for a wish for us all, would be the rebalancing or equalization of the feminine in our world.

Eclipses are also powerful energy portals that are added on to our full and new moons this month. Use these energies to the best advantage possible. The lunar eclipse on the full moon, is the opposite of the solar eclipse on the new moon, it is the blocking of the moon's energies by the sun, or the masculine. The Sun is waxing at this time of year, or growing, so we can use His powerful forward moving energies to manifest anything into our lives, as well. I'm also seeing that these can be times of great and sudden change.... whatever they mean by that! I see Uranus in the mix here, or at least the same energies that Uranus carries, however I don't have a clue what Uranus will be doing on these dates, but the sudden and great change, is an energy force, that is also associated with eclipses. Powerful bursts of energy, they further clarify for us.

We'll talk more about these upcoming eclipses as they draw nearer. 

There is one planet going Retrograde in February that we need to discuss. Jupiter (expansion) goes Retrograde in Libra (balance, justice). To me, that means that we go within and work on balance within ourselves, which brings us back to those #6 energies. Jupiter stays Retro into June. I did try to dig up an informed opinion on what these energies mean, from an Astrologer, and was unable to find anything. When something is written, I will share it here with you.

Lastly, I am again being reminded that Spring Equinox (birth, rebirth) is right around the corner. We are being told to BUILD towards what you will be giving birth to, come Spring.
To better explain this, Winter is the season of working on what you are going to give birth to, or bring out into the public, come Spring. It might be a book you are writing, and this is a good example. Finish it, so that you can get it published in the Spring - or give to the public. It can be anything, a new project, a new idea, a fresh perspective, an artwork, a musical composition, a new company, etc. Whatever it is, finish it so that you can go public with it, come Spring. Use the powerful Building energies of this month, to complete these works.

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Outward Appearances in the Year of the Cock:
Solar Plexus Chakra is our Inner Sun Center
Male Animals:
Peacock: Another type of Cock, another Solar Symbol
Rooster: Year of the Rooster
Lion: Male Lion has the fur around his face
Cardinal: Male Cardinal is red, female is plain
Males in nature are more showy, so that they can attract a mate, and this is their natural state. Humans are the same way, males want to look good to attract a mate.
Things that keep them from feeling confident within themselves:
Male Pattern Baldness and being short in stature (which can cause Napoleonic Complex), are two examples I gave.
Then false egos are created to make up for what they feel are their shortcomings, or outward appearances.
The ones who exude confidence, show confidence, act confident, are the ones that get the girl, the job, the interview, etc.
When in truth, it is what is inside us that is actually used to woo the girl, or do the job.
So, too much emphasis is placed on outward appearances. We are all here to complete a specific mission in life, and it has nothing to do with the way that we look.
Women too, want to look good to attract or keep a mate, when it's not really about her appearance, but what is inside her that really attracts them. It's what is inside us that does a job, our knowledge and skills, not our perfect hair or time consuming makeup!

Bottom line: You are worthy, you are loved, you are important, just for being exactly who you are. We have to learn to accept ourselves for being exactly who we are! Love yourself! Believe in yourself!

We are going to be seeing this theme come up a lot in this Year of the Cock, so work with your Solar Plexus Chakra, to build confidence and self worth.

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I also wanted to talk more about raising our vibrational level, and it's importance, but ran out of time. I will be making another video on this subject in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!

Until next time,
Believe in you!!!

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