Thursday, February 23, 2017

Equality and Power: Weekly Angel Report for 23 February 2017

There has been so much information pouring in today, that I'm not sure I can even cover it all in one blog post! Actually, it started back on Tuesday, with me being told that we live in the "World of Light", and that is why we are here, now, to Be The Light.

On Wednesday the 22nd, the powerful Gateway day of 22-22-22-22 or Master Number 88, I was shown a Golden Rainbow, and told that we need to visualize this rainbow in our daily lives. This is a rainbow that is surrounded on both sides with Golden Light, that has the rainbow color spectrum inbetween, infused with golden light. Golden Labradorite perfectly embodies these energies.

I think we discussed the Golden Light of Grandfather Sun in the previous blog post, and how He shines His Golden Light around the world. We've also discussed the Golden Aura that we are being asked to work with at this time. These will come back up later in this post, so remember these.

We are being asked to work with Solar symbols at this time. These include Crane, Osprey, Eagle, Hawk, Peacock, and Pheasant. Pay attention if you are seeing them, and hear their messages. They are all carriers of this Golden Light.

In addition to Golden Labradorite, you can work with any Stone Person that holds the energies of the Direction of East, the Element of Air, or of Grandfather Sun. Some of these include: Sunstone, Citrine, Golden Healer, Heliodor, Golden Topaz, Yellow Tourmaline, Yellow Apatite, Honey or Yellow Calcite, Tiger Eye, and, of course, Crystal Quartz and Golden Rutilated Quartz. Working with the higher vibrational Crystals is even more helpful with these energies. I was inspired to create a grid using some of these stones yesterday, also embodying the Golden energies we are working with at this time. Maybe this photo will encourage you to create your own!

Going back to the Golden Rainbow and the Golden Light, the following affirmation was given to me to share:

I am a bridge of light, anchoring the light received into the Earth Grid. The light flows through me, effortlessly, into the Earth, raising the vibrational level of all that it touches.
Touch the Earth...

We have also recently been discussing working with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is about our self worth, self esteem, ego, and personal power. When we have a balanced Solar Plexus Chakra, we know that we are inferior to no one, nor superior to anyone. When we each feel this way, we are living in true equality. This is what came up for me in the Dreamtime early this morning:

Judging others is a superiority tactic. Feeling judged by others, makes us feel inferior. When we are living in our true power, nothing that anyone else does takes anything away from us. This is what it is all about right now, all of the struggles that we are experiencing. We are doing away with the false sense of superiority and inferiority that has been inherent in our culture. We are entering a time when all are seen as equal to others.

The Golden Light of Grandfather Sun that is spread around the world daily, combined with the higher vibrational levels that we are embracing, and the higher vibrational level of the Sun's energy, as well, is helping everyone to wake up to their true worth. That of an equal. Our true worth is also non-monetary and non-material based. It is who we are as a person that is valued, therefore, our values are changing. And this is how we learn to value ourselves as humans. Others are waking up due to this Golden Light being spread around the world, to their true worth, their equality, and their ability to determine their own lives. We are learning what we will and will not allow in our lives, due to owning our self worth. And that's another part of all of this: What we will and will not allow. This is what the Eclipse is bringing up as well as the current Waning Moon. What do we need to release to own our power once more?

What is taking our power? Perhaps we need to think on that first. Where are we using our energy, for ourselves, for others, for things that we don't want in our lives anymore, or are we giving it to the negative events going on around us, reinforcing them? For instance, yesterday the Standing Rock camp was evicted, and I spent the afternoon in tears, watching them leave. I gave energy to this forced evacuation. Realistically, I know that whatever serves the Highest Good is what is going to happen. Had I stayed away from the distracting NEWS about it all, and instead focused my energy on the Highest Intent, things would have gone very differently for me yesterday. I would have been in a better place, and better able to send them the positive energy and love that they needed at that time. I flubbed up. Lesson learned. But this teaches us to no longer give our energy to the negative events we are seeing transpire all around us, and instead to focus on sending higher vibrational energies, and healing, to all concerned. More on this in a minute...

So, what is taking away our power, preventing us from owning our power?
I'm also reminded of the importance of setting boundaries lately. We set them to protect our energy, to say what we will and will not allow in our space or our lives. Boundaries are coming up to help us to reinforce our own value to ourselves, and to others. The taking back of our Power, or owning our Power, is why setting boundaries is so important right now. You need time for YOU, you need space for you, you need your energy for you right now. We each have work that we are doing - and it may not be what you thought you'd be doing either! But we can only do that work when we are left to our own devices, when we have time to sit in silence and examine everything that is coming at us, at this time, everything that is happening in our own lives, and why it is happening. There are lessons in everything, sometimes on both a personal and a collective level. We can't find those lessons, if we are leaking energy.

Our energy fields are expanding right now, giving us more energy to work with, and this is another reason that it is so important to own your energy, and to use it appropriately - for yourself and your goals. It is a higher vibrational level energy that is filling our energy fields at this time, and we are now able to See more Clearly (last week's Key Words), and to understand more clearly than ever before. And we are stepping into our Power due to these energies infusing us.

Power, or our Abilities are coming to the forefront to be used once more, openly. Knowing our power involves using the powers of the subtle realms. Expanded energy fields = expanded consciousness, the ability to see and/or feel the subtle energies of other living creatures, if we so choose - and if this is not yet happening, it is coming, be patient, and know that this potential is near. We have the ability to use these subtle energies, these powers to move forward in the world. There are also the Powers of the Seven Sacred Directions, the Five Elements, and everything associated with them (All of Life and everything in the Seen and Unseen Worlds) that are always available to us. We are also coming to a time when we will once again understand how to use color energy, Sacred Geometry, the masculine and the feminine energies, and more, on a more powerful level, to create and influence change, or, as they explained to me, The Changling Process that we are currently in. Magick then, is in the air, due to these higher charged energies. Choosing to stay in a higher vibrational level, helps us to expand along with these energies, and use them for the highest good of all. The energies or powers of the subtle realms are always available for our usage and/or growth as a people, continent, and a faith system (you gotta believe to use these energies). They have always helped us, and this is a big part of why we are where we are right now.

Trees and plants have been picking up this Golden Light of Grandfather Sun and anchoring it into the Earth Grid through their Roots, for a long time. Something to do with photosynthesis, if I understand correctly. The Creature-beings are always in tune with the Universal Energies, and in bringing us messages and signs, they are also helping us to evolve and embrace these higher energies. It's all a system that works together, symbiosis I think it's called. I'm just picking words up here out of thin air, and having to trust my gut on all of this. Some of this info came through yesterday, and now they are expanding on it as I type.

Before we go any further, let me elaborate on the word Changling:
Remember that we are connected to All The Worlds, and know that we do have their support during this Changling stage or process. Morphing time or morphing phase is a more accurate description, for we are morphing into a better, more improved version of ourselves. It is not metamorphosis, as a Caterpillar metamorphoses into a Butterfly, but more like the Butterfly becoming a better version of herself, a Super Butterfly, one with Super Powers. Kind of like Clark Kent turning into Superman. This is the coming back into a time of using our own powers, of recognizing them and using them to influence our world once more. That's the definition of magick, it is used to influence change in the world, and that is what we are here to do.

Next, let's return to the subjects of Equality and Power. The planetary alignments I have always seen as a giant clock in the sky, moving minute by minute, or even second by second, into a different "time" or energy, influencing the energy of everything in our world, just as time does if you think about it! Know that everything is coming together right now, moving into place. The higher realms are coming together while the lower realms are coming apart. We are all where we are supposed to be, doing what we are supposed to be doing, at each and every moment in time.

Storms are coming, they are on the horizon. Established systems and institutions are or will be torn down, to be replaced with what WE want. I'm reminded of the phrase, POWER TO THE PEOPLE.
We are being asked to be the Calm Within The Storm, not buffeted by the Winds of Change. Stay in the center, in the calmness of your own energy field (the higher vibe expanded energy field that you need to become very familiar with right now), and hold tight to the vision of what you want to achieve. I'm also shown that behind the storm is love, and then behind that, is peace. So these are the visions to hold onto, in the calm center of the storm.
I'm reminded of the Jimi Hendrix quote here:

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

Stay in your energy field, feeling it around you, expanded, of course. The calm in the midst of the storm: Don't leak energy or give power to the storm. Let it run its course. Then you will have saved your energy/power for what comes after.

Have you ever read Clive Barker's Weaveworld? This was used as a symbol to get me to understand what is happening in our world at this time. In the book, the "tapestry that is Weaveworld" begins unraveling at the edges, taking everything with it. The very fabric of our reality is unraveling. We must reweave the world (web of life) one thread at a time. It has to be rewoven in a different way, however, using a different type of system. What is segmented now, must be woven together. The overall design has changed. This time it must be circular, as a Web is circular. A circle containing All of Life and All of Time.

"In the Circle, we are all equal. There is no one in front of you, there is nobody behind you. No one is above you; no one is below you. The Circle is sacred because it is designed to create Unity."

~Lakota Wisdom


"I do not see a delegation for the four footed. I see no seat for the Eagles. We forget and we consider ourselves superior, but we are, after all, a mere part of Creation. And we must consider to understand where we are. We stand somewhere between the mountain and the Ant. Somewhere and only there as part and parcel of Creation.

~Oren Lyons

So this is a completely different  type of system.

I have had a number of computer issues over the last couple of weeks. I have only now begun to understand these issues as messages that have turned out to be a part of today's report, and I get it, on both a personal and a collective level.

My computer broke down, and in trying to get it running again, I was told that there were no System Restore points to back it up to. In collective terms, we cannot simply backup or restore the current system. It must be a complete redo.

I kept getting the black screen of death, or no power, is the interpretation I'm given here. Which translates to: Do Not Give Power (energy) to an outdated system. (for the record, I have Windows 8.1!)

Lastly, the Operating System (Win8.1) would not load. This translates to a breakdown of the old way of doing things. Do them differently with a new system. Or even, think outside the "box"!

There was more, but I am choosing not to go into it just yet, for I have not quite resonated on the right message, and I do not want to cause confusion. We'll get there.

Meanwhile, your "job" this week is to help others who are having issues with their Solar Plexus Chakra. At one point, it was suggested that we go out and buy a handful of Solar Plexus Chakra stones and just hand them out at random. Maybe doing energy work is another form that this could take. Or tapping into the Golden Light and helping it to spread around the world, each and every day.

Regarding Astrology and Numerology:
I will admit that it has been a very difficult week, with energies that seem hell bent on keeping us frustrated or angry. Everything that is coming up is showing us where we are giving away our power, or leaking energy. Bring your attention, your awareness, back to you, and look for the message, the lesson in what is happening, so that you can learn and grow through these energies. Remember, there are the fear energies and the love energies. Keep choosing love, keep choosing to stay in a higher vibrational level. The New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to be very powerful, it is a gateway to a changed world - the opening of the door for the Changling to enter. Are you ready to live in the new energies it is going to bring about? Let go of all that you are now, so that you are ready for the new to emerge. Numerologically, Sunday, the date of the New Moon and Eclipse here in the US, is a Master Number 11 day. Pay very close attention to the Signs and Messages that you receive that day. Saturday the 25th is a #55/10/1 day - change doubled and new beginnings with added energy - it is the start of a brand new cycle. We will see where this energy takes us, especially during this next Waxing to Full to New Moon - the next 28 days. During that time, we will have Spring Equinox - powerful New Beginnings, Rebirth, and blooming, the emerging of life from the darkness. More on this in a later post. Just get ready. March begins on a #5 day, and change will be in the air. March is famous for its Winds. Perhaps this is when the Winds of Change will blow in...

I must stop now, this has been a powerful day, and recording, understanding, and sharing all of this is quite exhausting. Know that what is coming is not what we are dealing with yet. It is just being put out there to help to direct the tide, as they are telling me. Energy flows where attention goes, a friendly reminder from the Angelic Realm.

Lastly, I have to tell you that the best way to take your power back, is to live in joy and to celebrate life!

End transmission.
Be well, be happy, and own your power!
Love, Michelle

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