Thursday, January 19, 2017

Weekly Angel Energy Report - January 19, 2017

I decided to do something a little different this week, and made a video of the Weekly Angel Report. This might become a habit, so please go over to YouTube and subscribe to my channel, and like the video! Thanks!

In addition to everything discussed on the video, I mentioned that there is a healing potential in this week's energies, and that we'd be discussing it here. This is what that is all about:

Over the weekend, I had some things come up that made me delve a little deeper into my own psyche. I realized that we are each taking our issues out on others, when we speak. What happens is that we translate everything that we see and hear through our own personality, our issues, our ego, and our beliefs, and then we reply, or make a statement to someone else. Our words are affected by what they have been translated through - generally, our own issues. So, we are projecting our issues onto others, with our speech, whether we are speaking out loud, or commenting online. It gets filtered through who we are first, and who we are... well, that's a whole can of worms, but let's look at it a little bit, shall we?

Everybody has issues, myself included. I believe that life is a constant healing process.

If you can see that others are telling you what their issues are, when they speak to you, then you could have compassion for them, and support them in a loving way. We don't always realize this however, and we take things personally. We make their rant about us, and something that they think that we did, or something about us that they don't approve of. And then we get hurt, and we fight back, and an argument takes place. Or hurt feelings prevail.

Now, all of this happens to get us to look at how we are processing things, and by seeing and understanding our own process, we can do some healing in our own lives. We are a mirror for each other, in this way. If something a friend says hurts you or angers you, then ask yourself why. It might help you locate a sore spot within, that you can take a deeper look at. This is how life is a constant healing process.

How does any of this apply to what we are experiencing now? Yes, that's the question!

Look at our President-Elect, and everything that he says that pisses us off. It's triggering us. Maybe because we have some insecurities within that we need to look at and heal. Tell the truth, when you saw him making fun of a disabled person, how did you feel? Helpless or infuriated? Either can be a source for healing. If you felt helpless, why did it make you feel that way? If it made you furious, why? Looking for these answers within will help you to become stronger. And maybe that's what we need right now, to heal ourselves so that we can be strong enough to help to heal people like him.

People like him, you ask??? Yes, because, remember, he is projecting HIS issues onto us when he speaks. He feels insecure. He has been made fun of. He feels helpless, I'm guessing, deep down inside.

This is what I mean by look at what others are saying close enough, and you will see what their issues are.

Maybe this whole process is about teaching us compassion...

Healing is an ongoing process, for all of us, both individually and collectively.

Because we are embracing the 5D, everything is becoming transparent, we are beginning to see more clearly than we ever have before.


Something that I forgot to mention on the video, is the energies that I'm working with right now. I'm using my Golden Ray and Alchemical Gold Flame Color Therapy Healing disc, and my Diamond Ray and Crystallizing Clear Flame Color Therapy Healing disc, both Orgonic products that help us to use the energies of these Angelic Healing Rays and Flames in our lives. The gold disc assists us in projecting a gold Aura, and that is going to be very helpful to you at this time. Surrounding yourself with these gold energies, keeps you at the highest vibrational level possible, brings in abundance, and it protects you. All of my Orgonic products will help you to stay in a high vibrational level. Try meditating with one of these before bedtime, or even sleeping with them under your pillow. I do! And they help me a lot!

Here's the link to the Ray and Flame discs in my Etsy shop:
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That's all for this week! Let me know how you liked the video, and if you prefer a video or a written blog by commenting on this post.

Have a High Vibe week!
Love to all, Michelle

PS - I'm wearing a hat to cover my head as another means of protecting my energy and keeping it close to me. It helps a lot!

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