Thursday, January 12, 2017

Full Moon in Cancer: Change, Transformation, and Honoring Ourselves

Thursday January 12th, 2017 is a #5/50 day, a day of change, and we are asked to incorporate change into our lives. The Full Moon gives us an opportunity to change, by making our wishes on the Moon, and then following through by doing the work to begin making those wishes come true. So, we are being asked to do the work, to start these projects that began in our hearts, that we've always wanted to do, yet held back, out of fear of failure, or not honoring ourselves enough to feel worthy of doing things for ourselves, and not honoring our own needs. It's time to make a serious change, and to transform ourselves into who we came here to be, into who we are, deep down inside.

Today, I'm going to tell you a story, in a different way. It's a story about how we are not honoring ourselves and our own needs. It's also a story about reasserting the Divine Feminine to her place of honor and equality in our world. And it all begins with us.

We have been working towards bringing the Divine Feminine back to equality, but what have we really done? Are we seeing progress? Or are women's rights about to change for the worse? What have we done? Are we now seeing the Truth of how we treat women? Are we all seeing it yet? Are we seeing it boldly enough to do something about it? If not, we're going to, for each lesson that we do not learn, keeps repeating itself, getting harsher each time around. Are we ready to learn this lesson? If so, let's continue. I have a story to tell.

Let's also look at the Divine Masculine. Are we seeing his presence in our world? Is it a strong presence? Or are we seeing the Patriarchal Masculine? Is it a strong presence? You betcha! Which are we feeding? Remember, the one we feed, is the one that grows.

We are seeing some men embrace their Divine Masculine at this time, Senators and Congressmen and Women standing up for what is right, and we thank them all. We are seeing the Divine Masculine making its presence known. Is it strong enough? Not yet. But then again, neither is the Divine Feminine.

Let's look for a moment at the Patriarchy, let's see where it's many tentacles lie. We have our government, we have corporations, we have the banking industry, we have Christianity, we have the pharmaceutical industry, or Big Pharma, along with Monsanto or Big Ag. I could go on and on, but you've heard it all before. The point is, they are all mired in Patriarchy, that is, asserting themselves in a bullying type of way, taking over, buying our government, forcing their products on us, and so forth. The Patriarchal Way is to win the competition, or destroy their competitors. This is not Divine, in any way, as we know that we are all equal, and all deserve the opportunity to run a business, worship any way we choose, be an individual true to our own beliefs, or be our true, loving selves. Patriarchy is not designed to help us with any of this, yet this is why we are here, to be our true selves, and Patriarchy is busy stifling just that.

But that's not all. I recently had a revelation about the holidays in the U.S. Look at them for yourself. They are either military, Christian, or masculine in tone. They reinforce Patriarchy. We could question Thanksgiving, but it is a corrupted and Capitalized version of a Native American Ceremony, the Give Away Ceremony, and the celebration of the harvest which actually occurs on Autumn Equinox. Moved - and changed - by the Patriarchy to a time that better suits them. We could argue that Halloween is not masculine, but it has been corrupted by Capitalism, being more about buying things than honoring the dead.

Then there's Mother's Day... one day a year that honors women, at least those who are mothers. There's Earth Day, but  jeez when you have to work, it's not a day that's truly celebrated. There's Arbor day, which we can say the same about, it's more like a hidden holiday, that no longer really honors its traditions. What are we left with? Presidents Day - masculine. The 4th of July - about Patriotism, from Patron or Patriarchy. Christmas and Easter - Christian and masculine. Shall I mention Patriot Day? Memorial Day?

This is just a realization of the fact that in a Patriarchy, we don't honor women, in any way, shape, or form. We've all seen how Capitalism has corrupted holidays, what with St. Valentines Day sale items being put out in stores before Christmas even arrives. So is it Capitalism or Patriarchy that has corrupted our holidays? Does it even matter?

The question becomes, what are we really celebrating? Does it mean anything to us anymore?

I'd like to ask you if you do Moon Ceremonies, Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies, or Cross Quarter Ceremonies? Please let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear what you celebrate!

We've heard the story of Patriarchy, and talked about the Divine Masculine. Now it's time to talk about women and the Divine Feminine. This is the thing: If we are not celebrating women, then we are not honoring them, and if we are not honoring them, we now have to ask if we are honoring ourselves... NO ONE is going to re-establish the equality of the Divine Feminine for us. It is UP TO US!!! And it begins with you, with each and every one of us learning to honor ourselves and our needs, once more.

As women, we take care of others, it's what we do. It's up to us to clean the house, do the shopping, take care of the kids, and prepare the meals. We cater to the men in our lives, doing for them, pampering them, instead of taking time for ourselves and our own needs. We stay busy keeping up appearances, instead of working on ourselves, or doing for ourselves. Getting your nails done is keeping up appearances, it's not taking care of yourself ladies. Making oneself pretty every morning before going to the office, is not about you either. It's keeping up appearances. As is cleaning your house. And keeping up appearances is what we are programmed to do, just like taking care of others, instead of ourselves.

We stay busy helping others, doing for others, or distracting ourselves with games, tv, etc., instead of sitting in silence and listening to ourselves and our needs, dreams, and goals.

How would we define taking care of ourselves? Taking time for yourself each and every day. I like journaling, which I do every morning for an hour or so, as it helps me to clear my mind of all the busy work I need to get done that day, and I find that once I have all of that written down, I can get to the Truth of what's on my mind. This may be a practice that would work for you. Then there's our goals and dreams. We all have them, but are we working towards them? Or are we staying busy taking care of others, and never seem to find the time to follow our dreams? And what about expressing your creativity on a regular basis? Are you able to sit down and be creative at least once a week? This is where our ideas come from! Even if we are just coloring, it works with the right brain, stimulating it, which is the opposite side of the brain from our thinking abilities, or reading, writing, arithmetic, and logic skills. The right brain is the feminine side of the brain, it's where our psychic abilities lie, and it thinks in colors, symbols, and images, in a completely different way than the other half of our brain, which is masculine. To be fully balanced, we must use both sides of our brain daily. Are we?

Balance is another aspect of this, and we're not just talking masculine and feminine. We talking about our inner world and our outer world. The inner world is all about us and our personal, inner life. Who we are inside. The outer world is about socializing, working, and living with other people, and how we act in that world. Are these halves of our lives balanced?

In the Autumn, we are drawn within, into our inner world, to think, plot, plan, and let go of everything INSIDE of us that is no longer working. Then we have Winter, when we are secure in our homes, let's call this our Personal World. The home is the domain of Woman, and we want to feel comfortable there. The sign of Cancer is the home sign of the Moon, indicating home for us. Where do we feel comfortable? The crab is at home in her shell, her own body, which she carries with her, every where she goes. Are we at home in our own shells, bodies? Not if we are not honoring ourselves and our own needs.

Autumn and Winter are the Feminine seasons. They represent the Elements of Water and Earth, respectively. So, if we are not honoring our inner world, or our personal world, we are not honoring Mother Water or Mother Earth. If we are not honoring women, we are not honoring the Waters and the Earth. Spring and Summer are masculine seasons, and are about our outer world, as they are when we are out and about in the world more. They are our mental and physical directions, and represent Air and Fire, respectively. If we are spending too much time in our outer world, we are not balanced. Likewise if we are spending too much time in our inner world, as we introverts tend to do.

There is one more type of balance I want to mention. The Four Houses. I've spoken of this before, but it's good practice for these current energies of honoring ourselves. We have the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual houses, and we need to visit each one, every day, in order to stay balanced. Are you thinking, feeling, being physical, and practicing your spirituality - in some form - every day? The length of time spent in each is not important, it's about quality. And we need to spend quality time with ourselves, every single day.

We still have not gotten to the meat of this story, however. It's a time of change, and the change that is needed, is honoring ourselves. As women, by honoring ourselves and our own needs, we help to re-establish the Divine Feminine in our world. Imagine a woman telling her husband that he is going to have to wait for breakfast because she is going to say her morning prayers. What would he do? Honor her needs or throw a fit? Is he honoring his Divine Masculine or his Patriarchal Masculine? A lot of women give up on their own goals and dreams once they have kids. This is not good. We have a shared responsibility to those kids, for they are the future of us all, and no one person should have to sacrifice everything they want in life, to care for them. Yet women have been doing that for years and years. It's as if we are not important, or worthy of having dreams, or of pursuing our dreams, and that is just NOT true.

Another thing that needs to be said is that we are not here to take care of anybody else (ok, children may be the exception here, but we are talking about adults, let's make that clear). We are not here to take care of any other adult. Period. Sure, we can do for them sometimes, if they are also doing for us sometimes. That's fair. It Has To Be An EQUAL ENERGY EXCHANGE. Otherwise, one is sacrificing, while the other is benefiting. One is ruling while the other works, essentially. And that is what has to stop in our world. We are all equal, and we need to treat everyone as equal, including ourselves.

When it comes to being a Healer, we also have to look at Equal Energy Exchange. We may have friends who take advantage of us, manipulating our time, demanding our energy - much as does our home life of cleaning and cooking, and it all drains us, emotionally and physically. So much so that we don't have the energy left over to do for ourselves. We Are Not Here To Heal Others anymore. We can support them, listen to them, encourage them, but not heal them. Each of us has to do the work ourselves, and this means taking responsibility for our own lives. And this is where we have to draw the line and make our actions count. Other people will continue to attempt to shift responsibility onto you, unless you put your foot down, and take the time that you need for yourself seriously enough to put yourself first. Shift the responsibility right back onto them. "Honey you didn't take my shirts to the dry cleaners" becomes "Honey you go by there yourself every day". Or "Why didn't you do the dishes" becomes "Why didn't you?". Friends wanting to bitch and moan about their day, will stop bringing it to you when you put your foot down, or when you say something like "and why did you do that" or "how does that make you feel", turning it back around on them and making their lives, their responsibility.

We do have the right to communicate our needs to others in our lives. They have the same right, btw. We have to go within ourselves, however, to see the Truth of what it is that we Need from another, before we can clearly communicate this to them. And when they in turn communicate their needs to you, go within your heart and listen to what is really being said, and then respond from there. You also have a right to refuse, as do they.

We are not doing any of this to be mean or rude, we do this because WE HONOR OURSELVES and put ourselves and our needs FIRST. We can no longer afford to be overwhelmed with the negative energies of others, or with their demands on our energy, if we are honoring ourselves and our needs. We need our energy for ourselves, for our goals and dreams, to become who we came here to be. I have taken a good long break from social media, because I needed the time for myself. And I do not feel guilty about it, either.

Now we have to ask ourselves what we can do to Own Our Energy, that is, make our energy work for us, and give ourselves the time that we need for ourselves and our own pursuits. How do we take back our energy?

And then you go out and do just that. You begin owning your energy, and your time. You begin taking the time you need for yourself. You put responsibility for others and their lives, on them. You support and encourage, but don't give advice. You listen with love, but you don't take it on yourself. You honor yourself and your needs first, before doing for anyone, and you get selfish with your time, if you need to. This is YOUR life. And this is the change that is needed at this time. We MUST honor ourselves so much that we cannot help to become who we came here to be, and to do the work that we came here to do.

You make your wishes on the Full Moon, and then you follow through because it means something to you, because it's important to you. You transform yourself beginning with your Personal World - your home life - because that's where life begins, is in the home. Teach your children to be responsible for their decisions and their lives, by letting them work out their own solutions. Make them independent by letting them solve their own problems. Listen with love, teach with kindness, and help them to grow into responsible adults - adults that take responsibility for their own lives.

We have become too entangled, depending on others to do things for us, to take on our negativity, to support us, and need us, and listen to us when we are hurting because of something we did to ourselves. We Are Each Here To Heal Our Own Lives. No one can do it for us. We have to do the work ourselves. And guess what? We have to love ourselves enough to do it for ourselves, and to do for ourselves. So this is also about loving ourselves enough to honor ourselves and our own needs, and to honor others and their needs - by allowing them the time and space to do for themselves.

How do we re-establish the Divine Feminine? By honoring ourselves, loving ourselves, and owning our energy, and we do this by allowing others the space to do the same.


Ok, a little long winded here today, and I apologize for that. I also apologize if it sounds harsh to you, it wasn't the Intention. We are in a Wake Up Call week, and this is a wake up call for us all. How would it feel to do what YOU want to do for a change? Try it this week and find out! I support you and encourage you in this. How would it feel to say no to someone? Try it and find out. I want to know how all of this feels to you, and if you are ready to honor yourself and your needs. Please leave a comment!

There is more to this story, and I am moving in a new direction in my life because of all of the revelations of this week, and I will be telling you more about it in future posts. The blog will stay right here, posted weekly, no worries!

It's a transformative time. May you transform into the beautiful butterfly you've always been meant to be!

I wish you peace,
I send you love.
Until next week,

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