Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Current Energies: January Notes and Mercury Retro

January is Master Number month, as it is a universal Master Number 11 month filled with Master Number days. Pay particular attention to all of the #10 and Master Number 11 days, detailed in the left column of this blog, as they will be extremely potent.

In addition, January 20th, inauguration day, is a 20:20 day, a day to see with clarity. Truths are still being revealed, and it is up to us to see them, and to share them, as Main Stream Media is prone to report falsehoods, and propaganda. So see the Truth for yourself.

January 22nd is a Huge Energy day, holding the energies of Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33. Expect many signs and messages from the Universe.

January is also being called the Month of Light. There is more light available for us all at this time, and we are being encouraged to shine our light brightly. Stay positive, see the Truth, and know that agents of change are afoot - helping us in making the changes needed, in our lives, our country, and in the world. We do have some work to do, we have to put our own energy into the changes by acting on what needs to be changed, both individually and collectively. Unity is key.

January 11th and 29th will be 11:11 days, wake up calls, and days filled with synchronicities. All of these energies happen to help us, whether numerological or astrological, it's all happening for a reason. To wake us up, and help us to become who and what we came here to be.

Today, Wednesday January 4th, Mercury Retrograde backed into Sagittarius, where he will remain through the end of his Retro period on the 8th. We will remain in the shadow of Mercury Retro until January 27th. Be warned, we are in a tricky period, until he goes direct on the 8th.

So far today, my computer stopped working, then after finally getting it up and running again, my antivirus went out. Then the Blogger app refused to work... I am doing this blog from my tablet, so I apologize for any typos or consistency errors. Trickster Mercury may be aided by solar flares, as we are also experiencing issues with our cable tv...

Breathe. Focus on what you CAN do, and spend some time in meditation or outside.

A couple of quick notes about February:
It is being called the month of manifestation, and we are to focus on manifesting for us all, to help to heal our world.
It is also the Hopi month of purification.
The dreamtime tells me that it will be a tricky month politically, and we must remain on our toes, ever vigilant, and hold those in office accountable for their actions, reminding them that they serve The People.

That's all for now.
I pray you peace.
I send you love.
May Magick surround and assist us all!

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