Thursday, December 8, 2016

Week 50: Angel Energies Report and Color Energy

The last few days, I haven't picked up any messages from the Universe, so I sat down and asked, late last night, what needed to be shared at this time. This is what I received:

I want to say that we are in a time of neutral energy, but it's more like the energies are balancing each other out. We have the waning Sun, which will be "new" on Solstice, or begin growing once more. We had the First Quarter Waxing Moon yesterday, so the Moon energies are growing towards full, helping us to bring in whatever we want to wish for at this time. Balanced energies there.

It also feels like a time of waiting. We are waiting on the Sun or light to return on Solstice. We are waiting for the Moon to be full. We are waiting for the waning Moon after the 13th, and before the 21st, so that we can go deep within one more time before the season of Going Within is over. We are also waiting for inauguration day, to see what that will bring.

I am also told that, "A turning point is approaching", and given no more about it. Is that good or bad? Well, relatively speaking, it's all good. Change is always good, even when it seems bad at the time. I believe it will assist us in turning everything around in a way that serves the highest good of us all. As I mentioned in the December Energy Report, we have some work to do, and that time is also approaching. Get ready! Maybe we are resting right now, storing up our energy so that when the time comes to do this work, we are ready for it. I believe that this is going to affect each of us, in some way. We each have our own work to do here at this time, and we are going to have to do it, there is no way out of it. No matter what you believe, you are going to have to stand up for those beliefs, one way or another. But that's a little ways out yet...

Right now, we are at week 50, and 5 represents Change, with the 0 bringing added energy to that Change. The next two weeks also start with a 5 (weeks 51 and 52), and change will be a major factor through the end of the year. Week 50 begins today, Thursday 08 December, with a Master Number 11 day. Pay attention to signs and messages from the Universe today. Tomorrow is a 30 day, manifest your dreams!!! Saturday is a Master Number 22 and a 40 day - stay grounded. 22 is the Master Builder, we are working on what we want to bring into our lives in the coming year, so now it's time to start building that. More on this in a minute. Sunday the 11th is a 50 day, in a 50 week - expect some big change to happen. Monday the 12th is a 12-12 day, a Master Number 33 day, and a #60 day - a day that carries ALL of the energies of December. It will be a powerful day! Tuesday is a 7 day, have faith! Wednesday is a Master Number 44 day, and now we've been through all of the Master Numbers in one week... the energy is building! Towards Solstice, towards the Full Moon, towards the end of the year. Hold on tight! It's going to be a wild ride. Next Thursday - the 15th, will be a 9 day, a day of endings, and perhaps a day we can relax and unwind a little, the inbetween day in a busy cycle.

Which brings us to the subject of this 9 year that is ending very soon. What needs to end in your life? What do you want to see end in our country or world? Have you noticed a lot of these things coming up lately in the news? They are coming up so that they can be healed. Add your energy to these healing energies that are being called for at this time, to help to put an end to atrocities of all kinds, and the energies that they carry. We will not allow women's rights to be taken away, we will not allow the Earth to be plundered any further, we will not allow discrimination of any type... and so on, all of these issues are coming up so that they can be put paid to, once and for all. Just say no! And mean it. Then send healing to all involved.

Copyright Michelle Phillips 2006, 2016
At the end of the year, prior to Solstice, I like to begin making my Vision Board, filling it with everything that I want to bring into my life in the coming year. I usually begin it with an image. The first year I did this, I didn't use an image. I just circled every one of my wishes and connected them. It ended up being in the shape of a Turtle... The next two years, I made a tree, building from the roots up. The trunk as my foundation, my core beliefs and practices - staying balanced and centered, awareness, physicality. Then the branches became my wishes. I left plenty of open branches to remain open to new possibilities arising. During the year, I've gone back and added a couple of things, and that's okay too. You can edit it! The thing is to put your energy into the board. I do this by writing and drawing it myself, instead of using magazine images. It gives it a lot more energy! This year, I think I will be using a Mandala as my image, and leaving some petals empty so that new things can arise, so that I stay open to new possibilities.

Meanwhile, we work towards this full moon on the 13th - next Tuesday, a #7 day, a day to have faith. State your wishes on the full moon, giving thanks as if they are already in your life - that is faith! We have the potential to make wishes now for the new year. Use this to your advantage!

I also keep seeing Spring Equinox ahead. I'm not sure why, but it is a time to look forward to, and to work towards this Winter. What will you give birth to come Spring? Think on that as you create your Vision Board.

Color Energy of the Season

Christmas lights always seem to inspire me, and lift my spirits! It's the light energy that they put out. We are (subconsciously) bringing more light into our lives with them. They sparkle, and so do we! White lights bring in an element of purity, and of protection. Different colors add different energies. The green tree brings in a living element, Earth energy, and a delightful scent, further uplifting our spirits. Gold is a favorite color of this season, and it represents abundance, and combined with those lights, really adds energy to our lives. Silver does the same thing, and it's a more feminine energy, and the metal that represents Grandmother Moon, just as gold represents Grandfather Sun - and His return. These colors can be added to any prosperity working, anytime, and work very well during this season.

We may not feel much like decorating this year, but these energies are important to bring into our lives. We need them. I've spent a lifetime working with colors, and I love bright colors! They are uplifting, inspirational, and just plain make me happy! So, if you need something to lift your spirits, be colorful!

Your Aura can be any color that you choose. Wearing that color helps us to remember to project the same color Aura. Radiate light energy around yourself in the color of your choice. Many who are here at this time have a naturally Gold Aura. This color is the outer layer of one's Aura. Radiate this color, embrace it, to bring more of all that you need into your life.

I wanted to go into each of the Angelic Healing Light Rays and Flames and the meaning of each color, yet that is just soooo much information! I think it best if you go read about it in my Etsy shop. I have every color Ray and Flame Orgonic Energy disc in the shop, and each listing tells about that color's energy, and how that particular Ray and Flame can assist us. Call on those energies anytime that you need them! They are always, always available to us to use to help us and to heal us. Read up on them so that you will know which one to call on, when you need them. Here's the link to those listings in my Etsy shop:

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I also want to mention that I have begun selling Orgonic Supplies and various Stones, in my Etsy shop, for those of you who may be interested in making your own Orgonics. You will find those listings here:

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It is a time of clearing out our homes for the new year, and we can also clear our heads while we are at it, by letting go of old, limiting beliefs. I believe that we have a lot to look forward to in the coming year, and it is only by letting go of the old, that we will be able to live the happy, productive, and prosperous life that we came here to live.

We are approaching Mercury Retrograde, a time of rethinking everything, especially before speaking. As I mentioned in the December Energy Report, this gives us a chance to check in with both our hearts and our heads, before saying anything. We work towards awareness, which means that we no longer want to react, we want to respond. The difference being our heart connection, and being able to think things through before we respond. Reaction is spontaneous, response is thoughtful. Be thoughtful this season, and respond from your heart, to all that you encounter.

Much love to us all,

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