Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Healing the Divine Masculine

This week's blog post is a little early, because I went outside early this morning and was treated to a Message from the Universe, that demanded to be delivered! This will probably be the only blog post this week, due to the holidays, with Winter Solstice tomorrow, and Christmas only a few more days away. There will be a blog post next week, not sure when, but I'll be here ringing in the New with you!

MESSAGE FROM THE UNIVERSE: Healing the Divine Masculine

We are ushering in a new era, with the Return of the Light. While we remain in a feminine season, we also have the Sun growing. The Sun represents masculine energies, while the Moon represents feminine. Daylight hours are masculine, dark hours are feminine. We'll come back to this statement.

We've been working towards bringing the Divine Feminine back into balance in our world, yet that is only half of the equation. We also have the Divine Masculine energies that need to be reestablished. Our concept of the masculine has become skewed in our world, twisted into something that is out of sync, out of balance, with the higher energies, and our higher consciousness, that we are evolving into.

Masculine energies include the warrior, action-taking, assertiveness, forward movement, the Sun that shines Light on us all, lighting the way for us all, that is, helping All of Life to grow. There's more, but that's enough for our purposes right now. The Return of the Light is the Return of the Sun, or son, and the realization that we are Light, and Light travels in cycles, season upon season. From masculine seasons to feminine seasons and back again. We are, each of us, made up of both masculine and feminine aspects. We live in a masculine and feminine world, one that cannot exist without the other. The feminine is the thinker, reflecting upon all that she takes in, and coming up with the ideas, the seeds that are planted, first within, in the feminine womb, then without, in the soil, deep within the darkness. The seeds then transform, metamorphose into a plant that sends a shoot up from the darkness, into the Light, above the surface of the Earth, to be nurtured by the Light of Grandfather Sun, the son, the masculine energy force. It is the forward movement of that plant shoot, into the Light, that is masculine, while the roots are feminine. We all need these energies, in order to grow to our full potential, and to remain grounded while doing so. It is our connection to Mother Earth that feeds us what we need, to continue growing, yet it is the Sun that provides the Light that we all need. It takes both, working in harmony with each other, to give us all that we need, and we have to balance these energies within us, and in our world, at this time.

The masculine energies in our world have become distorted. We are here to be the peaceful Warrior, the Spiritual Warrior, the non-violent Warrior, as the Standing Rock Sioux are teaching us, even now. This is masculine energy used in a way that serves the Earth and all upon Her. This is taking action in a way that serves the Earth and all upon Her. This is their lesson to teach us. We don't get what we need by fighting - have we learned that yet? We get what we need by uniting. And it begins with uniting the masculine and the feminine within.

What is the Divine Masculine then? It is taking action in a way that honors both the principles of assertiveness and Warrior action, while also honoring the feminine, the Spiritual Warrior within us all, and our connection to the Earth, our Roots. If we dig up our roots, the entire plant dies. If, instead, we feed our Roots, we remain strong. We cannot move into the future, without remembering where we came from, and honoring everything and everyone that brought us here. For this, we need the stories, the histories, of all people, including the Standing People, the Stone People, the Plant People, and all of the Creature-Beings. They who have always lived in harmony with the Earth, and in balance with Her resources. They are here to teach us how to do the same.

But back to the masculine... assertiveness has turned into aggressiveness, action-taking has become violent, extremism is rampant, as is violence, ego, Capitalism, and greed. We equate our self worth with either our job or the amount of money we have or can earn. We have established a system that rewards those who conform to it, instead of questioning it, or its actions, especially those actions taken against the Earth and the natural way. We have created men who have nothing other than their jobs to sustain their self worth. They know not who they are, away from the corporate world. We drink to forget, we take drugs, we fight with one another, we denigrate women and all of those who are different from us because we FEAR them, and what we fear, we destroy.

They have become warriors of the board room, of the corporations, for money, status, and to feed the ego. This is what our warriors are now. They come home and beat us into submission, with their words or their fists, because they have no other way of saying that they themselves feel beaten down, and this is the only way that they can rebuild their ego enough to face that corporate atrocity another day. It may not be corporate work, it may be collecting garbage, having customers scream at them in a fast food restaurant all day long, or being blamed for a customer failing to put oil in their car and destroying the engine. Maybe the company expects them to do too much, in too short a time. Maybe it expects this of us all, not just men but women too, so that they can boost their profits. And for this, we want to boost our own profits to make it worth our while. Yet it isn't. Nothing is worth the sacrifice of self that we must make on a daily basis to earn our keep. And that's what it's all about - earning our keep. Our job determines our worth. How much we make is how much we are worth, and there are a lot of companies that don't  mind telling you that...

So this is what it has come down to, being beaten down daily by the grind, to support your family. Then you blame your family because you are unhappy. Because you feel worthless. Undervalued. Truth is, we sell ourselves short, but it's not like we have another option. This is how we are spending our Warrior energy - by being suppressed by the status quo. It's almost like our aggression is being eeked out of us, a little bit more each day. Assertiveness is frowned upon in Corporate America. If you stand up for yourself or your beliefs, you get stepped on. You do what they say. Or else you lose the job, the status, the money to feed your family.

We are no longer Warriors. We are cripples. Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We don't even have time to deal with our own issues, or family problems, or time to spend with our kids, our status quo car or home, because it's always time to cook dinner, wash dishes, do laundry, or mow the yard. Tasks that keep us busy keeping up, so that we don't have time to think about what we want. Then there's the grocery shopping, little Johnny needing new shoes, or socks, or baby diapers, or our refrigerator craps out in the night. More things to "worry" about, less time for ourselves, to think, to work on us, to do things that we enjoy, things that feed our spirit.

More story, less details? Life is in the details, and that is the way that it is set up. We can't see beyond our current circumstances because WE ARE NOT MEANT TO! Yet, that's all about to change! Yes it is! I told you in the last blog article that we are inside the Cocoon right now, metamorphosing, and that soon, we would emerge into the Light. That time is here on Winter Solstice. It may take us some time to get our bearings, to learn to use our wings, but we have them now, and we have the ability to fly! Fly over our problems, and see the solutions from a higher perspective! A higher level of consciousness is entering the Earth plane as we speak. It is lifting us up so that we can see things from a higher perspective, see the bigger picture, and see the patterns behind all that we do.

It's going to take some time. It's going to take some healing work, on all of our parts, to get to where we need to be, because we have to heal the masculine in our world, and help it to become Divine Masculine energy once more. Divine Masculine energy that supports All of Life, that is no longer a wounded warrior, but a warrior for peace, for the Earth, one that nurtures the light within us all, that helps us all to grow, and that takes the actions necessary to grow into the force that it truly is, in our world. The Divine Masculine honors the Divine Feminine, and vice versa. It takes both to live in harmony and in balance with All of Life, and in unity with and within us all.

We have to dig deep, within ourselves, and see where we have stifled our own masculine energy, and heal it within, before we can help the masculine in our world to heal. We have to see it from the inside, to understand it, and know how to heal it.

Then, when you are in balance within yourself, look at the men that you are blessed to have in your life, be they fathers, brothers, sons, or lovers, and help to heal them by being understanding, loving, and giving, all of those Divine Feminine qualities that are innately who you are. See them from a higher perspective, see the issues that cause them to act as they do, and nurture them. So many scared little boys in our world, dressed up as men who want love. Maybe they never knew a mother's love. Maybe they never had a proper male role model. Maybe they never learned to believe in themselves and their talents, gifts, and abilities. Maybe they don't even know what real love is, love for the self, and they need to be taught how to love themselves, to honor themselves, and to respect themselves - no matter what they are doing "for a living". They need to know that they are good people worthy of love and respect. We all are. And we all have within us, the ability to heal our own lives. It's time to use these gifts, this healing potential, this higher perspective, the higher energies that we are being gifted with at this time, to heal who we have been for so very long, and to become the balanced Divine individuals that we are here to be.

Many years ago, I worked in a Domestic Violence shelter, and was made to go through DV training, to learn more about it, and the symptoms of it, so that I would recognize the patterns, the behaviours that this included. As I worked here, I kept hearing a voice in my head that said that the men needed healing. I ignored it, shunned it, because I was faced with women and children who needed immediate help. I had no sympathy for the men who had inflicted this harm upon them. As the years went by, I came to see the other side of the story. The men needed healing too. I learned to accept that. I learned that they, too, had issues that caused them to act in this way, and that it was only by healing them that we could stop the cycle in their lives. Of course the women and children need healing! Their healing stops the cycle of abuse in their lives. We all need healing. That's the point. And now it's been turned around on me.

It's time to heal the abusers, the corporate joe's that force others to comply to their will, the greedy store manager that refuses to give away his old food to the homeless, the ones who are overfishing our oceans, and the one's who are killing the whales, the ones that start the bar fights, the ones who steal the cars and break into our homes, and yes, even those who commit murder, for the system has created them. It will do no good to fix the system, if we do not fix ourselves first, otherwise we will revert to our old behaviours once more. It's time to heal the President of his greed, to heal the Republican Senators who are pocketing money from Big Business and screwing over their constituents, and it's time to heal the Christian Right, who think that their beliefs should be our own, even when it involves women's bodies that have nothing to do with them. It's time to heal them all.

We start with ourselves, healing our own masculine half. Then we heal the men in our lives. The theory has always been that the more who are healed within, the more Light we have in the world, which will then infect others and make them want to heal themselves. The 100th Monkey Effect. We have to start somewhere, why not here, why not now?

This is what we are drawing in for 2017. These are the energies that we have to work with. By healing the Divine Masculine, we heal the corporate greed system that has us divided into classes, genders, colors, and religions. We heal ourselves because we believe in ourselves, and we know that there is more to life than the 9-5. We heal because we want more out of life. We heal because it may be the only thing that we can do right now. And because we are worth it!

The Wheel turns towards the North, and Mother Earth who sustains our roots, and helps us to transform. It is the season of giving thanks, blessings, purification, and of our Spirituality. We return to the feminine from whence we came, and begin growing towards the Light once more, honoring who we are, and doing the work that we will give birth to, come Spring. This is our work, to heal ourselves, in order to balance the Divine Feminine, to re-establish the Divine Masculine, and to bring about unity, both within and without. It is why we are here. It is time.

Silent night, holy night... this is our inner world, the world of the feminine. It is where we are now, deep within the darkness of the Earth Herself. From here, we grow towards the Light. The stillness of the night lies within us all...

This is where we are now. Tap into the higher level of consciousness available right now, maintain your higher perspective, see the big picture, so that you are not drawn into their drama, but instead, pull them into your peace. The peace that lies within.
With love for all.

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