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December Angel Energy Report

We have a lot to cover today, and a lot of it has been said here before, so don't go thinking that you're having deja vu's! We've been told a lot of this already, and the Angels are just reminding us about several things at this time. Due to this, we're going to be referencing a lot of previous posts here, where everything is explained in detail. Check them out at your leisure!

Let's get started!

General December energies carry that 1-2-3 pattern. It's a #12 month and 1+2=3. One is separateness, individuality (notice how that word contains "duality"?), and in Tarot, #1 represents The Magician, one who creates their own fate. We are all Co-Creators, responsible for the energy that we send out, which creates our reality, and we are asked to remember this during the coming month. #2 is about duality, polarity, harmony, and balance. This month begins on a Master Number 22 day, the Master Builder, which is also double 2 energy, reflecting the need for staying balanced - all through this month, and living in harmony with everyone and everything. Then 1+2=3, bringing us to Manifestation - what are we creating with our thoughts and intentions? 3 is also about the Holy Trinity, or Past, Present, and the Future living as ONE within our world, and us being in harmony with it all. It also represents the energies of the World Tree, Above, Below, and Within, which are also 3 worlds that live together in harmony, within us all. 3 is also what is created when two partners, two factions, come together, in harmony, working as a team. It is the sum of its parts, or what is created that takes on a life of its own. An easier way to understand this is that marriage itself is the sum of two people working in harmony. What can we create when we all work together?

Now we are going back to the Energy Message I posted on the FB page yesterday. They are wanting me to mention it here, so let me just quote it:

"Ok, here's the thing: We are in a #9 year and we are experiencing Endings of all kinds, personally and collectively. When we end something in our lives, we go through bouts of sadness, despair, even anger can arise. Then we have the things that need to end and they are rising up one last time, to be seen by all, in Truth for what they really are. This is showing us - through its own negativity - what we no longer want in our world. Yes, we have some work to do, individually and collectively, if we want to create the world that we want to live in. And you are here to do just that! This is why we are here, to put paid to the past, to lay it to rest, and to create, from the ashes, a new world, one where everyone is equal, including all of the plants, trees, and animals. A world where we all live in harmony with each other. A sustainable world. But we cannot get there if we become mired in the old! Or in the negative. We are up to this task, else we would not be here now. We came here to do this, and do this we must. So hold on to your sanity, to your positive energy, to your sense of hope and of faith. Know that we can do this. Know that these negative energies cannot prevail in a world of love and kindness. Do the work, be it on yourself or in the world, to end hate, to end discrimination, to end the fear tactics that are being fed to us through the mainstream media. Choose love every time.
Long story short: We have a long, healing road ahead of us, but we were made for this. Never give up!

Let's explore a couple of these themes, for they will be coming up again and again in December. First, put part 1 and part 2 together - we are responsible for our own energy, plus, we are going through a LOT of changes right now in our country, and our world, a lot of which have to do with these #9 energies of endings. How we deal with that, is completely up to us! We can choose to live in fear, or in trust, faith, and hope. We Choose Our Own Vibrational Level! Hawk says, rise above the mundane world, and SEE WITH VISION what can be CREATED at this time. Remember, we are Co-Creators!

Last night, I watched a Big Bang Theory rerun, the one about Anything Can Happen Thursdays. Today is Thursday, think about that... We are at a time in the history of our world, where ANYTHING can happen. It is UP TO US to decide what we want to happen. If that is too much pressure for you, I am sorry, but we came here to do this work. We have suffered our entire lives to learn the lessons that made us strong enough to do this work. We are ready. We are prepared. We have been given every single thing that we need, to help us to do this work. Only fear can take it all away. So choose wisely, whether you are going to live in fear, or in faith, trust, and hope. It really matters!

Yes, this does have to do with Ascension energies, and living in the 5D instead of staying in the 3D. Those 3D energies are dense and heavy! Let them go. Here's something else: 5D is not a physical world, so while we may be ascending in spirit, our bodies have to remain here on the physical plane. Our hearts and spirits can be elsewhere, but our minds and bodies are here, and remain here, until we cross over. So we have to deal with this world, and its issues. What affects one, affects us all.

It seems like a time of karma being upon us, right now. What we (as a people) have done to others, is coming back around for us to deal with. Native teachings can help us to live in harmony and balance with All of Life once more, and live on a healthy, sustainable planet, or we can continue to commit genocide against them and the Earth Herself. It is our choice. All things are bound together, all things connect...

Racism and discrimination are also coming up for review. Will we continue to live in a world where these exist, or are we ready to put paid to those lessons and move forward, out of fear energy, and into Unity? Duality, Harmony, Balance, the energies of the 2's, that is, the energies of the 2000's - containing 3 distinct 0's amplifying the 2 energies, is upon us, it is who we are now, we have no choice really.

This is the thing (do I say that a lot?!!) There are energies beyond our control that affect each and every one of us. The Astrological and Numerology energies assist us every single day. Every astrological alignment happens to serve our highest good. The numbers do not fall by chance on any given day. The workings of the Universe are beyond our understanding, but we are given Signs, messages, and synchronicities, to bring us into tune with what is happening in the cosmos. And whether or not we are listening, the energies still affect us!

The December Energies blog post from 2015 covers a lot of the energies that we are talking about here today, and other things that we need to cover, like Roots, the 1-2-3 energies, the Dark Half of the Year, and more. To get more detail on any of these, check out that blog post:
December 2016 Energy Report

Back on October 26th, I posted a blog about the energies of the Violet Angelic Light Ray and the Transmuting Violet Flame, and how they are prevalent at this time. Well, now others are talking about this too, and advising us to use these energies now. If you've been paying attention here, you've already been doing this, yet doing it now as we transmute one year into a whole new set of energies, can help us all. Go check out this blog post when you can:
Channeled Message from the Angelic Realm, Violet Ray, and Healing Water

After Winter Solstice, on the 21st, the Wheel turns towards the North and Mother Earth, which includes all of the Creature-beings, Plant People, Standing People, and Stone People. It is the Direction of White Buffalo and Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman. Its energies are about Spirituality, Gratitude, and Purification. White is the color of this Direction, white for purity and sacredness. It is also the season when all of the plants and trees have pulled their energy into their Roots. If we are following the current energies, we may want to do the same - to heal and to nurture our Roots, has multiple meanings here. We can open and balance our Root Chakras. We can fill our bellies with Root vegetables to nourish us from the inside out. This is especially potent if you have been busy pulling out the "roots" of the past that no longer serve you. We can also work collectively on the Roots of our society, what do we stand for, and why is it important? Where did we come from, and how is that affecting us today? What needs to be weeded out, pulled out by the Root, and released, then purified? Think on these things as we approach Winter Solstice. If you want more info on Roots, this is my earlier blog post on the subject:
Healing our Roots to Heal our Hearts

At some point this month, I want to get into the meanings of the colors of this season, along with the Angelic Light Healing Rays and Flames that embrace those energies, and working with them in our lives, and feeding our Auras with them... but not today. We'll pick this subject up another day.

Now we have to talk about a Winter Solstice project that I want to share with you. And again, we've done this before! I shared my Vision Board project with you last December, and rather than going into detail about it here again, I'm just going to let you read the original blog post about it. This is a project that I begin prior to Winter Solstice, which is technically, the beginning of the Solar Year.
Making Wishes for the New Year

Now, back to the current energies, and the energies of December:

We do have Mercury Retrograde coming up on the 19th, although we are already in its shadow period. This one will last until January 8th. Mercury affects communication, mental abilities, technology, and travel. Mercury is a planet of the Direction of East, and the Element of Air, which is about our mental abilities. East is a masculine Direction, and Mercury the Messenger is masculine. How we communicate is very important at this time, and I cannot stress that enough. We are in a Feminine season, and moving into Winter when the Wheel turns, keeps us in a Feminine season and Direction, yet we do have all of these masculine energies running rampant all around us at this time. We must stay in our hearts, communicate from our hearts, act from our hearts, if we want to keep the energies feminine, and where they need to be, right now, for the highest good of us all. Mercury is helping us to reconsider and rethink what we are communicating, thus giving us a chance to look in our hearts and to speak from there. Mercury is also about redoing things... and this may very well play into the energies of the Electoral College redoing their count on December 19th, the very day that Mercury goes Retro. It may also assist with the redoing or recalculating of the votes in key states. We will see how that all turns out, after Mercury goes Retro.

Communication is key. Therefore, how we respond to racism and discrimination, is also key. How or what we choose to Co-Create, is key. The vibrational level that we choose, is also key, to what we Co-Create, and from where. Are we seeing from a higher perspective (Hawk) or from the mundane world? Rise above. Think of the future, in all that you do, and this is a reason that the Vision Board project is so important at this time too. We create our own reality. What will you create?

Crane has been speaking LOUDLY lately, even while I was writing this report, reminding me of Her presence, and inviting me to share a Crane teaching with you. This is from The Sacred Circle Tarot book by Anna Franklin, copyright 1998, Llewellyn Publications:

The King of Swords "...familiar is the Crane, which is connected in mythology to gods and goddesses who preside over the mysteries of regeneration and reincarnation. There is an ancient association between long-necked birds and the sun. Cranes and herons standing by the waters are said to be the first birds to greet the dawn. They catch many small fish to feed their young and have the curious habit of laying them on the bank, tails together, in the form of a wheel. The wheel is the symbol of the sun and its passage through the year.
The Celtic god Ogma is said to have invented the ogham alphabet after seeing the flight of cranes. Crane keeps the secrets of magical writing... For our ancestors, the act of writing was far removed from what it is today. To write a character was to connect with the thing that the character represented and to call it into being..

For the Druids, crane knowledge referred to secrets of the ogham alphabet and all that it entailed. Each character was assigned a tree, plant, animal, bird, and color, each embodying a wealth of lore and learning...
Crane is often the familiar of poets and bards, conveying them on Otherworldly journeys to the realms of divine inspiration. Crane is the intermediary between the gods and humankind and brings teachings from the Upperworld."

Crane, too, then is about communication, and the turning of the Wheel on Winter Solstice, the beginning of the Solar year. This is important. The beginning of the Solar Year is important. Winter Solstice occurs on December 21st at 5:44am EST, 4:44am CST, 3:44am MST, and 2:44am PST, making it 10:44am UT. That #44 may also be a clue. Master Number 44 is the Master Healer. December 21st is a Master Number 33 day, the Master Teacher. It is also a 6/60 day, emphasizing balance, within and without.

Lastly, let's remember that 9 years are about Endings AND Beginnings. With this past New Moon, hopefully we released everything that needed to go, in our personal lives, for our next New Moon is not until the 28th of December, well after Solstice. Maybe we will release the collective issues at that time. One can only hope... Meanwhile, we are asked to begin bringing in the New into our personal lives. It is time to decide what you are going to be working on in the coming year, what you will be giving birth to at Spring Equinox, what you will be working on during the Winter months, while you are trapped indoors, and gathering the supplies that you need to sustain you through the Winter months, be it research materials, firewood, or food, be like Squirrel, and prepare for the future now.

I think that covers it for today. I know it's a lot to take in. Refer back to this as often as you need to, it will be here. We'll talk more about Winter Solstice and that shift in energies before the 21st. We'll talk more about the New Year and that shift in energies, before the end of the year. And we'll talk about holiday colors and how they work with the Angelic Light Rays and Flames, next time. Meanwhile, think gold, to bring abundance into your life, and to keep you at the highest vibrational level possible.

Hold the energy, and radiate it outwards. May Light surround us all!
Love, Michelle


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