Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Clarion Call for Truth: Current and Upcoming Energies

There are no coincidences. Timing is everything! And everything that happens, is meant to be.

Here we are at the end of a strong #9 year, perhaps looking back at everything that has happened this year, and seeing the changes in our lives, and in our world. What rings true for you? What lessons did you learn, what resonated the most with you about this year? Think on that while we do a little exploring here.

Crow arrives this day to bring us a Clarion Call for Truth, telling us to wake up, and see the Truth of why all of this is happening. What is the Big Picture? Are we seeing that yet?

November into early December brought us to question the election results, a recount in several states, and the Electoral College voting again. We began seeing the Truth about the Main Stream Media (MSM), and how they manipulate their stories for best effect, and to sway us to their opinions - or the opinions wanted by those who are advertising, funding, or behind them. We also see that somehow, the election itself was manipulated, perhaps by the Russians, or maybe even by Those In Charge of our country. Or maybe it was meant to be... There are no accidents, everything that happens, does so for a reason.

Timing is everything, for right after all of this happened, we get Mercury Retrograde, pulling us inside ourselves to review, revamp, redo, rethink, and remember, giving us a chance to do things over, if we didn't do them right the first time around (contracts, etc.), or to see things differently than we did the first time around.

We are also in the last waning Moon of the Year, and tonight/tomorrow is the New Moon, a time when the energies begin growing once more. Right now, they are also pulling us inwards, asking us to RE-lease (another Mercury RE word) all that is no longer working, in our lives, and in our world. With this being the end of a #9 year, we also have an opportunity to RE-lease the past, at least the past 9 years. We can also release any familial karma that we came into this world carrying. We can RE-lease our non-acceptance of reality, our apathy about all that has been going on in our world, behind our backs, because we are now seeing it for what it is. Just like with the MSM, we are seeing the Truth of how everything works. Many in our House of Representatives and Senate are being bought and paid for by Corporations, to support their interests, such as polluting our planet, fracking, and denying Climate Change to further their goals. And that is only one thing that is becoming apparent to us all, in this time of Truth coming out.

We are being given, with Mercury Retro and the New Moon, a chance to see it all, as it truly is. How the planet and Her people are being exploited, to further the aims of those who would rule the world. Sound a bit harsh? It really isn't, because we are seeing it so that we can take action to stop it. We have to SEE the Truth, to get it, and it's all coming out now so that we can see it. We also have the potential to change our priorities, as individuals, as a country, as a planet. A chance to look at what is really important. Of course, we have to first SEE the Truth, understand the Big Picture, RE-lease as much as we can, and bring in more light to the planet, to help us to all move forward in a positive way, in the #10 year that is rapidly approaching.

Timing is everything. Tomorrow, on the New Moon, Uranus goes Direct. Uranus has been Retro for a few months now, and its direct motion will also set us in motion once more. It is no coincidence that this is happening on a New Moon. Uranus is the planet of sudden and radical change. A new way is being born, and we are the agents of this change. It is our responsibility to step up and Speak the Truth about what is going on, and what we want to do to change it. To tell the world what we will no longer accept. To state our conscious Intentions to the Universe, to bring about the changes that we want to see in our world. It is a New Moon, after all! And we have those New Year/New Beginnings energies to work with also.

Mercury does not leave Retrograde until January 8th, and we will still be re-thinking it all, and will still have time to revamp our plans for what we want, until that time. On the 12th of January, we have the first Full Moon of 2017 in Cancer, with the Sun in Capricorn, opposing it. Our emotions come to the surface, our psychic gifts are strong, and we have the opportunity to SEE and feel all that is going on. It also brings the energies of the Feminine back into the picture, and we are still working on balancing the masculine and feminine aspects in our world. Capricorn vs Cancer is that balance. January 20th is inauguration day, followed on January 28th by Chinese New Year, which will be the Year of the Rooster, and is a Yin year, a feminine Rooster, or a Rooster that is tempered by the feminine energies of the year. Timing is everything! None of these energies happen by accident. Make your Full Moon workings strong, for what you want to see happen in our world. By the time it rolls around, you will be seeing the Truth clearly, due to Mercury helping us to rethink it all.

This is not all that is going on, but the message here is to Wake Up and SEE the Truth! Then to help others to Wake Up and SEE the Truth. And then to BE The Change you want to see in the world. It is up to us! If we are not seeing clearly, we are going to be unable to create the change that is needed.

Here's the thing: Everyone has their own agenda. Everyone you meet, talk with, have any type of interaction with, and The Donald is no exception. His Agenda is to fill the government with his cronies, and to create change in our country, that is beneficial to those of his ilk. Profitable. Profit before people. A business man thinks of the bottom line, and this time, it isn't just about him, but also about everyone he does business with. He is there to help them all. And he is a 70 year old white man. Who are his cronies, his tribe? More of the same. All with the same agenda.

Everyone has an agenda, and if we can step back from any and all interactions, we can clearly see what that agenda really is. Narcissists come to mind here, as they are always blaming you for whatever happens. Their agenda is to make themselves look good, no matter what. Is that the Big Picture? We aren't seeing the forest for the trees, because we are getting caught up in the petty drama of the moment, and/or being manipulated by the MSM, so that we are not stepping back and seeing the Truth, and instead, are giving our energy to whatever drama unfolds. Awareness and attention are called for.

We see the MSM's agenda clearly now. I believe that the election of The Donald is another attempt at getting us to wake up and see clearly what is going on. His motives are obvious, unlike those of previous President's and other leaders, who tend to do things behind closed doors, while The Donald is very up front about it all. Can we wake up and see this for what it is? Can we now get that others have been doing the same thing to us for years, only in a more subtle way?

We have fracking causing earthquakes. We have machines drilling deep into our Oceans, the waters of the planet, going into the core of the Earth - and does that cause any side effects? Of course it does! Underground nuclear explosions in Nevada, have also made the fault lines unstable. Everything we do affects something else, somewhere. Oil has a very big price tag, it is costing us the planet. There are other ways. Natural gas, while I love cooking with it, is also very dangerous for the planet. Many are invested in these industries, and yes, they provide much needed jobs, but who is making the money from them? Not the people. It's the corporations and their leaders who are profiting. We are raping the planet so that a few rich souls can become richer, and that is no longer acceptable. We are sacrificing Water for the Future, for oil and natural gas now. And this is only one of the Truths that are coming out, and only one of the things that we are here to change.

Whose agenda is affecting you the most? Who pulls you into their energy more than any other? It's time to take back your power. Some say breathing deeply when confronted with one of these people or incidents, will help you to come back to awareness. Centering yourself will do the same, as will grounding yourself. Feel your feet beneath you as you breathe, then feel the Earth beneath your feet, pull up some energy from the Earth into your center core. Now you have returned to awareness, and can act from the center of your Truth, instead of being affected by the drama of the moment, or by the manipulative techniques. Shield your empathic tendencies, and don't allow your energy to automatically go to anyone exhibiting emotion. Instead, come back to your center, see what they are really saying, and feel it with your heart, then you will know what the Truth is, or what their Truth is, and what is really going on. Seeing and understanding what others are really saying, is the key here.

This is going to be a year when coming from our hearts, is very important. Doing so will help us to see things more clearly, if we are able to separate our energy from that of others. Feel your own feelings about people and situations. Trust your gut. Staying centered will help you with this, and it will help you to listen within, to your own guidance in all that you do and encounter.

I got a little lost here talking about all of this. I'm blaming Mercury Retrograde! Yet, everything is on the table now, and these energies are dancing to the tune of Truth at this time. Use the energies well, and see the higher perspective. It's all happening for a reason.

At the beginning of this post, I asked you what energies most resonated with you this year? I think that many would say that all of the celebrity deaths this year have really affected us all, for there have been many! David Bowie, Prince, Muhammed Ali, Nancy Reagan even! And so many more, including Carrie Fisher just yesterday. Looking at some of these names, we have to see that there were some who spoke and lived the Truth - of who they were, and spoke the Truth of all that was going on in our world, without fear. And now they are gone. Who now speaks and lives the Truth? It is up to us to do so, even if it is simply to honor their memory. Don't let the Truth die with them. Live your own Truth. Speak the Truth. Be a voice of reason in a world infested with manipulation and untruths. See clearly, speak clearly. It is truly up to us.

The Universe reminds me that we are still Becoming who we came here to be, and this #10 year will help us to move into this stage of our lives. We have to continue to work on ourselves, on becoming who we came here to be, and doing the work that we came here to do. All of these Truths coming out, are happening to assist us in this. What begins individually, spreads collectively. It is only by being True to ourselves, that we can create change in the world. Be who you are! And I can't stress that enough!

I also want to tell you that more Truths will be coming out, and they will help us to see more clearly, what we need to do, and who we are here to be, and the work that we are here to do. Pay attention when these Truths reveal themselves, remain centered, and see things as they really are, without being drawn into the drama, or pulled in by manipulative techniques that attempt to white wash these things, making them seem "normal". They aren't. They are happening for a reason!

Remember, focus on seeing the Truth, rethink everything you hear and see, from your heart, and stay centered in the Truth of who you are. Set your Intentions for us all on the New Moon, and carry through with them on the Full Moon, re-emphasizing them. And lastly, please stay positive. We want to create positive change for us all, and by staying positive, we help that to happen.


At this time, I have given you all that I have about the January energies. I will post the Numerology and Astrological events for January (left column of the blog), before the 1st. I'm not the type to publish predictions for the entire year, I generally work month by month, and sometimes by waning moon or waxing moon time periods, and sometimes, things pop up on a daily basis! I wait for the Universe to tell me what needs to be shared, and go with the flow of energies, as they arise. I will be meditating on the coming year, before the New Year, and will attempt to see what will happen each month, and will share with you anything that comes up. 

Wishing you abundant blessings for the New Year, and wishing us all a healthy and freeing dose of Truth!

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