Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week 47 Energies: Confidence, Self Esteem, Ego, Manifestation

The trees can teach us many things, and bring us lessons that we need, if we are paying attention. I've been staring at the yellow leaves of the Cottonwoods in my neighborhood, for a few weeks now, and just got the message yesterday. It's like that sometimes, the lesson is understood when it is time for its energy to be used.

I try to understand the meaning behind everything that happens, the lesson, the Big Picture, and/or what needs healing. This past week has been filled with a lot of anger, rage, and grief in our world, since the U.S. Presidential Election. Protests and violence are all around us, yet that is not who we are, nor who we are here to be. How do we get back to our true selves, how do we again embody our highest selves and mission, when all around us is chaos?

Change is necessary, to get us to where we need to be collectively. Everything that is happening in our country right now, is showing us what needs healing, the Big Picture, or our collective psyche as a nation.

The yellow-leaved Cottonwoods have told me that everything that we are seeing, is due to imbalances in our Solar Plexus Chakra:

The Solar Plexus is our Sun Center. It helps us with feeling positive, sunny, happy, independent, and balances our self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, and our belief in ourselves. It is about being in control of our own lives, when balanced, or being controlling and manipulative with others, when unbalanced. When we fully believe in ourselves, we have no desire to control others, and our own ego is not at stake in dealings with anyone. We feel safe in who and what we are, and express it in a healthy manner. In addition, this Center gives us the ability to manifest our dreams - when we believe in ourselves enough to do so!

We are also dealing with a lack of Light in our lives, since Daylight Savings Time ended, a little over a week ago. This means that we are spending more time in darkness, than we are in the daylight hours. This, too, affects our psyche. For some, it causes Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Sunlight is a good remedy for this, if you are able to spend 10-20 minutes a day outside in the sunshine. If not, meditating with a yellow candle may help you, or just having one lit in the room that you are in. I do make an Orgonite product for this, and will post it at the end of this blog article.

Meanwhile, we can all benefit from having more of the color yellow in our lives. Wear yellow clothing, bring home yellow flowers, find a yellow tablecloth, paint your kitchen yellow, or wear gold jewelry, as it is a higher expression of the color yellow. Decorating for Christmas usually involves gold decor, so go a little overboard with it, if you're feeling it! These are all outward expressions of the color yellow that may help us to balance this all important Solar Plexus Chakra.

Now let's look at inward ways to boost this Chakra! Meditate with the color yellow, see it in your minds eye, surround yourself with this color of energy throughout the day. I like to use an Egg Shielding technique that I enhance by placing myself inside a yellow egg, and making everything inside the egg yellow. I have pillows and blankets and padded seats inside my egg, all in yellow. The light inside it is yellow. I go there when I need to feel safe. Try it, and let me know what you think!

Now we've discussed personal ways to incorporate the color yellow into our lives. Next we must look at the collective...
What we are seeing in our country right now, are people who do not believe in themselves, and have placed their faith, in outer sources. They are expressing their anger (fear) outwards, harming others. When we are afraid, we attack. When we have anger, we really need to stop and ask ourselves what is really making us angry, and look deep within for the answers. For the answers are always inside of ourselves, and it is there that healing can be found. But it's not just anger that we are seeing. It's rampant discrimination, racism, classism, religious fanaticism, and gender-bias. All signs of having an unhealthy sense of self.

How's that, you ask. It's all about the ego. When it is healthy, we believe in ourselves, and know that others do not take away from what we are. When the ego is big however, our sense of self expands in an unhealthy way, making us feel superior to others, righteous, more knowledgeable, more important, more worthy than others. And that is the source of the problem right now, many are feeling superior, and that their cause or beliefs are more important than those of others.

I've spent the last week thinking a lot about abuse, manipulation, and controlling people, and their methods. We are in a time when others are trying to force us to believe as they do, trying to control us, abuse us (violence), and manipulation techniques seem to hold a few clues. Remembering abusers and how they treat their victims, can help us to understand this a bit more. They start out nice, loving, considerate people, but this is a ploy to get you to buy what they are selling. What they really desire is Power over you, for that feeds their unhealthy ego, boosts their self esteem, makes them feel important. Eventually, you reach the violence stage, and that, too, is about power, they must exert their power over you, show the world - and you, that they are IN CHARGE, or In Control. This is when bad things happen. This is what beats you down, destroys your sense of self, your self esteem, and self worth. When you are told enough times that you are not as worthy as others, you lose your own sense of worth, no matter how much you have accomplished in life, because of FEAR. If you show a sense of self worth, they will beat you down again, to keep you more controllable. We are seeing this in our world right now, also. The ones who feel that they are superior to others, putting down those that they feel are less than them. It's the same technique. Sometimes violence is used, other times, only words are needed. Threats are common.

After the abuser gets what they want, comes the Honeymoon Period, a time when they do anything and everything to get you to like them again, to trust them again. It usually involves promising not to do certain things. Of course, they never stick to anything that they say, or promise you. It's all a ploy, a manipulation technique. Be wary of what is to come.

Many in positions of authority embody these traits of being controlling, abusive, or manipulative, often through the use of force. 

And that is what keeps us trapped in this cycle, fearing those who exert their (real or imagined) superiority over us. And that is what has to be healed.

This fear inside, eats at you, and eventually you decide to take matters into your own hands, and stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing up to your abuser. There are many in our world at this time that have been beaten down so much, that they are now taking a stand - albeit in the wrong way - as they have become abusers themselves. From one extreme to another...

This lack of confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth can also be contributed to not being supported, loved, and nurtured enough as a child. When no one tells you that you are worthy, that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to, that you are loved no matter what you do - or don't do, and being raised by parents who were never taught to love themselves, nurture themselves, and were not emotionally supported themselves. It is a generational problem, and one that we are here to remedy. Our Karma is showing.

This is not where I wanted this post to go, these are not the things that I thought we'd be discussing when I began this post. It makes me sad to my very core to understand all of this, and I don't wish to do that to anyone else, but I'm told that the sooner we understand the problem, the sooner we can begin the healing. My Angels tell me that this is the way that they feel, when they see us not living up to our potential, not acting on our own behalf, not believing in ourselves enough to do what we need to do to honor the life path that we have chosen. It saddens them, and they are constantly doing things to help us to come back to ourselves, to the realization that WE are responsible for our own happiness, and our own choices, and to not let anyone else interfere in that process, nor dampen our spirits.

Now, a pretty picture to brighten our day! Pop it out and gaze at it for a minute. Restore yourself. I'll wait...

It's a Shadow energy that we are dealing with. Our collective Shadow does not believe in itself enough to honor its own needs, desires, Truths. Instead, we have been taught, NO brainwashed into being followers, to adhere to the Authority imposed upon us, and that their way is the best way. We have been kept down by fear. Deep inside, we all know the Truth. We know what is best for our planet, and for our future generations. We know that life is not about money nor material items. We know that we are not here to work at a meaningless 9-5 job that drains every ounce of willpower that we have.

Willpower. Another Solar Plexus Chakra trait. Personal Power and Willpower are found in the Solar Plexus Chakra. It's a Power thing. Either we don't have enough of it, we have too much of it, or it is unbalanced in our lives. The same goes with all of the traits of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Independence is another part of it all. Can we act on our own, without the need to be supported by others in our decisions? With the rise of social media, the answer has become no, because we need the validation that others provide to us through these means, which, in turn, becomes validation needed in our "real" lives, further depleting our Personal Power...


I believe we have talked enough about the problem, and can clearly see that this is what needs healing, both in ourselves, and in our world. Now let's talk about solutions!

If you have ANY doubts about yourself, do not feel worthy, are unable to remain positive, or to manifest your desires into your life, work on balancing your Solar Plexus Chakra:

Stones: Citrine, Topaz, Tiger Eye, Pyrite, Heliodor, Amber, Sunstone, Peridot, Golden Healer Quartz, Yellow Apatite, Yellow Tourmaline, Golden Labradorite, Honey Calcite, Libyan Desert Glass, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Sapphire, Sulphur stone.

Mudra: Eclectic Energies website has info on all of the Chakra Mudras

Binaurals: Listening to certain tones helps to open, heal, and balance the Solar Plexus Chakra. I've found this one helpful. Check out YouTube for more.

Here's an affirmation that my Angels gifted me with, which I refer to regularly. In fact, it's hanging on my bedroom wall.

Never doubt yourself.
Trust your power,
Trust your Intuition,
Trust your Medicine, Angels, and Guides,
Trust your wisdom.
Believe in YOU!

How do we help others with these issues? Perhaps we need to bring more Light into the Earth grid at this time. We could do this by joining together with others of like mind, occasionally, to work together towards this end. We can boost each other up, by saying things like, I support you, I believe in you, and I love you. We can send energy out into the world each and every day when we say our prayers or meditate, nice mellow yellow energy, to infuse each and every soul on Earth, or by asking our Angels to do the same. We can work on healing our own shadows, honoring our own Truth, and walking the Path that we came here to walk, thereby showing others by example, and subconsciously bringing in more light by honoring who we are. We can fill ourselves with positive energy when we go out in public, and share it with all that we encounter, through smiles, acts of kindness, and by remaining positive and balanced in these changing times. Shine a little light every where you go, and expand it to cover everyone present. Every thing that we do at this time that is positive, helps us all.

Never doubt that you are here in this time and this place, for a reason. You are important. You are worthy, you are valued, and you are necessary. Each of us are equally important, equally worthy, and equally loved. We are each unique for a reason. We each have a voice, a purpose, and a mission here. It's only by raising our collective vibrational level that we can pursue it with determination and courage. It's time to get back to work!


Beginning Thursday the 17th, we will be in the 47th week of the year, and 4+7=11, meaning that we are in an 11-11 week! If ever there was a time to seek synchronicities and messages from the Universe, this is it! Tune out the distractions, and tune in to your higher self, and the Angelic and Divine Realms, and let them fill you with what you need, be it energy, lessons, messages, or just surround you with love. This is the week to go for it, to begin something new, to complete a project you've been working on for a while, to make a change in yourself or your life. You are universally supported!


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