Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Energies: Gratitude, Emotions, and Negativity

This is not going to be my usual type of post, for now we are are not dealing with things in their usual way. Fear is running rampant in our society, infecting us all. This is being enhanced by Main Stream Media, stirring the Propaganda pot, to divide us even further. Remember, United we Stand, Divided we fall.... and are more easily controlled. Don't believe everything you hear. Question everything. And learn to trust yourself, and your own feelings, over anything else.

Naked Truth emerges. Raw emotions are showing. We are feeling everything to the very depths of our souls. An attack on our beliefs, feels like a personal attack. It isn't. An attack on another, or a segment of our society, feels personal. It isn't. We have to remember that it is not about us. It is the ones who are hurting that are letting their issues out into the world. And all of this is increasing the negativity on the planet, and we are all feeling it.

I was told, a few days back, that some days it will be more difficult to connect with the Earth and/or with the higher energies, that we have become accustomed to feeling constantly. Then I was given a dream message, which took me a couple of days to sort out. It ended up being about using magnets to help us to connect. Magnetism affects Water, and keeps it from evaporating. Our bodies are made of Water. The Dream World is a fluid world. And we are in the season of the Element of Water. Portals that are magnetic in origin (as opposed to electrical), pull energies INTO the Earth. This same effect can be used by us, to keep us grounded. Work with Neodymium magnets, or natural stone magnets, such as Lodestone. Crystal Quartz points will also help us at this time, by clearing our neural pathways to keep us connected to the higher realms.

Another thing that helps is music. Go over to YouTube and find some Solfeggio Frequencies, binaural beats, Native Flute Music, or something similarly soothing. It will lift your energy, and the energy of your space. Do this daily!

Purification on a regular basis is also helpful. Smudge your living space daily, if you can. Open windows or doors, even if only for a couple of minutes, to let in some fresh air. Keep your space uncluttered, and positive, and it will help you to keep your mind uncluttered, and keep you in a more positive frame of mind.

This is not all that we are here to talk about, however. That is only a part of the energy signature this week. Our emotions are all over the place. We feel like a raw bundle of nerves on two legs. Here's the thing: To learn to connect with others, is to be open and vulnerable. Talk about your emotions, tell others exactly how you are feeling - from your heart, don't react from anger or fear. Discussing our emotions will help to connect us all better, because, at a base level, we are all the same, and feeling the same things.

Reaction vs. conscious action is another clue. When we react, we are operating from fear, paranoia, anger, hurt, pain. It's what is buried in our subconscious. What is hiding beneath the surface. Sometimes, it may be best to say nothing, and think things through, until you can respond from your heart, from your emotions. Don't let yourself be baited into an argument that triggers your PTSD, anxiety, or causes a fear reaction from you. That's bad energy, and we need to stay out of that right now, as much as possible. Breathe. Ground yourself. Smudge. Come back to your center, and then respond from your heart.

We are seeing racism being expressed in our country, and this is another "hidden" aspect of ourselves that is coming out into the Light. Seeing it being expressed so openly in our world, makes us feel as if we can express anything we want openly. It may make us want to respond in kind. Instead, see the Big Picture. These are people who are insecure within themselves, who are projecting their insecurities onto others. We have Big Ego walking around in our world right now, along with his brother, Narcissism. Manipulation is rampant. Destruction is a common energy... and I warned you about this one. It is the Time of the Destroyer Energies in our world, yet they are being used in the wrong way - to cause harm to others, out of inner fear. Healthy Destroyer energies bring down that which is no longer working, functional, or out of sync or balance with the prevailing energies. And that is where I think we are lost. We have been led to think that racism and hate are the prevailing energies, and they are not. Femininity is the prevailing energy, Water and Emotions are prevailing energies. We are out of whack with the energies of the natural world.

Sharing how we feel may help the situation. It will definitely help us. Embracing our sensitive sides will help. Strong women do not take shit from anyone. We may be vulnerable and emotional and not physically as strong as our masculine brothers, but we are strong within ourselves.

When we know where our true power lies, nothing can conquer us.

I remind you of this little ditty, from last week's blog, as it helps to remember this:
Never Doubt Yourself.
Trust Your Medicine.
Trust Your Spiritual Guidance Council.
Trust Your Intuition.
Trust Your Knowledge and Your Strength.
Trust Your Heart.
You have everything you need to live in abundance and joy in the current moment. Never doubt this.

We are also in the last week, of the last Waning Moon before Winter Solstice. It is the Going Within Time. Mother Bear calls us to enter the cave, and hibernate and dream along with Her. She can help us to sort out everything that no longer belongs within us, so that we can stand stronger within ourselves, believe more in ourselves, and be true to ourselves and our own beliefs. Spend some time alone before the New Moon on the 29th. The Moon will move into Scorpio in a couple of days, and when it does, I'm guessing that we are going to be called to move within, to enter the darkness. If you are feeling out of sorts, it may benefit you to recognize that within time is needed. Subconsciously, you may already be in that time, your body just needs to follow.

I want to share one of my morning messages with you, from my Facebook page, a couple of days ago. This may help to explain it better:

"Butterfly is born as an egg, that must gather the strength to break out of its shell, becoming a Caterpillar. Eggs are about new beginnings and rebirth. Caterpillars are about growing into our potential. They grow, feeding themselves what they need to once again gather the strength necessary to enter the Cocoon, to metamorphose into a Butterfly. Cocoons are about Going Within, into our own space, for healing and transformation. Then, again, they must gather the strength to burst out of the Cocoon, to emerge as a Butterfly - their highest potential. Therefore, Butterfly is about Transformation - of all that one is, into all that one can become.
We are asked to notice which stage of change we are currently in, within our own lives. Are you the egg, caterpillar, cocoon, or butterfly?
Also notice that this Creature Being has no choice but to keep changing, in order to become its highest potential.
Neither do we..."

We are in the Time of being within the Cocoon. You are metamorphosing. Recognize this, and be gentle with yourself.

Gratitude is not something reserved for Thanksgiving day, however we make a bigger deal of it on that day than any other. So we are also picking up these energies this week. If you are feeling like I am, seeing the mistreatment of our brothers, sisters, and Elders at Standing Rock, you may not feel grateful right now. Yet, when we are not in gratitude for all that we have, we stop the flow of abundance in our lives. So I want to encourage you to look at the little things, and give thanks for them. Thank the grass, the trees, give thanks for the Air that you breathe, to the Water that you drink, for the food that you eat, the ground beneath your feet, and the Sun, Moon, and Stars, and everything else that is needed for survival. Give thanks to the Seven Sacred Directions, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Above, Below, and Within. Give thanks for all of the Creature-Beings that sacrifice so much for us. And give thanks for all that is on its way to you, right now.

We may be in a bad place, in a bad time, but we don't have to accept that reality. If we are harboring ANY fear inside, it is echoing out into the world. If we feel insecure inside ourselves, that, too, is echoing out into the world. Fearful, insecure people infuse everything with negative energy. This is not how we want to live. In order to be free and happy, we must exorcise our own demons by going into our cave and truly examining our own emotions. Encouraging others to do the same, will help us all. Speaking to the haters, from your own heart and experience, may or may not help. Stay safe, whatever you do. They each have their own issues to deal with, and that is why these things are prevalent in our world right now, so that they can be seen by everyone, for what they truly are - insecurity. Don't let them infect you, own who you are, own your feelings, own your emotions, own your own energy!

Above all, remember who you are and why you are here. Know that there is a Master Plan, and that everything that happens, does so to serve our Highest Good. Trust yourself. Love yourself. Support yourself. And believe in yourself. We were made for this. That is why we are here!

Stay present, aware, awake.
Much love to us all!

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Bob Glynn said...

Funny how social media has a way of holding people in check with likes, shares, and last but not least, opinions and arguments. If a truth manages to poke its head into the cave even for an instant, most continue to scroll ahead to the next opportunity for cleverness or groupthink. Our approach to breaking this spell may be slightly different, but the message is the same and we'll stick with it. Thanks for your writing and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.