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November 2016 Energies and Angel Report: Moon of Radical Change

Angel Message for November - Master Number 11 Month / Moon of Radical Change

We begin this month with the energies of the New Moon from October 30th, which we are calling, "The Moon of Radical Change", and it is going to affect us all in a radical and uplifting way. It is also a Master Number 11 month, and 11's are known for bringing about Signs and Synchronicities, that are, in truth, signposts along our Path that guide us, and confirm for us that we are in sync with the Current Energies. Any time this month that you see 11:11, pay attention to your thoughts, for this is what is being confirmed, or manifested into your life.

If you did your releasing in the latter half of October, the "Shrugging Off" part of the month, then you are ready for these new energies in your life. If you still have some stuff to release, that's okay too, we'll be given ample opportunity to do that once this moon begins waning on the 15th. Meanwhile, you can release whatever comes up for you, as the Sun is still waning until Solstice. So keep releasing to make way for these radical new energies to enter your life.

The Radical energies of this month are assisting us in being who we are meant to be, in all areas of our lives. Changes have been implemented - or we are in the process of implementing radical changes in our lives. Each and every one of us is doing this at this pivotal time in our history. What we are doing in our personal lives, is affecting the whole, the collective energies of the planet. It is affecting us all. These changes have been Divinely Inspired, perhaps as seeds planted in our minds that we chose to open, to allow to metamorphose, helping us to bloom into who we came here to be. In addition, the planetary energies, what I like to call the Current Energies, have assisted us in every moment, with their minute shifts, like a symphony of the planets playing a song that only our hearts can hear, that shifts energy with its music. We have shifted. We are becoming. Cosmic energies have been pouring into us for a while now, and we have been busy integrating them, and this is also a factor, as enough of us have integrated these energies so that they are now are affecting the whole, they have lifted up the consciousness of the entire planet.

This month begins on a #3 day, and 3's are about Manifestation! What do you want to manifest in your life now? Set your Intentions today! Restate them every day from now through the Full Moon. And say prayers for others, for the entire planet, for those at Standing Rock protecting our Waters, for our government and/or world leaders, for those who are hungry or sick and in need of healing, or for more Light to enter our realm, for us all to use. Think globally, act locally, can be rephrased as pray for yourself, and for us all.

That's another part of these energies that I want to tell you about: Pray for yourself, act for yourself, Do What You Want To Do For You, act on what is in your heart! Be Who You Want To Be, what honors you. Let others do the same for themselves. We each have to take care of ourselves first, and this is very true this month. It is our responsibility, our Destiny, to be who we came here to be, so honor all of  your needs, in every way.

This also speaks to our election here in the United States. Vote your heart. Stop choosing the "lesser of two evils" and vote your Truth. Chose what is BEST for YOU. Not for others, for yourself. Because we HAVE TO STOP thinking that way, that we are choosing the LESSER OF, and begin choosing the BETTER choice. Don't eat something just because you are hungry and it is what is available, eat what will be BEST for you, no matter the time it takes to prepare it, you are worth it, and we all are, and we have to begin making this choice. It's not just about food or elections, it's about knowing that we are worthy of what is in our BEST interests, and making a determined choice to choose the best for ourselves every time.

As women, we know how to subjugate ourselves to others, we've had centuries to learn this. Now it's time to turn it around and know our own worth, and NEVER subjugate ourselves to another, in any way, for any reason. We deserve the best, and until we choose that for ourselves, no one else will. We set up how others treat us, by the way that we treat ourselves. We want what is best for us, and we want what is best for our world, and it is time to make that choice.

This is also about sacrifice. Many have been guilty of sacrificing themselves and their needs for others, and the time for that is now over. We are not here to sacrifice, we are here to HONOR ourselves, for only by doing so can we be whole. We cannot continue to give away little pieces of ourselves to others, when we are not getting what we need to begin with. Honor yourself and your needs, accept what is BEST for yourself, and then you can give from abundance.

November 8th is Election Day, and it is a Master Number 55 day, which adds up to 10 and 1. A Day Of New Beginnings, powerful new beginnings at that! We have a chance to change the world. What will we do? Whatever happens, it will be as it is meant to be, and it will be a Powerful New and Radical Change, as it is also in this moon of Radical Change.

November 11th and 29th are 11-11 days. Pay extra attention to any Signs you see these days, and act on them.
November 14th is the Full Moon of Radical Change, and a 7 day, a day to have faith that what you have been manifesting into your life, will come your way. Give thanks.
November 19th Neptune Retrograde ends and Neptune begins direct motion. Neptune is the planet of illusion, and associated with the God Neptune, or Poseidon, ruler of the seas.

"Dreams, illusion, abstract thought and the mysterious are all governed by Neptune. Our spirituality is important to this planet, and how we harness that energy for our personal betterment. Neptune invites us to let its energy wash over us and to use a meditative state to gain insights and heightened awareness. Poetry, music and dance are among the trance-like activities which this planet favors.
Neptune does have its showier side, as it rules movies, television, theater, fashion and all forms of glamour. In essence, Neptune is creating an illusion -- of what is enchanting on the outside and captivating within.
 The shadow side of Neptune...plays in a netherworld of drugs, alcohol, trances and hypnosis. Neptunian energy reeks of escapism on its darker days, a sea of delusion, hypochondria and abnormality. Sleep and dreams are also lorded over by this planet."
Source: Astrology dot com 

All of the Neptune themes are going to be coming up in the week before and the week after this Retro ends on the 19th. Illusion controlled is meditation and trance. Illusion out of control is seeking escape through drugs, alcohol, movies, television, etc. Pick your poison wisely.

It's Halloween when I'm writing parts of this, and the Veil has opened to the Other Side realm, emphasizing this theme of illusion. The political game also reminds us of illusion, what is really being shown to us, what is real, what is fake, what lies are being told, and what are we really seeing? I urge you to look deeper, into everything, and seek the Truth behind it all, in all that you do and see.

It is the season of Mother Bear, of going within, of looking at ourselves from the inside and weeding out what no longer works for us, so that we can stand in our Truth. It is easier to do this after the energies of Halloween part the Veil for us, we are more able to see beneath the surface into the heart of all things, and into our own heart. Let this be your guide this month, seeking deeper truths, seeing beneath the surface, parting the Veil and seeing within yourself to your own Truths and purpose. We are deep creatures, and what lies within us is ready to be born into this world. If there is anything that you've ever wanted to do, now is the time to manifest it, or bring it out into the Light, but heed the Neptune warning of illusion - only bring it out if it is Your Truth, by making sure it is not Illusion, or tied to the needs of others.

The Wheel points to the West, the Element of Water, and this is a watery world, and Neptune is a watery planet, and water represents the emotions and our psychic abilities. Our emotions may be triggered this month, much may be coming up out of you to be healed from the past, coming up out of the subconscious mind to be seen in the Light, coming up from beneath the surface. Let it rise. See it for the Truth that it is, and grieve it if need be, heal it if need be, accept it and all parts of yourself for who you are. For only then can we be who we are meant to be. We are both Darkness and Light, and there is no burying one's Shadow Side, there is only acceptance.

This makes Acceptance another one of our Keywords this month. We are here to learn to accept not only ourselves, our lives, our desires, but also those of others. Accepting who everyone is in the present moment, we can then learn to accept that they, too, are becoming, and the lessons they are learning now are what they need in order to be who they are meant to be in this world. By accepting them as they are, we are giving them the space they need to become. We each have our own Path to walk. Focus on who you are here to be, and bringing that out into the world, for that is what will change the world, when we can all be who we truly are.

Also on the theme of Water is the #NoDAPL protesters / Water Protectors, who are standing up for Water rights for us all, and this is happening now because we are in the season of the Element of Water. The more that we give thanks to the Water, the more that we infuse the Water that we drink with positive energy, the more we pray for the Water, the more energy we are sending to the Water, and to those who are protecting Her.

November 22nd is going to be a Powerful Day this month. It looks like this: 11:22:33. I've been getting messages about this day for the past several days. If you are seeing 11:22 or 11:33, you are also getting messages about this day. It is an 11 Universal Month, the 22nd day of that 11 Universal Month, and this adds up to 33. This means all, everything! The synchronicities and messages from the Universe, combined with the Master Builder, combined with the Master Teacher, and putting these all together gives us some powerful energies. Everything is possible on this day, including complete understanding of one's purpose and life path, building on that understanding, and having that understanding confirmed by the Universe, so that you can act on it with confidence. And it happens on a Tuesday, day of Mars, fueling our actions with passion. I have no clue what the astrology of this day will look like, I don't do charts, so we will find that out as we move further into the  month. Set aside some time this day for listening and paying attention to Signs and Messages, and take some time to meditate on them, so that understanding can be found.

Speaking of time, this date also adds up to 60, and of course, 6. 60 as in 60 minutes. 6 as is complete balance, with the 0 added bringing in extra energy. A most powerful day! Time is becoming a factor. This is related to time prompts that we receive as messages from the Angelic Realm, the behavior of time - how we notice it speeding up and slowing down at different times. I'm also being told this day's meaning has to do with Balance Restored, perhaps relating to the natural pattern of time being restored, and living by natural time, which is how it is meant to be. How that will play out, we will see as we move closer to this date. Ingenuity was mentioned, meaning "In Genuine Time", as the word ingenuity is based on being Genuine. Perhaps we need to be Genuine with our time, present when we are being there for others, and for ourselves. Using our ingenuity to become more genuine. That sounds like a Theme for this month for us to accomplish!

Backing up to November 20th now, it bears mentioning because it is a 20:20 day, with 20:20 representing perfect vision. No hindsight needed. Seeing the genuine picture, the Truth in clarity, are the energies of this day. Neptune Retro ends on the 19th, paving the way for clearer sight, and removing illusion. And then two days later, November 22nd happens, and we are ready for it because we are seeing things AS THEY ARE - not as we are. This is another Theme this month: Seeing things AS THEY ARE. For that is Truth.

One last tidbit of interesting information for you: October ended on a #5 day, and so will November. Change is still in the air as we move into December, which will start on a Master Number 22 day, the Master Builder, and the energies will be Building all month, so get ready! Do as much releasing as possible in the latter half of November, spend time going within during this period also, and Know Thyself as the Sun moves into Sagittarius - around November 22nd, coincidentally! This date is also 2/3 of the way to Solstice. A Turning Point. More on this later.

For now, we have covered everything that I have been given to share with  you at this time. As the month rolls on, there will be more coming up, and I'll share it in my weekly blog post here. For more regular updates, like my Facebook Page, for that is where I post them.


I want to recommend that you go back and reread the October Energy Report, as I just did, for there are some Truths in it that were echoed in this month's report.
BTW, I do not read anything (by myself or others) prior to writing the monthly energy reports, for I feel they may bias my view, and I need to remain pure and true to the energies and messages coming in, to honor them, so it is with awe that I saw the things in the October report speaking of the November energies! Here's that link:

October Energies Angel Report and New Moon in Libra


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Have a blessed week!

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Brenda Durbin said...

I am always so very grateful for the wisdom of your posts, and for the gift of your friendship, Michelle. This blog post really fleshed out some of my own innermost thoughts and experiences, and I am grateful that I have done much work toward releasing and also looking at my own shadow self. I'm excited to integrate the wisdom gained from these efforts, and see many helpful clues in your message. Bless you and all that you do! <3